Monday, February 16, 2015

A Couple's Bird Lovers Country Paradise Part II

So we continue with the bird lovers paradise in the country. My last picture on my Part I post showed the house from the pond area. Now we are standing right by the house looking down at the pond. The view is lovely. The zoysia grass is gorgeous! While I like a green lawn in the winter, this tan is really a beautiful winter color.
When we turn around we are looking at the beautiful house. Here is one of many seating areas around the home. This one has a great view down to the pond and when we look through to the zoysia grass in the background we are looking toward the front of the home and the berry patch.
Around the home there are many water features to attract the birds. This one is only a few inches deep and serves as a fresh water station for the birds as well as a bathing station. The water recirculates.
Remember I told you I was visiting for a dinner party? I have never been invited to a dinner party like this that was private. I enjoyed myself tremendously. Here is the table we all dined at. The hostess decorated it with candles and roses and we used antique silver to eat. What a memorable evening for me.
Coming around to the Florida room we have yet again another lovely view outside. I love windows and this house has a lot of them with super views. This room had a few gardens as well as the Aero garden you see in the corner. Kimi grows fresh herbs in this Aero garden. There was also a lemon tree and other small gardens in the room. Kimi loves to garden.
Out back in the courtyard there is a formal parterre garden area. The gardens contain herbs in raised beds. In the center of the parterre is this water feature where koi live. This is part of the view from the immense kitchen window. The house was really laid out nicely in order to maximize views of the surroundings. Every single window has a view.
Directly across from the front stoop is the berry patch. This is a great spot for me as a gardener because everything is laid out nicely and conveniently in this garden area. All fruits and vegetables are consolidated in one simple to reach garden area. In my new home my orchard as well as my vegetable garden are both right in the frontyard and are easily reached by walking thirty feet across the lawn area to the gardens. Convenience is a major consideration when growing edibles or you will not want to keep up with the chores involved with growing edibles. Each of the rows contain various fruits such as: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and grapes. There is also a row or two that can be used for tomatoes or other vegetables. Under the row cover in the rear Kimi grows fresh vegetables that can take the cold. Brussels sprouts were growing here when I visited.
Last but not least I show a picture of the wonderful host and hostess of my evening out. Tom and Kimi here in their butler's pantry. Thanks so much for a great evening....

in the garden....

Happy Presidents Day to you all! 

For those of you who are affected by the snow and sleet (first major snow event for our area in over 10 years!) and who must travel, please be safe, drive carefully and slowly and be aware of others. Don't overestimate your driving abilities and realize icy roads can quickly change your driving ability. Be careful!
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  1. What a wonderful place! :-) Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  2. A lovely tour. Glad you got to enjoy their hospitality. I love the bird bath that recirculates. Beautiful.

  3. A great tour. I enjoyed it as well as the other one.

  4. A lovely home; I agree all the windows really help to bring the outdoors in. Good advice for travellers, Tina. Some drivers seem to think their vehicle can handle any snow or ice; they're the ones who cause accidents. Stay warm!

  5. Hi Tina, What I wouldn't give for that Florida room. My porch is three season only, can't use it in the winter which is possibly the time I would like it most to watch the birds up close. Truly a remarkable home and property. They must be so happy with it.

  6. What a magical place! And you're getting winter way down south. That must be bringing some flashbacks to your childhood. It's good of you to warn your less experienced neighbors. We're due for 6-10 more inches tonight.

  7. I covet that Florida room and that patio, and while I am at it, that koi pond too.