Saturday, February 14, 2009

German Statice


Since today is Valentines Day, lets talk about this heart of dried flowers hanging on the wall in my Georgia home.
This heart was a gift to us from the Saints mother. Mom B is very talented with her craft of floral arranging and design. She has taught me a lot of tricks to the trade over the years and for this I am so grateful. While living in Germany, the Saint took off on a 10 month mission to help support the US military in bringing Peace into the Country of Bosnia. That left me stuck in an apartment with nothing but our Skeeter kitty to keep me company. Mom B's wonderful giving nature and nudge helped me to discover a hidden talent hiding from within myself. She encouraged me to pick up a glue gun and give crafting a try. She mailed a lot of boxes to me with wonderful items for me to play with. I kept busy each day creating little treasures when I found an outlet to sell them. I became very involved with the Craft Store and made wonderful friendships as well. By staying active in the Craft Store, that 10 months flew by quickly and the Saint was back home. I am so Blessed to have a wonderful mother in law such as Mom B to encourage me and help me through such a rough time in my life!
Looking closer at the heart, you will notice that all flowers used to create this floral masterpiece, are dried. I have never tried my luck at drying (preserving) flowers. I wonder if it can be accomplished with a dehydrator? Hum, I might give it a try some day. As you can see the dried flowers have all held up fairly well in the 8 or so years I have had this item. Although the Statice has turned a bit brownish from its usual white color.

German Statice, Gonrolimon tataricum, Plumbaginaceae family.

This is the type dried Statice I used while crafting floral items. It has light airy flower stalks of white star shaped flowers.

How convenient for me that I could find this floral accessory in any flower shop while living and crafting in Germany! (Picture above is from Internet)

I could pick up a batch of German Statice like this bundle above (picture above is from Internet) for just a few dollars and it would last me a long time while crafting. I learned it was wonderful to fill in blank spots!

The Internet tells me that German Statice is a Perennial although, not long lived. It grows to a height of 18 inches and needs full sun and well drained soil. This plant is poisonous if ingested and may cause allergic reactions to skin. I played with this stuff often and never had any reactions even though I have sensitive skin. But I only played with it in the dried form so maybe if fresh, I would have had a reaction. (Picture above is from Internet)

I would like to give this beauty a chance in my garden but not sure it could stand the heat of a Georgia Summer. It was not as hot in Germany so not sure I should try it. What do you think?

Should I try GERMAN STATICE, In the Garden...


  1. I think you can do it in your time I like to send you some bones ??? dont know the word for "samen" to usa from germany...send me your adress to my google adress...I wish you all a very nice Valentine day !!! I send love to you to all os USA and a hope you all have a nice day, your story is very lovely...

  2. I think you should try them in the garden. Why not? Your heart is very nice and the story as well / gittan

  3. Good Morning Everyone,
    Happy Valentine Day.
    That is a nice post Skeeter. I would try it. Sometimes we can grow things that we are not supposed to. I like to do that & sometimes I succeed. I get a lot of pleasure out of that.
    Have a lovely day all.

  4. Oppps. Wrong button again. Sorry.

  5. Good Morning Everyone! It is a Rainy Day in Georgia today. A good day to snuggle up to my Valentine!

    Kathrin, I looked up the word samen in my dictionary and it is "Seed Capsule" Thank you so much for the offer but the American Customs (Zollkontrolle) will not allow any type of agriculture product into this country through the mail (Post). I think it is sweet that you offer such a nice gift! I hope you have a good day today as well and thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness...

    Gittan, Okay, that is one vote for me giving it a try. Well two as Kathrin has offered me a seed capsule although I cannot accept them due to our country rules. Enjoy your weekend!

    Lola, Rainy day today so we are going to start out being a bit damp but the lake and nature needs the rain so badly. I may give Statice it a try if I can find some. I too enjoy trying things to see if they will work but do get a bit upset when I loose a plant to death. Ah, to try or not. This would be another Vote for yes so votes are 3 for 3 so far! Have a great day and I hope you are not getting this rain and can get out a bit today to play in the yard. That is so funny Lola as I did not even notice the "I Said" and knew it was you talking to me! How in the world did I know? Strange, I guess I recognized your voice :-)...

  6. Yes,
    you can grow German Statice in Gerogia.
    Originally native to the Mediterranean areas, the commonly used annual statice is well adapted to very warm, dry summers. It is quite tolerant of salt spray. Sometimes it is also called sea lavender since the blossoms are often purple like those of true lavender.

    For both fresh and dried floral designs, statice is often considered a staple. The bicolor varieties are especially popular as cut flowers since the outer and inner sepals contrast greatly in color.

    Generally, statice can tolerate a diverse range of growing conditions. The ideal soil would be slightly acidic to neutral with a pH of around 6 to 6.5. It prefers a well drained soil, and does particularly well in sandy ones.

    The annual statice will withstand adverse growing conditions including prolonged heat and dry spells. Statice does best if planted in sunny sites as it really loves warmth, reminiscent of the growing conditions in its native area. In full sun, it is less likely to suffer from fungal problems. Mildew and similar conditions can sometimes develop if the plants are crowded together too closely or when they don’t receive enough sun.

  7. Sorry..writing mistake - should read Georgia;(

  8. Great post with a good story. Why not give it a try?

  9. Great post tina on this Valentine's day. I hope you will have lovely day my friend/ Tyra

  10. I would give it a try Skeeter. Maybe give it some afternoon shade and it may do well. :)

  11. Beautiful wreath! I think you should try growing it. The statice is nice.


  12. It's lovely. I used to do a lot of wreath making and used a combination of dried and silk - I like the mixture.

  13. Hi Skeeter, what a heart warming story for valentine's day. Your MIL is a dream! I grew statice in my southern CA garden with success, so heat is probably not an issue. Maybe sandy soil would help too. Good luck with it, your crafts are all lovely. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Tina, Dawn and the gang! :-)

  14. Skeeter, I think you should give it a try but wear gloves when you go to harvesting! Also I read that you can cover fresh flowers with silica and/or sand (i think) in a microwave safe bowl, (pour it over flowers gingerly) Microwave, and once done, they dry with most of their color. I haven't tried it yet but plan to. Beautiful wreath!

  15. Happy Valentines Day Skeeter! You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mother-in-law and it is a great day to snuggle up to our valentines:) Mine has work later -but I have all morning with him and my four small valentines:0) hehehe Have a great day!

  16. I've never grown statice before, but why not try it? I've also never dried plants, either, but it's supposed to be quite easy to do if you have a cool place to hang them for awhile.

    What a treasure your mother-in-law is! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Skeeter, and to the Saint and your dear MIL!

  17. Hi Skeeter,

    Happy Valentine's day to you....what an adventure it must have been for you in Germany and what a gift your MIL is!

    Full sun and well draining soil...the kiss of death to my hopes to grow so many plants! Sigh!


  18. Mom B is such a special lady! Reminds me a bit of my mother, sending me things while I was deployed or overseas too (hear that mom!) She got me thru so I know how much your Mom B's support kept you going. You are very talented with all your crafts!! I wish I was a good. Do give it a try-it would great near your house or the new buddleia garden (to be:)!

  19. I think with the 'relationship' you've had with the German statice, growing it would be so meaningful for you! Why not find out how it will do-you won't know unless you try!

  20. Check the internet, you can make a solution to dry flowers. I made some once, a mixture with a lot of borax, but I don't remember what else. Put it in a deep box and bury the flowers in it, bloom down, for several weeks. It worked pretty well, I dried my wedding bouquet and it kept well for 20 years.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  21. What a wonderful Mother-in-law Skeeter. Your heart wreath is lovely. I used to dry flowers too and grew statice just for my creations. I've given it now but I still appreciate the fun of the craft. I used glycerin and also hung a lot of things upside down to dry (since I lived in a dry climate). Good luck if you decide to try growing the statice and Happy Valentine's Day!

  22. I love the wreath and the story. The wreath is just gorgeous. I, along with everyone else say to go for it!! My mother used to grow it but it is much cooler here.

    I hear you Tina but sometimes you give me more credit that I deserve as sending care packages also was a kind of support to me who lost a daughter to another world.

    Happy Valentines Day to all.

  23. The heart wreath you created is very pretty and your Mother-in-law sounds like a gem! I hope you get a pleasant surprise when or if you plant the German Statice!
    Happy Valentine's Day!


  24. I love that wreath, Skeeter, and your inclusion of your MIL in your Valentine thoughts. The secret to a strong marriage is a loving and supportive MIL. At least that's what I've found to be true. I grew statice in Southern Illinois years ago, and it did fairly well. I had made some kind of dried arrangement with it, but it finally fell apart from being moved around so much. I just dried it by hanging sprigs upside down in a cool, dark, dry spot. I vote for you giving it a try in your garden. You're zone 7, aren't you?

  25. Guild-Rez, Thank you so much for the added information on the Statice! I do think now that I will give it a try if I can find it at a Garden Center! I do recall it being referred to as Sea Lavender. We have sandy soil and pine in our area so the acid and sand may be an asset in me having luck with it! Again, thanks for the wonderful info on this little gem of a flower!

    Darla, All I am getting is positive comments on the Statice so I do think I shall give it a try!

    Tyra, Skeeter posting today from Georgia and not Tina in Tennessee. Sorry to confuse you at times but I do enjoy your comments even though meant for our Master Gardener Tina....

    Raquel, I do think I will give it a shot. I am not sure where I will plant it but I do have lots of sunny grassy spots that I would like to turn into gardens with less mowing...

    Cameron, the Statice is a great little dried plant to work with. I have been crafting a bit lately and realize how much I miss it so this would be a great excuse for me to grow and dry my own items!

    My Little Family, When I was a constant crafter in Germany, I also mixed dries with silk! The dries made the silks look so real! I kept one wreath that I made and may show it some day to prove that point. Thanks...

    Frances, Thank you for your kind words on my crafting. With all the crafting I have been doing lately, I have discovered that I miss it so you may see a bit more in weeks to come! :-) MIL is a good one to have! She has taught me a lot with crafting and continues to teach me new stuff every time we are together. I do believe I will give growing Statice a try! I have sandy soil and the heat is sure here in the summer. Hope you and hubby have a nice Valentines Day as well. I plan to spend some time at the Garden Center today for my Valentines. Nothing says I Love You like a new plant for my garden but you already know that with your 35 years!

    Dawn, It is a wonderful wreath isn't it? So dainty and such time whet into to it as every little tiny flower was hand glued! I do recall the Statice stems being a bit sharp and have poked myself with it before but nothing like a thorn though. I have heard of Silica for drying flowers but never tried it. I do believe I will give growing Statice a try...

    Anonymous, Yep, I am a lucky DIL to have this MIL. The last one was not so great. tee hee. I know you will have a house full of giggling Valentines today! Any Frogs wearing Red clothes for two certain little kiddos I know?

    Rose, Thank you for your wonderful comments and Valentines wishes! I am a lucky one thats for sure! I have had nothing but positive comments on the statice so I do think I will give it a chance in my garden. I must go out and find it in a garden center first. I hope I dont fail with it but I will never know if I dont try...

    Gail, It was indeed an adventure living in a different country but an experience I will cherish for ever in my mind. I met some wonderful people and a chance of a lifetime with visiting other countries while there as well. I learned so much and really came out of my shy shell while living there! Having a wonderful MIL is great! I know what you mean about the soil conditions and lack of planting. I lived in Texas and the soil at our rental houses was pure yuck! Took us all weekend long to dig out a 4 X 4 plot of land for radish, lettuce and some flowers! I do get a chuckle of saying your Blog name, Clay and Limestone as I think it is perfect for you. You do such a good job working with what you have surrounding you! Good Job!

    Tina, Mom B is a jewel of a MIL. She is so active and gets involved with many volunteer projects. She goes to their animal shelter every Wednesday and washes animal beddings, food and water dishes, mops and walks and plays with the homeless fur babies! That is one of many things she does for her community. She has pretty much retired from her crafting but still toys with it a bit. She will set up a table with goodies at certain events. Her home is filled with silk and dried beauties and her yard is blooming with beauty also. She continues with her love of the Garden Club also and pitches in when no one else will. She is something else I tell ya. Yep, I do think I will give growing Statice a try in my garden. I need to find some first. lol. I must give my own mom and dad credit for keeping me going strong while in Germany also. When I would come home to TN for visits, they would drag me all over kingdom come and patiently wait while I collect my supplies. They would acquire boxes for me and get me to the Post Office with them! Plus, they would email me and call often! Our parents were wonderful to have during what could have been a horrible part of my life’s journey....

    Jan, I said just that very thing earlier to Rose! I will never know if I can grow it unless I give it a try! So I do believe I will start hunting for statice for my garden. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Nola, Thanks for the tips of drying flowers. I have never heard of using Borax, although I used that once to rid the house of fleas! ha, that was an experience for someone that does not like bugs in their home! Once I get some flowers to dry this summer, I do believe I will do a bit of research on the internet. If your wedding bouquet lasted for 20 years, I think you may have found the perfect drying process! Happy Valentines back at you!

    Kathleen, Happy Hearts day to you also! Thanks and yep, I do have a good mother in law! Glycerin? Hum, that is interesting and something to think about. I am getting some great ideas on drying the flowers. But I now fear that some of these methods may be mistaken for Bomb Making! lol, I will be careful with the sights I check out on the internet. I do not want the FBI to show up at my door. lol. We have dried herbs before by just hanging upside down. The last ones we dried were fresh chives from the grocery. I used my new dehydrator for that process and saved a bit of money without buying an expensive bottle and now our chives are fresh and not old like in the bottle. Thanks for the wishes of luck as I do believe I will try growing the statice...

    Jean, Oh, you make me sad with your thoughts of loosing a daughter to another world! I know it broke my parent’s heart as well but we kept in close contact while I was so far away from my home and I think it made us even closer if you know what I mean. What is it they say; Absence makes the heart grow fonder! True as I really do value my family now more then ever with being away for so long. Well, Jean with so many positive comments, how can I not give growing statice a try? I think it will be fun to try something new. I do believe this year will be the year for many new things in my garden. I need to spread my wings a bit and fly with new things....

  26. Karrita, my MIL made the adorable little wreath and gave it to us. I just adore it as it is so dainty. She is such a gem to call family! I do believe the word is “when” I plant the statice. I need to find it in a garden center first but I do believe with my soil conditions, I will have luck but I will hold on to your luck thrown my way just in case I need it. :-) A gardener sometimes just needs a little luck!

    W2W, I am not sure of our Zone. We are a bordering 7-8 I think. We dont normally have freezing temps in the winter but this year we sure did have them and many in a row! Too many if you ask this warm natured girl lol. I am going to give statice a try. I just hope I can find some in a Garden Center. I am anxious to give this one a try for sure! The memories of my time in Germany playing with it alone will be worth a growing effort! So many things are in my garden for memories; I should name my garden the Memory Garden! I have dried herbs with hanging in a dry spot. Usually a Pantry or Utility room works best. Although the gourds did well in the Guest bedroom closet. lol. Yep, my first MIL was a stinker and that blood was too instilled into her son. So that marriage failed. Arggg. But the Saint takes so much after his mother and we get along great in life. They are wonderful people my Mother and Father in laws! Hum, I wonder if you and hubby will have a big adventurous walk for Valentines Day...

  27. Very nice, I wish you a wonderful Valentins evening and a wonderful flower sunday! :) Kessi

  28. Yes! Go for it! That's a beautiful wreath. Just think how proud you'll be when you make one from plants that you grew yourself.

  29. Happy belated Valentine's to you... It's a great heart, and a great way to enjoy plants year-round. Some people can their fruits, why not grow everlastings to enjoy in the winter!

  30. Ah, so fortunate to have happened upon such a wonderful MIL. Good memories last forever.

  31. Kessi, Thank you and I would like to tell you that the Saints mother is from Germany! She grew up in Traunstein and was neighbors with Pope Benedict!

    Christine, thank you and that is what I was thinking. A wreath made from flowers that I grew then dried myself! A great gift to myself or Garden buddies!

    Lostlandscape, Thank you and Happy Valentines back to you also! What a great thought, people can fruits and veggies so why not dry flowers to continue giving us joy! Good thought for the day...

    Brenda, Yes I was lucky to get this mother in law! She is full of talent and such a giving spirit! Good person all around. The Saint and I both are lucky to have our wonderful parents we have in our life! We do enjoy making memories with them each...

  32. I hope everyone had a nice day today! Our day did not go as planned due to rain but thats okay, there is always tomorrow! We went out for late breakfast then this evening we had coffee, hot chocolate and pastries at Panara Bread. Yum it was all so good! We did not pick up any plants at the garden center as there is really not a good selection as of yet. Still a bit chilly according to the calendar. We have decided to make a couple of new planters so picking up supplies for them will be our task the next two days or so. Once the planters are in place, we will pick up some herbs and plants.

    Tina this is your entire fault with this added work for us. lol I just fell head over heals in love with the idea of a foundation garden! Ha, I should make you come down here and plan it all and pick up the supplies then we together make it! Then I could give you a testimonial for your Garden Coaching career! :-)

    It is time for a movie and some snuggling on the sofa with my Valentine. Well, probably the cats but they are sweet little chocolate treats as well... See you all in the morning!

  33. Skeeter,
    Rainy here all day. 66º now. Wasn't able to play outside any. Arrrg. Maybe another day---"Rain, Rain go away, little Johnny wants to play". My gardens did enjoy the drink.

  34. happy valentine's day skeeter!
    i certainly would at least try statice. i have dried and pressed flowers. it is great for craft projects.

  35. Lola, Same for us. Rainy or drizzle most of the day. We did get out for late lunch which was breakfast for us, then to garden centers but no luck with any plants. We did some measuring for some new planters in the soggy grass then back to town to search and price the supplies. We stopped for pastry and decaf and hot chocolate then home. Sunny now but still a bit cool. The heat is even running! We may get the supplies today then maybe we can get into our soggy yards by tomorrow...

    Marmee, I do think I will give the Statice a try in my garden! Everyone seems to think it will do well for me so why not give it a try I say! I hope I can find it in a garden center. I opened up a dictionary recently and a tiny flower fell out from being pressed years ago! My mom put it there and I let it stay as a reminder of her placing it in between the pages...