Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I went out into the yard to clean a paint brush and look what I found in my Georgia Garden. I thought it looked just like a brain! What a strange mushroom.
I am happy to say we have a new toilet in the bathroom! Last night Sheba was checking out the new toy in the house. She was mesmerized with the big white thing. The Saint and I got a chuckle out of her silly antics. Baseboards coming today.
Here she helps daddy caulk the tub. Yes, we are getting closer to being ready for company to arrive on Thursday. Today I plan to get out into the gardens and pull weeds like a mad woman. All I have to do is turn my back for a bit and they seem to take over. I wonder if I will find more BRAINS, In the Garden...
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  1. Good Morning everyone. Going to be a hot one and I have so many weeds to pluck that I must get out there early to miss the really steamy stuff. Then inside to clean the dust from the house.

    Everyone have a great day....

  2. Interesting mushroom, I thought it was one of those coral things from the beach. I know you will be so happy to relax a bit!

  3. So you have a helper cat too? Pierre LOVES the workshop and has to be right in the middle of things. Make sure you don't caulk your kitty! Enjoy your new things and thanks for the mushroom pictures.

  4. Very neat mushroom. I wonder if it is edible? Have fun pulling weeds. A neverending battle.

  5. Whew, it is getting hot already. I have been pulling for the past 2 hours and only one garden is weed free! LOL, as Tina says, a never ending battle....

    Darla, The first thought was a brain and the second once pulled, was the coral of the ocean. I went with the brain for the post...

    Jeanne, Oh yes, The Queen of Sheba must be in the middle of everything. I am sure we have plenty of cat hair in the line...

    Tina, I will send it to you and you can take a bite and let me know. hee hee, I dont eat wild mushrooms...

  6. Good Morning All.
    Strange mushroom, thought it was maybe a rock at first.
    Redo is about finished. Looks great.
    Take care of pulling weeds, they seem to grow as we watch them. lol
    Plenty here.

  7. If only a brains could be cultivated! (Well, in a way I guess they can be...)

    Seeing photo of Sheba brought to mind a video I saw. This household kept getting an unusually high water bill. They checked for leaks, etc. Finally put a camera in bathroom while they were at work and caught the cat FLUSHING the toilet over and over again, fascinated by the swirl of water!

  8. Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog an leaving such a kind comment. You have a very beautiful blog. Looks like Sheba was having fun. My cat and dog does the same thing. lol.

  9. It does look like either a brain or ocean coral. Neat anyway. Looks like you are nearing a much wanted end to the redo and then you can really enjoy it.

  10. What an interesting mushroom.
    I like the tile around the tub.

  11. What a weird mushroom!! Since you and your hubby know how to do your own remodeling, I think you found yor brains a long time ago! :o)

  12. Skeeter,
    The mushroom might be Sparassis herbstii. Was it found at the base of a pine or oak tree? Considered "good' and edible. Not sure on the ID so please do not eat it.

  13. That was my thought about it being coral when I saw it on my sidebar. How interesting it is. We have some funky fungus but nothing so pretty.
    Is Sheba potty trained? Boy, that would be the cat's meow (pun intended) Tee hee.
    Wooly just got his annual haircut, poor fella....

  14. What a day of weed pulling. My back is flogged as I pulled all the weeds in every garden! The first day in a long time I was able to play in the garden all day long. I did take a break to go look at granite and have lunch with the Saint. It was a 2 shower day for me and a dip in the pool as well.

    We did all we can do for now on the Reno! We must wait for the trim until we decide what to do around the shower. Then the rest of the trim will fall into place. Plus we cannot put the trim on the door or the vanity will not fit through. Thank goodness the Saint thought to measure before we installed the trim. Boy would that have been a mistake…

    I have been working on clearing the bedroom for the past 3 hours. So much stuff piled on the bed as I took all the pictures off the walls and had every thing under covers. I am having to clean each little item and even the walls as they were full of dust. Yikes, what a mess we made in the rest of the house. I must say, it is nice not seeing tools lying around everywhere….

    Lola, those weeds grow when nothing else will grow. Just kills me with how quickly they grow too. My back is really sore tonight but I am sure a good nights sleep and it will be better tomorrow. I have a lot of cleaning to do so staying inside tomorrow. We still need rain as we are missing it…

    Rebecca, I have seen that video before. Too funny and thank goodness Miss Priss does not know how to flush!

    Debbie, I am Skeeter, one of two posters on this blog. I think Tina (the Master Gardener) dropped by to say hey to you. We confuse people at times. Sorry…

    Jean, I am looking forward to the new look. Although, I fear other things will start looking bad now. Can we say Snowball effect, Yikes…

    Sherlock, Thanks, it was our first and last try at tiling. Next time, we shall pay someone to do the work. It was too much trouble for us...

    Casa, Thanks I needed that chuckle…

    Randy, I would never eat a wild mushroom. I am a chicken little when it comes to that. I found it under a dogwood tree. I have Pines within about 12 feet though…

    Dawn, I wish Sheba was potty trained. That would make my life a bit happier. Nope, she is just fascinated with water and when the Saint was installing the toilet, she saw the water and wanted to get her paws in it. She is a stinker when it comes to water. As soon as our company departs, our two girls will get their fur cuts. Way over due…

    Good night everyone…

  15. Hi Skeeter, i was a bit late here. But i found your mushroom amazing, i haven't seen that here even if we also have lots of mushrooms. In my last post I also found something like that from the root of the cycas. It was also my first time to see cycas roots so i definitely shared it to bloggers. Congratulations for the new look and new acquisition.

  16. Cool discovery! Brains...fun. Great progress on the bathroom. Very impressive!