Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Azalea's and Iris in February


 It is February (well the last day but still February) here in my GEORGIA GARDENS. And Azalea's in my driveway island are in full bloom! 3 to 4 weeks early. Wow, just wow.
And look at my first (which was also my last) iris of the year. This is a repeat type iris that bloomed 4 different times for me last year! Last time it bloomed was December 15. I wish all my bloomers were repeat as I love color. I find it amazing that I have AZALEA'S AND IRIS DURING FEBRUARY, In the Garden...

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Crawlspace Platform

Sagina Grass/Irish Moss
 Today we shall revisit an area that I talked about in the past. Click HERE to see how this little area was created in my GEORGIA GARDENS.

This is a platform area by the crawlspace door of our house. I had planted Sagina grass aka: Irish Moss as this was an area by the AC unit. It was moist thus I thought it would do well.
Sagina Grass aka:Irish Moss
 It grew well in the beginning but once the heat of summer set in, the once pretty moss as you see above, all died away.
The following year, I gave a Creeping Thyme a chance in this spot. Above you see it soon after planted.
Creeping Thyme
The Creeping Thyme was doing great until The Saint decided to put a little "Wet it and Forget it" on the siding of the house. He failed to rinse it off my plants below and it completely killed the thyme.
Since I was wasting my time, energy and money on plants, I have decided to think outside my Gardening box. I have come up with the idea of gravel. 
 The gravel of choice is a Drainage type that is small enough to fit nicely into all the tight little nooks of the brick design. The Saint likes this idea much better as it makes it much easier for him to get under the  house when need be. I kind of wonder if that was not his plan all along when cleaning the siding of the house. Only he knows the answer to that question. Hum...

The saying goes, "Three's a Charm" and I hope this is the final bit of attention I must give to the CRAWLSPACE PLATFORM, In the Garden...

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Early Spring in Georgia

March 14, 2015
 Winter kind of skipped us this year here in my GEORGIA GARDENS.  The Forsythia photo above was taken on March of 2015 which is a normal time of year for Forsythia to be blooming.
February 20, 2017
This is the same Forsythia today! Yes almost a month early. Well, it would be a month early had I snapped a photo sooner than yesterday.

 As you can see, the Bush has already gone to green. A month or so ago, I dug up lots of saplings from this bush and planted them in two primary areas of my gardens. And it looks as though, they are going to be happy in their new spots. I still have some more to dig up but talking about it and doing it are two different things. Ha.
 Hyacinth are ahead of schedule as well.  My records show it should be at this stage at March 9 or thereabout.
November 20, 2017
This photo was snapped back in November. Take note of the newly planted hardy Banana Tree. I saw no need to snap a photo of it after the first frost.

January 5, 2017
Jump forward about 6 weeks and the banana tree was waking up from a not so long winters nap!

February 30, 2017
And of course another frost put it to sleep for a second nap. I do not recall that frost date but look at her waking up for a second time! Accompanied by Daffodils and Bridal Wreath Spirea. I do believe I have a Hardy Banana Tree!
The weatherman just announced that we have had 25 days since Dec with temperatures of 75 degrees or more. Here is the 7-Day forecast. At this rate, this will be the warmest Winter on Record in our area! No wonder we are having an EARLY SPRING, In the Garden... 

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

White Iris Surprise

The Saint and I went into the front yard to work on a project together. (more on that with another posting, Stayed tuned) Something white caught my eyes in our GEORGIA WOODS.
I had to jump over the creek to get a better look at what I thought was a rogue plastic bag.
Would you just "lookie" here at what I found! I can only assume a squirrel brought this into my woods as a tasty treat during a cold winter day. A WHITE IRIS SURPRISE, In the Garden...   

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day!

 Happy Valentines from my GEORGIA GARDENS, to yours.
 The Ever Red Loropetalum aka:Fringe Bush has a beautiful Red bloom that is very difficult for me to capture through a photo. But believe me, it is bright red and has a dark almost chocolate leaf. I planted 2 last fall and have 3 more yet to put into the ground. Maybe this weekend.
 My Royal Princess Nandina has beautiful Red Berries that no critter seems to want.
 And last but not least are the beautiful Nandina's in the Butterfly Garden.  
All I know about these beauties is, they were here when we moved into this house. I did move them to a better spot than the previous homeowners had placed them. I enjoy their beautiful Red Color on this HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, In the Garden...

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas Tour

It has been some time since I have blogged on a regular basis. I have had many obstacles to overcome in the past couple of years with two major deaths taking my life on a depressing spiral. Death is never easy but a totally unexpected death does not give us much time to plan a mourning process. My Sister in Law and best friend from middle school, Cindy had a massive stroke and slipped into a coma and never woke up again at the age of 51.

I was starting to get myself back on track when an awesome friend's cancer returned and I once again found myself in a state of depression. I did the best I could to be a friend to Bernie during this time, being at his side even when he took his last breath.

I think of myself as a tough person, that when knocked down, I can pick myself back up but these two events, really took a toll on me.

We took our Winter Cruise to the Bahamas this year. We take cruises during the winter to escape the biter cold of winter but I must say, this year, we have not had much of a Winter here in my GEORGIA GARDENS.

During this cruise, I took a lot of time to reflect on the past few years of sadness. I have come to the conclusion, that I can remain sad for the remainder of my life or I can get out from, in front of the TV and Computer games and get my life back on track.

Even though Bernie was not with us during the cruise like he has been for 5 previous ones, he was there with us in spirit. I saw him all over that ship and all those wonderful memories will remain with me until my time comes to say goodbye to this earth.

So today, lets go to Half Moon Cay and see what I saw last week which helped to lift me up. 

 Bright colored cabana's tucked in behind beautiful lush greens. 
 Some of the plants were labeled but not all so I shall just show the pics and name when possible.
 Pretty Sun flower maybe Wedelia but not sure.
 Bougainvillea of different colors.
 Pretty white blooms.
Moving out, you can see the bush of that white bloom. 
 Seven Year Apple. Hum, I do believe the white bloom above to be the apple blossom! It does not take 7 years for the fruit to mature but rather one. Mocking birds and butterflies enjoy this plant in the tropics. 
 The Saint and I stroll about the island finding beautiful scenes such as this. 
 And this. Oh La la...
 Golden grasses along the shoreline.
 Palms, grasses and green leafy bushes along the paved pathway. I do not know if these were planted for tourist or natural. But so pretty and do look natural.
 The walk we took was hunting Geocaches. Can you see the cache hanging in the tree? Center of pic you will barely spot it as it is camouflaged.  
 I loved the texture of the pine or spruce type tree behind the palm.
 And what is an island without a tall palm tree? Not a Tropical Island to me.
 The greens were so lush and happy.
 The sky was a really dark blue that morning but by the time we had finished our walk, the clouds had lifted and we played in the ocean a bit.
 Here is a long view of one of those neat spruce/pine trees. The bottom of it seem to have a bush or is that how it starts out?
 Zooming into the bottom here. I did not want to disturb the ground thus did not get any closer to examine. 
 Here we have a Rock Bush. The Saint felt it and said, Ah, that is why it is called a rock bush. I felt it and it was a stiff as a rock! 
 Seven Year Apple maybe? Not sure but could be at the yellow stage of life. 
 So mad at myself for not making sure these fruits were clear in the camera. When snapping photos in the bright light, it is very difficult to view. Sorry to even post such a blurry photo but these looked like some type of raspberry but who knows without a sign, I do not...
 Backing away, here is the bush to the red berries.
 Another bush filled with yellow blooms.
 Closer view shows the pretty yellow blooms. 
 The Strong Back tree or bush. 
 Darlin' Plumb 
 Simple garden guiding us to lunch. 
There is a small chapel on this island for guests to enjoy during their day of stay.
 I knew this bird as soon as I spotted it. Mockingbird of the islands looks very similar to the ones I see in my GA gardens.
 The Saint spotted these tracks in the sand. Not the flip flops or tennis shoes but the long trail of the Curly tailed lizard, Corn Lizard or Chameleon Lizard.
 I recognized this from our cruise to Belize a couple of years ago.
The Saint poked it with a stick and sure enough, Termites in the nest.
I bet mama hen and her chicks enjoy eating them! The chickens and roosters begged at the table as we had lunch. We happen to accidently drop some rice for them. hee hee...
Most of these plants I have shown you are used as medicinal herbs and teas.
We ended up on the other side of the island from the beach goers and even ran into another Geocacher! We visited with her a bit then headed for lunch.  
My father told me to be on the look out for Pirates during our cruise. We did find this ship on the island.
But this was the only Pirate we saw the entire week and this guy had nothing on me. I took his sword away from him and had him walking the plank at HALF MOON CAY, BAHAMAS, In the Garden...
Bernie aka: Dragon was a commenter on this blog many moons ago when it first began through my hometown newspaper site. So in his honor, I would like to dedicate this posting to his memory.
Bernie Hopwood Feb 25, 1956 - Nov 19, 2016
Keep Breathing Fire my Dragon Boy until we meet again... 

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