Friday, November 30, 2007

How to be a Successful Blogger

Okay, as promised, I said I would disclose some tips for successful blogging as published in the Washington Post by Dan Zak, and here they are. My mother sent me this article and I found it very helpful. This posting has nothing to do with gardening but it does have everything to do with what I spend a lot of time doing, writing about gardening on my blog (Mr. Fix it says I need a paying job and to stay off the computer). He is a funny guy sometimes. Fortunately I do still garden more than I talk about it. Whew! When that changes there will a problem. I hope you enjoy the tips on blogging and perhaps some of you already know these tips, but a little extra knowledge cannot hurt. Maybe readers of this blog would like to start their own blog? If you have other tips and agree or disagree, feel free to leave a comment stating your views.

Dan Zak's article is titled, "Be More than a Blip in the Blogosphere" and I am not going to reprint the entire article, only the 10 tips. Here they are in the order published.

1) Tell stories rather than sticking solely to links or photos.

2) Create a voice for yourself (and brand it).

3) Make everything easy to read and access. (Keep aesthetics simple)

4) Sift through blogrolls and create your own.

5) Widget your page. (helps to direct traffic to your page)

6) Comment early and often. (Comment on other blogs as well)

7) Pray for a link from the big boys. (Really popular blogs)

8) Nominate yourself for awards. (Enter contests)

9) Post with verve and consistency. (People lose interest if you don't post regularly)

10) Join the crowd. (Join blogging communities)

Some things we Leaf bloggers can do and some we can't since the blog is run through a certain link (I don't understand that computer stuff). I am going to check with them soon because I would like it if there was a way to see an old blog post which is no longer on the view page. Sometimes it might be nice to reference a page about a certain plant for later use. I know my mother likes to pull up pictures of the family for others to see. This blog has really connected me to my family, which I didn't anticipate. It has also allowed me to make many, many new friends.

Enough on blogs for now. You and I now know what blogs are and how to be successful. Ultimately, blogs are for connecting with others and having a voice about what we are passionate about. And who isn't passionate about something?

I really wish I could remember which Alabama rest stop this picture of the rocket was taken at. The Ramsey family made a trip to the Biloxi, Mississippi area to visit a dear friend (Sherry and her son Michael) and stopped here on our way down. This rest stop had a miniature Vietnam Veteran's Memorial (my father and uncle are Vietnam Vets) in addition to other war memorials. It was a real treat to stop and visit here. I used the picture of the rocket to illustrate my blog success post-reach for the stars!

in the garden....

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