Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Visit from Gardener's Confidence Collection

 It has been some time since I last posted a Blog but I am still here! Just keeping too busy to sit and blog much this past summer. Busy is a good thing though...
 We recently had some special visitors to my GEORGIA GARDENS.
 Photographers for the "Gardeners Confidence Collection" dropped by to do a photo shoot. Patrick from McCorkles Nursery's in nearby Dearing, GA. was ever so nice in asking if they could come for a visit. He saw some photos of my gardens when I entered a contest for a gift certificate at The McCorkles Giant Plant Sale this past September.  
 I was ever so happy to have them in my gardens especially when Patrick said I would receive a few plants for my time! Any one that knows me well, knows my gardens evolve on the cheap. So Free is my friend. ha... 
 I was not too sure what to expect and I do not believe they were too sure what to expect either. They are accustomed to photographing in a studio so to actually be in a garden was a treat for them.
 They had lots of Azalea's and really wanted to show them off in their glory. So I told them we could dig out the old Lily in the half circle planters and see what we could do. I suggested they use my many Props within the garden to accompany the plants.
 This was a final result for the Coronado Red Bloom 'N Again Series of Azalea.
The red was so brilliant and really perked up my Semi-Formal Garden.
 Jaydene (rep from Gardener's Confidence Collection) was snapping away with her camera.
 They had a beautiful Snowball Azalea in a pot with Heuchera which really looked nice on top of one of my tree stumps.
Lucky me as they left this container in my gardens!
 I wonder how many photos they snapped?
 Another container with Snowball, Heuchera, Ivy, etc.
 My floppy-eared bunny jumped down from its spot to join in the fun.
 Another beautiful container but it went back home with them.
 I knew they were going to leave me with a few Azalea's but had no idea how many! Wow, they were sure gracious with gifts to my gardens. I got busy the next day putting some of them into their final place.
 This is the result minus some mulch. I shall remove the Peony at each planters front and add the Snowball Azaleas. Within the Half Circle planter you see Orange Frost, Coronado Red and Snowball Azalea's.
 The Round Planter is now home to new Savannah Sunset Azalea and Creeping Jenny. The Hosta was already there. I forgot the name of the other plant but a late Spring early Summer bloomer. I also removed St Francis and added this item found at a yard sale. St Francis shall get a new home elsewhere in the garden.
My wonderful visitors also left me with Love U Lots, Lavender Lady, Pink Explosion and Purple Fusion all of the Bloom 'N Again Series of Azalea's! I have yet to get them into the ground as the weather has turned too cold and windy for me to dig holes! I have all these new Azalea's added to my gardens and an ironic thing, I added 5 new Red Dawn Bloom 'N Again Azaleas to a new garden after the Giant Plant Sale at McCorkles in Sept. Tina helped me to decide where they were placed. I shall get a posting about that new garden as soon as I have a chance! It was a fun day having Patrick and Jaydene in my gardens and I hope they return again next spring. It was interesting watching them work their magic in my gardens! I truly enjoyed this VISIT FROM GARDENER'S CONFIDENCE COLLECTION, In the Garden...

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  1. What a nice post about your lovely gardens and the visitors who came with cameras, bearing gifts. The azaleas are gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a fun and exciting visit. The azaleas are beautiful in your garden. A nice shot of color this time of year.

  3. Too much fun and lucky you!! I love the Gardeners Confidence collection and thanks to you and the plant sale I now know when I buy their plants that they are coming from McCorkles. I bought two 'Hot Head' arborvitaes yesterday for my front foundation. I love those red azaleas! It's a new color for me but I am enjoying the reds this year. I think all Georgia gardens need tons of azaleas and you sure are heading that way. Soon to be a mini Callaway Gardens. Too much fun! I wonder if they blogged about their visit? You do have a large and lovely garden so the perfect foil for the plants. Congrats!

  4. What an honor to have them come photograph your garden! And lucky you to receive all those azaleas--wow! They are beautiful and really add some striking color. I wonder if these new azaleas are hardy to zone 5? Love your formal garden, Skeeter.

    1. Rose I put links on each Azalea for info concerning zones. They are mostly Zone 6b and up.... Sorry...

  5. That must have been very exciting! And what great additions to your already beautiful place...That was a lovely pot they left you - and the azaleas, too.

  6. That is fun. Always interesting what a new perspective will teach you about your own garden. Such new pretty plants too.

  7. Wow. Gorgeous plantings and lucky you for the neat gifts....:)