Thursday, January 15, 2009

GBBD January 2009

Tina's Blooms:

This month's bloom day finds a few things blooming-namely my pure white hellebore! I am so excited to see this bloom as it is the first time. Patience does pay off as this plant was planted more than one year ago. I also have pansies, witch hazels, and begonias (inside) blooming. (Linda, I had meant to post this but didn't for some reason-so here you are:)

This is the pink begonia blooming in the house. I also have a red one that I posted a picture of on my January Plant of the Month post. Now if the yellow one would start blooming! But Skeeter has a lovely yellow bloom below.

For more blooms see Carol at May Dreams blog.

Skeeter's Blooms:

I normally don't partake in the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day postings as Tina has so much fun stuff to share. Knowing that January does not give one much to view in the garden, I assumed that Tina would not have much to talk about so I am joining in today.

While in the yard on Jan. 10 working in the veggie garden (tune in for that fun on Jan. 20) I noticed the Forsythia bush had buds on it. It was a cloudy day but really warm for this time of year. By afternoon, look what I spotted as I was leaving the garden! A stem of blossoms popping open! Forsythia is usually the first blossoms we see in the spring but not in the middle of January!

The next day I went out to check on the Silverberries as Tina is puzzled by them not blooming for me this winter. On the way past the Bridal Wreath Bush, I spotted these beautiful blooms opening up for me! I don't fear too much for these two bushes giving me some blooms this early as they are early risers. But I do fear other things may decide to wake up from their nap long before their time is due. Please be nice to us Old Man Winter and don't give us much freezing stuff or stop toying with us by giving us warm temps when it is to be cold outside!

Here we are again worrying, In the Garden...


  1. The Bridal Wreath photo is so sweet. I had to expand my "bloom" category to show much at all. Last January, I a lot more in bloom. What a weird, fickle winter we have had. Here's my GBBD in Raleih, NC

  2. Hi Tina and Skeeter, wow, you both are looking very spring like, wonderful! I tried to find open hellebores but they are not budging until we get some warmer weather. I love Skeeters bridal wreath, it has always been an old fashioned favorite!

  3. Good morning ladies,
    I had forgotten about my Bridal Wreath Spirea. I really love the delicate blooms. I would think we could force a few sprays like we do with forsythia... right?

  4. That's why I love spring. I like the way plants and flowers come back to life.

    Beautiful images.

    Greetings from London.

  5. Its so nice when something you have been waiting for finally flowers - I have a Hellebore which has had a lovely bud on it for about a month but the recent very cold weather has stopped it opening - I havent seen the flower on this plant yet so i cant wait for it to open

  6. Tina--please post a picture of your inside begonias! Mine don't look like they have even thought of blooming!
    Skeeter--I am so surprised on your blooms! But I will tell you...I look at the Bradford, no blooms, but I can tell they are there just waiting. Very strange....

    Thanks to both of you for sharing on this cold January Bloom Day!

  7. Boy! The bridal wreath is beautiful, giving me cabin fever.

  8. Lovely photos Tina and Skeeter. The bridal wreath looks gorgeous!

  9. Tina -- I love hellebores. Someday when I grow more shade in the fragrance garden, I want to add them there.

    Skeeter -- I am a spirea fan, but don't have Bridal Wreath. Very nice!


  10. Tina and Skeeter, Good morning to you. Isn't it wonderful to have bloom this month! The hellebore is going to be fantastic when the cold disappears and we can see the open face! Skeeter....forsythia and bridal wreath...lucky you. Have a good day today. Gail

  11. Skeeter, How are we going to respond today?? Great pics btw! I love em both!

    Helen, Lovely blooms and any color this time of year is great!

    Frances, That hellebore is a pure white one and I am so thrilled!

    Janet, It is probably close to forcing time for sure. Skeeter is in Georgia so a bit warmer there I think. 12 degrees here!

    ACIL, Plants are so wonderful!

    PG, Those hellebores are keepers! I bet yours will open soon.

    Linda, I had meant to post that pink begonia, just never did so I rectified it this morning. Hope you like it! Sorry I missed your earlier post too!

    Dawn, I bet with all that snow!

    Kanak, Thanks!

    Cameron, Those hellebores are so sweet and they do love my shade! You'll get some soon enough.

    Gail, I am thrilled with that hellebore. I couldn't believe all the buds. I hope it sets lots of seeds and grows a family!

  12. Skeeter,

    That's an early forsythia! I hope your plea to Old Man winter is heard!

  13. I am totally in "bloom withdrawal" around here on these cold days of winter.

  14. Beautiful flowers, Tina! Thanks for sharing them. It brightens my day.

  15. Tina, you often show blooms I've never seen before - the hellebore is interesting. Happy GBBD.

  16. I was thinking the same thing as Queenofseaford. Cut some branches and bring them in to bloom in a vase. It is strange to see the bridal wreath blooming now. Is this huge mess of arctic cold affecting either of your areas?

  17. Tina, the pink begonia is beautiful. Is this one you brought inside to overwinter?

    Skeeter, Thank you for showing us somewhere in the country there is something actually blooming outside today! The forsythia is a welcome touch of spring. I would gladly send you a little snow if you'd like:)

  18. Dave, Cross your fingers!

    Brenda, I don't blame you with all that remodeling going on-that's fun too!

    Susan, Always happy to brighten anyone's day! Have a great one!

    Sarah, These hellebores grow well with hostas and in Maine. An evergreen that is most fun! Thanks!

    Marnie, It is affected us in Tennessee, probably will reach Skeeter too. I pulled a gardenia out of the ground yesterday. What was I thinking it could make it? It is now in my garage. I think I get complacent with our warm days down here that I forget we are subject to the arctic air too. I sympathize totally!

    Rose, This is one of three. The red one I posted last week, the yellow one refused to bloom. Oh well. I find these easy peasy plants in the house and garden. Easy even for me who is SO not a houseplant person. Can't figure out how I keep accumulating them-blogging friends perhaps? Ha! You might try one or two begonias to brighten the inside along with your lovely bouquet. What a great gift!

  19. Absolutely spectacular; it looks like it should be in a church window. I can't imagine how heavy it must be.

  20. Beautiful blooms from both of you! I just saw Frances' Helleborus, and here is another one. Some preliminary research (I'm already hooked if I start doing that!) shows it to be a member of the buttercup family and once used in medicines. Wonder why it's not included anymore? It probably matures too slowly, like you said Tina, for mass production purposes. Too bad. It would be lovely to see fields of it blooming this time of year.

  21. Hi Tina, the Hellebores and Witch Hazel definitely give January some interest in the garden. I need to add these to give my winter garden some blooms to view. :) A beautiful begonia to have in the house right now!

    Hi Skeeter, I can't believe your Forsythia is blooming already! Mine has buds but no signs of flowers yet! I pray our winter doesn't kill these early risers either!

  22. Good Morning everyone! Tina, I never thought of how to comment to this duel posting. :-) Since you got to the puter first, You took the lead and I will just fill in from here on today unless questions for you to answer. ..

    It was fun to find these beauties blooming in the yard and think they may survive the harsh stuff headed our way tomorrow. I do fear for other early risers though. Keep your fingers crossed for us all to survive this Alberta Clipper moving eastward. Calling for record lows here so I am off to the hardware store to find 3 faucet covers for our outside faucets to keep them warm and hopefully from freezing in the next few days…

    Nola, Tina's glass panel is beautiful for sure! It reminds me of a church window as well...

    Walk2Write, It would be nice to see a field of anything blooming right now! We are going to freeze in the Deep South in the next few days! It amazes me how many medicines are made from plants. Someone sure knew what they were doing on the day plants arrive on this earth! I am off to see Frances' Helleborus...

  23. Raquel, you popped in as I was popping out. Good morning! I knew Tina would have some blooms to share with us for each month of the year! She has put so much time into her garden so she can enjoy it year round! I am shocked at her begonia because Tina is not so fond of houseplants. :-)

    I do pray old man winter does not leave us with too much death. Human, Animal or Plant!

  24. Very refreshing to see the outside flowers on this cold day in the middle of the winter. Gives way to hope of spring and another gardening season.

    Tina your temp is exactly what ours is right now. but it was only 7 when I got up. Wow, a 5 degree warm up and from the way they are talking, that may be it. It actually is warmer than predicted as they said we would struggle to get above 10.

  25. We are -9 without wind, we had that yesterday. The news has Fryeburg temperatures closest to us.
    I will take ANY flowering inside plant!

  26. Hey everyone!

    Skeeter- I love forsythia and think it is so beautiful when in full bloom with no leaves on it.

    Mom-Can't believe things are already blooming. It is nice here in Texas but they barely have grass here let alone flowers that I have seen of.
    We got taken by our training company yesterday and smoked for the first hour and half and had to low crawl in the nonexistent grass!

    Everyone who might be interested here is the new mailing address...
    SPC Phelps, Christine
    E co 232nd Medical Battalion
    2950 Koehler Rd, Ste 1350
    Ft. Sam Houston, TX 78234-6112

  27. Oh my goodness, I have gotten caught up on blogging and have yet to depart for the hardware store!

    Jean, I have seen lots of color by jumping around today on blogs! I am shocked as to how much people have this time of year. Expect it in really warm places though. My dad recorded -2 this morning on his part of town so Tina was not as cold on her side of the river. It is going to be a bit chilly here in GA. Calling for just above freezing tomorrow then 9 on sat morning. Burrrr for us warm souls..

    Dawn, Hope you have a fireplace in that new house! Are the kids out of school there today? News reporting some schools in the north closed due to frigid temps.

    Christine, Spring is full of those yellow blooms! Good to hear you are doing so well! Have you been able to go see the Riverwalk yet? I dont know if they will allow you off post or not but was wondering. It is beautiful and you will enjoy it a lot. Saint was just telling me of a job available in San Antonio and I suggested he apply for it. I like that area just hated Killeen Ugh, it was not great. Thanks for passing along the address. Your mom will be chatting with you soon...

  28. It sure looks a whole lot nicer over at your houses than it is here. Do you have room for some visitors for a couple of months?

  29. The photo on the Forsythia is splendid. I love it. You have much more than we do. It's 20F here right now.~~Dee

  30. Aren't the first signs of Spring great? We have some here too, but most of them have stayed staedfastly in bud owing to the recent cold!

  31. Good Afternoon Everyone,
    It sure is great to see blooms at this time of the year. Great pics.
    Skeeter & Tina. I love the Bridal Wreath & must see about putting it in my garden.
    My forsythia is blooming also. My Snowdrops {viridapicis} are blooming. The Flowering Almond has buds ready to pop open.
    Sure hope old man winter doesn't harm them. It was 25 this morning. Fri. & Sat. are to be worse.
    Stay warm all.

  32. OMG folks. As a news junkie, I usually have my tv on Fox News 24-7
    But 45 mintues ago when news of a plane crash came on I turned to NBC with Brian Williams and oh I am sitting here crying. First let me say they do not think anyone at all has died!!!! Anyway Brian had a guy on for about 5 mintues that was on the plane!!!!!!! He was soooo excited to be alive and sure was a great guest. Just had to tell you folks so if you want a heartwarming story you can turn TV on and for a change see a REAL HEARTWARMING STORY....LIVE. Brian (who summers in my coastal town of Harpswell) is gonna be tired tonight as he was up early this morning to be on the Imus in the Morning radio show. For another story about Brian, when kids, my hubby used to throw him and his brother of the dock behind us into the ocean for kicks. LOL They were considered "highlanders". Well I guess Brian gets the last word and laugh. Too funny.

  33. Oh my goodness! That bridal wreath branch of blossoms is so pretty and sweet! Great photos!

  34. Cinj, Lots of room-come on down!

    Dee, Skeeter sure is a good photographer. Thanks!

    VP, You guys getting the cold too? It is mighty chilly! Stay warmest!

    Lola, It is great to have flowers any time of the year. So glad you have some down there!

    Mom, Saw it! Thanks! Sometimes I don't get the news until much later.

    Karrita, Thanks! Skeeter is a mighty good photographer.

  35. Cinj, Sure, pack your bags and head on over. Be sure to bring the Wii so we can all play together :-)

    Dee, noon and 20! Burrrrrr, that does not sound fun. We will be seeing it tomorrow but not that cold during the day, I hope anyway...

    VP, we are getting a big blast of cold air all over the north and eastern US along with some spots in the Deep South like here in GA. Down here, we are not accustomed to that cold weather. Thank goodness for firewood and fire places.

    Lola, We were lucky as the Bridal Wreath was already here when we moved into the house. I wondered if this cold stuff was going to go down your way. The weatherman says it may and oh, that will not be good for FL crops! I spotted phlox in full bloom along the hill of a yard while in town today. They ran out of those insulated covers for the outside water faucets at both Lowes and Home Depot! People are taking the weatherman seriously right now and watching closely. We still had one cover so we put it on the faucet in the woods. Brought all the hoses into the shed after draining them and took the suggestion of the Home Depot guy. He said to take a drink cozy and put it over the faucet! So we did and it seems to fit great! Good Tip from your friendly hardware man....

    Jean, I had not heard of this plane crash until now. I will be sure to check out the evening world news. The Saint just said they did a brief story on our local news which is on now. So sad to hear of a plane going down especially in NY area. That is a wonderful memory you shared with us. You have so many fun stories to share and I enjoy hearing them so much...

    My Mothers Garden, Thanks! I was so surprised to see the pretty blooms. They made me so happy that I stopped what I was doing and ran to get the camera. I was so happy to have something blooming in Jan…

  36. Tina, we were answering together! How funny....

  37. I consider it a good thing. Getting off here though.

  38. Jean, I just heard the interview you were talking about. It was hard to control the tears of joy for the guy! Great rescue job by all involved....

  39. Wow, love that forsythia! I can only wish for something to grow -hehehe. Although I did notice new sprouts on my mum bushes. (way down on the bottom) Let's hope this freezing cold weather doesn't hamper things for the spring:( Hang in there Christine --I think that low crawling in non-existent grass stinks:( Just consider it a mindgame that you only have to play along with for a short time:0) I'll be keeping you in my thoughts:) Tina, I am still loving that stained glass door --can't get enough of it --have to keep going back to look:) I have to put another log on the fire --ciao!

  40. Snif. I don't have anything blooming here, but I have hope. Under all that snow somewhere, there are several hellebores; the hamamelis is holding its buds tightly closed for now, but I'm contemplating bringing in a branch of forsythia to give me some indoor colour. I'm excited for your hellebore, as they have been a frustration to me, and last year I got TWO of them to come through and bloom!

  41. That's what live plants look like, its been a while since I have seen them.

    Beautiful Blooms Lady's!

  42. Anonymous, I hope the yellow blooms dont fall off from the freeze! New sprouts on the mums, that is exciting. I spotted new leaves on two small dogwoods! I fear so for them the next couple of nights. Such wonderful words for Christine. Crawling through the sand does not sound fun to me. At least it is not 100-degrees even though a dry heat there now as it was while the Saint was doing his Air Force duties there. Are the kiddos looking for snow so they can build a snowman? I am with you, get more wood honey! There is going to be a nice roaring fire in the living room this weekend. Saint is off starting tomorrow so the fire may start then. Ug, in the fireplace of course. giggle..

    Jodi, Sorry for your lack of color. Do bring in the forsythia as it will surely cheer you up! Sorry for your frustration on the hellebore and so glad you had them to bloom. They will grow stronger each day for you....

    Dan, I feel chilly just talking to you! I know that snow must be so cold but I bet it is beautiful. I miss the big snows we had while in Germany. Bet you wish you were in that cabin again with that wood stove to keep you warm! Nice fires in the winter are the best, that and a cat in my lap :)

  43. Tina: Your begonias steal my heart.
    Skeeter: Your Bridal wreath does the same.
    Oops! My heart's broken into two!

  44. I'm jealous of you girls! Forsythia, bridal wreath and hellebores. Wow, what more could a girl ask for? It's wonderful to see these signs of spring....

  45. Ahhh...if I had know your relative made edible arrangments in Tampa area I would have called her!

  46. All you southeners with stuff blooming....pashaw!! is what I say. ;~P

  47. Chandramouli, We must work on putting it back together soon! Can't have broken hearts-we both share:)

    Kathleen, Spring is headed your way-just gotta get thru this cold spell.

    My Little Family, Yes, she is quite talented I hear from my mother. I was in Nashville on Monday and for the first time I saw an edible arrangement in person when a lady received one where I was taking a test. It was so cool! I had no idea of them. A lovely way to celebrate 22 wonderful years of marriage-congrats again!

    TC, I know you miss it this time of year. Ah sweet home Kentucky. Stay warm and hunker down-spring is headed your way soon!

  48. Tina and My Little Family, the Edible Arrangement's that Joanne works in is in Palm Harbor, right outside of Tampa. If anyone is interested you can just google and you will see all they have and at all holidays they have the holiday themed arrangements. They are pretty cool and with our world becoming more fixed on healthy things it is a good way to go. I don't know about the other branches but I can tell you that Joanne is in charge of production 6 days (they are closed on Sundays) a week and not a basket leaves her kitchen without her approval and she is VERY picky. They are all over the world.

  49. Chandramouli, I am good with a glue gun. We need to put that heart back together!

    Kathleen, It is not spring time though! Strange weather for us but pretty blooms for now. Saturday morning may be a different story....

    My Little Family, Congrats on your 22 years! We have a place here that makes those wonderful looking edible arrangements. Tina, I did not know your sister made them either! My new thing learned for the day. :-) Hope you are warmer in FL then we are here in GA....

    TC. a little bird told me to check in with you. Been doing some interesting reading over at Write Garden. Where are you from in KY? I could have told you what the fish was and yes, KY lake is known for their smallmouth bass. The Saint can play House of the Rising Sun also!

  50. Yes Mom, it is way cool! I thought that one bouquet I saw to be very colorful and sweet looking. Her husband sent it to her for no particular reason. My Little Family had a wedding anniversary and has a lovely arrangement. I did not know Joanne was in Palm Harbor.

  51. Uh, busy busy day on the blog-here we are posting on top of one another-Good night all!!

  52. Jean, One of those stores opened up here less then a year ago! They look so yummy and I hope to get one for maybe Valentines. Saint, are you listening? Too bad he does not read the comments.

  53. Forgot to say Mom, that plane crash is amazing. Bird strikes happen ALL the time. Folks usually don't realize it. I have some stories on them too. ATC are even trained to give warnings. You can't control the feathered varieties of birds though like you can the metal ones. They usually listen-not always.

  54. You just tell him Skeeter! Straight up!

  55. With my man, you not only have to draw him a picture, you must color it, frame it and hang it up as well.... sigh

  56. Skeeter- We are not allowed off post yet but will be allowed to go out in a few weeks and I plan to make it down there. I have made friends with some of the prior service here and we all plan to go out and have a beer when I get pass. So they will take me down there I am sure.

  57. Tina - TGFH - thank goodness for Hellebores! They do take a while to settle in, but they are so worth it.
    Skeeter - Forsythia may be common as dirt, but that pure yellow is such a cheering sight after the drabness of winter. Good thing they're tough as nails.

  58. Tina! I'm very excited to learn that Hellebores bloom early. I planted some this fall and am holding my breath.

    Skeeter, that bridal wreath is gorgeous. I 'd love to see it in a real bride's veil or bouquet.

  59. Christine, If you have a camera, be sure to take it with you! Have some great food to go with that earned beer too!

    Mr. McGregors Daughter, Nothing says spring like bright Yellow Forsythia! My grandmother had her entire driveway lined with them and they were beautiful. I must get a Hellebore!

    JGH, Good luck on the hellebore! As a child, I would make wreaths for my dolls heads and also bouquets for them when they got married. Ah, those fun days playing with my dolls…

  60. Forsythia, hellebores and bridal wreath in January? Those are brave plants.

    I've arrived two days after your post, Tina and Skeeter - sure hope that whether or not your blooms made it through the cold wave - that you did!

    Happy GBBD!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  61. Annie, I just looked out the window at the forsythia and see more yellow blooms! I also see a big red cardinal bird on the bush staying warm. We are having a few snow flurries and I am enjoying seeing them because we rarely have snow in this part of GA...