Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hedge Row Damage

 The recent Freeze damaged the long hedge we have here in my GEORGIA GARDENS. The weather sure has been strange. Mild Winter temps brought everything out a month ahead of schedule. Then a hard freeze damaged most everything. Then on Tuesday, we had a record high temp of 91. Yes, that is not a typo but 91 degrees! It is just plan crazy weather.
In the 16 years we have called this place home, we have never had damage to the new growth on the hedge. I am sure the hedge will bounce back in a week or two as it has flourished even after several inches of ice in the past. But so sad for me now to see the HEDGE ROW DAMAGE, In the Garden...

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tree Stump Gnome Home

Today I shall share a little project I have been working on lately.
It seems we are forever removing trees from our GEORGIA GARDENS. As you can tell from the hole at the bottom of this stump, that this tree had to go. It has since become firewood for us as well as those which helped us remove it. I asked the Saint to keep the stump as is, due to an idea I had brewing in my head.
 For Valentines Day, the Saint and I don't really celebrate a Hallmark holiday as we show our love to each other on a daily basis. But when the Saint asked if I wanted to go out to dinner or anything for the day, I told him I had another plan for us once he was home from work. Using all scrap items we had laying around, I told him what I wanted and he constructed this roof for my project.
 Using more scrap wood, I created doors and windows and a little birdhouse.
 I installed the features while the Azaleas and Redbud were starting to give me a beautiful show. 
 I was pleased with the results thus far.
 Now we have a Gnome Home!
 I found the gnomes at a bargain price some time ago so they have been tucked away in a closet until I could decide their purpose.
 I recently found this little Sleeping Dragon and knew it had to come home with me so as to incorporate my Dear Departed Friend Bernie, AKA the Dragon in my gardens. The greenery is not real but I wanted some instant green in that spot. Once I find a real green plant, I shall replace it.
 I took a log from our firewood stack and made the Dragons perch and placed a log to the back of the display to act as an ending to the Gnome Home Grounds. Little Mushrooms picked up at bargain prices fit in along side some larger rocks I had on hand.
 I planted a couple of red Pentas I found over the weekend and dug out some Liriope that had jumped a planter. In time, they should fill in nicely.
 A couple of $2 turtles fill in as their pets.
 I had recently removed these stepping stones from another area of a garden and put them as their sideway leading to the front door.
 I spread natural earth tone pea gravel around the area as well. Virginia Creeper Vine was going up the tree and a bit remains. I draped it over the roof in hopes it continues to grow.
 We have two other stumps I had planned to Play around with but as you can see, this one has started to rot so I will not waste my time on it.
And the Woodpeckers have found this one.
I know that more than likely, in time this stump will rot away as well. I wish the Azaleas did not die to the freezing temps but otherwise, I love my TREE STUMP GNOME HOME, In the Garden...

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Azaleas have gone bye bye

 The Azaleas here in my GEORGIA GARDENS were really starting to light up the woods. I am disguising a project in the makings for a future Posting with that smiling ghost.  
 This one was as pretty and full of blooms as never before.

 Even though they were blooming 3-4 weeks ahead of normal, I was really seeing some beautiful full bushes this year.
 This is the my favorite of all the bushes as it is so huge after years of branches laying over and taking root. Now the sad news, we had the coldest day yet of our winter being 23 degrees last night. I just let nature take its course during the night.

And I awaken to a sad sight. All of my beautiful AZALEAS HAVE GONE BYE BYE, In the Garden...

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Redbud Tree

 My Redbud Tree is blooming in my GEORGIA GARDENS! A few weeks early but I am enjoying its pretty blooms. The Azalea bushes to the left and right are blooming as well.
March 2009
Here I was back in 2009 the day the Saint planted it for me in late March. He had brought this little tree home to me as a surprise.
March 2, 2017
 She started her show in Early March being full of buds.
Now those buds have opened into a bouquet of Pink Blooms. I love my little REDBUD TREE, In the Garden...

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