Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Fresh Picked Asian Pears and Figs with Breakfast!

Breakfast this morning! What a TREAT! I grow a lot of fruit here at Tiger Way and I've had successes and failures but without a doubt the Asian pears are a huge success. The only problem I have is getting the fruit before it disappears. 🤬
I grow 'Hosui' and 'New Century' Asian pears. Their skin is very different. The 'Hosui' is pictured. It has a crisp solid skin. The 'New Century' has a skin similar to regular pears except it is grittier. Both trees have been easy to grow. I do not spray any chemicals in the orchard. Early this summer the 'Hosui' did get some rust on the fruit and leaves and some of the fruit was spoiled. Once the fruit grew a bit it seemed rust was not a problem anymore. Yay! I'm sharing a link! The fruit is SO juicy, sweet, crisp, and amazing!
I grow six fig trees in large pots, and three in the ground. I've never gotten fruit from the ground planted figs but the pots produce like crazy. I have several different types of fig trees to include: Brown Turkey, LSU Purple, Chicago Hardy, Celeste, and maybe another type. As such I have fresh figs for a very long time. LOVE! I think the ones I harvested this morning are 'Brown Turkey' based on the size, color, and later ripening. The other figs have mostly ripened and been eaten. A drawback of figs in a pot is that if you do not pick them fast enough they will burst open and attract a ton of bees and flies. I need to do better harvesting. If you want more info on how I grow my fruits, follow my page and do a search for the specific subject you are looking for. Have a great day!

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Monday, November 16, 2020

The Special Glass Mosaics Updated Nine Years Later

It's been FOREVER since I posted here so I thought I'd give it a try this morning-now almost afternoon. I recently got fiber optic at my rural home so blogging could be easier-if only I can remember how I used to do it. I can tell you all blogging is not like riding a bicycle-you forget how to as time goes by. 

I do post on my Coach In the Garden page on Facebook quite a bit and enjoy it so much as it sure seems easier than blogging. 

These mosaics were ones I made and posted about right here on my blog eleven years ago. Who would've thought they would still be going strong in the garden all these years. Even after a move to a new garden. 

I sure do treasure them and can't help but share them a time or two. I am sure you can't blame me!

Everyone enjoy this wonderful day!

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