Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Gardens in July

Crocosmia that was stuffed in a very inhospitable place due to non-performance. The joke was on me when it bloomed so wonderfully this summer.
Front Foundation Garden right side. This side is in flux due to the movement of several perennials which were replaced with mophead hydrangeas. It will take a year or two to see the big picture but wow when the hydrangeas mature.
A front island bed (Mahonia Garden). I like the textures and the toughness of this bed.We are looking toward the road. This view is from the house and not visible from the road.
Front Foundation Bed left side.
Rear Sidewalk Garden looking toward the house. There is another picture from another angle below.
Zinnias and 'Sandra Elizabeth' daylily in the Sunny Perennial Bed.
More of the Sunny Perennial Bed looking into the vegetable garden. Cucumbers are growing on the A-frame in the background. In the foreground are shasta daisies, white phlox and nicotiana.
Zinnia with a friend in the Sunny Perennial Bed. In the background you can see the pink 'Knockout' rose. It has been 'knocked out' by Japanese beetles. If there is one bad thing to say about the knockouts it is that Japanese beetles simply feast upon these roses.
A sweet yellow gladiolus and orange cosmos in the foreground in the Sunny Perennial Bed. I did not notice all the ants prior to taking the picture.
Rear Sidewalk Garden looking west away from the house. I should've posted this picture next to the fifth picture in this post so you could compare just how different the two sides of the garden are here. Island beds are a neat animal; especially when conditions on all sides are different. In this case of this bed some parts get lots of sun and some don't. The basic principle is to plant tall plants in the center and then layer out from there. In my case I used a shrub, an ornamental grass, and a crepe myrtle for anchors then filled in the rest of the bed with perennials such as cannas, mums, baptisia, veronica, turtlehead, pink ladies. brown eyes, a cryptomeria, sedums and miscellaneous other perennials. This bed is well established and working for me-til next year:)
Phlox and cleome on the outskirts of the vegetable garden.

A big picture of the end of the vegetable garden with its adjoining Sunny Perennial Bed...

Looking across the Sunny Perennial Border to the Goldfish Garden where one of two glass mosaics reside.
Most daylilies have gone by but there are a few late bloomers holding on. I adore daylilies and wish I had room for more but I am pretty well filled up now.

Lastly a picture of the east end of the Sunny Perennial border. The pineapple sage has not yet come into its glory but provides a nice green next to the mophead hydrangea. This summer is passing by all too quickly. In less than three weeks my son will be back in school for his last year of high school. My, where does the time go....

in the garden...?

More July Garden pictures coming Wednesday.

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  1. Ha! I'm first, how'd that happen!
    You have so much color, the only thing flowering for me are my daylilies.

  2. Your garden areas are very lush and beautifully planned; I would love to stroll through them so I could see it all and get the full effect.

  3. Your gardens are looking pretty lush this month Tina. Mine look better than they normally do considering we've been blessed with a bit more rain this month than in seasons past.

  4. Your garden is really in all its glory in July, Tina--just lovely! Your crocosmia looks so good; I haven't seen a sign of the corms/bulbs I planted this year and am about ready to give up on them. My Knockout roses are looking pretty pathetic right now, too, but every day there seem to be fewer Japanese beetles, so I'm hoping it's about time for them to pack their bags and move on.

  5. I'm impressed. How many variety of plants you have there. I like your yellow gladioli.

  6. Tina these are beautiful gardens so lush and full of color. I love all the structures, art and bits of metal about the garden. It adds to the beauty.

  7. I too would love to stroll through your gardens Tina. I can't wait for my own garden to mature.

  8. Welcome Back Tina! It looks as though your garden faired well in your absence. Everything looks so wonderful and a nice stroll for me this morning….
    Yes, time does fly. Like that song says, Don’t Blink….

  9. All looks good as always but I love the one with the zinnia and the yellow (Sandra Elizabeth) daylily. I looks like you have created a new flower with a daylily
    bottom and a zinnia top.

  10. Hi

    Whenever I come to your blog, I feel refreshed and soothed. Your flowers are shining in July! I'll take a vacation shortly. Have a lovely summer, tina!!

  11. Crocosmia heaves itself out of the ground by layering the next corm atop the last. By stuffing it into the ground a little deeper, you triggered blossoms. It is a thug but a nice one and butterflies like it. Every view is wonderful.

  12. Your beds are so full and colorful! It's a delight to view.

    I realize I should have arranged for ours to be watered while we were gone. It is SO dry here...except for some Russian sage and day lilies, things look sad :(

  13. I had to laugh about your crocosmia. It is a plant that needs to be ignored to bloom! I do put a hoop around mine so that it doesn't crush the monarda.

    Are those 'White Swan' coneflowers? I don't think I've ever seen that many en masse. I'm looking forward to seeing mine mature.

    Your beds are all so lovely...and, it's amazing how lush for this time of least, around here it's been dry.

  14. Your garden is looking nice. Not crispy like mine right now. Thank you for sharing the flowers!

  15. Your garden looks very lush and full. Are you getting some rain, or is this all from hose-work on your part?

  16. You've captured the essence of a summer garden. Every picture is just bursting with life and loveliness. I hope you get some time to enjoy it all with a comfortable chair to relax in and a glass of iced tea to sip on. Sweet tea, of course! Best of wishes to the Jimster for his senior year.

  17. Les, I have not watered these gardens but have watered newly planted things. The Sunny Perennial does get some water from the vegetable garden-once a week or so. So far moisture has been enough to allow the plants to hold on without help from me. We'll see in another month if they are still good.

  18. For some reason my comment yesterday did not register. Sorry.

  19. I agree with you about summer passing too quickly. It always feels like it does tho and I can't figure out why?! Winter sure doesn't go by as quickly (at least not here).
    Your beds are stuffed full of goodness. They all look great Tina. I was looking for the veronicastrum ~ it's in full bloom here now so I hope it is there too.
    Enjoy the remaining days having your son home. They are extra special I know.

  20. What is the hydrangea in your front foundation bed? Is that Tardiva?

    I love the look of your foundation bed on the left side with all of those White Swan coneflowers and veronica.

  21. Sweetbay, I do have a 'Tardiva' around that side of the house but this hydrangea in the foundation bed is 'Limelight'. Also a paniculata. One of my favorites.

  22. I wish my Crocosmia would come up!! Sure love those red blooms. Your gardens are quite lush. Wish the daylilies in my garden had bloomed longer....hoping long blooms next year.