Sunday, August 10, 2008


Lola and I (Skeeter) have new additions to our gardens this year. We both planted Canna's. I am not sure if Lola has had them in the past or not but this is my first try at them. I was shopping and spotted the bulbs and decided why not, so I picked up a package of Mixed Canna's. I don't know much about this plant and am really bad about researching new additions to my garden. My idea of research is to walk around in the garden center and read tags for hours!

Lola has a bigger selection of Canna's in her garden and knows the name of her Wyoming, Eureka, Tropical and Lucifer plants. I on the other hand can only say mine are a mix!

Lola's bed is the picture to the left and my small bed is to the right. I also planted Caladium in the planter but I will talk about that another time. Can you spot the gnome?

Growing Canna's has been a learning process for me this year. I planted them in pots in early spring and they were doing nothing. I then moved them into the ground once the temps really warmed up. Still nothing. I was truly thinking of digging up the bulbs and taking them back for a refund! With thoughts of Customer Service employees talking about me at the water cooler for days, I held off.

Finally after months, a little baby popped out! Ah, look at that cute little baby Canna below. That is a young Canna and if you had been paying attention during the last few weeks you will know this Canna...

Here is one of Lola's blooms up close. I believe this one to be Eureka but not sure so from here out, I will not try to identify them because it would only be a guessing game. Lola can let you know which are which if you ask her by Commenting.

See how the blooms are a tight cluster? My similar looking Canna blooms were not so tight with its blooms.
Recently 6 regular commenter's on this blog were given Flower names in a wonderful posting by Tina. The Flowers want to speak so they will be jumping in at times here out.

Day Lily said,
"Tina, I am so glad I met you, for you are a very sensitive, caring, knowledgeable, perceivable fine person. My life has become much richer & brighter due to your friendship. Thank you so much for being there. Love & Hugs."

The striped foliage on this Canna is wonderful. Lola, I will have to add this one to my little planter next year!

Iris will jump in here for a say, "Tina you are such a caring and giving person, you deserve the best. May you enjoy many more years of good health in order to spend time "in the garden". God bless you."

See how the clusters on my Canna in these two pictures are not so tight as Lola's. I am not sure they are the same variety but they do look similar don't you think?

Also, look how one Canna is so much taller then the other one in my planter. I guess that is what happens when you buy a Mix in a bag from a big box store!

I really do like the next Canna picture from Lola. I think the bloom looks like a torch! Fitting since the torch will be shining for the Olympic games the next few weeks. Go team USA!Ah, whats that? Another Canna picture with a Purple-Bluish Rose in grandpa's arms!

Rose says,
"Tina, although we are close in age, and that makes it hard to get along while growing up. Although, at times, we were the same size and shared clothes even when we didn't want to......Although friends came and went, I'm glad you're my older sister."

Here is a close-up of my tall Canna. The Orange and Yellow coloring was magnificent to the eye! I only wish the blooms had been around longer. Lola, was one of your Canna's this color?
My Canna above and Lola's below look similar, don't you think? Maybe the same variety, hummmm.
This is now what remains of my blooms. What do you call this neat looking bulb type thingy? I call it interesting! It almost looks like something you can eat.

Kind of like with the smell of Lilacs. They smell so good they make you want to eat them.

Lilac said,
"Tina is a wonderful friend --she is there when you need her, always makes you feel at ease. She is so patient when I want to talk for hours on end --she has so many things to do but patiently listens to me ask some really dumb garden questions. Can I trim this tree now? Is it okay to plant this here? Never a dumb question for Tina. I am so proud to call her my friend --and let everyone know how smart she is --she knows the Latin names for most plants and I can't even tell you the plain old names of them."

Another view of Lola's healthy Canna's.
The close up of the red Canna I have is a brilliant shade of red with Yellow center. Almost as pretty as a Hydrangea in the Maine-lands...

Hydrangea had to say,
"Tina, As with all people we have had ups and downs over the years and will probably have some others. My first born took me on an unforgettable ride! I am so proud of the all around person you are. I could not love you more then I have all of your life. You are a great all around person. I am so proud of the wonderful adult you are. Love forever!!!! Mom"

Ah, this picture tells me that our Canna was admiring and picking flowers at a young age. It is only natural her yard would some day be full of beautiful flowers growing with her watchful eye upon them.

There is one more unnamed Flower which would like to chime in here today. I am going to take a stab and name this one myself since Tina did not pass along a name. I think this one would be some type of flowering Vine which climbs along the rocks of beautiful places.

The Vine says, "Tribute to In The Garden founder. You have made beautiful gardens where ever we have lived and I have always loved working in them with you. Have a great day and hope the gardens grow as all your children have done."

This Red Rose would like to say, "It has been an honor to get to know you through this Blog Tina! Your Gardening knowledge and friendship are priceless to me. I value the trust you put upon me to add to this blog weekly. It has been a pleasure meeting you and I hope we never run out of stories about CANNA'S and other fun flowers", In the Garden...
*Note; we hope you accept this little tribute to you Tina! :)


  1. Oh Skeeter, what a sweet tribute to a fantastic lady and gardener. I loved it so much. I love the cannas too, but really like the foliage better than the fleeting flowers, especially the striped ones.

  2. Your Cannas looks nice & healthy Skeeter & Lola. I like the striped one too. Very nice tribute to Tina.

  3. Thanks Frances and Perennial G. We just could not let Tina chat about us flowers and her not get a speil also.. tee hee... I was wondering throughout writing if Canna could be used with an "S” at the end for plural. It just did not sound correctly to me. Still not sure on that one so if I messed this up, you Grammar Teachers feel free to correct me. I am never too old to learn grammar... lol..

    The striped one is my favorite also and we must get the name from Lola...

    Hope everyone is having some of this nice low humidity weather we are having down here in GA. We need to get out and take advantage of it as it will not last long! We are off to hopefully be able to launch our Liquid Asset in the 13 feet low lake! arggg... So I’ll be back later this afternoon...

    Have a good Day one and all.....

  4. What a cool post --loved the flowers talking, hehehe! Have a great day everyone --Sidekick says have a great day Tina --he's an early riser on weekends --lets see how the school week goes, lol.

  5. You know, I didn't expect this at all! It is SO WONDERFUL I am busy wiping tears from my face. Funny how we cry when we are happy. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! YOU ALL DID A WONDERFUL THING AND I DO ACCEPT IT-SKEETER-OF COURSE I TRUST YOU! THANKS AGAIN.

  6. Ah, that came out cute and very nice. Sunny day today, we'll be building a lower bookshelf and thank goodness for the fresh air, does wonders for the stain smell. Can't wait til it's done and get the books on it. Have a good day everyone.

  7. Lola, Nina, Dawn, Anonymous, Jean, Christine, and Skeeter- Thank you for all the Beautiful comments for the most special person in the world (well my world at least). Tina is blessed to have wonderful friends and family such as you all. She learns and grows in knowledge every day from all the people in her life, it is a very rich life that she has just because she has you all in it. Her most Favorite thing in the world to do is help others, she is very knowledgeable in many areas but in the garden is where she helps people the most. I am truly blessed to have met her on that 9th day of April so many years ago. I love her more and more each day. I am luck to have met all of you that I have. And I want to thank all of you for the wonderful comments that you have left for Canna.

  8. Your cannas look wonderful. I have several kinds too and they are just now begining to bloom for me. I have no idea what their problem is this year. Better late then never I guess. I fertilized them and everything. Oh well I am thinking it was the smoke in the air.(-: Now that the smoke cleared there is more fresh air and sun for them to bloom.(-: Good excuse anyhow.

  9. Skeeter, what a phenomenal post. It was far beyond my expectations. Now I know just what a fantastic writer & person you are. A great tribute to all flowers but most importantly the main flower, TINA. For she is the center of the garden, the ever encircling garden of flowers.

    As for the names of the Canna I will try to name them for you. The torch looking one is I suspect to be Tropical Sunrise. It was a gift from brother & wife. The tall dark foliage no bloom {orange} is Wyoming. The med. green leaf one to the left of pic is eureka, a pretty yellow lady. The ever so predominate stripped leaf is I believe some kind of Tropical, name not known {another gift}. To the right in front of torch is believed to be a cream color {name not known to me}. And if you look closely to the left of the gnome is a smaller lady whose name is Rosemonde Cole. I also have others like Canna Durban, Lucifer, & others name not know. I will endeavor to find names for all.
    Skeeter I suspect your lovely red canna to be President or Red King Humbert as both have dark leaves. This is my second yr. to have these lovely flowers, even though this is the first yr for me to really acknowledge them for the beauty they are.


  10. Hi Skeeter and all, I want to comment on Mr. Fixit leaving such a wonderful note to you all. Tina is a lucky woman to have not only the most wonderful friends and family but she certainly chose well for her soul mate too. (Tearing up now, again).

  11. Thanks Mr Fix-it. I suspect that the 2 of you are the luckiest in the world to have found each other. There is sure not much of that kind of commitment in the world & I dare say it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. A true treasure.

  12. I must confess, I made Mr. Fix-it read the post, but the comment was all his. Thanks everyone for making my day! And Frances, Dave, PG, Cinj, Annie, Sarah, Sarah L., Gail, DP, Cosmo, Phillip, Randy and Jaimie, Cindy, Les, Eve, Amy, Jillybean, Aunt Debbi, Layanee, Cindee, SuzyQ, Karen, AND ANYONE else who has ever commented on here, whether regularly or not, thanks for sharing in this blog. Mr. Fix-it was thanking you all. Though he is not the fondest of the time blogging takes from his breakfast, lunch, and dinner (as he puts it), he does realize how much I enjoy it and that is due to all of you. Thanks again! Very nice Frances! Dry the tears now. lol The secret is out-Mr. Fix-it is a true romantic and gets a bit gushy at times. He is a super great guy and I am the lucky one.

  13. Big day at the lake and probably our last until major rain. We could not get the boat back on the trailer properly but did the best we could and it will do for now. Drought, GO AWAY!!!

    Anonymous, talking flowers are cool dont ya think? I like the way Lola puts it as the Canna being the center of this garden! Great Lola!

    Dawn, dont sniff too many fumes! LOL

    Cindee, it has been a strange year with all our plants for some reason. Smoke sounds like a good excuse to me! LOL, maybe they will bloom in time. Sorry you had to deal with the smoke it can really bed horrible on the respiratory system…

    Lola, your cannas are beautiful and give me inspiration to add more to enlarge my bed. Less grass to mow! LOL

    Frances, put down the Kleenex you sentimental thing you... lol

    Tina, the Saint never reads them unless he happens to be in the office when I have one open then I read it to him. LOL...

    Mr. Fix-it, you are one of the good ones on this Earth to talk about us and your sweetie such as this! Now when are you going to give the Saint some pointers in the romance department? LOL…

  14. I have one in a pot and am hoping it will still bloom. It doesn't get optimal sun...
    ~ Monica

  15. Hey everyone --I'm still enjoying rereading all these talking flowers, lol. Sidekick will be checking my yard to see if ours will talk to him, hahaha. I fell behind on a few things but I wanted to mention that I think Sidekicks watermelon is the kind with seeds --hubby said it would be no fun eating it if the boys didn't get to "spit" seeds. Such gentlemen I tell you! And, no more rubber bands for Sidekick -- Lola --I can't tell you the mix on the warm salt water but will ask my mom when I see her next weekend. I wonder if she just winged it and added some to the water --kind of like how I cook, hahaha. I will find out:) Skeeter I am so sorry about the lake being so low --wow, hope you have a nice rainy fall:0) Tina --first day of high school for Boy 1 seemed to go well, he came home smiling --all is well that ends well:) I know this post is going all over the place --hahah but I was busy with Boy 1 yesterday --he ran a 5K --I was quite impressed with his time --20:59 for 3.1 miles. This was only his second time running a race like that --Glad you had movie night Tina --but scary movies aren't one of my favorites --I'd be closing my eyes alot:) Boy 1 and Boy 2 like those scary kind --Sidekick and Girl Model enjoy a good Disney cartoon or classic cartoons on DVD for a really good movie night:0) I better get off here --lots of check before bed. Lunches, clothes and cleanup of the kitchen. Have a wonderful night Tina!!! Skeeter --this was awesome!

  16. Garden Faerie, My planter is in full sun and doing great but maybe your canna will be fine since they are growing.

    Lola, are your cannas all in full sun?

  17. Talking flowers were the best today! Thanks again all!

  18. Skeeter, my cannas are on the west side of my house therefore they get only the afternoon sun. My neighbors to the east have a lot of large oak & tall pine so they block the sun till early afternoon.
    I looked at my cannas again today & I found the little balls on my Wyoming that looks like yours. So I'm guessing that is what you have. I guess they are seed pods. Tina do you know what they are?
    I found that the Eureka had started putting on her show. She is wearing a light yellow dress with a few pink spots near her throat. She is leaning now so maybe she's waiting for her sister to come forth.

  19. What a magnificence post Skeeter!!! Great tribute For Tina.
    And WOW, Mr Fix It!!!

    This post just had to bring me out of hiding. Last Sunday afternoon was a very bad day and I did not feel like talking at all for a few days and then I was too busy wallowing in self pity. I have or had 3 cockatiels and 2 parakeeets and my precious Alice just dropped dead. Took 60 seconds. I have had so many animals over my lifetime and always thought I loved them but oh boy, their deaths never affected me like this.
    Cockatiels are very social birds with great personalites but I tell you, Alice was one in a million. But life goes on so enough on Alice. Nina and Lola, thanks for the emails, it meant a lot and Skeeter, what can I say to you? The card and tender words made me cry so hard but oh it means so much to me. Thanks guys.

    I should have commented early in the day but before I got to it Terri-Lynn got me out in the garden
    and before we came it Christy and Jay came with Josh. They did some weeding in the flower garden. Terri-Lynn and I had finished the veggie garden and picked some remaining peas and a big bunch of yellow beans before they came. We all had supper and they did not leave till 8 or after. Then I had some chores to do and then I could'nt get to my computer as I had Alice's cage on my desk as I had been putting things back in it when we went in the garden so I had to finish up with that. Now that Alice is gone I wanna put Pete and PP in it as it is a better cage. Maybe tomorrow, will today now, will be moving day for them. I will put that monster cage upstairs out of the way. I hate that cage. It is so hard to clean and get to things in it due to the size of it but it has a smaller bottom so not as much room for the birds to walk around in it.

    Guess I better end this book for now and go to bed.

    BTW Tina, both gardens are doing great.

  20. Skeeter, I forgot to say but I have been reading all the blogs, just not talking and on that tree.
    I think elm trees have a larger leaf but they are sorta that shape.
    Elms also get very tall so if it is not real tall I say it is not an elm. If you find out it is an elm you are very lucky cause most of the elms are gone now due to dutch elm disease. They are a very stately tree.

  21. Gorgeous grandmother had gorgeous red ones in her last house. What I wouldn't give to have taken some to propagate.

  22. Mom, I am very, very sorry about the loss of Alice. Losing a pet, a cherished member of your family, is never an easy thing. I hope you are feeling better. It will take time.

  23. Skeeter- Great job on this post for my mother. Thank you. And thanks to all that sent in something nice to say...let me tell you it is not always easy to say something nice about someone when prompted to do so. I had a hard time!!

  24. Lola, if your cannas dont have full sun and are doing well, then I guess they dont need as much sun as I thought they did. I only read the package which said full sun so that is where I planted mine. But with every plant in my gardens, it is all trail and error for me... lol...

    Jean, you know how sorry I am that you lost your sweet Alice so no need for me to go on here. Yes, life does go on but memories last forever! I am so happy to see you come back today and I hope this is a start for more chat to follow.

    It sounds as though your veggies are still providing you with good things to munch and your personal weeders are great. Send them down my way even though we are not getting rainfall, we still have plenty of weeds to pluck! lol...

    I snapped a few more pics of the mystery tree since no one seems to know what it is. Maybe with these photos, someone will ID it for us all to know....

    P-Price, The red canna are really pretty and yes, you should have taken some to Propagate for your own garden. It is always nice to have a cherished plant from a family member..

    Christine, It was fun putting the Posting together. Sorry you were kind of put on the spot (lol) but you did fine. Hope you dont mind me referring to you as climbing vine but I thought that might suit you with your hobbies...

  25. Skeeter- Climbing vine was fine with me. i think of myself as a vine something or another anyway cause of the way I am and behave...all over the place in life and never settling down.

  26. Beautiful cannas Skeeter - love the variegated one especially. What a lovely tribute! I found myself tearing up a little, and even more when reading the comments, especially from Mr. Fix-It. Tina, they like you, they really like you!

  27. Hello Garden Girl, The beautiful Variegated canna belongs to Lola. I must have one though as it is so pretty! I did not mean to make so many people tear up but I reckon I got the point across pretty well then. LOL. Thanks...

  28. Tears me up too Garden Girl! In a really really nice way. I told Mr. Fix-it what a hit his comments were and as always, he is modest about it all.