Monday, December 8, 2008

Blogger Book Boost

To say I like books might be an understatement, I love books. Since I started blogging I don't read nearly as much as I used to, but I still love books. Can you tell?

Some of my favorite books and really the only type of books I purchase anymore are garden books. I have to confess, I love garden books with pretty pictures. Yes, pictures are important, but I also want to learn. I have found books for a specific type of plant are the most informative so I tend to stick with these types now a days.

I recently came across the Perennials: Enduring Classics for the Contemporary Garden quite by accident, but was intrigued so I purchased it and read it cover to cover on one of our long trips. The author is Rob Proctor and he is very knowledgeable about all things plants, especially the history and folklore surrounding plants. I was so lucky to find another book by Rob Proctor called-can you guess? Annuals: Yearly Classics for the Contemporary Garden so I immediately purchased it too. It is a Christmas present for me from Mr. Fix-it-but shhh-don't tell him.

Let me give you just a taste of some of the information found in the Perennials book just to whet your appetite (page 51):

"According to legend, the wise centaur Chiron first told Achilles how to use the leaves of this herb to treat his injured soldiers during the siege of Troy. Strangely, and perhaps unfairly, it was named Achillea, not Chironia."

Who knew this about Achillea (yarrow)? Not me, but I do now thanks to Rob Proctor's very interesting and informative book. To get a taste of the pictures inside the books, just look at the book covers. All photographs are by Rob Gray.
I recommend either one of these books by Rob Proctor if you are looking for a good gardening book for someone special on your Christmas list. For more great book recommendations for Christmas gifts, visit Sarah Laurence at her Blogger Book Boost post.

in the garden....


  1. I love books too, but like you blogging's meant they're taking a bit of a back seat at the moment. However, I think the long winter nights will mean a little more reading gets done, don't you?

  2. I was thinking the other day about adding a extra room just for my books! I'm so sappy when it comes to the lovely pictures too, even though I already know how to do the activity!

  3. I LOVE gardening of my favorites is not about plants, but places to garden. It's called "The Potting Shed." A small book, but with cute, quaint pictures and great ideas for creating a space for planting.

  4. Hi Tina, thanks for the book boost. Like the others my reading has suffered from the blogging! I have a stack of *need to reads* that keeps growing. Rob Proctor has written for gardening magazines too, his articles were always helpful and full of good ideas. I love the achillea story, had not heard it, and now will always associate that plant with Brad Pitt! HA

  5. Hi Tina! I love books too. Now there is another one I have to check out. Too bad our local book stores are understocked! Thanks to Frances for the Brad Pitt association with achillea. Do you suppose hybridizers have named one for him yet!

    When will you be in town again?


  6. If there were some way I could disappear and not be missed, I'd hermitize myself with books!

    Hermitize: adj; to be engrossed with reading material.

  7. I'm sitting in the garden room right now, where there are two stacks of gardening books and magazines (along with field guides for birds and butterflies) on the ottoman bench. There's another big rectangular basket of gardening books on the floor beside the window. Wait, there's another rattan basket beside me. If that's not bad enough, my gardening books from the last 30 years are upstairs on the shelves in the library.

    Do I need more gardening books? NO.

    Do I want more? YES. I'm just dying to get a Piet Oudolf book of gardening eye candy! There are about 10 more books that I'd like as well.


  8. You can never have enough books:) I love to look at gardening books --mostly the pictures since I ask Tina when I need plant advice, so I simply enjoy the pictures. I sometimes feel like a kid with a picture book when I look at all the pretty flowers but tend to overlook the captions, hehehe. If I really want to know about a plant/flower I do read up on it. Might be a nice day today --have to get two little people moving. Have a great day! Ciao!

  9. I love books too. Lately I'm more into specialty gardening books like ones for xeric or drought tolerant plants. I do admit to liking the ones with lovely photos altho so many are written for grand estates.

  10. Oh, Tina, on the one hand I want to say thanks for the recommendation, and on the other, I want to say but where am I going to put it? I've been trying to come up with something for Sarah's meme, but all the books on my "to read" list are at least 2 years old (and some are like 20 years old). --sorry state of affairs for an English teacher.

  11. I love books too Tina and garden books are at the top of my list as well. These two sound like real page turners to me, thanks for sharing.

  12. Dear Tina,
    I also love books. I read many from the library but often wish to own a book.
    I shop the secondhand book sellers. Never can one have too many books. My house is filled with them.
    Happy reading.

  13. i love that your books have those interesting little sidebars,it makes it all the more fun to read. enjoy reading and blogging in this very cold pre-winter weather.
    we have a library of books, one reason i liked this house one place to try to corral all those books. happy reading!

  14. Good morning all! Finals in Nashville today then to the garden I go hi ho!

    VP, I HOPE I can read more now-yes!

    Dawn, Books to me are timeless. Just make a shelf in your craft room-plenty of room-or master.

    Linda, I will look for that book today. I had not heard of it. Thanks!

    Frances, I think I have seen Rob Proctor's articles but stars were in my eyes with the Perennial book. I'm saving the Annual one for Christmas. Love your post this morning. Brad Pitt and Troy-heck yeah! What a good movie. His new one looks to be even better too (think Mel Gibson in Forever Young)

    Gail, Love that Brad Pitt movie-in fact I like all of his. Legend and Interview with a Vampire being a few of my favorites. Troy too. I am coming to town today as a matter of fact. Gotta go to school to take an online test for an online class. Go figure!

    TC, I might think about that-but when would I get to the garden? Gotta hermitize yourself there too.

    Cameron, Get you some more garden books! They all have their uses for sure.

    Anonymous, Call me anytime and I'll do my best to help:) Have fun today-very nice day!

    Marnie, That is the way to go nowadays for sure.

    Cosmo, Sarah is accepting anything still in print. I worried that too. My reading book right now is Stephen King (kind of old) so I went with the garden books but you can do anything. She has quite a few responses so far. You should have some great selections!

    Racquel, Drop a hint to hubby and I am sure he will oblige-in fact-even better do it the Tina way, buy your own book and say it is from him. Even wrap it up to save him the trouble:)

    Sherry, You will not believe it! I purchased both of these books from a great secondhand book store in Nashville. That is why I was stunned to find two by the same author. The library is great too. Thanks for dropping by and Happy Reading to you too!

  15. Marmee, These books have SO much info. They also show design areas, the whole history, lore, and as the foreword writer puts it, "This book is not about the history of perennials, but about perennials with a history." It is very interesting. I hope you are having a great day today on this warm day.

  16. Gardening books are me...I can't have enough. Currently, I'm re-reading Margot Rochester's Earthly Delights - Gardening by the Seasons the Easy Way. Not a single photo, just sweet tales of garden experiences. Well worth space on any garden bookshelf...even if it leans towards southern gardens.

  17. Books are so addictive! These both look like great selections.

    Good luck with your finals today! No gardening in PA today. It is cold, cold, cold.

  18. Ever since I found used booksellers on Amazon, the UPS guy knows me by name. I'm also an English prof and writer, so let's square off--I surely have 1,000 books.... :)

  19. Your beautiful header makes me long for spring!

    I'm visiting from Sarah's place . . . I like the way you've taken us into a gardening direction. Those books look absolutely gorgeous. (I have a weakness for gardening books, too.)

  20. Reading a book in bed is what I do every night just before I go to sleep. Gardening books are what help me get through the winter. These two sound interesting as well as nice to look at. Thanks for the reviews.

  21. I enjoy gardening books as well but dont have too many of them. I seem to give them to others as gifts. :) I like garden magazines because they are such a quick easy read but the magazines have been piling up since blogging takes up so much time. Arggg... I have already given up TV watching what more can I give up? lol....

    Pine straw spreading time today! Good sunny day to be outside playing in the yard...

  22. Good Morning {late} All,
    Good post Tina. I shall try to acquire this book. I have lots of magazines about gardening. I too love the pics in them. Most time I just look at pics. I really need to start reading more.
    It's very sunny here. Not too cold although it was about 34 around 6:30.

  23. Those book covers are great! And folklore is something I love. Must be gold-mines of info. Thanks for the glimpse of a book-lover's shelves!

  24. Helen, I will have to look for Earthly Delights. I do like stories on gardening too. Sounds sweet.

    Cindy, Thanks! Another term behind me. Yahoo! Stay warm and make some hot cocoa-I am!

    Benjamin, I love Amazon too! Mostly for textbooks though. I bet you are happy to see the UPS man come each and every time.

    Bee, Thanks so much! I have heard all about you from Sarah's blog and think it is great you two have met and all. Thanks on the header. My co-poster Skeeter took it in her garden. I know we all miss the gardens now but they'll be back soon enough. I like your post on the BBB post and hope you have an awesome time at the beach-reading of course!

    MMD, That is the best way to read those books. Unfortunately nowadays I fall asleep like after page one. Is that a sign of hmmm-being tired? or getting older? Don't answer please! ☺

    Skeeter, You are so busy with everything but I do understand that blogging takes up time. I have to spread leaves so I'm right there with ya. I hope you get it all done!

    Lola, Sounds like you are staying warm down there. These are good books so keep an eye out.

    Kanak, You are welcomed. I finally had to build these shelves to consolidate it all, mostly garden books (that's not surprising is it?)

  25. Tina, thanks - those look like gorgeous gardening books that would make great gifts. I smiled over your over-stacked bookcases. Our house is like that too.

    Cosmo, any book recommendations are welcome as long as they are in print. Tina was right about that.

  26. I cherish my books. If there was a fire, I'd grab my photos and handmade quilts. But then I'd dive for those books!

  27. I heard if you plant Yarrow by your door, you will never get ants inside your house.

  28. Sarah, I came up with some afterall:0

    Brenda, Ha! That is funny.

    Shammickite, I never heard this before and it is great! Anything natural on the bugs is super cool with me. I'll have to try it.

  29. My favorite plant book is 'A-Z Encyclopedia Of Garden Plants.' It is 1100 pages of plant goodness and I have yet to not find what I am looking for in it.

    I must agree with your about the specific plants book, they are very informative and they always seem to have the best pictures in them.

  30. I'm a book lover too, and always have been. But my blogging doesn't interfere with that love, I simply can't go to sleep without reading my book! I'd love to get some good garden books, or even garden goodies for Christmas, but my family doesn't seem to pick up on my hints! So I'll get clothes, jewelry, perfume, all the usual girlie things that they associate with me. But why don't they buy me a Lowes gift card one time, and let me pick out some real gifts? LOL

  31. Dan, That sounds like a good book. I have the Organic A to Z and love that one so I'll check out the one you recommended too.

    MsRobin, Here is the secret that really works (but no surprises:() You have to go buy yourself the gift card and package it up from the family. lol Okay, maybe that is not for everyone, but it ensures you get what you want exactly, though all gifts hand chosen are special.

  32. Hi Tina. I love all of Rob Proctors books ~ I bought one this spring called "Gardening on a Shoestring" ~ it's incredible. Since I also happen to live in his vicinity, I've had the great privilege of touring one of his personal gardens and meeting him. He's very personable and humorous which I think you can tell by reading his books!

  33. Tina, you ALWAYS liked books from the time you were little and was never too far from a book.

    Thanks for calling and checking on me last night. I was on the couch but just could not pull myself off to answer. Never had such a bug. It just threw me for a loop. Still do not feel myself but guess I'll live now. At least I ate a grilled cheese today. It was slow going down but I did eat it all. Must be the first time in my life I had to really force myself to eat. LOL

  34. Mom, Sorry you are not feeling well. It is such an awful thing. I hope you recover 100% soonest. You have company coming soon!

  35. I'm so relieved that I'm not the only one in this predicament! I love, love, LOVE books! But lately blogs are taking up all my time. And yes, I think I'll have to move into a bigger home to house all my books.

  36. Sunita, It is SUCH a challenging choice with the books and blogs. You are certainly not alone.

  37. I haven't even read any of Rob Proctor's books, so I guess I need to get on the bandwagon.

    There's a half a dozen gardening books at least that I'm never far from: A Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, A Southern Garden, Gardening with Native Plants of the South, Growing and Propagating Wildflowers, Perennials How to Select, Grow and Enjoy, A Fragrant Garden, and Wildflowers of North Carolina.

    I finally finished a Signature Plant post, if you'd like to put a link to it.