Monday, August 18, 2008

Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee

I have spoken many times of the Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee (PPS) and want to share it with my readers again. This is a really super organization! I do wish it was a bit closer to me here in the Clarksville area, but really I don't mind the drive to Nashville once a month (especially when I carpool with a great gardening friend). This month's meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 19th at 7:00 pm. The guest speaker is Carol Reese from western Tennessee. If you have never heard Carol speak you are in for a treat! She is so funny the audience loves her all the time.

The meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm, but refreshments are served at 6:30 pm in the Massey Auditorium at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. At each meeting there is usually a plant swap. People bring extra plants and share with others. You do not need to bring plants of your own, this plant swap does not work that way, it is a first come, first served type deal. I do warn you though, be sure you know what you are receiving. Most plants that are easy giveaways are plants that are vigorous and spread rampantly so you may not want them. But there are tons of great plants here. I have personally received: Sweet Autumn Clematis, colombines, the 'Fairy' rose, 4 O'Clocks and many more, just check it out before you plant.

The above pictures shows 'Tardiva' hydrangea comingling nicely with 'Goldsturm'. I love good pairings and this picture came out nicely. Both flowers would make any member of PPS happy since they are both perennial! Here is a link to the PPS-check it out!

in the garden....looking forward to a great PPS meeting this month with lots of good fellowship with other passionate gardeners. Gail, DP, Mother Nature, and Dave-see you all soon!


  1. It sounds like a great organization.

  2. Meeting other gardeners and getting free plants?? Sounds like my kind of meeting!

  3. Hi Tina,

    Looking forward to seeing everyone! The speaker sounds great! Rudbeckia looks lovely with everything!


  4. Nancy, Thanks!

    Rose, The best kind for us gardeners!

    Gail, See ya soon! Yes, rudbeckia does look great though mine is starting to wilt now:(

  5. I wish I could go to the PPS meeting but the youngsters need us. Not to mention my car has to be dropped off to the shop. I'll see you all tomorrow though! Is there anyone who's going to be there who wants a catmint 'Walker's Low' or 'Homestead Purple' Verbena? I have a few small one's from cuttings I could bring.

  6. How exciting to meet more Blog faces! Wish I could be there too...

    We are glued to the weather watching for Fay’s arrival. Need the rain but not the havoc that may accompany it...

    Lola, batten down!

  7. How wonderful that you not only get to be part of a wonderful organization, but get a chance to catch up with local blogging friends in person. The plant swap sounds fun too. Have a good time Tina!

  8. How cool it will be for the 4 bloggers to sit and chat!!! Sure wish I was there also. Have fun, but then I know I don't need to say that as I know you will.

    Skeeter I am also watching the weather closely as I think of all you folks and I also have a daughter in Palm Harbor which is right outside Tampa Bay and they are saying it may make landfall at Tampa Bay. Hope you all get the rain but not the havoc.

  9. I'm watching the weather too. Hope it won't be a bad one, always so scary with the pounding rain and wind not to mention no power.
    Free plants---my kind of meeting.

  10. Dave, You are too sweet to offer! I will pass but thanks! See ya tomorrow!

    Skeeter, It will be fun and wish you could be there too! Watching the weather for you and Lola and others in the path.

    PG, Thanks! It should be great fun both the meeting but more so the other bloggers meeting!

    Mom, A total of 5 of us are meeting! Pretty big meeting really. I have met Gail before, and talked with Dave almost since the beginning, DP and Mother Nature will be very new friends. Should be fun.

    Dawn, Losing the power with the hurricanes and storms is a big bummer. I remember Hurricane Opal-no power for 3 days! That was worse than the downed trees for me. Plus, you have to still work and life goes on while all this is happening.

  11. I can't wait to meet you guys. It'll be fun.

    The meeting at Cheekwood sounds fun, but I'm not sure if I will be able to come. I'm not much of a perennial gardener. I wouldn't know how to keep them alive. lol. Cheekwood is a wonderful place, and their gardens are beautiful.

  12. That is a beautiful pairing, Tina. I am a little jealous I don't live in TN..I did live there off and on as a child though so maybe that is whay I am so drawn to all you TN gardners. : )

    It sounds like a great orginazation to be a part of. I love plant swaps but most of them turn out to be more selling than swapping down here.

  13. Sounds like a fun time, Tina.

    That is a pretty pairing of hydrangea and rudbeckia. Tardiva must be a late bloomer?

  14. DP, Meeting you will be enough. I did not expect you all to come, but if you did ever get the chance and expand into perennials, the PPS is a super society. Cheekwood is beautiful. I don't think they have veggies though:(

    Eve, Plants swaps do seem that way and I am not sure why. This one is a free for all but controlled. Plants are laid on a back table and it is relaxed. You lived in Tennessee? If you ever come visit, call me. I am in upper Middle TN but would love for you to visit sometime.

    Marnie, So glad to hear from you! Hope your weekend was awesome too! Tardiva is a late bloomer. It blooms with PG and Limelight, all three are paniculatas. Pink Diamond is the other paniculata I grow. I have a post coming up on them soon as they are in full bloom, though Pink Diamond is a bit earlier. I love the paniculatas for their summer interest and they are SO MUCH easier than the mopheads. Can you email me at when you get the chance?

  15. I attended a confernce in Nashville years ago when it was becoming apparent that I was more interested in gardening than why I was at the conference, so I snuck out and played hookey at Cheekwood. I reccomend it for any meeting or instead of any meeting.

  16. Les, Those gardens are very nice. Sometimes I go early so I can explore but as you know, you need all day at Cheekwood. Playing hooky at Cheekwood? Funny.

  17. Okay... Have hi in less than a minute! Oh my. Much better. Just wanted to thank Skeeter for the card, too cute!

  18. That sounds like a great organization. Like Eve, I am jealous I am not living in TN. I will have to investigate and see if there is a similiar organization near me. Have fun!!

  19. Tina, the pic is lovely. Glad you are going to meet some more Gardeners. That would be nice. If I were there you could count on my going. Free plants too, Wow, can't beat that. I could take all day just wondering around looking at plants. Just heaven.
    Thanks all for the concern. Will be safe. Young'un seems to think all we'll get is a lot of rain. If that's all it will be ok, just hate all my plants getting too much.
    Young'un finally mowed the grass so I can now see some of my plants. lol At least the grass isn't taller than the squirrels standing on their hind legs. lol
    Skeeter hope you get some rain out of this & anyone else that needs it.
    I know what you need Dawn.
    Jean, daughter will be fine. Can you e-mail her?
    I think ALL you gardeners would have a blast if you met up. Sounds like loads of fun.
    I wish all to have a very nice restful night.

  20. Good going Dawn. Bet you are already saying "Why did I wait so long?"!!!!

    Lola my daughter down there is not a computer person at all. She does not even have an email so when I wanna send her something I send it to her hubby. But her and I both have long distance calling on our phones with no time limits so talk all the time, I talked to her last night and probably will tonight (if the lines are not down there). Hope you fare okay!!

  21. Tina I had not noticed or remembered that Mother Nature was going so that is even better and I did know that you had met Gail. If you leave tomorrow before I get on here I'll tell you now to have a GREAT time, even though I know you will. Is Gerri going also. As your mother I also have to add, be carefull and be safe!! Will look forward to hearing all about it.

  22. Yup, Geri is also going. We shall have a super time!

  23. Opps, typo error. should read "mean" not "need" Dawn.
    Faye hit land south of Marco Island---lot of wind & rain. We will start getting rain probably on Wed. It's a wait & see game.

  24. how was your meeting? i have lived here for 8 years and still not been to cheekwood, it's a shame!

  25. Marmee, The meeting was awesome! Carol Reese is the funniest speaker by far. She also gives some pretty good information too:) But the best part was meeting some other bloggers prior to the meeting. Wish you came! Maybe next time you can come to Nashville and meet up? You are not so far away, actually very close and I had no idea. Looks like someone had some great cake too.