Saturday, March 28, 2009

Camera Play

Here a 4 year old Skeeter gets her first camera in the style of Fisher Price for her birthday! Not a real camera but you tell that to this happy little gal in the picture! It was as real a camera as any on earth to me. That was 42 years ago this week and I still have a camera and also a bunny but not the kind I snuggle with but rather the kind I enjoy in the yard except for when they are eating my plants.
I am not a photographer but do enjoy snapping pictures and have as long as I can remember. Hum, wonder why I never took a photography class? Probably my shy bones would not allow me to sign up for a class.

I was snapping a picture of a fern sitting on top of a stump in my Georgia backyard last fall. I added the little water faucet to the stump. In pretend world, it keeps the ivy below it watered since my buddy Pedro the elf only naps against the stump instead of work as he promised me when I brought him home.
I started to look at the fern.
With each snap of the button, the fern was a bit closer.
And Closer. The Fern got smaller and smaller with each push of the button.
I was down to nothing but one sprig of fern with this shot.
Then the fern turned to a blur.
And I found myself looking beyond the fern and at the fall colors of the crepe myrtle tree in the background. I guess you could say I had a bit of CAMERA PLAY, In the Garden...

Happy 50th Anniversary to my (Skeeter) wonderful mother and father today! You are a great inspiration and we love you dearly. Raising glasses (cheers) to many more years to come...


  1. So I have containers sitting on stumps, (logs) this year and I love the look. Beautiful fern, like how you took us right through it to the other side!! Happy 50th!! What a milestone.

  2. I've never taken a photography class, either, Skeeter, but it's fun to play around with different perspectives taking pictures around the garden; sometimes the results surprise me. I like the look of that single fern frond, but I'm glad you showed the whole fern. I have a stump that I've always wanted to "decorate" in some way; thanks for the idea!

    Congratulations to your parents! May they celebrate many more years of marriage.

  3. Skeeter,

    Happy 50th to you parents! That fern is gorgeousm growing out of that stump?

    I took photography in high school.

  4. Happy 50th to your parents Skeeter!

  5. Great pictures --always Skeeter!!! You have a special talent that didn't require a class --your photos are amazing! And, Happy Anniversary to your parents --what a wonderful milestone. Ciao!

  6. Good morning everyone. A Rainy Day in Georgia today so a good day to stay inside and give our two cats their spring Hair cuts. Oh what fun that will be for us all. NOT...

    Darla, I thought it was fun to see the fern then go past it. Glad you enjoyed it this morning. My mom and dad sure did hit a milestone with this one...

    Rose, It is fun to play around a bit with the camera. If I took the time to read the book that came with it, I could probably learn lots of fun stuff. But those books seem to be written in a strange language I have a difficult time understanding. lol. We are hoping for many more years of happiness for my parents. Thanks...

    Randy, thanks and good for you to take photography while in School! The things learned there will follow you for years to come with camera in tow! The fern is actually in a pot but so healthy and lush that you cannot see the pot on the stump. The little ivy is planted in a hole of dirt though. As with photography an illusion I guess you could say...

    Dave, Thanks, they sure did hit a big one with this mark.

    Anonymous, Oh, you are so sweet to pick up my ego with your comments on my picture taking skills. I have always enjoyed snapping pics since a child. I was the one that dragged a camera to middle school. Those are some funny pictures to look back at as my eye did not see things it seems to spot today. lol. Thanks, My parents sure have hit a milestone today! I am very proud of them...

  7. Dear Skeeter, I love your camera play and what a treat to see the 4 year old adorable you! It took me a long time to learn how to use the macro setting on my camera and I still have trouble when I use Mr I's camera! He had to show me how to bring up the little flower symbol several times before I got it! Congrats to your parents on their fiftieth! gail

  8. Good morning Skeeter! I remember those Fischer Price cameras! That was the first thing that caught my eye. What fun. I like your multiple photos of the fern/ fall foliage each taking on such a different look.
    Congratulations to your mom and dad!

  9. Camera play indeed!

    A VERY Happy 50th to your parents. Wow! My hat's off to you all!!! Many more to come too. P.S. What a good picture!

  10. Photography can be fun for everyone now with digital cameras -- no more waiting for film to be developed. I love taking pictures now too, since all I have to do is delete the bad ones. lol

    What is the shrub in the background? Is that a Euonymus?

  11. Fun camera play, you have a really nice camera to be able to focus that well! Happy 50th to your parents! They don't look a day over 30 years together!

  12. Ohhhh, what a cutie patootie you were ( and still are)!!!

    Love the water faucet. Too cool. Also. I must say, that is a great looking fern but I am probably repeating myself since I have seen it before and must have said it then.

    Congrats to the great looking couple!!!

  13. What a cute little girl. You can see that she belongs to this gorgeous couple. Happy 50th to them.
    Love ferns but a bit too hot for them here altho I still have some.
    Great pics Skeeter.
    Looks like I need to learn more about my camera. It's neat these days to take pics & not have to send the film off.

  14. I wouldn't have known that you never took a photography class. Your photos are good to me!

    Congrats to the bride and groom - 50 years is not only amaizing but an inspiration to us all

  15. I love playing around with my camera too Skeeter. I learn something new every week. ;) Congrats to your parents on their 50th anniversary!

  16. Isn't it fun to see what you can capture when playing with your camera. I really like how the fern looks sitting on the stump.
    Happy 50th to your parents.

  17. I know about shy bones too! I have been thinking of taking photography course for quite some time, and I always chicken out. Another new class is starting and my husband has encouraged me to attend. I just might do it this time, maybe...then again maybe not.

  18. Some of the best photographers in the world are amateurs, and I've met quite a few of them through blogging, Skeeter. Don't sell yourself short. The passion for the subject and the story behind the photos are what (should) matter most. Happy 50th to your lovely parents!

  19. Oh, I remember those cameras, They were such fun, but you take great pictures with the one you have now.
    Congrats to your folks, They look very happy together. I love the fern too.

  20. Skeeter, Happy anniversary to your parents! The camrea play is great. You could do a framing of those shots of the fern. I know what you mean about loving a camera. I used to take pictures of my grand girls until I found blogging. And now I so enjoy capturing other things.

  21. Gail, I discovered the macro setting by accident. I like the way it is a flower! lol. My parents are an inspiration making it to 50 and still going. They are kind of like the energizer bunny or my dad would say the Timex watch with taking a licking and still ticking… :-)

    Janet, I loved my little Fisher Price camera. I took so many pictures, ah, if only we could see those today as I am sure they would be a hoot! Probably lots of pictures of our doggie. lol. Thanks, my parents are a great set to have being so much fun to be around...

    Tina, It was fun to play a bit with the camera. I am usually so busy when in the yard I just snap and go but this day I played around a bit. :) This is my favorite picture of mom and dad while at their grandsons wedding in Gatlinburg. I am glad you have had the chance to meet them in person. They are very special parents…

  22. Sweet bay, Yes, without digital camera's today, our photos would not be nearly as nice. I can snap away until I have the pic I am looking for! lol.. In the background of the fern is Dogwood, Crepe Myrtle and Viburum (snowball) bush....

    Dawn, My parents will be happy to read that. They do read 'In the Garden' but do not comment. :-)

    Jean, Oh thank you so much for the kind words on that little girl. I was a little tomboy back then. Did I say Was? lol, Still am as I love to dig in the dirt! lol Yep, a Fern has been seen before on this stump but a different one. I have yet another on the stump now. Love those ferns. My mom and dad do make a nice looking couple dont they. :-)

    Lola, Ah the innocence in that little face. tee hee And she is full of both those people in the last picture that is for sure. They remind me of that all the time. "You are just like your father" and "You are so much like your mama" lol. The digitals are a great invention and I can hardly wait to see what they come up with next! I do need to research the camera a bit more as I am sure it does tons of stuff I cannot figure out yet. The wording gets a bit confusing for me though. If not for a shady backyard, I would not have ferns...

    My little Family, You make me blush with your nice words on my picture taking skills. I am just lucky as I snap many and I mean many in order to get one that I feel is blog quality. lol, Thank goodness for those digitals! The Saint and I are lucky as both our parents have made it to 50 years together. Gives us something to reach towards...

    Raquel, If only I could cipher the wording in the manual. lol Too complicated. Remember the logo for cameras a long time ago, Just point and shoot! Ah, we thought that was such neat stuff and now look at the digitals! lol. Thanks, my parents are great...

  23. Storms all around us so I am commenting in several boxes for fear of loosing my words with a black out! I must hurry and get off here....

    Catherine, I talked about ferns a while back and once had them on the front porch. They were too messy on the porch so I had to find a new spot for them. A southern home is not truly southern without a fern so to the stump they went. :)Thanks, my parents are keepers...

    Robin, too bad we dont live near one another as we could get our shy bones together and get to the class and encourage each other! I am not so shy now but once in my young life, you could hardly get me to open my mouth. My parents joke and wonder what ever happened to that once shy young adult. lol. Listen to your hubby and get to the class, it may open up many doors for you. :-)

    Walk2write, Oh you always make me feel so much better about myself with your words! You are such a good reader of people. :) I do enjoy snapping pics and sharing the things I see and enjoy in life. Ah, Blogging, what a wonderful world indeed. Thanks, I am lucky to have those lovely parents!

    Vicki, Those cameras were so much fun as a child. We could walk all over the place and explore the world through a tiny window! Ah, the memories they bring back. The ferns are an asset to my backyard. I do believe my "mommy and daddy" (still a bit of that 4 year old in me) are happy together...

    Beckie, Thank you, 50 years is a great milestone and with many yet to be. There is such a big world to photograph isn't there? I see things in a different light since blogging came along. Such beauty all around us with every turn of the eye...

  24. happy birthday and happy aniversary to your parents. what a great accomplishment.

  25. Marmee, thanks it is a great accomplishment as many couples never get past 10 years these days. The Saint and I are lucky as both our parents have celebrated 50 years together so a great inspiration to us both...

    My mom and dad read "In the Garden" but do not comment. They were surprised to see their picture hiding within today. They asked me to relay “thanks for the kind words” sent their way. So Thanks everyone!

  27. Your parents are welcomed! And many thanks to you Skeeter for a lovely post today!

  28. Oh, happy 50th anniversary to mom und father!! :-)) They looks so lovely, how you! :-)

    I wish you a sunny sunday together!

  29. Happy 50th Anniv. to your parents, Skeeter! They look a lovely couple! Great closeups of the fern, Skeeter. Camera is such a great invention, ain't it!

  30. You have much to celebrate. Congrats all around. They are a nice looking couple.

  31. Happy Anniversary to your parents. I remember that Fisher Price camera. I had one, or my sister did, and it was real to us too like the Velveteen rabbit.~~Dee

  32. Tina, Enjoy your time off...

    Kessi, thank you and you too have a nice Sunday!

    Chandramouli, thanks and yes, cameras are a great invention! I cannot imagine my life without one...

    MNGarden, Yep, lots of celebrating during the month of March! Thanks...

    Dee, thanks! Those cameras were so much fun and all my fuzzy animals were real to me as well. At 4 years old, I was being prepped to love cameras and animals with that birthday lol...