Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Persian Palm

 This photo was snapped back in June of my GEORGIA GARDEN. The hydrangea glows but it is not alone. To the left of this stunning bush is a Persian Palm Alocasia calodora.
 I was lucky enough to find this Plant for a mere $8.00 back in 2012. I spoke about it briefly and you can read that Blog by clicking HERE.
 The tag on this plant says it is hardy in USDA Zone 9 and I live in Zone 7b. I did not expect it to survive in the ground. The first year, I kept it on the front porch and wintered it inside in a guest room. I do not like to winter plants inside as my kitties do not like for doors to be closed. With open doors and kitties, well, plants become snacks. Thus, I don't winter many plants if any.
 So in the ground and enjoy for one year while expecting the worst and hoping for the best after winter. I do believe this plant has been in this spot now for 3 years! This year, I was surprised to discover blooms on it. Do you see them? 
 Lets go in for a closer peek. I find them to be such a cool bloom. They remind me of Jack in the Pulpit plants.
 Look at all of that pollen. I had never seen this plant do such a thing so after a bit of research on the internet, I found the most humorous write-up. Click HERE if you would like to read more on the bloom by that humorous writer. 
I would say this plant is most happy as it has multiplied into many plants. I have it in the Chimney Planter on the East side of the house. It gets lots of morning sun but by mid day, it is shaded. I water it about once a week if no rain has fallen. I remove the dead foliage in the winter and do nothing more to this green giant!
Here she is today after another month of growth and a new iron piece. (Thank you mom for passing it along to me and Thank you Saint for hanging it for me on that hot steamy day.) I do believe this fall when the temps are cooler, that iron will become a black color to match our gutters and front porch accents. I can only assume this PERSIAN PALM, will become larger and stronger as time goes on, In the Garden... 

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  1. Love your Persian Palm and it certainly looks happy in your gardens. The iron accent piece is lovely too.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. That iron piece looks like a crown. It is a perfect piece for the queen of green. That bloom is beautiful. This plant looks very tropical. I am glad it winters there for you. You never know do you.?? The bricks must keep it warm.

  3. Wow! It's really beautiful. And amazing it has done so well there. I think perhaps the brick must help it to survive. Nice iron piece too! One of these days I need to get mine up:)

  4. Wow! I am amazed that this has survived so many winters for you. It's beautiful! Last year I had a nice Elephant's ear that I dug up and kept in the garage over the winter--no way would it survive our Illinois winters. I still haven't found that darned bulb:)