Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Bottle Tree-That Looks Like a Tree!

From In the Garden

Mr. Fix-it had a day off recently and we spent it-drumroll please-flea marketing! I am very happy we share this hobby together as auto swap meets are not my thing, and garden tours are not his. We meet in the middle with flea marketing.

Did you know that folks within driving distance of Nashville have one of the best flea markets in the country? I read this in one of my women's magazines a few years ago and that fact stuck in my head. I love this flea market! You can find everything from beach vitex to can openers to etched stones to arbors to furniture and signs and oh my! The list goes on and on.

Since I have been downsizing here we went simply to look around and enjoy a day together. Mr. Fix-it bought an engraved stone with the Jimster's name on it, I purchased a bottle tree like thing and a vase. This bottle tree might have been designed to be a corn holder or something else. I am not sure what it was designed to be but thought it would work perfect as a bottle tree. And this 'tree' actually resembles a tree-a Christmas tree. I am enjoying it very much and I can see it was easy to make. All you need is some wire (rusted concrete wire seems to have been used for this tree) and some pliers. You first would form the hook and 'trunk', then twist short pieces of the wire around the trunk where you wish to place bottles. I put larger bottles on the bottom while working up to smaller bottles at the top-hence the Christmas tree shape. We view it from inside the house and the sun shining through the bottles sure makes a lovely presentation....

in the garden....

Not sure when I'll stop collecting bottle trees as three is getting to be way too much fun, but hey, why not? Do you have any bottle trees you'd like to share? If so, let me know and I'll add a link to my sidebar.


  1. Whatever it's original purpose was is long since forgotten now. It's a perfect bottle tree! Nice that you & hubby share a common hobby. :)

  2. Hi Tina, how cool! So nice that you and Mr. Fixit can share a hobby. I love that you can hang? this bottle tree. Mine has a severe leaning problem and needs a complete redo, one of these days. The problem is the land is so sloped and there is this thing called gravity! HA

  3. My husband is not going thriftin' with me anytime soon. I am amazed at these bottle trees..I do not have one..Going to check out the others' in your side bar!!

  4. Very cool Tina! I love your vintage bottles - they compliment your flea-market find very nicely.

  5. I like this little bottle tree, it looks portable.
    Very diffucult for me to say no at the flea markets so I haven't been for awhile. //*_*\\

  6. Love flea market finds!! I think this WAS something used to dry corn cobs--but what a perfect way to use it now. I bet the light shinning through is really pretty. Clever idea Tina! I love it!
    Have a great day!

  7. Racquel, Yes indeed!

    Frances, Yes I hung it. I had been looking for something like this to go on my front porch so it worked out great. The next time you come to Nashville come the last weekend of the month and you and Gail need to hit that big flea market. Lots of garden things and you might find something that can help your bottle tree. The metal ones do tend to lean. Geri had problems with hers and had to have it redone too. These trees are so heavy!

    Darla, Now you of all folks must get a bottle tree. Anyone with a grill planter can surely fit one in somewhere?:)

    Linda, Those vintage bottles were quite a find. I have had one of them since I was barely a teen and the rest came from a yard sale. The one has always been inside and traveled everywhere. I can't believe I put it outside. It is the only white one in the bunch. The flea market had several cool bottles too.

    Dawn, We have the best one here! Lots of dolls for sure. Fishing poles, everything! You need to find you a good one. I seem to remember several close to you.

    Linda, That was what I thought. Now if I can find some more of these it would be great as I won't have to manufacture my own. Thanks and you have great day too.

  8. Love the bottle tree. And I also miss the old days when marketing was a verb form of shopping as opposed to a noun like advertising! (OK, I wasn't born in the 1800s, but I do read books! LOL)

  9. Hi Tina, I drove by a house in Davis Junction the other day that had a bottle tree. I thought of you;) I think it's becoming your signature plant.

    I love flea markets! When I lived in Huntsville there was the best one not too far away. They had goats and pheasants, home made soaps, antique fire trucks, garden ornaments, you name it...

  10. Good morning Tina, I think bottle trees are fun. I like that purple bottle you put on the new one...what was that from?? We have talked about putting one together once we get to SC. I seem to have a few German wine bottles-- the blue ones!

  11. Hi! We dont have this tradition with bottletres in Sweden...
    They look so nice!
    What is the 'story' about them?

  12. I love your bottle trees! How much fun to have a good flea market. I’ve always enjoyed the one at Fort Andross in Brunswick.

    I enjoyed your cannas photos below too. The Japanese beetles were so awful this year that I got rid of the wild raspberries that were attracting them, sadly.

  13. I don't go to the FM often but when I do, I always find something I must have. :) There are always African violets there.

  14. I love your bottle tree and all it's lovely unique shaped bottles!! DH and I had a weird boss who perpetually went to the flea market, one time we had to meet him there to get paid!!!

  15. That is super-cool Tina!
    I have yet to find something to put my collection on.

  16. I sadly admit, that I don't have a bottle tree. I want one, but just haven't gotten around to it. That would be a good fall project

  17. I'm not a bottle tree person, but I do covet all those lovely bottles you have on yours.

  18. I've never seen a bottle tree before, but it seems a neat way to add coloured glass to the garden. Very sculptural.

  19. This flea-market sounds exactly like the one I go to in PA called Rice's Market. Fun to browse and, of course, I always end up coming home with plants. Will have to keep an eye out for a bottle tree though...I don't have one!

  20. lieber Gruß aus Bremen von kathrin

  21. That is a clever one and there are good places to hang one in most gardens! I love bottle trees...I'd make one if I could weld. gail

  22. That's so lovely! And easy to make too. Tina, the flea market sounds like a dream! I'd never heard of bottle trees let alone seen them. I remember seeing the first one in your blog! And that was beautiful!

  23. Are those some of the bottles you picked up at the Cats Are Us Yard Sale? I really do think the blue bottles make a good pop of color. And you better watch out as someone may sneak into your garden and borrow that purple bottle. I see some interest in it. hee hee....

  24. Monica, Glad you like it!

    Marnie, I think you are right-gee why didn't I think of a bottle tree for a signature plant? I sure talk about them enough and I'm honored you thought of me when you saw one. Thanks.

    Janet, I do hope you put one in! They are so fun! Most of these bottles came from a yard sale so I am not sure of their original use.

    Linda, Time to start a Swedish tradition! One would make the winters pass quickly.

    Helen, Uh-we'll see:)

    Sarah, I bought a brass eagle (the kind they have on houses in Maine) at Fort Andross. It hangs on my house and do know I've seen only one other like it? Here the eagles are all skinny and small-not made of good stuff like in New England:)

    Donna, African violets indeed-just about everything under the sun.

    Lzyjo, Weird indeed.

    Rosey, Don't give up as it will come along.

    DP, Living in your neck of the woods I almost think bottle trees in the front yard should be mandatory:)

    Keewee, They are pretty bottles for sure.

    Helen, Maybe you can start a new trend in Canada? There is quite a history behind them so it is a bit more than a trend.

    Lynn, Gotta love the flea markets. This one also has tons of plants. I was so good on this day. Look for a bottle tree next time you might be surprised.

    Kathrin, Hello!

    Gail, Hanging is a neat idea-out of the way and swaying in the breeze...

    Kanak, They are neat-maybe a new trend in Assam?:)

    Skeeter, Great memory! I was so happy I bought them too!! Don't they look great hanging there?

  25. We don't really have many flea markets around here, and I wish we did. I know there are some great things to be found at them.
    Very cool bottle tree, I love the different colors of glass. I don't think I've ever seen one up here, I could start a new trend :)

  26. I don't have a bottle tree, but my master gardener friends who have a blue theme in part of their native garden save Skyy vodka bottles and do ingenuous things with them - including putting white Christmas lights inside to create a very cool evening table decorations!

    Although the whole thing might just be an excuse to drink vodka.

  27. Another very lovely bottle tree. You have found some great bottles.

  28. I've been wanting to do some bottle trees, the original purpose was to keep witches/unwanted spirits away. It is thought they get trapped in the bottles and can't get back out!

    1. Yes Lisa that is correct! I love bottle trees. In fact I just won one last night at the master gardener meeting-so excited! You should do one-I guarantee it will be a conversation starter!