Monday, June 1, 2009

To Do List for June

From In the Garden

Here is what I expect to do in my June garden.

1) Continue planting. This is the month you should be totally done with planting-yahoo!

2) Continue weeding.

3) Mow your lawn bi-weekly, and mow it long! Raise your mower height to 3-4" for cool season grasses. For warm season you can mow at about 2".

4) Do not water if there is adequate moisture in the soil, no matter how wilted the plants look. You can tell if a plant needs water by whether or not it recovers after the sun goes down and early the next morning. Some friends are already watering and we have enough moisture in the ground right now. The only exception would be newly planted annuals, and larger plants which haven't settled in yet. A good watering once a week is sufficient. Don't over do it. The plants need to reach for moisture; watering now will spoil them.

5) Prune suckers from tomatoes if desired, and from crabapples. Pinch back mums and place cuttings in potting soil to start more plants if desired. They will bloom this year.

6) Apply fresh mulch if you haven't already. It seems the leaf mulch has about all faded away. It is extremely important to mulch your vegetable garden. Come July and August, it will be a jungle fit for no man if you do not mulch now.

7) Deadhead and tidy up plants, leave self seeders to go to seed if seedlings are desired. Some you may wish to leave alone are: coneflowers, dianthus, salvias, and brown eyes.

8) If you have fruit in the garden and don't want to share it all with the birds and other critters, cover the fruit with tulle or cheesecloth. Ensure it is staked down well.

9) If aphids are a problem, hose them off with a strong force of water. This also helps get rid of keep spider mites. Spider mites especially love Dwarf Alberta Spruces, so be diligent with that hose.

10) Check for bagworms on evergreens such as arborvitae. I hand pick the sacks and place in a bucket of soapy water.

11) The Japanese and June beetles will show themselves this month. Hand pick Japanese beetles in the early morning or late afternoon hours. Put them a bucket of soapy water. June beetles usually don't bother things in the garden. They are more of a nuisance. They emerge from well tended turf areas and buzz around for a while. They can be alarming and look like carpenter bees, but they will not hurt you. A preventative measure is to apply milky spore to your yard. Milky spore is an organic bacteria which causes death in grubs. No grubs, no beetles.

12) Check your shrubs for winter die back and prune as necessary.

13) When you are weedwhacking, be on the lookout for new weeds which may be desirable wildflowers. Queen Ann's Lace and Mullein are biennials. They will be setting seed soon and it is possible you already have seedlings. I have noticed many in my garden. These two wildflowers will bloom next year. Plan for their growth, especially the mullein; which can get quite large and woody. The Queen Ann's Lace can take over so pull those plants while they are small if they are in the wrong spot.

14) Guide vines onto their supports. Despite popular opinion, roses do not climb. You must train even climbing roses onto a support. I have to tie my canes up. If you let the canes get too long-good luck! They can become inflexible pretty quickly and stick you with thorns if that is the type you have. Ouch! Can you tell that is what I have? Training vines will save time later.

15) Shear hedges as necessary. I don't shear any shrubs in my garden, but have in the past. Normally you have to shear them a few times throughout the growing season. June or July are the months. These are typically boxwoods and some hollies.

I will add to this list and all of my to do lists as we go along. Please use this as a guideline as it is simply what I do in my garden in June. I am looking for a slowdown-much overdue with the busy spring we have had. July should bring it!

in the garden....

I am out of town this week and will be back as soon as I am able. I am sorry I will not be around to visit all good blogging friends but will try to catch up as I am able.

Two very nice bloggers have invited me to visit their gardens in North Carolina so I am ever so excited! And you can bet blogging will not be far from my mind, but I will still be on vacation so not on the computer. I left a few short posts for readers in the meantime.

Can you guess the two bloggers? It should be easy as I think they are the only two who live close enough to each other that a visit to their wonderful gardens is doable for us. One has deer and rabbit problems, and the other encouraged me to start my garden coaching business.

Remember, I do not respond to comments on these To Do lists. They are simply informational for anyone wishing to read along.

The picture above is of some crinum lilies growing in my garden. They were passed along to me by a very good gardener here in my small town. I think of her often when I see them in the garden.

I picked a few to take to garden club recently and they won a blue ribbon. But I was most surprised that some of the long time gardeners in my club were not familiar with these lilies. Crinums are hardy here and very easy to grow. They like sun and good drainage with good soil. Too simple. I've seen them at the Nashville Lawn and Garden show so you can purchase these lilies and I know they come in a wide range of colors. If someone ever offers you some crinums, consider it as big as an honor as offering you peonies because they are pretty special! I know I do.


  1. Wow I'm going to be busy! I have to head up this week to my in-laws to do more landscape maintenance for them. I still haven't gotten mulch down everywhere, I've had to wait on a truck to get ready. I hope these temps cool off a few degrees soon or we get some rain.

  2. Wow, still so much yet to do for you Tina. I am finished with my gardens except for regular maintenance like weeding and watering. Too hot and dry down here in GA. Rain Gods, WE NEED RAIN!!!

  3. Hi --very good tips --wish I'd covered my strawberries but the birds are ENJOYING them, lol. I made four pints of strawberry jam last night --a friend gave me a bunch of freshly picked strawberries --so eat away birds I have more:0) Another hot day --the yard still is begging me to weed it but time has been an issue. I had more fun fishing and swimming than battling those crazy thorn plants mixed in with weeds. Some rain would be nice --then I can easily pull them out. Skeeter --you should get a pool --you'd have so much fun and be able to cool off after a busy day in the garden. I can't tell you about how hard they are to maintain --this is one area I "avoid" and try not to learn, hahaha. Tina, the summer reading program starts today --not sure if Jimster still likes to go --Boy 1 and Boy 2 will go with me but won't sign up --guess they are just too cool now --middle school thing, lol. They will get books though, Boy 1 has to read Animal Farm and do a report on it for an English class he wants to get into next year. It's an advanced class so I know he'll read the book so he can get in there:) Or I hope, hahaha :0) Off to finish up laundry and trek on over to the library where it's nice and cool. See you! Hi Jean --where are you?

  4. Oh Skeeter --Sidekick caught 2 catfish, one bass and a turtle at the fishing tournament. Girl model had a not so great day --but won a new chair:) It was very, very hot to be out fishing --we came home and the kids swam for like 5 hours. Stopped to eat burgers and such but right back in. Today he wants a book on reptiles from the library -gotta get my butt in gear --see ya!

  5. Dave, The wedding will be here before you know it...

    Skeeter, I am getting truly stressed now. 1 1/2 week away for the tour and no rain? Egads! Weeds? Egads! No mulch? Egads! Help! Glad you are done. I have a nice spa for some help....

    Anonymous, I am so glad you mentioned strawberries. I fear I will not be able to pick any this year. I went to buy some and they were all out over here on 374. Maybe I might fit a trip in to Hwy 13. I never would've pictured you a jelly maker-please save some for me to have a taste the next time I drop by? I have that Animal Farm book. Never read it. How sad is that? Maybe Boy 1 can tell me about it. We were so sorry to miss the fishing tournament. Remember the first time? It was great fun, especially seeing hubby snatch those fish! Taught my hubby a few things I think. Glad you guys had a great time. Weeds are waiting for me too. Still working the dreaded pool...

  6. Wow! We caught up, same items on the list! 'cept for maybe 2 or 3... Hot up here too, but today we had a couple quick downpours. A/C flew off the shelf this weekend 92 in the shade. Jack of all trades wants one and will more than likely will wear me down.

  7. I so dislike the Japanese beetles. I wonder why they brought them over. The june bugs on the other hand are just fun bugs. Has anyone seen any lightening bugs yet? We have not seen any. My oldest can't wait to catch some. Maybe I can get him to catch some june bugs also.

  8. Sarah, Lighting bugs out here in GA but not as many as I remember seeing as a child in Clarksville! I still get excited to see them but no longer catch them like when a kid and put them in a coke bottle and take in the house to let go at bedtime. Boy, did we get in trouble for that one... LOL...

    We have not gotten any strawberries as of yet. Just cannot bring myself to buy any from the grocery (not as good) and have not been near one of our roadside stands yet. Must make a point of doing so soon before we miss out. Peaches will be ready soon....

    Anonymous, I was reading all about the Fishing Rodeo in the paper. I was thinking of how much fun you all must have had. I would have loved to have been there and seen all the smiles, screams and giggles on children’s faces! Priceless... Do you keep the fish or let them go?

    I am not much of a book reader but can sit in front of the computer and read and write Blogs for hours! Funny...

    I would like to have a pool but the Saint is probably right with all the trees (leaves) bugs, snakes and other critters, it would probably be a pain in the butt to keep clean. And I would be the one to keep it clean and I have enough to do around here as is.. I will just have to let the lake be my pool and hope for a smaller place and pool with our next home.... Ho-hum... 102 here yesterday and 99 the last time I looked so a pool would be nice right now....Come on Rain and Cool down...

  9. Dawn, That is hot for Maine, even in June. But usually there is not as much humidity. Has it been humid? And where is Mom?

    Hi Sarah, Fireflies are out! I have seen a few here and many in Bumpus Mills last weekend. Not sure why they have more. They seem sparser this year, maybe because of last year's drought, but another two weeks they should really be out. Yes, fun catching and putting in jars for a while.

    Skeeter, I'll take the lake over a pool anyday. Hubby can't wait to get his boat on the lake, but ironically, he is tied up with a pool.:(

  10. Tina,

    This is a great list and very helpful!...especially the watering tips. I need a tall guy with an even taller ladder to get the few dead branches on the very top of my Natchez Crapemyrtle. It is going to be stellar this year!


  11. This is such a helpful list!!! I agree with Gail-the watering tips are great. I may be over watering some of my soil! But biweekly grass cutting!!! --lol, such a nightmare. I may hire someone to do it this summer.

  12. I try to encourage my poor husband. who I've had to leave to do all the gardening while I recover, that we're almost out of planting time and into maintenance mode. He got three trees in the ground this weekend. Only one more tree and three shrubs to go!

  13. I read the blogs this morning but was just to tired to comment. I have been just wipped out today. Last week was a rough one on my poor ole tired body!! I worked very hard outside last week. Got a lot done (thanks to Christy, Jay and Terri-Lynn helping one whole day). Then the company thing and then graduation yesterday. It was outside and in the heat we have been having!!! Very proud of Sandra but have not seen her since right after graduation as she went to project graduation and they get back at the school in another half hour.

    Dave, if my memory serves me right, the wedding is in July so I am sure you will be busy.

    Skeeter, as Anonymous said, a pool is great. I used to maintain ours but Terri-Lynn does it now, but I never found it that hard. We have a cover and a reel so things do not get in it much. Also it depends on your water. We have great water so very seldom have to put chemicals in except for shock at the beginning of the season.

    Have not seen any fireflies yet but as hot as it is Probably if I went out in the dark I would see some. Will have to look but not tonight. Too tired.

    Oh Dawn, lucky you, getting a couple of down pours. Everything is so darn dry here. Every year when we drain part of the pool to close it up, in the spring we have filled it ourselves but guess what??? Have splash coming tomorrow to fill it as keep running outta water in only half an hour. Comes right back but might not if we keep doing that.
    Usually we can run it for 2 hours.
    Don't think we will need a full load so I'll have him put the rest in the well and then I'll use it for the garden.

    Hope everyone had a great day!

  14. Yeah, I think Skeeter would like a pool. 15 MINUTES EACH DAY.....but, but, have to do it every day otherwise it is a pain. Yes, we went to the dr today and upon coming back, noticed all the shade parts on the road were soaked, got a small downpour this morning. Hot, hot, hot, heatwave status. Humidity high, hard to breath.

  15. Gail, Try an extended pruner. I love mine for pinching out high branches, not for sawing though.

    DP, I was digging in the garden again today and still found water. So it is there, but my annuals and newly planted things need water. I am trying to be prudent though.

    Amy, When I plead, beg and cajole my husband and he finally helps in the garden, he gets a whole new appreciation. Sounds as though yours already understand the work though and what a sweetie to help you out. Gotta get that other tree shrubs in the ground now. Smart to plant these first. It is also what I did.

    Mom, I do hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you all had quite the party for Sandra-as well you should. Amazing how quickly time goes by. One by one they graduate. Who's next? Zack and Heather? Then the Jimster (I hope!). Anyhow, please take it easy and I am still hoping for all to get rain. I saw lightening here, but not close.

    Dawn, Humidity has reached Maine? I never remember it being humid when I was a kid. I do remember the heat and the dog days. They come much sooner and stay much later now a days.

    Anyhow, been working myself to pieces in the garden-on that list of course. Seems I just weeded and now they are back with a vengence. Grass is the issue now, and still oak seedlings. urrrr! You have a great night!

  16. Heather in 2 years and Zack in 3 years. Heather is only 5 months older than Zack but her birthday Aug and Zack, Jan so he was a year later starting school. But both are on the 21st!

    Ya we had humis weather when you were a kid but not a lot of it, maybe a couple of weeks of it.

  17. It's fun to read back all the comments about last year.
    Beautiful lily.

  18. Hi There Tina .. great list to follow .. and I have a LOT of work to do .. good reminders ! Thank you !

  19. Thanks for all the great tips Tina. Several of these I needed to I will be printing this. Have a great time on your trip! Pictures later I hope! :)

  20. Tina, if I ever get numbers 1 and 2 done in my garden, I will be happy:) I just got back from Chicago yesterday afternoon, and the weeds seem to have outgrown everything else. And there are still some homeless plants on the pation...

    Enjoy your trip to North Carolina! I have no idea who you're visiting, but I met a blogger from NC this weekend whose gardens I would love to see, too.

  21. That is one beauty of a lily!!

    Be safe and have fun.

  22. Done with planting in June? :) I can't stop myself! I wish it was done with weeding :)
    Hope you are having fun!

  23. Great list to follow Tina. I have some of them finished. Those pesky weeds grow regardless. Our soil is still very damp from recent rains {like almost 10"} but containers are another issue.
    I've been in the garden just about every day but the heat is about to do that in.

  24. Hello Everyone!

    Dawn, just as you, It is always fun to go back and read comments to see what we were doing a year ago! With reading some of the comments, it is hard to believe it has been a year as the conversations are still fresh on my mind!

    Joy, I enjoy seeing the reminders each month as they are a great asset for me. I don’t always get it all done though…

    Meadowview, I also enjoy this reminder from Tina each month! I am not sure where all Tina will be going either but hopefully having fun with Mr Fixit and the Jimster!

    Rose, Numbers one and two are a constant issue with me as well. I think I am all finished with planting then check in on the bargain bin again. This past weekend I would not allow myself to go into Lowes through the garden Center! We went in for our needed home supplies and out the door… Too many people standing in line anyway, then I was thinking, what are they getting that I many need. lol…

    Jean, I still don’t have that pool yet!

    Catherine, Restraints are the only thing keeping me from planning in June well, the heat is a good reminder as well. Ah, those pesky weeds, if only the flowers would grow so well…

    Lola, getting really hot here also. In the 90's now which keeps me out of the yard. At least the humidity is not so high right now...

    Anonymous, we went fishing yesterday and I caught 5 while the Saint caught 4. I must give him credit for driving the trolling motor while fishing though. He is not a multi-tasker and for him to do two things at once is well, next to impossible so I must give him credit for allowing me to have more fun….

    Have a good day all...

  25. I'm with you on most of these, Tina. I especially appreciate the watering and mulching tips.

    Isn't it funny - I keep ripping up Queen Anne's Lace fromt the side of the road, trying to transplant it in my garden. It's my favorite wildflower. I only want a small patch! But it refuses to grow for me.

  26. Your monthly things to do are always so helpful. I didn't think to mulch my veggie bed even though I mulch my ornamental beds every year. ;) Hope you have fun visiting the NC bloggers. I know you will.

  27. Hi Skeeter, good job on the fishing. The fishing tournament for kids is this weekend. I hope hubby isn't too tired from work the night before. I will go with them but probably won't keep lii bundle out there all day. Oh how I wish I had some fresh strawberry jam, we didn't get out for them. I have some in the yard but Sidekick could eat those by himself:0) Hi Jean and Lola --hope all is well. A very hot day here today, night!

  28. LOL Skeeter, who baited your hook & took the fish off? Glad you 2 caught enough for supper. Nothing like fresh fish.

    Hi Anonymous, doing fine, just keep puttering in the garden.I always find something to keep me busy. I'm still re potting, transplanting & planting. I hope it all does something. I like to see what things will do here. All that rain {almost 10"} about did all my plants in. Hug the little ones for me. My GGS's are in Tn. & I sure do miss them.

    Hi Jean, Dawn. Tina I hope you have a wonderful trip. Wow, getting to see 2 blogger s gardens is a real treat. Do take tons of pics.

  29. Hi Tina, That's a good list~~I especially like the advice about not spoiling the plants with watering too soon! That's good to know.

    Can't wait to hear about your garden visits!


  30. JGH, Now that is funny how you cannot get a weed to grow for you! Usually the weeds take off but if you want the pretty weeds such as the lace, they will not grow! I bet you have plenty of other weeds though. Don’t we all…

    Raquel, I am sure Tina will have a blast in a Bloggers garden. If only we could all be so lucky to visit a bloggers garden with such a beautiful day today! :-)

    Anonymous, they sell strawberries on the roadside here so we pick them up there. I have had so many that I put some in the freezer for later on! They were so sweet this year!

    Lola, I want you to know that I am a country gal and can bait my own hook. Heck I dig in dirt and find worms all the time. lol, but I like to use crickets as they are not as messy as worms on my pretty boat. tee hee. I take the small fish off the hook but the larger ones or the ones with a really good hook, I get the Saint to remove. I fear getting finned by them. lol... We dont keep the fish as we do the catch and release method. We just fish for fun and not to eat. I dont like lake fish or catfish at all. Yuck, but I do eat Captain D's or Long John Silvers fish. I am strange I know, my family tells me that all the time… lol

    Gail, I too thought that tip a good reminder. I am bad about watering new items to death! But this year Mother Nature has been kind enough to do the watering for me! So if anything dies, it is her fault and not mine. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it)

  31. LOL Skeeter you are too funny. Have you ever grunted for worms? Now that is something else. My DH showed me how to do that.
    Man, catfish is my favorite. Ky. Lake is great for fishing. A friend of my husbands had a pond full of catfish & others of course. Fun fishing that way. Oh boy, bout got me started.

  32. Thanks for the tips! I can always use them since I'm a new gardener.

    Have a fun and safe trip!


  33. Lola, I have never grunted for worms. What in the heck is that??? Do tell...

  34. Jackie, We aim to please here at "In the Garden"! Tina is full of wonderful ideas and knowledge. Good luck with your gardening,it should bring you lots of joy...