Friday, March 27, 2015

The Nashville Lawn and Garden Show 2015

Hello you all! Spring has sprung in Tennessee-even with a freeze expected this weekend do not let that worry you--spring is here! I ventured out to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show a few weeks ago and it was ever so nice to see some flowers, because on the day I went (Saturday) we still had a lot of snow on the ground. In fact, I daresay the show was a bit lacking in visitors on the first two days of its opening (Thursday and Friday) due to the snow; tho I can't say for sure. In the thirteen years or so since I've been going to the show this has never happened before. We've had tornado watches, cold weather, rainy weather, but never a snow storm!
Saturday's visitors more than made up for the snow days because it was practically standing room only on Saturday. Everyone was very nice and would talk about the weather and spring and flowers and they all seemed to have a great time moseying along the aisles enjoying the gardens and what wares the vendors had for sale-it was a lot!
Each year I visit I tend to take a shot of a pond. A pond very similar to this one was my initial inspiration when I built my first pond back in 2012.
Gardens were well done. Can you imagine all the work required to build this garden and then to take it down after only one week? Impressive.
One of the trees had decorative fruit hanging from it. It was quite the eyecatcher.
Stone pillars are a favorite of mine. I love this one!
A nice place to sit that looks as tho it is straight out of the northwest.
There were also good places to eat! The show has everything anyone could want to get their spring started....

in the garden....
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Yep, Spring is Here!

 Nothing says Spring more so then a Forsythia in full bloom here in my GEORGIA GARDENS!
  And a blurry photo due to pollen in the eyes.
 The deer have enjoyed nibbling the leaf of my favorite Fringe Bush (Loropetalum)  this winter.
 But the nibbling did not keep the blooms at bay. Doubt I can say this for the Azaleas though. Sigh...
 The Smaller Pink Fringe is blooming nicely as well with more leaves in place.
 Ah, pink blooms say Spring.
 Bridal Wreath Spirea remind me of the snow we did not have this winter. Thank You Mother Nature!
 Millions of tiny flowers adorn the bushes.
 These bushes glow in sight from my sun room windows!
 Kitty is bird watching.
 The Lady Bugs which sought refuge inside the house are now outside in their warm world. Get busy on aphids please.
 A few more Grape Hyacinths have popped up.
 A few of these unknown name to me have popped up. I must have planted them but the memory is lacking today.
Flower Beds are becoming weeded and mulched.
 Lily are being attacked by either deer or rabbits. After todays rain fall, I shall get the Liquid Fence to work or I will not have blooms.
YEP, SPRING IS HERE, In the Garden...

Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team, In the Garden