Monday, March 30, 2015

The Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee's LARGEST Plant Sale


Good morning! It's that time of the year again! Yup, time for the Largest Plant Sale in Middle Tennessee sponsored by the Perennial Plant Association of Middle Tennessee (PPSMT). Here is a bit of information for you all from the publicity chair:


One of Nashville’s top gardening events—the Mid-Tenn. Perennial Plant Society’s Plant Sale—will take place on April 11 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. The free event runs from 9:00 a.m. until noon, or until plants run out. Get there early because even with hundreds of plants on display, we usually sell out early.
As always, you will find more than 450 varieties of shrubs, roses, vines, perennials, and annuals, carefully chosen by top PPS gardeners to thrive in Tennessee gardens. PPS volunteers will also be on hand to offer advice on making the best choice to fit your yard and gardening experience. Signs above every group of plants show a picture of the plant in bloom and tips on planting and cultivation. For a complete list of plants, visit and click on the “Plant Sale” tab.
Selection isn’t the only reason to come to the Sale. Prices are as low as many big box stores. And quality is much higher since all plants come from local, handpicked growers. Admission to the sale is free; Metro charges $5 for parking. Your purchases support the charitable activities and scholarships for horticultural students sponsored of PPS of Middle Tennessee.
So whether you’re an old gardening hand or a newcomer to the exciting world of gardening, the 2015 PPS Sale has the perfect plant for you. See you April 11!

Background: The Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee promotes the use of perennial plants in the landscape and offers education to local gardeners and scholarships to area horticulture students. The annual plant sale is the group’s major source of funding for these scholarships. The group holds free monthly education meetings, which are open to the public. It also offers garden tours to members. For more information, visit

Get the complete plant list, as well as updates until just before the sale at  Join us April 11 from 9a.m. until noon at the Tenn. State Fairgrounds. 

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show 2015

Hello you all! Spring has sprung in Tennessee-even with a freeze expected this weekend do not let that worry you--spring is here! I ventured out to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show a few weeks ago and it was ever so nice to see some flowers, because on the day I went (Saturday) we still had a lot of snow on the ground. In fact, I daresay the show was a bit lacking in visitors on the first two days of its opening (Thursday and Friday) due to the snow; tho I can't say for sure. In the thirteen years or so since I've been going to the show this has never happened before. We've had tornado watches, cold weather, rainy weather, but never a snow storm!
Saturday's visitors more than made up for the snow days because it was practically standing room only on Saturday. Everyone was very nice and would talk about the weather and spring and flowers and they all seemed to have a great time moseying along the aisles enjoying the gardens and what wares the vendors had for sale-it was a lot!
Each year I visit I tend to take a shot of a pond. A pond very similar to this one was my initial inspiration when I built my first pond back in 2012.
Gardens were well done. Can you imagine all the work required to build this garden and then to take it down after only one week? Impressive.
One of the trees had decorative fruit hanging from it. It was quite the eyecatcher.
Stone pillars are a favorite of mine. I love this one!
A nice place to sit that looks as tho it is straight out of the northwest.
There were also good places to eat! The show has everything anyone could want to get their spring started....

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yep, Spring is Here!

 Nothing says Spring more so then a Forsythia in full bloom here in my GEORGIA GARDENS!
  And a blurry photo due to pollen in the eyes.
 The deer have enjoyed nibbling the leaf of my favorite Fringe Bush (Loropetalum)  this winter.
 But the nibbling did not keep the blooms at bay. Doubt I can say this for the Azaleas though. Sigh...
 The Smaller Pink Fringe is blooming nicely as well with more leaves in place.
 Ah, pink blooms say Spring.
 Bridal Wreath Spirea remind me of the snow we did not have this winter. Thank You Mother Nature!
 Millions of tiny flowers adorn the bushes.
 These bushes glow in sight from my sun room windows!
 Kitty is bird watching.
 The Lady Bugs which sought refuge inside the house are now outside in their warm world. Get busy on aphids please.
 A few more Grape Hyacinths have popped up.
 A few of these unknown name to me have popped up. I must have planted them but the memory is lacking today.
Flower Beds are becoming weeded and mulched.
 Lily are being attacked by either deer or rabbits. After todays rain fall, I shall get the Liquid Fence to work or I will not have blooms.
YEP, SPRING IS HERE, In the Garden...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Loving this time

 Little clusters of Grapes in the form of Hyacinths are blooming in my GEORGIA GARDENS! I planted a lot of these little bulbs a few years ago and this is the only cluster I found this year. Bulbs just do not do well in my neck of the woods...
 The tiny blooms are so vibrant in color and easy to see where they get their name.
 Hyacinth in the larger form are also blooming. Yes, Spring is here in south-east Georgia!
 I am so glad the nasty cold weather is gone but not counting the eggs in my Easter Basket just yet. There's always another cold snap before or during the first week of April.
I have been getting a nice workout in the garden the past few days. I am pulling weeds and getting the flower beds ready. I have spread 25 bales of Pine Straw/Needles and have 25 bags of mulch ready to be spread as well. We Sprang Forward over the weekend and now my days are longer! LOVING THIS TIME, In the Garden...

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Spot for St Francis

 Warm weather and I am getting a bit creative in my GEORGIA GARDEN. I redid a planter in the Semi-Formal Garden last fall after a visit from the Gardeners Confidence Folks. St Francis once called that garden home being nestled into a round planter. Click HERE to see that old and new planter.

I had lots of bamboo sticks collected from my woods Scare-a-Crows and Bunny Displays. I found a use for the sticks other then the trash. It is now hiding a Telephone Pole and acting as a backdrop for St Francis, a Zen Frog and a couple Pink Explosion Azalea's. The azalea to the left was heavy pruned during the photo op in my garden. I hope it will pop back to life in time. I shall add a few new plants and items in time. This is how gardens are started in my yard! Ha..... I am letting my creativity flow with this NEW SPOT FOR ST FRANCIS, In the Garden...

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Please! Pardon Me While I Preen

A gal's gotta look good no matter the weather so please...
pardon me whilst I prepare myself for spring.
Ah, there now just a little shake out.
And I'm all set for spring....

in the garden....

The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show starts tomorrow! I can hardly wait! Hope to see you there....
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daffodil Time!

 Hello March and Welcome Daffodils and Narcissus to my GEORGIA GARDENS!
 I normally do not pick flowers from my gardens as I feel as though I am killing them. Plus, I cannot enjoy them inside as my cats will eat them. Thus, I must keep them high away from paws reach. That high and I cannot see nor enjoy them. So as a general rule, I rarely pick my flowers.
But all of these had fallen over to the ground and I decided to pick them for the patio table. I put them into a Vase that belonged to my grandmother making them all the more special. I am so happy it is DAFFODIL TIME, In the Garden...

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