Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bloggers Fling: Wamboldtopia

Are you keeping up with me on the Garden Bloggers Fling Tour of gardens? This is post number 4 and we are still working on the morning hours of day one! (There are so many fun Gardens in Asheville. Click HERE for more info.) Today, I want to show you around Wamboldtopia. Cleverly named after the street upon which this garden resides.
We were greeted by Artist/Gardener Damaris Pierce and her spouse Ricki AKA: The Rock Pirate. A Stone Mason by trade and whimsical by nature.
The Rock Pirates truck greeted us and as you can see, this is a working truck of a man with a love of all things Pirate related.
This Stone work is a work of art as it is dry stacked.
                   courtyard with built in seating.
Tucked into the stone work of the house, one could spot little things such as this entrance for the Enchanted Fairy's of their world...
Works of Art nestled within...
Even homes for the Birds!
Lush Ivy creeps along beautiful works of art.
This gave me a most enchanting feel as I climbed the hillside.
Climbing this hillside garden was not a chore as it was an easy stroll with so much to see along the way. I do not have hills in my Georgia Garden but if I did, I would have some great ideas on how to deal with them from visiting Wamboldtopia.
I was most impressed as to how they garden on a hillside. This guardian Angel watches over the garden.
Pretty colors above the roof top of their home.
Beauty surrounds the abode from every angle.
One of many towers where I believe Fairy's call home. Yes, that is Garden Bloggers on a roof top to the left. Bloggers will do almost anything for that perfect shot. Ha, not me!
Small doors tucked about throughout the gardens in the land of Enchantment.
This Bell Tower reminds me of time spent while in San Antonio, Texas.
Rusty Recycled bits of iron and lush happy plants mingle throughout.
Tina found the perfect spot to sit and relax while taking in the surrounding beauty.
Below, we found a stream running into a small water pond. See that little door?
Stone, Art, Flowers and Water. What more does a garden need? 
Well, Fish...
Water Plants...
And Garden Bloggers to enjoy it!
I spotted this pile of stone ready for use. Or is it already in use? Hum, how can an artist make a pile of rubble look like a work of art?
This really brought a WOW Factor to The Saint and I. A miniature Log Cabin complete with Outhouse!
A Dog House maybe? Or just an Artist rendition of Appalachian living.
The Details were just awesome!
Little things were tucked in all about this garden.
The Stone Work kept calling out to me!
There is a lot of Whimsy that I assume comes from the Rock Pirates imagination.
Gargoyles keep watch over the gardens.
Some a bit on the scary side.
One does not want to leave this garden but I for one do not desire to stay as long as this person!
Broken Cemetery Markers were used within the construction.
You all know the Saint does not like Gnomes. His favorite saying, "NO GNOMES!" Of course I sneak a few in here and there just to get his goat. hee hee. When I showed him this one, he said, "Hum, that is one Gnome I would like in the garden"....
A Basket or Wishing Well? Either way, a neat way to recycle old metal rings. 
Window Boxes built into the house. I am sure they are filled with beautiful flowers now. The Season was still a bit early while we visited.
This garden is a treasure even if the treasure chest's were empty.
It must have been a challenge for Ricki and Damaris to create such a beautiful place on a hillside. And not your every day terrace with railroad ties.
I was most inspired as I stroll the gardens.
And the Fairies kept talking to me along with the stone.
I purchased this little Doorway from Damaris with plans of putting a little piece of  WAMBOLDTOPIA, In the Garden...


  1. Skeeter,
    What a fun place to visit. The photos were awesome also. Wish I'd had the time to go to this.

  2. What a fantastic garden. I'll need to look at this post again just to see this wonderful creation.

    Thank you Skeeter ~ FlowerLady

  3. A very fun garden indeed! What a creative mind behind it!!!

  4. I TRIED to pin to Pinterest :) This truly is amazing, Skeeter! I would like to move in to it--maybe into that charming little "dog house"????

  5. You saw so much I didn't! That metal ring basket has to be my favorite. Very clever. On the FB page Damaris said she designed that Celtic knot and the Rock Pirate made it for her. This garden had so much detail and so many plants it was a truly unique garden on that street. I wonder what the neighbors think of it? I asked the Rock Pirate why he had a top hat and suit on and he replied he dressed up for us. Loved it!!

  6. Fantastic pics Skeeter. You have captured some of it but I think there was a lot more to be seen. I wish I could have seen it. Love the ring pot. Those fairies must have thought they were in heaven.

  7. I dont know why, but blogger does not want me to reply to your comments under each name. I so prefer that then the way I shall do it today....

    Randy, you would have enjoyed this garden as it had lots of mason work. Your Bottle wall would have fit right in here!

    Flower lady, this garden was so wonderful. More to come too…

    Darla, The creators of this garden are so much fun to visit also. They were so gracious to the many feet strolling through their wonderland…

    Rebecca, Tina has requested no Pinterest posting from this blog for copyrighted purposes. And yes, I did not want to leave this enchanting place! The cabin was so neat…

    Tina, Well of course the Rock Pirate was dressed up for his visitors like a true gentlemen! LOL, they are so full of talent as well as generosity to open up their private space for us. Plus to take time to speak with us as well. One of my favorite gardens during the tour…

    Lola, I know I was in heaven while in that garden! I weeded through pictures about 4 times so yes, there was plenty more to see but I had to post what I did as it was long enough already. LOL…

  8. I have been following and also have seen things in images that I did not see while there. This place had interest around ever corner, and in every corner. One thing you mentioned about taking a hillside stroll, they had it very well designed to slow the viewer down. By changing the pace in use of materials and curve of path, the viewer can take in more of the views and see some of the incredible detailing of the stonework and art much more readily.

  9. I too was atken with all of this masonery. WOW. I wish I could go back so I could study the plants. I was so taken with all the hardscape I nearly forgot to look at the plants. I liked that little gnome too. He must be a bad one if the fairies don't rescue him. tee hee.... I couldn't resist one of those doors too. Too much fun.

  10. Oh my goodness all that stone work is just so amazing. Those 2 people have such talent. WOW!!!!!!!!

  11. GWGT, I think they did a wonderful job of slowing down a visitor! So much to see and such a short period of time that day. I am finding it fun reading all the posts from different Flingers view. I hope to make it back to Wamboldtopia some day for more explorations…

    Lisa, Ahhhh, that stone work, Woowers to the eye and the art work was something I have never seen as well. I only snapped a few pictures of blooms as I was so darn captivated by the creations from these wonderful artists. I do hope to return again some day…

    Jean, I so wish you could have seen it with your own eyes! Pictures only give a bit of justice as to the scope of it all. So amazing what those two have created in only a mere 12 years!

  12. Ok I love this garden....I mean really love it...I could spend weeks there and not see all the details and that is what I want to what incredible beauty, lucky to be able to bring a bit of it home with you