Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hibiscus Luna

By SKEETER I showed you this same Hibiscus Luna a year ago. Click HERE to see her then. I am happy to report she is surviving in my Georgia Garden. She was getting tall and starting to fall over so I gave her a little support with a few sections of fencing.
She was full of blooms but I was not full enough of steam to go out and snap pictures in her full glory. I did snap these two pictures from the window of the sun-room where it is nice and cool. Today (Wed) I dragged the hose around for 2 hours, painted 2 doors, gave the ceiling of the bathroom 2 coats of primer and the walls of the bathroom one coat of primer. Once the Saint was home from work, I helped him grout the tiled floor. My arms are really sore so this is all for today. I get a smile from seeing my LUNA HIBISCUS, In the Garden...
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  1. Wow! A beauty. Mine don't boom 'til August!

  2. It has such pretty coloring Skeeter. I am glad to hear your reno is progressing. How long since it started so far?

  3. Beautiful coloring on this need a long soak in the tub!

  4. Very nice. I do like them but they're an indoor plant here on the tundra. And grow so large they usually get the boot from the "indoor house manager." :)

  5. That is one gorgeous hibiscus.

    Happy Summer Gardening and indoor projects ~ FlowerLady

  6. very pretty. In her full glory, the petal shapes resemble morning glory:).

  7. Good Morning all. Arms are still sore today so I will spend the day running errands in town. Not my favorite but will get me away from the house for a bit...

    Joey, this one has been blooming since June but everything seems to be early in my garden this year. We had an early spring and then early summer temps to follow…

    Tina, ha ha, you are too funny. I don’t want to talk about the time spent on something that should have been about a month’s time. If only we had a written out plan and me taking charge. Next reno, I will take charge, LOL…

    Darla, in order to take that soak, I need that tub ready! LOL…

    Troutbirder, This one is a keeper in our neck of the woods. I had one that was a houseplant and passed it along to Tina some time ago. Hated to loose it but hated keeping it inside with cats in the house…

    Flower Lady, I love the colors on this beauty! She gave me many blooms and hopefully a few more before her season is over. Happy Crafting and Gardening to you too!

    M-K Girl, Yes, they do remind me of Morning Glory’s and good thing as my Morning Glorys did not show up this year. Sigh…

  8. It is so very pretty. Great color and markings.

  9. Good Day All.
    Skeeter, well done on all fronts. Love that color on the hibiscus. I have one that is reddish that blooms in the late Fall. When it does decide to bloom we get a killing frost so down it goes. snif snif.
    Do take it easy girl. The ole bod can only take so much without some relief. lol This ole bod has had too much. lol

  10. She's lovely, I had to give my Liatris the same support with some of that metal fencing too. Can't stand a floppy plant. Stay cool Skeeter and hope your arms feel better soon. :)

  11. Good evening everyone! Clouding up and hoping for a storm. We so need it as the others this week have passed us over, sigh....

    Jean, She is a beauty. Bet you have had some fun this week...

    Lola, I am reminded of an aging body every time we start a new project. I think I have been lazy and not active enough over the past few years therefore, the body is just not use to all this work. Must keep moving to stay oiled up, hee hee....

    Raquel, I have been using this fencing in different places. It works great as I too do not like floppy flowers....

    Everyone have a good evening and great weekend!!!

  12. Skeeter, you make me feel like a slug:) Wow, you have certainly accomplished a lot; I'm sure you will be happy when all the renovations are done and you can sit back and enjoy the new look.

    Your hibiscus is so pretty. I bought two yellow ones this year, but they are annuals here. I'm trying to figure out where in the world I can keep them over the winter.

  13. Hi Skeeter,
    We got some rain this afternoon. Glad it wasn't a gully washer. Slow is so much better. Hope you got some of this liquid sunshine.

  14. Hi Roxanne, how is Tina? That hibiscus might be nicer than H rosa-sinensis, as it shows some eclipse on the interlocking petals, haha!

  15. Hello all, I am waiting for the Saint to arise for wall tiling. I am still a bit timid about it but we must get it done!

    Rose, Most Hibiscus here are annuals as well. This one is hardy and that is why I picked this one up last year. We picked up molding which will be the final touches in the reno so yes, we are getting there!

    Lola, Nope, we did not get any of that liquid gold from the skies. Boo hoo as we so badly need it. My water bill is on the moon with all the watering I am doing this summer. Storms are popping up all around us but not hitting our yard. But there is always tomorrow...

    Andrea, Tina is enjoying some time off the blog and should be back at it soon. I really do like the contrast on this bloom. So pretty...

  16. Pretty pretty !!
    Hope to be seeing mine soon. We have what's called Swamp Hibiscus..from seeds I stole 2 years ago.

  17. Hi Skeeter,
    I enjoyed seeing your hibiscus. Mine are full of buds, but none have opened yet.

  18. My goodness, I'm getting tired just reading about everything you've been up to Skeeter! ;)