Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Welcome and a Contest Winner!

It is officially Spring down here in my Georgia Garden! Yippee, I am so ready to put winter behind me and welcome the Easter Bunny to my home. I said the Easter Bunny not Peter Cottontail which likes to nibble my pretties in the yard.

I plugged in the glue gun and went to work on some floral arrangements and a wreath. The stage is set with the porch being full of spring colors and bunny rabbits of all shapes and sizes. The mailbox adorns a new creation with the trusty glue gun of mine.
A new Spring Scene sits back into our woods welcoming neighbors as they drive down our street. Once the azaleas to the right and left bloom, this will frame the setting.
This was the first year I ever saw Scarecrow type Bunny's! I was thrilled to incorporate them into a Spring display for all to enjoy. The squirrels have already been chewing on the big plastic eggs. Gee, those critters will nibble on anything!

Here are some real and not artificial pretties in my Georgia Garden...
Purple Tulip
Bridal Wreath
Purple & Orange Tulips with Purple and White African Daisy

Grape Hyacinth
Daffodils with Tulips and Starry night Viola in the background
Close-up view of African Daisy
Carolina Jessamine
Homestead Verbena
Dogwood is opening for us.

Close-up of the orange and yellow Tulip and the Starry Night Viola.

Vinca major

Azaleas are opening up for us now...

I am so ready to WELCOME SPRING, In the Garden...

Contest Winner:

This little contest was a lot of fun for me. Many guessed the correct answer being "packets of seeds". We also had good guesses of Poinsettia, Peony and some type of Bulb. But the best "wrong" answer was from Dawn being a Chia-Pet! That was so funny I about fell off my chair with laughter. Good guesses everyone and look for more give-aways in time.

And the winner of the "Riddle" contest, Drum roll please.........(out of the Saints Magic German hat) is......More Drum roll.....And the winner is;

Hey, my eyes are too old, get closer please...Ah, That's better. Marmee you are the winner!!!
Please send your address information to Tina's email at: and she will forward me the info and I will get your prize of Seed Packets and a bonus Seed Plaque in the mail to you....

Happy Planting and enjoy Spring Everyone...


  1. Good morning Skeeter and Tina, congrats to Marmee first off! I liked the magic hat too. Easter bunny scarecrows, now that is a new one to me too. Very cute. Your flowers look fabulous, especially with the osteospurmums en masse like that. Bridal wreath spirea is a childhood favorite. We used to play wedding with those as the bouquets. We would fight over who got to be the bride. :-)
    no, I never won that battle, but was happy with the role of flowergirl. :-)

  2. Oh Skeeter, Your Spring deorations and photos of the blooms you already have are beautiful. It makes me jealous that you have such nice weather and I'm still anxiously awaiting Spring here.
    I have a truck full of mulch just sitting here waiting for decent temperatures, so I don't freeze my tush off laying it. Any day now....

  3. Wow, that is some Easter decoration--both yours and that of nature! And I love the German hat. The pressing question is, why don't I have one?! :)

  4. Great fun!

    Looks like Spring has sprung for you! Lots of great color - nice, isn't it?

    Congrats to Marmee! :-)


  5. What fun Spring decorations Skeeter! So much is blooming in your garden!

    Congratulations Marmee!

  6. Skeeter your garden looks great! I can't wait for our tulips to pop up, they are close.

    Congrats Marmee!

  7. Congrats Marmee!
    Skeeter your house is certainly decked out for spring! Love all the flowers. Especially like the African Daisies.

  8. Your garden certainly shows that spring has arrived. I love all your decorations. They certainly bring a smile.

    Always Growing

  9. Congrats to Marmee!
    I love your decorations, Skeeter. You are a busy, busy lady putting those scenes together!
    Beautiful flowers! I'm actually going out this morning to some. Wish me luck this fine spring day!

  10. Your garden is always so festive for each holiday & season Skeeter. Love the scarecrow bunnies! :) Oh and the blooms are a true sign of spring, very lovely. Congrats to Marmee!

  11. Good morning everyone! We woke up to a cold snap of 38-degrees this morning so does not feel quit like spring right now. It should warm up for a good long day in the garden though.

    Frances, I would play bride with the bridal wreath also but used it as a bouquet for my dolls or should I say my mothers dolls that she was never allowed to play with that were at my grandmother’s house and I was allowed to play with. lol...

    Vicki, Thanks, Spring will soon crawl its way up to Indiana! So before you know it, that mulch will be spread and looking pretty in the garden. Just a few mores weeks…

    Monica, thanks, if you have ever been to a German fest while in Germany, you should have one of those hats. They were the number one selling trinket at all festivals...

    Cameron, It is so nice to see spring. Winters even though mild for us down here are so boring with garden play. Now time to play!

    Garden Girl, Yep so much is starting to pop open for me now! This is my favorite time of year so I am thrilled...

    Dave, You seem to be about 2 weeks behind us in the blooming time so hang in there and they should be open shortly...

    Janet,thanks, I do have fun decking out the place for each season. The African Daisies are a new addition to my garden this year. I hope they last a long time like the tag says they will...

    Jan, Yep, spring has arrived in the Deep South although a bit chilly today with a temp of 38 but the sun is out and blue skies so should be warm enough for garden play in a hour or so...

    Dawn, I am hoping you have warmer weather today. Buy them flowers but dont plant them just yet. You should have a few more weeks until your safe time for planting. I always jump the gun and buy before I should but the temptation is more then I can stand. lol...

  12. Raquel, we are commenting at the same time. Good morning to you! Thanks for your kind words on my displays. I do have a bit of fun with them. This is my first Spring display in the woods but once I spotted those big bunny's, I knew they needed a good woodsy home. Yep, Spring is popping in Georgia…

  13. I love all your spring flowers, Skeeter! And your decorations brought a smile to my face--I'm ready for the Easter egg hunt now; what time does it start?

    Congratulations to Marmee! The magic hat must have done the trick for her:) By the way, I remember seeing those hats years ago in Germany--do they have a special name?

  14. What an outburst of spring you're having, Skeeter (and Tina and the rest of the contributors)! And congrats to Marmee for winning the prize. I missed that whole contest probably because I rarely enter them, being in another country. I love the sharing forward, though.

  15. Good morning Skeeter, Spring is beautiful in your garden...I especially love the viola, it's a perfect blue. Mr Easter Bunny will be pleased to see the great welcome decorations in your woods! I bet he leaves you extra chocolate. Congrats to Marmee on the win! I hope it's finally dry in your garden? gail

  16. Rose, come on down and we will get an egg hunt underway! I never did know what those hats were called. We called them Hillbilly hats. The Saints hat got the name “magic hat” from our friends. Long story. lol. They still sell them at fests today!

    Jodi, I sneak the contest in at the bottom of a posting. It was not titled as a contest, maybe I should title the little contest’s from now on so people dont miss out on the fun. Seeds cannot be mailed to other countries so no overseas winners with this one. :(

    Gail, Bring on the chocolate Mr. Easter Bunny! We like that yummy stuff around here about as much as we like all the pretties in the yard. Okay, I will compromise and sit in the garden admiring my pretties while eating the chocolate... Have a good day!

  17. thank you so much skeeter! i am so excited to be the recipient of these seeds and the beautiful hanging plaque. i have been in the garden everyday getting my soil and expansions ready for seeds. thank you for being so generous.

  18. Your yard looks absolutely majestic
    Skeeter, as always!!!

  19. Congrats to Marmee! What fun!

    Skeeter, I love those tulips. You have been busy girl! How do you do it all! I can barely get the dishes done and dinner cooked in between gardening. Busy there this weekend too. ttyl!

  20. You are my go-to girl for setting the spring-time mood, Skeeter. Bunnies, eggs, flowers, you're all ready for Easter. All I've done is buy the plastic eggs to hide for Micah! I'm wondering if the Saint has lederhosen to go with that magic hat?

  21. What a cute spring display. It definitely says spring at your place. I can't believe how much is blooming :)
    Congrats to the winner!

  22. Your spring display is fabulous! And looking at your pretty blooms---spring has sprung in a burst of colours!!!

    Congrats to Marmee!

  23. Marmee, Congrats on the win! I have your info and will get the package in the mail first thing Monday morning! Hopefully, they will all take and give you lots of pretties this year. And if you are lucky, they will reseed and continue to give you color for years to come...

    Jean, Thank you! It is a bit soggy but I am working on it with Tender Loving Care! Slowly getting there...

    Tina, I find it funny you thinking I have been busy when you have built a new patio, ran Jimster around town, taking classes and everything else! You make me look like I am a bit lazy. lol. I have fun this time of year with bursts of energy...

    Walk2Write, I enjoy decorating and wish I could do it more often then I do. The Saint had Lederhosen as a child and I have a picture of him sitting on my dresser with him wearing them. How cute he was in his little leather pants. Egg hunts are so much fun with little ones around. Micah will surely have fun finding eggs on Easter Day! Maybe a Golden egg filled with a little something special…

    Catherine, I was shocked as to how much was blooming in the yard also! We are a bordering zone 7-8 so a bit warmer down here as our ground never freezes so we are ahead of the game by a few weeks...

    Kanak, Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed the Spring Display! This was my first try at creating one and I had fun with it. Yes, lots of colors in GA right now and more to come...

  24. Skeeter, your home & surroundings are lovely with your fantastic decoration. Love it.
    Congrats to Marmee.

  25. Oh woooooowwww, your rabbits and flowers are sooooooo beautiful!!! :)) Have a nice sunday, greetings - Kessi

  26. oh my, you are so energetic doing all that spring decorating Skeeter. Glue guns are fantastic inventions, aren't they? Your blooms are beautiful too. I really like the Carolina Jessamine. I bought one last year even tho it was kind of ridiculous because it is no where near hardy in our climate. I should just learn to enjoy these things in other peoples gardens! Congrats to Marmee too!

  27. Good Morning Skeeter and Tina, what a great and happy 'spring post' and congratulations to Marmee!


  28. Lola, Thanks as always for your nice words! I wish you could see it all in person now with real flowers blooming all around. Spring is here for sure now!

    Kessi, Thank you for the kind words on the decorations. I have a lot of fun creating such things and enjoy making people smile…

    Kathleen, I do have fun with my decorating. :-) The weather must have been perfect for the Jessamine this year as I am seeing it in places I have never seen it before! So pretty and nice smelling as well. I think we all acquire and plant things that are not suited for our zones at times. :) But you just never know when something may take off with our change in the climates these days...

    Tyra, I am glad the spring pics brought a smile to your face today. Things sure are starting to really bloom around here now...

  29. How I'd have loved to be there. I love your bunnies - man are they cute! I envy you for your African Daisy! What a display!
    Congratulations, Marmee!

  30. Chandramouli, Thanks for the kind words. The bunny's themselves, are adorable and the first time I have ever seen them or made a Spring Display. I have received a lot of compliments from the neighbors about them. Everyone seems to be happy to see spring in the air...