Monday, October 13, 2014

Bulb Planting Time and a Coupon Code From Longfield Gardens to Get You Started!


I didn't even realize it was Columbus Day! During all my years of working for the federal government I always knew when those federal holidays came around and I always looked forward to them. Now that I am retired I spend most days doing the same thing-working in my garden and I simply forgot it was a holiday. Happy Columbus Day! 

Right now I have been busy getting ready for spring. Spring you say? Fall has barely begun so you should be getting ready for winter. Yes and no. Surely there are many things to do to our gardens to get them ready for their winter dormancy-but even if you don't do them-the plants and most of the garden will still go dormant. Spring, now that is another matter. If you wish for spring color (and who doesn't) you must prepare for it now or you will not have much of a garden come spring. I am talking about bulbs. It's time to plant those bulbs. In the part of Tennessee I live in (on the border with Kentucky and in the middle part of the state) bulb planting season begins in September and can extend all the way up to December. Prime time for bulb planting is right now though! Early October through early November are actually ideal times for planting bulbs. To help you (and me) get started the fine folks at Longfield Gardens have offered up a coupon code for you all. This code expires October 18th-so hurry and place your order! It will give you 25% off!!! That is a pretty good deal!  Here is the code:


As you can see by the above picture I have been busy planting my tulip bulbs I received from Longfield. Now you are not limited to only tulips. Some fantastic bulbs you may wish to purchase and plant now include: narcissus, scilla, camassia, alliums, muscari, crocuses, fritillaria, irises, snowflakes, dogtooth violets, and hyacinths to name but a few. 

One very important tip you should think about it to mass your bulbs. Bulbs, and most all plants unless they are specimen type plants, look better and will make a bigger impact if they are planted enmasse. Forty of fifty bulbs planted together will make a bigger statement then 10 groups of 4 or 5 bulbs scattered around your garden. Trust me on this one. Take a look at my post this past spring on my color changing bulbs from Longfield Gardens to help you get some ideas and so you can see how nice massed bulbs look in a garden setting

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  1. Now if I could just get you here to help me plant those masses. ;)

  2. Great reminder for bulb planting!

  3. I wish I had the time and my body was healed enough to plant bulbs this year but the only bulbs being planted are the garlic cloves this weekend.

  4. I have a long fall to-do list, but probably half of it won't get done the way I'm going, except for planting bulbs--they're at the top of the list. But between the tendenitis in my hand and the constant rain we've been having it's been slow going. Looking forward to seeing all these blooms in the spring already!