Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Little People

Time for another installment on the Little People community, click here to see the first post.

As you can tell from the landscape, in one month time, it hasn't changed much....in fact it's worse. New England was slammed with a Nor'easter storm today (Monday) and it dumped more than 24 inches in my area. A Nor'easter is a storm with a wide track heading Northeast to Canada and when it clashes with Artic air all the moisture turns to heavy snow with large amounts falling. This one was true to it's name and real sticky! This guy makes me smile, his is the counterpart to Papa, my very first Little People which happens to be a gardener. Let's call him Phibbie the Frog, he found he way home!

We call this guy "FOUR" for Golf's Golden Glow Guy, check out his hair!

His friend Arnie Palmer pal.

Debbie, I keep her so she will be competition for Darcy, the other brunette cheerleader.


Nurse Nancy, standing by with her thermometer and notepad to make us feel better.

This pair is slightly different, but I couldn't resist. They are a cute Halloween couple, Casper and the friendly ghost.

Penny Pic Casio.

Finally, Barbie bride, who needs some plastic surgery, and Todd the best man. Ken the groom seems to have gotten cold feet, pun intended.

In The Garden, holding out for spring.


  1. Brr Dawn--it looks cold! But the little people look pretty happy despite the snow. Really cute pictures--great way to start my day! Thanks! :)

  2. Tina,
    Some how you got removed from my blog roll. I was wondering why you hadn't been posting! Boy have I got a lot of reading to do to catch up!--Randy

  3. How adorable are these little people and brave to stay in that cold too!

  4. Hi Dawn, these are just cute as can be. I am amazed too that they hold up to the cold so well. The nurse made me laugh out loud! HA

  5. Dawn, You have quite the collection. Do they move about the garden or stay in their chosen spots? They are very cute...gail...so sorry about the very wet snow!

  6. Wow you have quite a collection. Are these new updates to your collection. How does you Hubby feel.

  7. Hi Dawn, I think when it comes to garden whimsy, the west wins!! I'm so amazed at all the collection, the displays...Checked out your older post too. Very, very cute. And you painted the first one yourself! You did a great job! Loved your post!

  8. Yikes sounds cold there and looks really cold. No wonder Ken got cold feet(-: The little peeps are adorable(-:

  9. Dawn,

    Thanks for the smiles this morning! :-)


  10. Well they sure put a smile on your face. To bad about the snow, I heard on the news about Eastern Canada getting dumped on. I'm kind of lucky that I am located between the snow belt in Ontario, Canada and most of the snowfall that goes up the coast. Not to say that we don't get our fair share but it seems to miss use quite often. We have not have a heavy snowfall since the first week of Jan.

  11. Dawn, you have so many fun little people to keep you company in the garden! You must have a lot of land to spread them about. I would be afraid with that many, they may come to life and take over the house! lol....

  12. Skeeter now you are going to make me dream about that tonight. I hope they are in good spirits when they take over. At least they are at the right height to pull weeds. :-) Dawn can put them to work.--Randy

  13. Dawn, I just heard on the news this morning about the bad storm in Maine and that many people are without power. I hope you're not one of them. I hope all your little people are staying warm as well:) Penny Pic Casio made me laugh.

  14. Those little people are quite cute. The poor little nurse needing plastic surgery!!!! I'm sure you know just what kind Dawn. I love the fact that you have so many little helpers in your garden

  15. Hi guys,
    Meadowview thymes,My pleasure to help start your day :0)
    Tyra, I'm Dawn, Tina's sister. She has guest bloggers and I post once a month, confusing, there is no big neon sign.
    Randy, I'm sure Tina will see your comment and she will be pleased to know your reading past post
    Hi Darla, thanks, they are cute
    Frances, The nurse got me too, she seems so questioning with her equipment
    Gail, My mother got the really heavy snow but 8 inches, it's enough to down several powerlines in her area, she might not be on for a while.
    Zach, hubby doesn't mind these guys, just no pink flamgios
    Kanak, thanks, yep, I painted pap, he's the only one!
    Cindee, I couldn't find Ken! I'm sure he will show up
    Cameron, your welcome
    Dan, lucky you are! This storm went to Canada but the edge of it.
    Hi Skeeter, I only worry about the dog knocking them! Takes me a second when I see them turned around!
    Randy, too funny!
    Rose, my power came back yesterday, out for 12 hours. I hooted and hollered!
    Lola, thanks yep, I'm mini surgeon too!

  16. Surprising they are holding up to the weather so well. All my stuff has to spend the winter in the barn or it doesn't last very long. Love the cheerleader.

  17. They are all so cute and I do not blame hubby for not wanting the pink flamgios. There is not much in life that I do not like but that is one thing I do not like and think they to be ugly. Maybe it is a pass on from your grandmother as she did not like them. Our power was out for 29 hours and I hotted and hollered also when it came back. Now to put the battery tv, radio and scanner away and hope not to see them again for a few years, unless it is on the deck at my pool!! 3 times in one winter is so unusual and I am sick of it. Bring on the rain and spring!!!!

  18. They are so cute, I remember seeing your first post on them. I like that you have a story for each one, especially the cheerleader competition :)

  19. These guys are so cute Dawn! You need to set up a whole village for them all. I love them. You all have a great day today!!

  20. Roses and lilacs, My "little people" do go on vacation and get get stored, I would be afraid to leave them out all winter.
    Hi mom, glad your back on, your town was all over news 13 last night, no fun without power!
    Catherine, we all need humor in our lives, great to get by with.
    Tina, have a nice day today in the garden.

  21. I was thinking we had a long winter... but at least we have some flowers yet, and probably no more snow...

  22. Hi Anne, we have a very long winter, about 5 months.

  23. And it just keeps coming.....
    I don't recall the weatherman saying anything about 2 1/2 feet of snow and power outages! I hope you have better luck than I did.

    I am now digging through 3 feet of snow trying to find a few sticks of semi dry firewood to keep the house from freezing up. Will this winter ever end?

  24. Brrrrring those little people inside, they are freezing me! They'd have gotten a sunburn here today!

  25. Dawn, I heard that 80,000 were without power. I sure hope you & all the family are well & warm. Hopefully they will have all repaired soon.
    Those little people sure are cute. I remember the first ones too.

  26. Excuse me please.
    Jean I sure am glad to see you on here. I was worried about you.

  27. Dwayne, you don't have a profile so I can only guess your close by. No, I don't remember the weathermen mentioning that either! We would of dislodged the safty pull on the power garage doors so we could get to the gas for the plow trucK, if they had! Fancy footwork luck! Best wishes to you and yours.
    Nola, it is cold here but we have our fair share of sunburns too.
    Lola, everyone seems to be doing better, one report of a fatal fire from a tree that fell onto a house. Too sad that it had to happen. Some people still without power as the snow is very heavy and to much to melt quick enough to bend the trees back. Maine is under a state of emergency but we have done so much BETTER than the ice storm of 98. People without power for up to 11 days. The end is near tonight, I think we learned about the trees then and cut more now. Thank goodness.

  28. Cho chweeeet, Dawn! Cute collection and I like every one of them. I look forward to their photos with Spring backdrop!

  29. Thanks, Chandramouli S. I can't wait to plant them outside in the spring!

  30. Those are too funny. A couple of them look like my nephews and my niece.