Friday, July 22, 2016

Vegetable Garden Update-July 2016

Good morning! Summer is in high gear and we are under a heat advisory this week. The above rudbeckia and butterflyweed don't mind the heat but for the most part you'll find me in the air conditioning. Stay cool you all!
The vegetable garden has exceeded my dreams. It is doing SO well this year. Mr. Fix-it and I harvested hundreds of new potatoes and onions. Yum! The onions did so well! It was almost like a miracle to me as I've never had luck getting onions to bulb up. The garlic was over done and we did not get any of that. Now we are picking tons of tomatoes and cucumbers. I have to spend time indoors every other day putting up tomatoes. That is a good thing. Above is a long shot of the garden looking west. Let's look at each bed now.
The southeast bed is loaded down with mainly cherry tomatoes, vining crops, and pepper plants.
The northeast bed has some early corn in the mid part of this picture and later corn in the foreground. I also stuck in some vining crops where I could. The other end of this bed has some newly planted bush beans. I don't care for beans but Mr. Fix-it does so I planted some for him.
The strawberry bed doesn't change much.
The herb garden is really doing well. The rosemary, thyme, and sage attract all sorts of pollinators. I also seeded some borage and am hoping it comes up soon.
The southwest bed is full of predominately cucumbers. The early cukes have been producing prolifically. The newly planted cukes in the foreground will pick up once the older cukes have gone by. I also seeded vining crops around this bed too. So far they are small plants. I was late seeding them but I think the lateness will be a benefit in that there won't be as many pests around (I hope!)
The northwest bed is full of tomatoes. They are doing really well!
Some of the tomatoes have split. This is okay and is due to too much water at one time. We had about ten inches of rain in one week. I love it! You'll never hear me complain about split tomatoes. Lots of rain means green gardens and no watering for me.
Some of the cucumber leaves are spotting and turning yellow. This is most likely a fungal problem but I have not had time to investigate the cause. Since I am mostly organic the problem is not really a problem as long as the cucumbers are still producing. I'll keep an eye on the situation and take action if need be.
Around the outer edge of the garden where irises are planted I have cleaned up the irises and allowed self seeded zinnias to come back from last year's plants. They are slowly growing and blooming but I do wish they'd grow faster.
The iris/zinnia beds are hard to keep weeded since you should not mulch irises.
Lastly, all vegetable gardens (really all gardens) deserve a special cat. This is Smoke. He is on pest patrol and does a great job....

in the garden....
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Persian Palm

 This photo was snapped back in June of my GEORGIA GARDEN. The hydrangea glows but it is not alone. To the left of this stunning bush is a Persian Palm Alocasia calodora.
 I was lucky enough to find this Plant for a mere $8.00 back in 2012. I spoke about it briefly and you can read that Blog by clicking HERE.
 The tag on this plant says it is hardy in USDA Zone 9 and I live in Zone 7b. I did not expect it to survive in the ground. The first year, I kept it on the front porch and wintered it inside in a guest room. I do not like to winter plants inside as my kitties do not like for doors to be closed. With open doors and kitties, well, plants become snacks. Thus, I don't winter many plants if any.
 So in the ground and enjoy for one year while expecting the worst and hoping for the best after winter. I do believe this plant has been in this spot now for 3 years! This year, I was surprised to discover blooms on it. Do you see them? 
 Lets go in for a closer peek. I find them to be such a cool bloom. They remind me of Jack in the Pulpit plants.
 Look at all of that pollen. I had never seen this plant do such a thing so after a bit of research on the internet, I found the most humorous write-up. Click HERE if you would like to read more on the bloom by that humorous writer. 
I would say this plant is most happy as it has multiplied into many plants. I have it in the Chimney Planter on the East side of the house. It gets lots of morning sun but by mid day, it is shaded. I water it about once a week if no rain has fallen. I remove the dead foliage in the winter and do nothing more to this green giant!
Here she is today after another month of growth and a new iron piece. (Thank you mom for passing it along to me and Thank you Saint for hanging it for me on that hot steamy day.) I do believe this fall when the temps are cooler, that iron will become a black color to match our gutters and front porch accents. I can only assume this PERSIAN PALM, will become larger and stronger as time goes on, In the Garden... 

Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team, In the Garden