Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Beauties

 Early June is the time for Lily in my GEORGIA GARDENS!
 I started to add Lily to my gardens several years ago.
 Some were gifts from friends.
 Some were picked up from the bargain bins in Garden Centers.
 Some of those bargain finds had NO Tags, so a surprise to see them bloom.
 Some were picked up at bargain prices from local Nurseries.
 I have divided many the past few years making more beautiful plants to enjoy.
 Instead of putting them all together in one spot, I am scattering them about in my gardens.
 With plentiful rains this spring, they are blooming as never before.
 I love all the lily and cannot seem to pick a favorite.
 I wish each were labeled for identification but they are not.
 I love color in the garden and lily has been giving me lots of color the past few weeks.
 I only wish their blooms would last longer then they do.
Their colors cheer me up when I am feeling down.
 This one is the most prolific bloomer of them all and luckily, I have many of these scattered about. 
 I plan to add more lily as I find them on sale.
 They are the most easy bloomer to care for as I really do nothing more then remove the old foliage as it dies out.
 I have yet to lose a lily in my gardens.
 This one was nibbled by a bug but that will happen occasionally. The deer will eat the blooms if I slack on the stinky spray of Liquid Fence. But this year, I have been on the ball with the spraying, thus, enjoying lots of blooms.
Purple and White, not be confused with the Purple and Cream with the first lily in this grouping.
The color combinations are endless with Lily it seems.
Soon the Tiger Lily's will be blooming. Then, Day Lily will be gone but until then, I shall continue to enjoy my JUNE BEAUTIES, in the Garden...

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  1. I love your lilies! They are such sweet and easy care perennials. And wow on all the color! They look great in your gardens!

  2. That is a lot of daylilies! Beautiful. Mine are just starting....if the deer leave them alone.

  3. Simply gorgeous! I have become a daylily addict and just can't get enough of them. As you say, they are so easy to care for, and what a riot of color they bring to the garden every summer. Named or not, you have a beautiful selection, Skeeter.

  4. I love daylilies for so many reasons. First because they are so easy, undemanding, and spread quickly but neatly. The blooms are lovely too. Like you, I've put them everywhere. Even when they aren't blooming, the foliage is apretty fountain shaped.

  5. Love your lilies. Mine have begun to bloom too. You have some real beauties.