Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back At It

 I have finally finished Posting about the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling! I know some of you are saying FINALLY! But it was such a wonderful event that I wanted to share every thing with those of you that could not make the visit to Asheville, NC. I hope I have inspired you to get to that beautiful city as it is worth a visit. Or at least be a bit more open minded about different types of gardens.

Now I am back in my Georgia Gardens and a lot has been going on. With all the Fling talk, time did not stand still and my gardens are ever blooming and expanding. As I sit at the computer in the sunroom, I look to the right and this is my view out the window!
 I am ever so happy to see Hibiscus Luna is doing well and getting bigger and stronger each year. She is filling my eyes with lots of beautiful blooms.
 Not dinner plate size but about dessert plate size. I will take this on my plate any day.
 I am not happy to see this guy. Japanese Beetles have been showing up the past few weeks. I have been squashing them as fast as I find them. It appears this one has been in this spot eating for a while. See the poo behind him? This one succumb to my fingers just after me snapping this photo. I did not know there was a second one under the leaf until I saw this photo loaded on the computer. That is the beetle that got away! Bugs are really bad this year especially the grasshopper and crickets. But to be expected with such a mild winter.

Right in the middle of composing long postings on the Fling, the McCorkles "Giant Plant Sale" (Open to the public) took place. The Saint took the day off from work and accompanied me to the event! We had agreed we would not get any trees as this is not the ideal time of year to plant them with the heat taking off and our continued drought conditions. The first plant in our little red wagon; A darn tree! The Saint grabbed a 10 gallon Leyland Cypress for $8.00. He said he could not resist and the hole was already dug and ready. The tree is now in the spot where we lost a leyland from last years drought. It did not take me long to get my wagon full several times. Once I felt there was nothing more for me to see and I was starting to melt from the heat of the day, we cashed out and left. I came home with a nice haul.  
 Knock Out rose's for $9.00 in colors of red (double knockout) and yellow. Hosta @ $3.00. Butterfly Bush @ $3.00. Hydrangea Mini Penny @ $5.00, Deep purple (rare) Crepe Myrtle @ $12.00, A huge Agapanthus, Barberry, Plumbago, etc.
 A return trip had me taking home some small perennials and annuals as well. $7.50 for a flat of 12. Fun things such as Salvia, Sage, Coneflower, Phlox, Purple Queen, Moss Phlox, Angelina Serena, Coleous, etc.

And my pride and joy find was this Persian Palm @ $8.00! I have seen them priced at this size for $29.00 and up! I happen to be at the truck when it came in from the fields. I am a seasoned veteran with this sale and know that when a closed truck comes in from the field that you better be by it when the back doors open as you may miss out on something great. I was there when the worker took the Palm off the truck and I said to just hand that one to me rather then stock it. He said I was the lucky winner as it was the only one they had from the greenhouse's! As I walk to my truck with it, people kept oohing and aahing and asking me about it. It is hardy in zone 8-11 and I fear it will perish if I plant it outside. We do have mild winters and I may plant it. At that price, it will not be a great loss. I may weaken up and bring it inside and into the NO NO Room away from the cats for the winter. Only time will tell as to my decision.

I also found Silver Berrys @ 6.00 when I normally pay $15.00 for them Retail. Yes, this is a bargain hunters world, this twice a year Open to the Public Sale! McCorkles grows for Companies such as "Southern Winners" ... "Gardens Confidence Collection"... "Southern Living"... "Knock Out Rose" amongst others. These are some of the goodies I have in my collection.

Mark your calendars for the next sale this fall where we plan to rack up on some evergreen items. September 21-22, 2012. You can find Magnolia's, Leyland Cypress, Giant Green, etc in 15 gallon pots for $15.00! There are bargains galore and you never know what they will be bringing in from the field next! I spotted an Atlas Cedar Tree in 15 gallon pot for $75.00. Garden centers have them at retail in 10 gallon pots for $128.00 and up!  

They have lots of bushes also but I do not know much about them. I so need for someone that knows these plants to come to GA for a visit and go with me! Tina, Janet, are y'all listening? You will have free Room and Board.

I have most of my new goodies in the ground as I have been working my rump off the past few days. We had a low humidity spot and I took total advantage of it. I have a few remaining items that must find a hole but I have decided it is time for The Saint to dig a hole or two as I am not a good hole digger. 

As you can see, I am BACK AT IT, In the Garden...
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  1. Mercy! You HAVE been a busy beaver! I can't wait to see where/how you fit these all in. (I was the recipient of some free plants when a friend decided to dismantle a couple of her beds. It came up so quickly that I was hard pressed to know what to take and (more accurately) where to put it! My beds are full and I can't decided if/where to start another....Not to mention it is extremely hot and dry and I hate to sweat.

    Congrats on that palm. Wish I knew more about bushes so I could invite myself down to help -- and learn!

  2. Boy oh boy did you ever get some great plants to add to your already lovely gardens.


  3. A plant collector could really REALLY get in trouble at this plant sale. That being said I will mark it on my calendar and perhaps come down-no promises as September is a long way away. That palm is really beautiful. I would've thought it an elephant ear. Luna is a beauty! She died out in my gardens but the one year it bloomed I thought it wonderful. You go girl!!

  4. Oh you Temptress!!! September eh? hmmmm........ will have to see how the rest of the summer unfolds. I really need to get my back garden fixed from the washout (waiting for child labor...well, young adult) You really got some great bargains!!

  5. My goodness! You must have been energized and inspired by the fling this year!

  6. You really did get some good deals! But, you know that’s the way I operate. You have snatch up those bargains when you see them. Good job! You suuuuuuuuuuurrrrrre do have a lot of holes to dig. LOL

  7. Rebecca, How lucky for you to get plants from your friend! I too was lucky to receive many lilies two years ago. Only problem was, I had to stop what I was doing and get some new beds made to plant them as they were dug out when offered to me. I am happy to say, they all made the transition and are happy lilies! Hey, come on down in Sept, the more the merrier! My beds are getting pretty full now but I have plenty of grass to dig out and can expand beds. Hopefully, no more to be made this summer as I too do not like the heat...

    Flowerlady, Thanks you are so kind. It is now humid again so not much garden play after the noon hours for this gal….

    Tina, My Luna did not fair too well the past two years. It would bloom then turn yellow and die back on me. This year, she is looking good though and blooming like crazy. Persian Palm is Alocasia Calodora. A “Southern Winners” Plants for the South. Likes partial sun conditions. Not sure what I will put it but probably the front porch…

    Janet, Well that is a first. I have never been called a Temptress before. Hee hee. I am sure you had lots of influence on how to deal with that washout from the mountain gardens in Asheville. Me would love some child labor in my gardens. LOL. Take it easy as the heat is coming on now…

    Darla, I was so inspired. And just now, I created a little area that came to mind after Wamboldtopia! I must find a few more items to add then Post worthy…

    Randy, I am so the bargain hunter. Unfortunately, most bargains come during the heat of the season. Sigh. I have most of the goodies in holes already! I have been a busy gal. I still have the Silverberrys, Barberrys and one Crepe Myrtle to go then all in the ground. Good thing too as the heat is on now…

  8. You got some great bargains and nice plants. We have been lucky with Japanese Beetles so far, but it is still a bit early for them, even though the season is a month ahead. They are a nemesis for sure.

  9. Great haul there Skeeter. Will be anxious to see where they all went. I know your gardens are fantastic.

  10. I loved visiting the fling through your posts...and that is some plant Luna is still just growing and won't set flowers for weeks...I can't wait!

  11. What a haul girl, as always. Your B$B always looks so inviting that I wish I knew trees and bushes!

    Those darn J Beetles sure make a mess of things. It has been so darn cold here that we have not even had a black fly season yet but the past 10 days it has warmed up with the past 2 near 100 so they have showed up in full force so the beetles will not be too far behind them.

  12. I am so jealous of your haul... The heat has hit and there is no point at all in planting anything more till the fall here, but I wish I could!

  13. I'd never seen hibiscus that big. In Cuba we get the red kind. I can't blame you for squashing that beetle. Eating and pooing in your garden?! The shame of it. :-)

    Greetings from London.