Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bloggers Fling: Haywood Community College

 We are now starting the last day of the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling! We began the day at the Haywood Community College.
 Entering the grounds, our eyes were taken to the right to view this beautiful setting of a mill.

A wetland area.

Green house.

This gateway reminded me of home as I too have a similar entrance to one of my gardens.
I also have gravel pathways as did this one. Do you notice something else about this garden? Nothing with real height to it growing within. Just as my similar Garden! I did not know my garden was going to evolve into a Semi Formal Garden when I started creating it. I rarely have a plan in mind when starting a new garden. It just kind of happens after I buy more plants then I know what to do with. It has bothered me a bit to not have height in my Semi-Formal Garden as I thought that you had to have height. After seeing this garden and the other fun gardens while on this visit to the Asheville area, I came to a conclusion. I decided that my garden does not necessarily need height. Or does it? Why would it as it is my garden and if I am happy with it, then that is really all that should matter right? I had this epiphany while standing next to a blogger. My thoughts were out loud and she heard them and totally agreed with me that my garden should be as I chose verses what someone else thinks it should be. I wish I remember who it was that I was chatting with as I would like to give her credit.  The next time someone tells me I need height in my garden, I can say I am not alone with my garden thinking. (Smiley Face here)

There is a lot of land on this campus. I found this on their Web Site: 
"The 1991 donation of a 320-acre tract of forest land to the HCC Foundation by Raymond and Bernice Fowler, known as the Raymond J. Fowler Conservancy and Teaching Forest, enabled the College to have a teaching forest for its natural resources program. The John T. and Catherine R. Beaty Natural Resources Classroom, a 54-acre tract of forestland donated to the HCC Foundation by Catherine Beaty in memory of her late husband John, opened in 2002".
Click HERE to see the College Web Site...

A Split Rail Fence surrounded the Mill.
The Mill was so inviting to Bloggers.

Here you see Bloggers relaxing while taking in the view and chatting.
 Here is that view! Yes, as a student, I could study while soaking in this view. (Click HERE to find out more about Gardens through Explore Asheville... )

 The Saint and I drove to this destination as we could not attend all the events of the day. We followed the buses to the college. As we sat in the car waiting for the buses to load for our last Garden, this bee landed on our windshield and posed for me. Just look at the pollen on those little feet. Happy pollinators at the HAYWOOD COMMUNITY COLLEGE, In the Garden...

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  1. It looks like you caught the bee in mid air. Really cool shot! I think your garden should be as you want it to be. It is a personal decision for sure. But did you notice this garden you pictured was basically a bee and butterfly garden? The plants were like all bee balm and butterfly weed and were massed greatly. It had a purpose and I think that purpose meant plants of all the same size where one can enjoy the insects at our level? That was my thought on it so it really wasn't an ornamental garden perse that you only look at it. Nonetheless you don't worry about height in your garden. It has to please you! The wetlands were neat and also all planted. Good shot of it.

  2. Another great tour Skeeter. I too think one's garden should please the gardener & be for it's pleasure. I like the bee shot. Looks like it was posing just for you.

  3. The last pic says it all: Bee happy with your garden! It's your own space that you've carved out of the wilderness to enjoy.

    If I were a student there, I think I'd never want to leave. I wonder if their retention rate for students is higher than other colleges because of the view?

  4. Busy Day of planting, cooking and errands to run. I shall chat with yall later... Everyone have a great remainder of the day....

  5. Love the photos and such a peaceful place....great bee for Pollinators Week

  6. Tina, I was hoping you would post on the technical aspect of the gardens. You know I dont see that part of them. I just see flowers, bushes and trees where you see so much more!

    And yes, I am happy with my gardens as they evolved from my love. I dont care what any one else thinks about them. If they dont like them, the can feel free to dig in the soil and replant. LOL....

  7. Lola, that bee was so busy and I took a little video but did not take time to load it on blogger. This new format is a bit tricky for me still... Change. Grggggg....

    W2W, Hey Girl! I have decided I will BEE happy with my gardens. They bring a smile to my face and that is all that matters. It was so peaceful and I bet you are on to something there with the college! Beautiful setting for sure....

    Donna, Great Bee indeed! Little feet filled with the yellow goo....

  8. That bee is awesome as is the mill.

  9. I was just reading through your Biltmore post and this one, Skeeter, and wasn't going to take time to leave a comment, but I have to now when I read about your epiphany. It's funny that you should have said that, because that is exactly how I felt after visiting all the gardens in Asheville. I realized at some point that my garden didn't have to conform to any kind of standard, but it could be however I want it to be. In fact, I've been working on a post about this very feeling and finally got it finished this morning. I realized that whether you want to hang a skeleton from your roof or "plant" dump trucks in a circle of gravel, if it makes you happy then that's all that matters!

  10. Just came in from working outside, another hot one today. Great info on the Haywood Community College and its gardens. I agree with whoever you were speaking with, make your own plan, don't worry what others say.
    Wish I had gone on the porch for another great view and some good company.