Thursday, April 7, 2016

Viburnum Snowball Bush

 The Viburnum Snowball Bush is shining bright in my GEORGIA GARDENS. This bush is located in an island planter in the driveway. I have to keep it pruned somewhat due to the island being in front of the boat shed. The saint would like for me to remove that island but he has finally given up on that battle as he knows that will NOT happen. Last season, I did not prune it from the top and just let it go to see what would happen. Look at what happen.
Here is the same bush a few years ago. Which look do you prefer? Pruned to round shape or let it go? I will keep it pruned up from the bottom though to keep snakes from taking refuge under it.
 I am not sure which I prefer just yet. I will give it this summer to see what happens.
 The only problem I see thus far, is a few of the branches are hanging in the pathway of the Saint backing the boat into the shed. They may need to be removed.
 It amazes me how the branches stand tall with that much weight on them. I do not know what type bush this is other then Snowball Viburnum as the previous homeowners planted it.  
 I do nothing other then prune it and add a fresh layer of pine needles as mulch. Each Spring I look forward to the show of this beautiful VIBURNUM SNOWBALL BUSH,
In the Garden...
On a little side note, I have 3 flats of annuals that I would like to get into the soil. Coleus, Pentas, Angelonia Serena, Zennia and Mandevilla to name a few. The weather forecast has possible light frost for the next few days. Mother Nature missed the memo that it is Spring in our neck of the woods. Frost is not normal but could happen. Geez, this gardener is itching to dig in the dirt...

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  1. Wow! What a lot of blooms. I'm not sure which way I like it, pruned or unpruned. Either way, it is beautiful!

    Hope you get warmer weather soon so that you can get your gardening hand in the dirt.


  2. Wow your garden is way ahead of mine. I can tell I live further North. I love that big ole viburnum. I have one of them by the side of our driveway. I like your viburnum either way. It really steals the show when those big white balls show up. I tend to let shrubs go their own way unless they flop into a pathway. You can remind the Saint that it keeps him in good practice backing up the boat around that viburnum.;)

  3. I can't decide which look I like either. I am thinking the natural look without pruning, though I do like the look of hydrangeas. We too are expecting some frost. Grrrrrr!

  4. I think the snowball bush looks beautiful either way, so I suppose it depends on whether the Saint can back his boat into the shed:) I'm having the same dilemma with my 'Limelight' hydrangea--I hate to cut it back and lose some of the blooms this year, but it's gotten pretty tall and looking a bit gangly. I think I'm going to cut it back a little this year and see what happens.

  5. It's such a lovely bush ... there are some who would always say prune it /shape it ... but sometimes it is nice to see how things go!

    All the best Jan

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots. This is that time of the year when gardens show off their colours. Love spring.

    Greetings from London.

  7. I used to grow this 'snowball' shrub but the deer kept it small and bloom-less for me, but now with a new deer fence, I MUST grow this again! I love both forms but looks like you get way more blooms (for arrangements!) in the untrimmed Hope your frosty night wasn't too bad.