Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bloggers Fling: Curve Studios

After visiting 4 gardens, two bus loads of Bloggers had worked up an appetite. We headed to a wonderful setting at Curve Studios.
Curve Studios is a cluster of buildings which house Art of various types for sale. Behind the Studios you will find a beautiful Garden.
Here you see the Veggie beds. Click HERE to find out more about Asheville's Public Gardens.
I use old bricks as borders but have never thought to have the holes of brick exposed! I am always so careful to bury the bricks into the ground. After seeing this boarder and how the holes add whimsy, I may not bury another brick. Well, when extending existing boarders, I may still embed them.
See the old piece of rusty iron? Now a sedum planter.
I just love those big ole wheels used as a backdrop or fence. Wonder what they could be? I am sure recycled from something of another era.
Ah, seeing this rose bush brings back a nice scent. I was lucky enough to be able to eat my lunch while sitting in front of a yellow rose bush. The scent was soothing to my soul.
It was wonderful to arrive at this garden with a stack of folding chairs nearby. We could grab a chair and set it up where ever we desired within the walls of this surrounding beauty!
Lunch was served to us by a local restaurant across the street. 12 Bones BBQ is a must for a return visit to Asheville, NC. Click HERE to find out more about Asheville BBQ choices.
12 bones served up a BBQ Feast to say the least! The Saint and I enjoy BBQ from different places. Texas, Tennessee and the Carolina's seem to be the main States in the running for the Best! Smoked Sliced Turkey was something neither of us had ever tried before. It was sooooo good as were the Ribs from 12 Bones. Most places smother their ribs in sauce and we prefer them in the style of 12 Bones, being dry rubbed. We also enjoyed never before tried Jalapeno-Cheese Grits!
For once, I did not snap pictures of food. I guess it is safe to say that from all the walking and working up such an appetite, snapping a picture of food was the last thing on my mind. Eating it came to mind. Surely, someone at the Fling snapped some pics of the wonderful foods we enjoyed. Look at the brick with holes up pathway! A different look for sure but one I was interested in since I have so many free bricks still laying around. The large metal panels led to a nice sitting area as well as entrance to one of the art shops.
This seating area with its rustic invite. Rust is a theme in all the gardens we have toured in Asheville thus far. Recycling efforts within the art world.
Opposite the Rustic seating, we find another pathway to another part of the garden.
Yet another seating area. Gardens with lots of seating are so inviting to me. Wow, is this picture off centered or what? Ha, I must have been in a hurry at this point. Old Man-Hole Covers maybe for the base of this work of art? Or maybe old fly wheels from the warehouse's of before...
As you can see, it was a bright sun shiny day!
Bloggers relaxing in the beautiful gardens.
I was shocked as to the border of this garden upon a closer look. Old pieces of concrete! I see stuff like this discarded often and I hint to the Saint for us to get it for the garden. He always says it is not pretty rock but old messy concrete and does not belong in my garden. After seeing this, I shall ignore him.
Dessert was a pure treat from The Hop Ice Cream Cafe!
Greg, The Hop owner and son of Frances at Fairegarden was kind enough to be on hand to dip the creamy yummy delights into our cups. Here, you see a blogger chatting with him. How to chose from 4 awesome choices? I asked for the best seller on hand, Salted Caramel. I went back for a spoon full of Honey Lavender and about went into orbit over that flavor! On the way back to the bus I was moaning as to how to pick only one to eat. One Blogger said she got a small scoop of all 4 flavors! Well, Duh, why didn't I think of that! I do remember these type hints. More to come on that one... 
Believe it or not, day one of the Bloggers Fling is far from over. This was just lunch at CURVE STUDIOS, In the Garden...Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team, In the Garden


  1. Skeeter, I believe I see bricks in your future!?! And concrete blobs (if you can bring the Saint along to your way of thinking)!

    And re. the "off-center" picture, I'm not sure that's not trending right along with rust! I'm really in my ELEMENT now. Rust has been in my picture (and flower beds) for quite some time.

    Oh, how I love touring with you - pictorially. The salted caramel ice cream sounds delicious!

  2. Skeeter ~ Thanks for another little tour. I was glad to see rust in the garden. I once had a decorator tell me that 'rust is a must', and that was years ago. Well, we have plenty of that.

    Be careful using brick with the holes up, because so much you don't want can and will grow up out of the holes. I had a brick path become buried. We love using bricks and pick them up any time we see them discarded.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and I look forward to the next tour.


  3. Thanks for such a great tour, Skeeter--I was so focused on eating and visiting during this stop that I missed most of the garden here. After I got home I thought, now why didn't I take any pictures of the food--every meal was delicious!

    I've been catching up on yours and Tina's posts on Asheville--wonderful photos of Walmbotopia!

  4. Wow you got some good pictures of all the recycled art in the garden. I thought the paths and garden were wonderful-just my style. You keep trying and you might win over the Saint. I tell you concrete has its purpose!! I never even saw half of these things and especially not the CURVE sign. That is really neat. I liked the metal pathway too.

  5. Yes, a scoop of all four flavors!! I really liked the Strawberry Chocolate...best ever. Super photos of the studio area. A perfect place for a wonderful lunch!

  6. I love concrete in the garden. Wish I had some of those big rock type ones! I do use the holes of the cement blocks. My veggie garden has sort of a stone wall around it and I have the blocks on top of the wall and plant marigolds in the holes. Works very well but never thought of a walkway with them. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one you have showed us.

  7. It is so great to see beauty captured. Thanks for your refreshing perspective on daily life; your pictures are worth a thousand words.

  8. We've been busy around here today and I do not feel like sitting at the computer so I shall visit with you all tomorrow. Everyone have a nice day!!!

  9. Lunch at the Curve Studios was delicious and I especially liked the grits and the ice cream from the Hop---I was one of the four flavor types. They did have a lot of repurposed items cleverly used in the gardens.

  10. That was a great tour Skeeter. I really enjoy the tours with you. All the food sounds yummy. I too have used bricks for different uses. I found some old ones that didn't have holes so used them going upon the concrete floor where my glider swing & grill is.

  11. That was a great tour Skeeter. I really enjoy the tours with you. All the food sounds yummy. I too have used bricks for different uses. I found some old ones that didn't have holes so used them going upon the concrete floor where my glider swing & grill is.

  12. Well done, Skeeter! You have captured the artsy, upcycling done with style at the Curve and other studios along the River Arts district in Asheville. That 12 Bones turkey was to die for, as was the grits and green beans. We had never eaten their food before, but will fix that next time we visit Asheville. The shot of the metal ice cream cone was brilliant! Thanks for the shout out, from both The Hop and Fairegarden!

  13. Rebecca, Off centered pictures trendy, then I am on target! I shall get the Saint to come around eventually or just do it without him. hee hee…

    Flowerlady, Rust is a Must! Love that phrase and I shall use it in the future as I find rust in my gardens! Yikes, thanks for the heads up on the hole up bricks. I never thought of the pathway becoming covered and it very well could disappear!

    Rose, I found myself getting caught up chatting thus missing some gardens as well. It was so much fun and I hope to attend another Fling in the future. Christopher did a great job of showing us gardens of not your every day type. So neat…

    Tina, you missed the CURVE sign? Ha, that was as you enter from the buses. I am sure your eye was looking left towards the veggie garden when entering. I tried to get a pic of each sign heading into each garden for reference since I was not taking any paper notes. I knew I would get all the gardens confused and this kept me on track…

    Janet, Yes, that was the perfect setting to indulge in some wonderful food! I missed the Strawberry Chocolate but did not miss the Orange Chocolate at dinner. LOL…

    Jean, I like your idea of planting marigolds in the brick holes! Now that would be a neat border to a pea gravel pathway! A sure Ah Ha moment. I do think concrete will find its way into my gardens. Hee hee….

    (@) thanks for your kind words! It was easy capturing those pictures while being surrounded by such beauty…

    Carolyn, These Grits were some I had never tried before. But with grit casserole, you can put about anything in them and add some cheese and yummy. It may have been you that told me about the 4 flavor cups! LOL, I remember that at the next Hop treat…

    Lola, I have more post coming as I snapped tons of pictures so much to show and say. I have not been lucky enough to find Free Bricks with no holes. I have seen them in the Garden Centers but I am not going pay the price for them. I am always keeping my eyes open for the free ones and it is a matter of time before I come across some…

    Frances, NO… THANK YOU for all you did to make this event so special! I have had a lot of ice cream in my time and the HOP has the best to ever cross these lips! We found both Hop locations while cruising around town so we know where to go for an awesome cold treat the next time we are in Asheville…

  14. Great tour...I love the name Curve and how thy worked in so many curves and repurposed items...what a great place and ice cream too...