Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Blooms

I hope the Easter Bunny has filled your yards with eggs and did not take a nibble of anything while visiting you!
Here is some color for Easter. My parents Lilac Bush was stunning while I was visiting them in Tennessee this past week.
The scent was pure sweetness to my nose!
Their Redbud was brilliant as well.
Once back home in Georgia, I found the azaleas in the driveway island were fading away. Here you see the little bit of pink that remains today. The snowball bush and the dogwoods are now getting all the attention with their white beauty.
This one large dogwood by the garage is putting on a show like never before!
They glow from the shining sun above!
The larger azaleas are putting on quit a show for me being scattered throughout the woods. The red one is on fire with its bright colors.
The bright pink one looks like bubble gum.
The three by the driveway never let us down with their beautiful selves. The bees were swarming all over them. Above you see one of the three that are the same size.
The color of the light pink one reminds me of cotton candy!
Fire engine red is my name for this one.

All the azaleas in our woods were here when we purchased the house and I have no idea what their names could be. I will continue to call them childhood favorites that may be found in an Easter Basket cotton candy, fire engine and bubble gum since the beauties always show up as EASTER BLOOMS, In the Garden...

I have been back home in Georgia all of two days which I spent in the garden. Today, we head off for the next leg of our Spring Vacation. I will check in here when I have a chance.

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And a Happy Birthday to Boy 2! We are glad Anonymous is home now with her new bundle of joy.


  1. Beautiful photos Skeeter! I have a soft spot fo lilacs. I jsut love it when the azaleas start popping open.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Skeeter,
    Lovely lilac
    Amazing Azaleas
    Delightful dogwood
    Happy Easter!


  3. Skeeter --those lilacs were amazing --yum-yum they smell so good you could almost eat them, lol. Everyone raved over them when they saw them. And, it's great to be home with the new little Sidekick --what a fabulous Easter present. Thank you all for the wonderful welcoming wishes. Now, we have to celebrate Boy 2's birthday:0) Lots of celebrating this month in our house. It's just like Spring --all these wonderful flowers and beautiful plants and bunnies. Everything is just full of life and excitement --great time of year! Happy Easter everyone! Ciao!

  4. Beautiful blooms Skeeter! Happy birthday to boy 2! Everyone have a wonderful Easter!

  5. What lovely color! Fortunately, the Easter Bunny who visits my house leaves chocolates and not eggs! ;-) Happy Easter!

  6. Oh my my my! Those lilacs are sure lovely! So many too! What a beautiful bouquet you made too. The snow ball bush and azaleas are so lovely! Tons of blooms!

    Happy Easter to all!

  7. Oh I can't and don't think I will ever see a lilac without thinking of Anonymous. The are gorgeous Skeeter. Mine have tiny buds on them but will still be another month probably before I have the gorgeous blooms.

    Happy birthday to boy #2!!!!

    Hope all has a great Easter with lots of good food, fun and family and all stays safe on this very blessed day.

  8. Happy Easter and morning to all...

    Sun is shining in VA but cold outside and heat is on in the house! Arg, we left upper 70's for this? Ah, but family time makes up for the weather!

    Anonymous, Happy Birthday Boy 2 and congrats again on the new bundle of joy! Your home will be filled with giggles and love this Easter what a special time for your family.

    Will check in here again when time allows. Have a wonderful day today!

    Lola, Hope you made it back home safely...

  9. Gorgeous pictures!! First the Lilac and Redbud, then Dogwoods and Azaleas.... yum! I love the Hydrangea.

  10. Those are gorgeous Easter blooms Skeeter. Have a great day yourself. The bunny has been here and left chocolate so we're happy!

  11. Nice blooms, can't wait until they migrate this way. The redbud is spectacular, I love them. I just collected some redbud seed a few weeks ago from a city park. I should get them planted and see what happens.

    Speaking of seeds I have planted both packets of seeds you sent. The vinca is growing great and will be planted in the urns out front. The marigolds I didn't have the best of luck with. I only had 4 sprouts and then two died from damping off. But I do have two growing strong and they will get a prominent spot in the garden. Thanks again for the seed. Hope your purple tomatoes are doing well.

  12. Beautiful pictures of some of my favorite spring flowers! Happy Easter to you!!

  13. Happy Easter to you Skeeter. Your blooms are lovely. You have sooooooo many beautiful flowers!

  14. All those flowers are just beautiful! It makes me anxious to see some trees and shrubs start really blooming in my yard. How come my snowball bush never has flowers like yours? They almost look like a hydrangea!

  15. Your garden is a bounty of beautiful blooms today! Happy Easter Skeeter. :)

  16. Beautiful Lilacs!!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful blooms.
    Happy Easter,

  17. Oh, how beautiful Skeeter!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Easter!

  18. Skeeter,
    Everything is fabulous. My snowball bush should look so good. It is anemic compared to yours. I think it receives too much shade.

  19. Lots of color going on there....thats a good thing :). Love the bunnies!!! I have some bunnies too. I will post them tomorrow.

  20. Beautiful blooms! Happy Easter to you too!!!

  21. Those rabbits are cute, but I block them from entering my backyard and create more damage.

  22. Happy Easter to all.
    You sure have a lot of beautiful flowers blooming Skeeter. Hope you have a lovely visit in Va. That sure was a glorious surprise you gave. Thanks a million. Home safe.

    CONGRATULATIONS ANONYMOUS on Sidekick #2. Boy what a pleasant reason for not showing up. Best excuse in the world. Enjoy the little bundle of joy. It won't be hard to remember his bd.

    I found my garden had dried out a bit & things grown quite a bit. My roses are out of this world with blooms. Small tomatoes on Sweet 100.
    All's well.

  23. A wonderful the photos of azaleas...sighing, they hate C&L! I hope your Easter day was sweet and filled with family time. gail

  24. What a beautiful scene you have in your driveway island bed. I love the combination of white flowering trees and shrubs.

  25. Wow, Skeeter; it is really spring at your home--lovely blooms!

    Congratulations to Anonymous on her new little boy! And I hope you had a good Easter, Skeeter.

  26. Good Morning on the day after Easter! We had a nice day and it warmed up enough for a quick boat ride on the lake! It was glorious but not much color in this part of VA just yet. Forsythia, daffys, cherry,phlox and redbud about all to see but oh so beautiful when spotted!

    Dan, the tomatoes will have their own posting at some point. I must stay home long enough to get the post written. lol...

    Lola, glad you made it home safely and found your roses to greet you! Was great to meet you in person even though I felt like we have already met before! :-) I will get that visit written into a post as soon as I can get myself back to Ga on a schedule :-)

    Catherine, My snowball bush is in full sun and we do not prune it after Aug. I dont know much about them as this is our first one and it came with the house. One spring it did not do well but we decided it was because we had prunned it back too late in the fall for blooms to produce the following year...

    Today we go into Fredricksburg to see if we can spot some color. We are also going to pick out a nice pot to plant some flowers we brought up to Mom B from GA for her birthday. We hope to get the remainder of the flowers in the ground but this morning it was 30 degrees so still a bit cool for young plants....

    Have a good week!

  27. Wow, those trees & shrubs are stunning, especially that Dogwood. Those rabbits look a little to fat & contented. Sorry, I don't find them at all cute.

  28. so wonderful, every picture ist great ! liebe Grüße von Kathrin aus Bremen

  29. I can almost smell the Lilacs! My nerves already are tingling the areas in my cortex....What lovely flowers, Skeeter!

  30. Mr. Mac'sdaughter, I know at times I too dont think they are so cute! Like when I find missing leaves on the hosta...

    Kathrin, thank you, the flowers are so pretty this time of year...

    Chandramouli, I am happy to have excited you a bit today! If only we could send scents through the computer...