Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Little People

Not much going on in the garden for the month of January in New England, unless you count snow, snow, and more snow. By best guess, we won't have anything living, budding and growing until March. Now that I made myself feel more cabin fever, I'm electing to show you a partial showcase of my garden whimsy. We call them The "Little People", only because when we have company and my hubby shows off the grounds, he affectionately calls my gnome area "junk". I must say....I fire back, responding " Don't make fun of the little people!"

Here's the little guy that started it all. Papa, (think Smurfs) he's the only one painted by myself on a quiet winter's day when my infant daughter (at the time) was napping. He has a frog companion but I'm told he's jumping from building to building, hubby's (Jack of all Trades) humor for diffusing my frustration in not being able to locate it! They all have the same face and I found they were popular ceramics in the seventies, I've picked them up here and there at a inexpensive cost. This is a estimated third of my collection and for the sake of this posting, I've named them. Some I didn't have to, they were already painted with their names, this is Derek, he's labeled on one of the balloons. So be it!

This is Drew, after all the only suited businessman I know was Drew Carey! The one gnome I ever passed up was the housewife with the curler, perhaps I should of bought her to be Mimi!

The next five are new to this past year. BTW, I forgot to mention the area we keep the community of the "Little People". To the far right you'll faintly see a split rail fence. The fence borders a two foot high, planted, rock wall that drops down. In front of the wall is a small path that circles the want-a-bee-pond, it has white crushed rock bedding it. This is where the "Little People" live. Right now they are on vacation. Here's Pete the policeman keeping law and order!

Next up is Darcy. I also have a blond cheerleader, she found her head full of nesting wood ants one year! No offense to blonds.

Andre' the agitator, that's self explanatory! All the Little People have a copper pipe pounded into the ground and up through, mainly because I have a ball chasing, big dog. I don't want a accident!

This guy is named on his stick, Chipper. Hopefully it's not indicative to loosing his teeth!
Rudy off on the snow machine. Looks in the right place to me!

The last five pictured are new to this last past year and I may have to expand the village......

for now we'll be In The Garden....with the Little People.


  1. They are cute.Really cute. I wish I have snow here :)

  2. Thanks FJL, too bad I couldn't send you a snowball or two!

  3. Brrrr-looks cold, but so very, very pretty!
    Love the little people. I'd like to have some fairies in my garden--but then...maybe I do! :)
    Stay warm Dawn!

  4. Darcy and Andre look awfully cold;)

    You have a lot of little people to keep you company while you garden. I suppose the conversations are a little one sided...


  5. Dawn .. I thought Drew would love to have Mimi for company ? that is too funny !
    They are all very cute in their own way ; )
    P.S. I think it id great that you have a hockey player too !

  6. Your husband sounds like mine:) Mine thinks some of my flowers are weeds.

    Your little people are cute, but I'm wondering how big they are. In a couple of the photos they look 3 or 4 feet tall, but then I never was very good at depth perception:)

  7. Very cute little people. I didn't send my ornaments on vacation this year since I had no safe place for them. I sure hope they're warm enough under all that snow.

  8. Goodness these guys and girls are too funny. Thanks for sharing...gail

  9. Hi guys,
    Meadowview thymes, I do enjoy these AND the idea that every garden has fairies.
    Roses and Lilac, the convo is one sided but even more so with my dog who follows me! They both keep me amused tho.
    Garden joy 4 me, I wasn't to excited about the housewife thing but in hindsight...dosen't every neighborhood need one? I have a baseball player too!
    Rose, my hubby thinks that I take many things to seriously. He makes light of everything and is a good one for puns.
    The sizes range from mostly 8-10 inches with Rudy being tallest at about 15 inches. (others have bases)
    Cinj, this is the fisrt year I've had them inside. Before they were in a shed. We have more snow coming tomorrow, 1 foot at least.

  10. Sweet and ever-smiling. I don't have little people. But I do have many little critters, as I call them.

  11. Oh my gosh, you've brought me back to my childhood. My mom would take us to the ceramics shope - "The Snoop Shoppe" and we'd paint these statues and put them in our rooms. I had several like this in my room for years, and so did my brother! I wonder what happened to them... and yes, it was in the 70s!!

  12. Good morning all! Finally! A big ice storm here at my place. Thankfully we have not yet lost power, but the cable was out now back on. I'll post on it tomorrow.

    Dawn, These are so pretty-and such a variety! Be careful next time I come to visit, one might want to migrate to the south. Oops, maybe not when they hear we get ice! Egads!

  13. So cute --but I'll pass on wanting the snow. We had an ice storm late last night --poor trees and bushes are all hanging and sagging. I hope they bounce back okay. Ciao!

  14. They are all so cute Dawn. I have never noticed them before so will have to look for them next time I am there. How on earth did I miss something like that?!!

    Sorry about the ice, we have a big snow storm coming tomorrow.

  15. Cute. I think kids would love this area of your garden too.

  16. Dawn, it's impossible to not smile when you see these little ones. I bet they do cheer you up on a dreary day. They remind me of going to the hobby shop with my mom when I was a kid and helping her with ceramics and then watching my dad work in the woodshop area. That was when we lived on base in Germany back in the late 60s. It's a shame you can't find hobby shops like that anymore. It was a great way to keep busy indoors when the winter weather was fierce outside.

  17. Oh my goodness Dawn, these are too cute, and funny! As are your blurbs about them. They are so 70's, but Drew has to be my favorite and I wish you had the Mimi, I just loved her! HA

  18. aw, so cute! Everyone needs a little whimsy in the garden!

  19. I love all the little people. They are so cute. They would be right at home in my garden. Maybe with my fairy {who like to sit in a tree}.
    Lots of snow I see.

  20. Your little people are very cute Dawn! I've never seen such whimical characters for the garden, other than gnomes. But these are more charming. :)

  21. I can’t wait for the Saint to see your Little People! I want to hear his reaction. He is not one for any type statue with color. He hates gnomes with a passion. So of course to get a rise out of him, I had to sneak a gnome in to my garden. tee hee, He had to admit it was cute and he really liked the bargain price I paid for it.

    Snow and ice going north of us. Jean and Dawn, look out it is coming your way!
    We will be 70-degrees by tomorrow with 60's today. I can’t complain but it would be nice to see the sun shining....

    Make a pot of chili and hunker down!

  22. Hi guys,
    Brenda, I have alittle (12'' x 5'' high) crouching rabbit made with terra cotta that I put in the pink plox but mostly little people.
    JGH, I'm glad you got such a wonderful memory from my whimsy!
    Tina, we are hearing about your ice, the same storm is going to dump a foot on me! It'll go all day tomorrow and into Thursday!
    Hi Anonymous, It's awful on the growth, ice is very destructive and dangerous, stay warm.
    Hello mom, You don't remember JOAT's telling me about my frog? Such a jokester.
    Kathleen, yep my kids love these little guys, fact my son spotted chipper for me.
    Walk to write, every once in a while the newspaper asked "what our town needs" the vote is a hobby/craft shop. I keep waiting.
    Frances, believe it or not my kids went trick and treating as Drew and Mimi!
    Gardengirl and perennial gardener, thanks a bunch! I'm surprised I found so many.
    Lola, yes, these would be right at home in your garden! Especially with your fairy.

  23. Hi Skeeter, guess I took some time opening up the comment page and posting my comment, whew! I missed you!
    Yes! I would love to know the Saints reaction.
    Ps let him know I have approx 15 more!

  24. Wow you have quite a collection! I have always wanted knomes or "little people" in my garden. Most people think they are junky. But I think that if done right, they can be enchanting and very whimsy.

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  26. Sorry for my bad english but I wanna say that your *little people* are so cute.

    It make a summer feeling in the cold season we have now.

    Thank you for showing it.


  27. Oh, they are cute. My 2 year old looked at them with me and especially loved the clown.

  28. Too many guys and not enough girls! I love that you name them. Most things in my yard don't last long enough to have names. I much prefer your folks to typical garden gnomes. Your little people have personality. Where's the gardener???

  29. Hi Organic gardener, you are so right about it being done right. You can't see my little people from the main yard, you need to walk up to the split rail or climb to a forest dense place.
    Bramblefoot! I sure will!
    Hi Hexe, it pleases me to know I've chased cabinfever away especialy in Germany!
    Catherine, a 2 year old getting a delight out of my little people makes me smile.
    Weeping sore, I guess my little people are more of personalities like you said, I think it makes them kinder to have in one's yard. Papa is the gardener, if you look close he has a hoe in his right hand and a flower in his left.

  30. Did you paint all of those? Cute!

  31. When I think of Little People, I think of the Fisher Price toys from my childhood. :)

  32. Hi Ms Robin, Nope, I painted the first one and that was it. I don't think I could come up with all the colors although I'd paint the cheerleaders, sports players, our school colors.
    Monica the garden faerie, Believe it or not, homemade wooden little people like the ones from fisher price are popular in the craft world, only bigger! I was shocked!

  33. Dawn, I asked the Saint if he saw the Little people. He said, "Yeah I saw them" this was in a tone not becoming of a Saint... tee hee