Friday, December 5, 2008

A Couple of Blogging Sisters

I would like to introduce you all to my sister Dawn. I don't think that even long time readers of this blog have ever seen my sister Dawn. She started reading here way back in November of last year and became a regular commenter, along with several other readers I posted about in the commenter post. Well, Dawn and Anonymous are the only ones who have not been pictured on this blog before, and I thought it high time I changed that.

Dawn now has her own blog in the Crafting Blog Community (bet you didn't even know there was such a thing-don't feel bad-I never knew there was a Garden Blog Community before I began searching for them), but still contributes to our blog on gardening since Dawn is such a good gardener. Dawn's blog can be found here. She is doing quite well, and has even brought in a few crafters here at In the Garden:)

I guess you can call us the "Two Blogging Sisters"....

in the garden....

After looking at many of the crafting blogs; which is really quite closely related to garden blogs; I have found crafters to be a very warm and welcoming community of nice folks-just like all the garden blogging friends I have met on here.


  1. It is nice to finally get to meet you Dawn! And hopefully one day we will meet in person as well. :-)

    Crafters are fun people to be around. I had many crafting friends while living in Germany and working at the Craft Store. I learned so much from crafters and they are quick to teach their trade but it can be a bit sticky during Craft Shows though...

    Another busy day for me and up at it early. I have a deadline to meet... argggg..

  2. Nice to meet your sister Tina. I'll have to point my wife in the direction of her craft blog.

  3. Hi you two! Dawn it is nice to meet you and learn a bit more about you...I have occasionally ventured into the craft blogging community......clearly they are a friendly and talented group!


  4. Hi guys, Been awhile for the photo on my avatar.
    I agree crafters are nice folks but Skeeter said it best, sticky during a show, esp if you have something new.

  5. Dawn is your sister?? I didn't know that.
    Very nice to meet you Dawn. I need to check out your craters blog--I love to make things, just not very good at it! :)
    Happy Gardening AND crafting to you! A wonderful weekend to both of you.

  6. It's very nice to meet your sister! What a great duo. :)

  7. Hi Dawn, so nice to see you in person! I see you both have lots of common interests, so nice when that happens. Jean, Mom, must be quite proud of you both. I would also imagine that the crafting blog community to be just as nice and supportive as the gardening one, with some overlap. I used to have a business with garden design in the warm months and crafts in the winter, a good combo!

  8. Tina -- thanks for introducing Dawn.

    Dawn -- I just visited your blog and left you a comment.

    As I said on Dawn's blog, I am always in awe of the skills of crafters.

    I learned how to paint, knit, crochet and sew when I was growing up. My grandmother taught me the textile skils (same one who taught me gardening). I actually took 4 years of Home Economics back in *those days* when it was taught in HS! I made all of my own clothes until my son was born (I was 30). I was always out working in the business world and so I gave up all those hobbies from lack of time and energy. I need to re-learn those things!


  9. How nice to meet you Dawn. I think gardeners and crafters have a lot in common. We both like to use our hands, we envision how we want things to look and we enjoy the final results. While not very talented in the craft department, I do like to sew and do a little crocheting. I will be checking out yuour blog!

  10. Hi Tina, "Two Blogging Sisters" sounds like a hot new rock star duo;)

    Hello Dawn, it's nice to officially meet you. I'll check out your crafting blog. There are lots of crafts I wish I had more time to enjoy.

  11. Nice to see you Dawn! It must be fun blogging with each other. I think crafters and gardeners do have a lot in common, just different mediums. Of course they cross over frequently!

  12. Hi Dawn --yeah I finally get to meet you:) I think it's awesome that you can communicate with each other with areas you enjoy. My sisters don't garden or craft, lol. I don't craft but LOVE to look at and buy other peoples talented work.
    I am hoping hubby gets a tree he likes today --I am so anxious to get this holiday season rolling, lol. Sidekick and Girl Model keep asking when??? hahaha Have a great day --really chilly here today. Ciao!

  13. Thanks for introducing your sister in living color.
    She's a winner if she is as nice as you, Tina.

  14. Nice to meet Dawn. I'll have to go check out her blog. With such long winters I end up with plenty of time for crafting too. We're making more homemade ornaments this weekend but I haven't decided what kind yet. Preferably unbreakable as the cats have been playing with ornaments on the lowest branches of my tree. The bottom of the tree is looking a little lonely now....

  15. Ahhhh, was it Hedda Hopper (does that date me?) that said about her son, "My greatest production"? Well there are 2 of my 4 but I must say Tina, that is a horrible photo of you girls. You both look much better than that shows.

  16. Good morning everyone! Great day in Tennessee and I hope it is wherever you are located. I got kind of spoiled yesterday not answering comments. Just for the record, I thought signature plants would be too personal for me to comment on, so that is why I did not respond. I do think everyone has a signature plant, whether they know it or not and while a person may be identified with a signature plant, I wondered if that was the same plant the person identified with. Seems a hard question-and it is as you all could tell. Thanks for your nice comments yesterday. I found them ALL very interesting.

    Skeeter, I thought it time to post her pic finally-next week we'll add Anonymous's too so all the commenters are represented. After one year finally. Have fun with your company this weekend!

    Stuart, I am truly HONORED for you stop by our blog. Thanks! Dawn is very talented and your wife might like her blog for sure.

    Gail, The crafters are very sweet-lots of hugs there I was so amazed.

    Dawn, It is okay, we all change of course! I think it is a pretty good picture of us. I still liked the one in the restaurant better though:)

    Linda, Dawn is my sister-younger than me by 11 months. Talk about painful! Ha!

    Nancy, Thanks! We both have roots up in your area-though a bit west. You take care. I recently took a picture that so reminds me of the pictures you take-now if I can just post it with such ease like you'll I'll be all set. Think textures-not plants.

    Frances, I am actually surprised the garden and craft communities do not overlap more. They are so closely related. Though you post on both (Dawn do check France's lambs!!) the communities are a bit separate and you need to stay garden;)

    Cameron, Crafting is important. I am not so sure kids learn as much as we did but I hope they do. My son actually wanted to learn to crochet. He got hooked for a short time. So I am hopeful kids do still learn, though it is a bit hard to find those Home Ec Classes in school anymore, at least here in Tennessee. They now call them something like Family Science and it is more on child raising and cooking. It is great you learned it all and I bet you can still do it well.

    Beckie, Crafters and gardeners just go hand and hand; which is wonderful.

    Marnie, Yup-that's us! Can't you tell with our cool stay warm sweaters in the great state of Maine? Ha! Two Blogging does have a ring. Much better than our singing I can assure you.:)

    Dave, It was time I posted her huh? Next week comes the last commenter who finally agreed to let me post her picture. She and Dawn are very shy!

    Anonymous, You see? Finally Dawn is on here-you next week. The loop is closed. Have fun with the tree! I think we are waiting until Christy comes and that should be fun. ttyl

    Donna, Not sure if she is as nice as me (probably nicer) but she is quieter than me, that I do know. Thanks for your very nice comment!

    Cinj, Your weather is exactly like Dawn's weather in interior Maine. Frigid and frozen and snow. You two surely might hit it off. Have fun with your tree; which I thought very lovely.

  17. It was late Mom, at your house and I only had two recent pictures of us, Dawn chose this one. It think it is a good picture. Next week I'll post the last commenter. Sure wish we could all get together and do a group photo sometime. Anyhow, ttyl!

  18. Tina, the thought did cross my mind when I read about 'the pesky bamboo plants in Maine'. Anyway it's lovely to 'meet' Dawn and to know about her blog. Thanks for the link!

  19. Nice to meet your sister Dawn. It's nice that you have some common interests like blogging and gardening. :) Have a nice weekend Tina!

  20. Tina - What a nice picture of you and Dawn.

    Dawn - I always like your gardening posts to get the "Maine" perspective.

  21. Good Afternoon All,
    It's very nice to meet you Dawn. You sure can tell that the family resemblance is there. Both have a love of gardening & crafts. somehow they both go hand in hand.
    I read your blog Dawn, but don't always comment. You are sure a talented person. Where do you come up with all those crafty ideas?
    I hope all have a wonderful weekend & stay warm.

  22. Nice to "meet" your sister :) Craft blogs were an addiction of mine long before garden blogging and yes, they are very warm and welcoming people!

  23. Hi Dawn. I'm very pleased to e-meet you. Perhaps Ms. Tina has you about me. I look forward to hearin from ya. ;~)

  24. Kanak, I am one of those gardeners that thinks all bamboo is pesky. I know, you have lots and it is lovely-just not in my garden. I am still wondering why those carpenter bees like it so much. They don't here. Dawn has never been on here and while I mainly do garden stuff, family stuff too occasionally.

    Racquel, You have a super weekend too!

    Cindy, I am not sure if Tennessee is closer to PA gardening or Maine, but it is nice to get that perspective. Glad you like it!

    Lola, It was about time I posted her huh? I almost fainted when Anonymous said I could post her picture-next week I think.

    Amy, Your blog tends to be quite crafty I think, especially recently. Very lovely too, though I have to confess, I still associate you with High and Dry as that is one of the first blogs I started reading. Thanks for dropping by!

  25. Now TC, what could I possibly warn her about? You are such a sweet gentleman of true southern descent, no warnings required!

  26. Hi guys, thank-you for the warmest regards in seeing the face behind the comments. I've visited afew of you all before and I'll hop around in the future. I do like to garden but sewing and crafting is my first love. I've learned alot of info from reading about different experiences with different plants/flowers, the knowledge is priceless and will stay for a lifetime.
    Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Sisters are 'the best', Tina! Delighted to meet and welcome, Dawn.

  28. Interesting ... I wonder how common that is. I don't think anyone else in my family has the remote interest in blogging. But it would be a great way to stay close with a sibling, especially as the ties that bind stretch as the years move on.

  29. Nice introduction of your sister Tina. I'll have to hop over and check out her craft blog as well. I go back and forth between both worlds too and find them very similar. To me they are just different mediums of creative expression.

  30. Thank you Joey!

    Robert, Actually there are quite a few blogging relatives in the garden community-or at least two others I know of. It is a great way to keep in touch.

    Kathleen, Thanks! You have such a lovely blog I can see you working in both worlds.