About Us

I began this blog in September 2007 as a gardening outlet for local gardeners but it has since become so much more. It is now a shared blog and we talk to and relate to gardeners all over the world. 

A little about me: I am a lifelong gardener and learner. I've gardened in Maine, North Carolina, Alabama, and Germany in addition to my current state of Tennessee. My garden is rated a Zone 7A (new guidelines in 2011). It used to be a mix of clay and loam when I lived in my old home. My husband (Mr. Fix-it and I moved to a new location though so I've had to begin over with hard clay and rock. 

I do have a certificate in horticulture but feel the very best way to learn how to garden is to just do it!!  And that is exactly what I do in my garden. I have over 400 species/cultivars of plants growing in my garden and that sure helps me when I design other gardens in the course of my business Coach In the Garden where I am a landscape designer and garden coach. A good many of these plants were moved to the new garden by me. This included ten foot tall trees all the way down to over 11000 bulbs! Nothing beats experience. That being said I do spend a great deal of time researching new plants and techniques; which I usually post about after I've learned the plants and techniques by growing them for about one year or more.  

I enjoy sharing my lessons learned and techniques for gardening as much as I enjoy learning new techniques from others and blogging enables that transfer of knowledge for me.

I garden for the pure joy of creating something from nature in which I can relax and commune with nature in privacy. I ask that if you enjoy reading this blog please do not steal photographs or repost the posts on other sites. This blog is for personal use only.
The goal of this blog as I see it is to: 1) share experiences with our family and friends 2) provide an ongoing record and archive of a bit of our lives and our gardens 3) inspire others by talking of our experiences in our gardens, and 4) to connect with others who are like minded so we too can learn and be inspired. 

As I mentioned in my first paragraph I've had the pleasure of meeting other gardeners, bloggers, and commenters of this blog. Skeeter is a commenter with whom I've met. She joined this blog in April 2008. I also added my sister Dawn to the mix. I've had other guest posters and enjoy sharing this outlet with others and want to thank all of them and all of you for reading this blog.

Any questions concerning the blog can be directed to me at: ramseytina5@gmail.com. 


Tina....in the garden.

As a child I watched my grandmothers dig in the dirt. I saw the pleasure they had and seem to have gotten the bug from them. I am a learn as you go person in the garden and never considered myself a gardener but more a person that enjoys nature, flowers and fresh veggies. Digging in the dirt takes me to many places as I let my mind go free while in the garden. There is nothing more wonderful then being in the fresh air of my gardens while the bees and butterflies buzz and flutter about as the birds sing. I enjoy nature...