Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pets and Garden Bloggers

What is it about garden bloggers and pets? Now I know there are some garden bloggers who don't feature pets, or who don't even have any pets, but I CAN'T think of a single one. Even those bloggers who don't talk all the time about their pets do occasionally show us the pet in the garden.

Is it a truth that gardeners like pets? Even pets who dig in the garden? Poop in the garden? Scratch up the garden? Run over the prized perennials? Bark at the wildlife? And eat the garden?!

I think garden bloggers, who are all gardeners, like extending their paradise to all living things and are comforted by their pets. Pets just seem to be a natural part of gardens, no matter how many concessions we have to make for them. There are many. Fences, pooper scoopers, and selective plantings come to mind.Here are just a few of my many pets: Peter the Rabbit in the top photo (he and his buddy Cuddles provide very good stuff for the compost). The picture of Peter is not misleading, he is a HUGE bunny, and has the appetite to prove it. I think he is bigger than my cat and definitely heavier. Orkin is in the second photo. She is sometimes a good kitty (when she does away with pests like voles), and sometimes a bad kitty (like when she does away with birds). Lastly, my old dog Link. He is 13 years old now and my first dog. He has been a good dog who is beginning to fail now due to his age. His hearing is gone and he is very crotchety, even more so than most Chihuahua/dachsund mixes. I have many more pets too, but wondered about you all's pets and if you think garden bloggers and pets just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

What do you all think of garden bloggers and pets? Is it a natural thing and is there a common theme with us all?

in the garden....

Don't forget to post on veggies on the 20th of next month.

I had a super visit with some very fine bloggers last night-and a surprise guest! I will post on that soon. Okay all?


  1. I have to agree with you Tina, pets & gardeners go together like PB&J. I have mine posted on my sidebar of my blog. That should say something. Can't wait to hear about who you got to see & the surprise guest!

  2. I really can't imagine my garden without the bunnies and cats. I can't imagine life without out Abby the police dog right under my feet. Your crew is cute

  3. I think pets are just part of the family, so they go together with gardens great! Of course my pet cat stays inside, but he loves to eat any plants with pointy leaves (like spider plants). This of course is bad, but as you say, we learn to live with these things.

    Your bunny reminded me of a bunny we used to have. He was a sweetie and got to enjoy things from the garden all the time.

  4. Good morning all! Great day today-hoping for rain.

    PG, Pets in the garden are great!

    Aunt Debbi/Kurts Mom, You have quite a crew too-they are great!

    Cindy, Peter and Cuddles get a bunch of garden stuff, but it never seems enough for Peter the rabbit. Sounds like your kitty likes plants too:)

  5. I love all animals. Domestic or wild. A garden wouldn't be a garden without them(-: Now the rattlesnakes, mice etc I could do without but whatever. I guess they just make life more exciting and keep me on my toes(-: Jack takes care of the mice and gives him hours of fun digging and hunting for them(-:

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I started as a craft blogger, than I had a period of 'mom blogger', now it seems I am a gardener blogger. And I am happy this way. Being a student for such a long time, I never had the opportunity to have a garden. Until now. And I love my garden!
    I don't think a garden is complete without a pet, even if this means a little damage every once in a while. Plants can grow again!

  7. Love peets. So sad as we don't have any. Our dog escaped and got run over. I was allergic to the cat so she had to go.

  8. Life wouldn't be complete without pets, mine always seem to understand their purpose in the family and do their job for us. Gets hard when they leave but that's sure to come sometime. I get solace knowing I've given them a great life!

  9. Plants are vital and recover nicely if a pet is naughty. Well, unless it's a cut flower....

    Maybe I should have let Peanut get that bunny she was asking about. I could use some more good things for my compost pile.

  10. I just recently put a Catster badge in my sidebar. :) I never gave it much thought, to be honest. But I think gardeners in general are "nurturers" and our pets are a large part of that trait. Our boy is an indoor kitty, but he loves to "hide" under a pot of flowers on the balcony and watch the birds. :)

  11. Tina,

    RE: Water barrels...

    I saw your post to Beth Molaro: "I am worried it will leak. We cannot access from the top".

    Since your husband works on cars, he will know someone at a welding shop or muffler repair shop that can weld or braze a fitting for you at little cost.


  12. Yup, they do seem to go together and as already said a couple of times I think it is a nurturing thing.

  13. Great photos! Peter is indeed plump. Your tabby could be a brother or sister to ours, and that old dog, well, just looks like a good ol' boy. ;~)

    I don't keep a close eye on where our cats go when they're out. They're mostly indoor tabbies, but will go out often in summer. The big male will go get catnip in the herb garden. And this morning I found one of their prizes on the garage floor: A mouse. Not moving. Dead.

    And yes, I think it's a common theme not only with garden bloggers, but with all of humanity. We're a very social species and have encouraged lots of animals to be that way too.

  14. Cindee, Good morning! Jack sounds like a sweetheart but not so sure about that digging:0

    Gisele, You have a lovely blog-tons of seedlings and plants. Quite beautiful-and in TN too! Nice to meet you. p.s. I have the same picture of the canned poke salat on a post I did. Yours was quite informative, more so than mine.

    Sarah, So sorry to hear about your dog! Such a sad fate. Many folks are allergic to cats. Can be bad.

    Dawn, I know Link will not be around forever. He is getting old so I knew I should feature him. Hope the kids look in on him. I am sure Christy will. Do you think Link resembles Tartarus with the grizzly white whiskers?

    Cinj, So true! Plants do recover which is a relief. Bunnies are nice. My two are like the cat and dogs and combined. They are easy to care for and interactive. I don't hold them much though since they can scratch. But they let me know when they want attention or food. You might like a bunny. I got Peter complete with cage from a freecycler. No cost at all. You might get lucky and Peanut would be happy. They can stay in garages in the winter no problem. Mine stay on the porch in the warm months and garage for about 4-5 months in the winter. Very easy and lots of nitrogen rich compost matter. Almost as good as chicken matter; which I truly wish I could get.

    Nancy, Yes it is probably the nurturing aspect like you and my mother said. Though to be truthful, my pets nurture me so much more than I them. I will check your catster bar. Are you in New Brunswick?? If you'd rather, just email me. I am dying to know because my family is originally from just across the border and I still have family there. I can't hear Ordinary Life without thinking of your beautiful video.

    Garlicman, Thanks so much! How does brazing work and would it meld the plastic to the fitting? Or somehow something on the back? We really want to figure it out. This year is gone and I hope to have it done by next. Let's hope so! I've had the barrels since February and here it is August! Gee, how time flies. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I will talk to hubby about it.

    Mom, Pets are really the nurturers though. They reward us so much in so many small ways. Are you doing alright? Birds settled in now?

    TC, I suspected we might have similar tabbies. I love the orange because that is the type of cat I have always had. It was fate Orkin showed up with me, just a stray I adopted. I bet yours are beautiful and cats will roam. Peter is plump! When I got him from the Freecycler she made me promise-no dinner-a pet only!

  15. I love all animals whether pets or wildlife. We try to accommodate everything that comes into our yard, well, except the Voles, Moles and Poisonous snakes. The good snakes are okay with me.... The deer are pushing my buttons this year by eating my young dogwood trees when there is so much other stuff they can have! The cat next door is pushing my buttons by continuing to use my pine straw landscaping as a liter box! The hawk pushes my buttons when he swoops down and grabs a dove from the ground! The two black fur-balls that stay in the house which I call my babies push my buttons by nibbling on everything from tassels, raffia, Spanish moss in fake plants to anything resembling a flower! Animals keep me on my toes but I love them all….

  16. Skeeter, Talking about deer made me think about last night. Carol did a program a while ago on deer that I posted on. Remember? Anyhow, she had a picture of a pure white fawn with its twin and showed us all it last night. Should've heard the oohs and ahs. Now there is a deer you would like munching! 150+ folks showed up to hear Carol Reese talk. Poor doves but that is nature and I bet it is an awesome sight! I am wishing I could see it here. Many hawks but not really close. I think my dogs are too big but the hawks sometimes take pets. They are amazing. Hot here today, A/C has to go back on.

  17. Tina, loved the pic of pets. I really like the bunny. We had one when kids-Buggs Bunny---that was huge. Could talk to him like a person & he seemed to understand. Maybe I could get one now. Maybe Young'un wouldn't have to stay away from him. Will have to check into that. Plus the fertilizer would be a bonus. It would be natural. Being in town is for the pits. My friend kept doves in cages. That poop was good for her garden.
    Well, we have to batten down the hatches as they say. Faye is due to come right over us all day tomorrow. It's path has changed from where it was. A LOT of rain, some wind. Skeeter hope you get some of this rain. But it looks as though it's going westward towards the Panhandle. Trees are beginning to sway some---drizzle rain. Will get steadily worse as night fall approaches. Big oak tree in back yard worries me.
    Guess I best put Kermit & Uncle Martin up by the house. Would hate for them to take flight. Then there's Uncle Martin's twin out back {got to name him}. Hanging pots will have to come down.
    All this for the "pleasure" of living in Fl.
    Jean how is dau.? ok.

  18. Yep Lola, we were hoping for so much rain but now they say Fay may not get as close as originally projected. We will get some rain from her though. The lake is now 14 feet below normal pool and the Corp of Engineers has been put into Stage 3 of drought mode. Allowing less water to flow out… Paper reports a low lake happened in 1989, 1994, 2002 and now so I am seeing a pattern here…

    Hang on tight Lola and be safe Lola!

  19. Tina any family that lives on a border has family on both sides and you must have forgot that Nana came from "over the river" as locals called it, no matter which side you came from. Baba and Uncle Chuck used to always say Nana and Aunt Marion were over the river blue noses!!

    Yup the animals sure do nurture us as well as we do them. Pete and PP are all settled in and seem to really like it. But then again being in front of a widow is better than a corner anytime. They are talking to me more and I am seeing many of Alice's traits in PP but I sure do still miss Alice and there will NEVER be aother Alice for me.

    Skeeter I think you need to go play with your 2 black fur babies as I have never seen so many buttons pushed before. :) Maybe the storm will turn and you will still get a good amount of rain. Here is hoping for your area.

    Daughter got lotsa rain and some wind but nothing too bad Lola. Thanks for asking. Don't over do it Lola and be safe, will be thinking about you and your family.

  20. It was so great meeting you too, Tina!

    As you know, I am obsessed with my Luka. I post about her at least once a week. I am OBSESSED, I have so many pictures of her, it is not funny. LoL.

    Your rabbit does look like one big one! I think gardeners love pets because they see how animals contribute to the nature that is around them--maybe they contribute in negative ways and others positive.

  21. Thanks Skeeter & Jean. Will do my best. I can always go to bathroom which is in center of house {even tho it's on back side of house} & no windows. Or my closet---now it is in center of house.
    With all this going on we have lost another family member--yesterday morning. Don't know finals yet.

  22. Well I'm glad you posted on my blog, it's always nice to find another TN gardener. I love your post on animals...we are big animal lovers...I guess loving nature and animals pretty much go hand in hand. I've met gardeners that are much for animals, but I think there is a difference between truly loving nature and just gardening. My blog is relatively new and I'm trying to find more time for it, but not having much luck. Perhaps this gardening means a lot more free time.

  23. Lola, The bunny might work better than a cat but for sure make sure the doctor and youngun tolerate them before you get one.

    DP, Pets are great and I am glad Luka has you! They do contribute to nature so much.

    Giselle, I got you confused with Rhonda on the post-sorry!

    Rhonda, Hello and welcome. New to blogging or not it is fun and you do a great job! It can take up a lot of time. Gail and Frances told me about your blog as I had no idea. The Tennessee bloggers are expanding. Winter will for sure bring more time-at least time indoors when it is not so nice outside. Pets and nature and gardening all fit so well together. Enjoy it all!

  24. I love animals all around. Except for my mothers cat...and it LOVES to dig everything I try to plant up. Her cat acts more like a dog than a cat. He is having a identity crisis.

  25. Jillybean, I hope your mothers cat gets over the identity crisis. Funny.

  26. Hey there!

    it was wonderful to spend some time with you and see your garden pal Geri, soon to be a blogger! Of course seeing the TN bloggers was delightful!

    My kitty can't go outside but I always wanted a garden kitty....they seem perfect for a garden. He sits on the porch meowing for me to come back inside!


  27. Beckie (of Dragonflycorner) and I commented on this a couple months ago that so many garden bloggers also were very fond of their pets. I think you've hit on the right explanation: a general love of all living things.
    My daughter used to have a bunny named Buddy who met with an untimely end. Actually, he was the first pet I wrote a post about.
    At one time we had three dogs, but now just one, who likes to watch the birds with me.
    And always cats--indoor and outdoor. While I wouldn't want someone else's pet coming over and wandering through my garden, I tolerate the garden shenanigans of my own pets.

  28. I think it's because we all love nature. Our dog passed away 2 years ago, but I enjoy granddoggy, plus my goldfish and all the frogs--maybe not the snakes though! :)

  29. Quick hi --hope everyone is doing well with all these storms/rain and drought --such a variety. Busy as can be with my four kiddos but still sneaking a peek in on the blog when I get a minute. Thanks so much Tina --Boy 1 showed me:0) Looks great! Sorry I missed you --girl model forgot her folder with homework inside --extra trip to the school. We had rain tonight --nice big drops --hope they add up. Off to get a shower and check one more kiddos homework --the big one Boy 1. He gets a ton of homework, does the Jimster? See you all later!

  30. Gail, Sounds like your cat has personality for sure. Great seeing you again and Geri enjoyed herself. She says "No way, No how, Not ever!" to blogging. It would be way to painful for her to have to sit at the computer. She is quite set too. Good thing she and I talk in person all the time and garden too. I am trying to convince her to tour the gardens there next month, so let me know if a day is good as I am so intrigued to see your artwork, oh yeah, the garden too! It is one of the good bennies of that organization. Thanks for the plants-praying for rain so I can plant.

    Rose, One thing we all know and which is kind of neat is how we all have common themes. I think that is the bond of gardening and blogging shares it around so nicely. It is astonishing to me. And a common theme is our pets; we tolerate all of their shenanigans but not so fond of others' pets wandering around:) Sounds like you have a bunch.

    Meadowview Thymes, My sympathy on your dog's passing, good you have a granddoggy:)

    Anonymous, I wanted to surprise you. Stayed just for a minute as Jimmy and I had to move along and it was good to say hi for a second. Your grass looks great and your neighbor's garden too. I do hope she is feeling much better now. The Jimster doesn't seem to get so much homework. Algebra is the biggy. Tell me, who works harder at all the homework? Mom and Dad or the kids??

  31. mom.....mother of a sophmore

  32. feeling lucky it did not turn out to be a freshmore----few people know how funny that is..... I still think it exsist!

  33. Mom- Great post. Sorry I didn't get on yesterday. Was at MEPS for my physical yesterday. We'll talk about later. Link is getting so old. I was alittle older than him when we got him and he was SUCH a cute puppy. I wanted him to sleep with me all the time. They get old so fast it seems, but I think Josh is growing up to fast as well and Bella will be 5 soon. Feels like yesterday she was pooping in the house and could fit in my hands...
    Let's see I have NO garden,no children, no husband(thank goodness!), but I have Reeses and Bubba (guinea pigs), Tigger, Aries, Celest, Tizzy, and fostering Compost (all cats) and my big girl Bella(dog), I use to have 2 other guinea pigs, but one got very sick and I got to experience the putting down of one of my babies for the first time, it was awful and to top it off his cage mate stopped eating and drinking and there was nothing I could do for her, she died 9 days later of loneliness:(

  34. Re: Rainbarrels

    I thought you were talking about the steel barrels.

    If you are using plastic barrels, the hole you drill has to match the size of the threaded end of the faucet. It may not leak, but to make sure, use teflon tape to wrap the threads before screwing the faucet into the barrel. You can get teflon tape at the hardware store or a plumbing supply. It is used for underground water sprinkler systems and the local store that you buy it from should be able to tell you how to apply/use it. It isn't difficult or expensive. I hope this helps.


  35. Tina, We saw a Fallow Deer one time while I was in TN on a visit. They have a lot of white on them so it may be a fallow....

    Yep, the hawk has to eat too but I dont like seeing the hawk swoop down and grab one of my birdy friends. I feel like I fatten them up for the hawk since they eat under the feeders! I dont mind it when I see the hawk flying by with a snake in his talons though!

    Jean, rubbing those fur babies brings the stress level down... tee hee...

  36. Sorry for your loss Lola...
    Hang in there and let us know how things are going as soon as you get a chance....

  37. A slight wind, soft showers but very quiet. Fay is just sitting there, not moving much. Now, if she comes across she will be to the South of us but will cross where Young'un works. Will keep you posted--Weather man one thing, being here another.

  38. Christine, I am late getting back on here. Give me a call when you get the chance. Link is getting old and you have a bunch of pets! Hopefully Compost will get a home soon?

    Lola, Sorry for your loss. Glad you are safe. Too much rain it seems.

    Garlicman, You and all the other bloggers have convinced me this is the way to go. Teflon tape and a tight fit when screwing in the fitting. I will attempt it soon and post about the results at some point. That "Rain barrel" post was prepared in draft form like way back in February so it really needs to get posted soon:) And let me ask since Garlicman is pretty unique, do you grow garlic? Any story to the name?

    Skeeter, Too many deer in TN-white or not!

  39. Tina, being in the heating business, I can tell you teflon is not really reliable. Plummer's putty is better. Teflon requires a even twist to fill all the leaks and it is hard to do. If using pvc, that's a two step process to soften the pipe then glue, sets fast!!!!

  40. Dawn, Thanks for the tip. All great ideas! I am sure Mr. Fix-it will figure it out but I really think our problem is we are being too scared it will leak-but seems there are good solutions for sure.