Friday, April 11, 2014

Tulips 'Flaming Purissima' from Longfield Gardens



Spring is here! When I think of the many flowers that represent spring, tulips always come to mind. None more so than these new 'Flaming Purissima' tulips I received last spring from Longfield Gardens. These tulips were newly planted last fall after I received them from Longfield Gardens, and I must say I am quite impressed with these tulips. Things are still kind of bare at Tiger Way Gardens but if you look closely from more than 100 feet away you can clearly see those pretty tulips sparkling in the garden.
An up close picture shows just how impressive the 'Flaming Purissima' tulips are. No two are exactly alike. If that were not enough the color of these particular tulips is a color that is very easy to fit into any garden. Trust me, as a lover of bright red tulips that simply don't match anything (especially redbuds) these tulips are a delight to my eyes. They are subdued yet have a wow factor.
My bulbs are all massed in my new rock garden located out on the land. These tulips really help the garden to step into its spring colors. While not all of the 100 tulips are in bloom right now they will be soon! The buds are all there and I am enjoying the show.


I received 100 of these lovely tulips along with 100 muscari (grape hyacinths). The pink and white of the 'Flaming Purissima' goes quite nicely with the blue of the muscari. I chose 'Flaming Purissima' because it is a Fosteriana type tulip. Some tulips grow better in the south than others and the Fosteriana tulips are one of those that grows well down here. Plus, 100 of these beautiful tulips fit in nicely with my new rock garden.
To show the variation in the colors of these tulips I snapped three shots of three different blooms. These blooms are all within 6" of each other and are all growing in the exact same conditions.
I am smitten with the color variations and subtle changes in all of the tulips. The tones make for an interesting display.
Pollinators also like these tulips. I am not sure what type of bees these were that were visiting this bloom but it was nice to see....

in the garden....

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  1. They are beautiful! I try to plant some every fall but it seems like the critters get about half of them:(

  2. Love those tulips. Sure wish they would grow here.

  3. These are really beautiful! I love the changes in colors, yet all related.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  4. I love tulips in any color, but shades of pink always seem to be my favorite--these look lovely! I'm trying not to think of tulips, though, today--I've been eagerly watching all the new leaves getting taller and taller in my garden. But yesterday I found so many of them had been chewed off. I'm so mad! I'm not sure if it is rabbits or deer, but I've never had problems with either of them before. I guess it was a hard winter for them, too.

  5. Very pretty. Sounds like you got some great tulips for your area. Spring keeps coming and going here. Back to cold today.