Monday, August 27, 2012

Garden Whimsy at Herman and Donna's Garden Pond

The third pond on our 2012 Montgomery County Water Garden Society Pond Tour was the garden pond of Herman and Donna. For me these tours are more about the gardens than the ponds. I believe ponds, and water in general, enhance a garden experience. I simply cannot tour for ponds only so please excuse me when I refer to the gardens. 

Herman and Donna are fellow master gardeners and actually spent some time in my garden in June during the Master Gardener Garden Tour. My husband and I really got to know them and enjoyed talking to them and Herman's sister, Sue. It was no surprise then that when the tour stopped at their garden I was pretty excited. Their garden made me feel right at home-let me tell you!
One of the first things I saw was this mosaic. My husband said I should ask Donna if she got inspired from my three mosaics like this in my garden. I immediately went to her and asked her and she said she was indeed inspired by my mosaic when she spent time in my garden in June and gave me a big hug. She immediately went home after the June visit and created her own glass gem-shower door mosaic and the result is above. Isn't it beautiful? Now I no longer have the claim to fame that my garden is the only one in this area with a mosaic. Harumph! Nah, just kidding. I am flattered that Donna loved the mosaic so much she created it. I can tell you they take some work and each and everyone will be a bit different and unique. Mounting them in the garden adds so much to a garden. I am so thrilled to see this beautiful one in Donna and Herman's garden. It was a big hit with our tour too.
Here is the backside of it. Both sides are gorgeous. One side is in 3D while the other one simply sparkles with color.
There was another reason I felt at home in this garden. There were so many wonderful garden art pieces and splendid seating areas that I surely felt at home. Here we have some of those famous tipsy pots made by Lola, and a tower that sparkles with gems.
This had to be my favorite piece aside from the mosaic of course. I plan to make one of these soon. Mr. Fix-it has already been forewarned.
The garden area was interesting. I did not actually explore the growing spaces but noticed this wonderful trellis made from cattle panels. I wish I had the room to do this in my garden. These trellises are perfect for growing vining crops.
The host of the tour, Terrie, loved loved loved this sparkly tree. She asked me to take a picture of it. It is an easy do it yourself project for anyone and not very expensive either. The 'gems' are plastic doodads you can buy at any hobby store. I bet you can get the tree there too.
This totem was created by Donna. She is quite the artist and had paintings displayed in her home that I loved. I unfortunately did not get pictures of them as Mr. Fix-it and I were in the food line and so I left my camera at our table. Speaking of which, part of the tour included a lunch provided to the VIPs (PreTour guests). The spread Herman, Donna, their daughter, and friends laid out for us all was pretty amazing. Everything from fried chicken to barbeque to chess pie! And a very comfortable spot to eat it too! A few of us sat under a gazebo right next to the huge pond and enjoyed a shady spot to eat al fresco. I tell you I was not ready to leave.
This little bicycle was all set for a champagne toast.
How about this nearby bottle tree?
I like rusty things so this large flower caught my eye. No fertilizing, weeding, or watering required!
Now this weeping Atlas Cedar would need some help from the gardener. It was a specimen plant I wished I had in my garden.
Naomi was our traveling companion on this date. She thoroughly enjoyed herself as you can see. Pond tours are great to get good ideas not only about ponds but about gardens. Naomi is a learner and she savored everything we saw this day.
This whimsical koi caught my eye. He looks like he was washed up high and dry doesn't he?
Ah, here is the pond. This post is long and I was not sure if I even included the pond. I am really glad I did!! Herman used to have three ponds that he very recently combined into one large pond. This is one of the ponds that was less than three feet deep. He was limited on how deep he could go by fill lines under the pond. Pipes and lines are a big consideration when digging a pond. I made sure my waterline was no where near where I dug my pond as well. It takes some work to figure this all out but you must know where your lines are prior to digging to avoid costly mistakes down the road.
This neat piece of art was a hanging planter that really stood out to me.

As did the potted wreath welcoming all to Donna and Herman's garden....

in the garden....

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  1. Thanks for sharing more of your tour, Tina. I loved the waterfall in the last garden! Lots of neat artistic touches in Herman and Donna's garden; I can just see that bottle chandelier in yours very soon.

  2. Wow what a beautiful pond and could get lots of great ideas from is still trying to soak the labels off of her blue bottles you have a super duper trick that works with labels?
    stella rose

  3. I thought that was your mosaic. It is such a pretty addition to her garden and I love what you did in your own garden.

  4. What a wonderfull garden !!!!! I love the mosaic !!

  5. I like whimsy so this pond garden is my favorite thus far! How exciting to see a shower mosaic in another garden! You do inspire girl. I just may have to tackle one some day. I am digging that bottle chandelier. I bet Mr Fixit could make some money making and selling those. I am in line for one when he decides to open the market on them... What a fun Whimsical garden and pond...

  6. You know me and whimsy! I liked the rusty "flower" especially. I need to get the instructions and begin collecting for the shower door mosaic! I could at least be the first in Harlan, IN to have one :)

  7. Oh my goodness, there is so much here that would be a great craft of whimsy in one's garden. I really like the bottle chandelier, the tree with bobbles on it or, oh my, all of it. Thanks so much for the additional tour. They are all good. Many thanks for the referral. I do miss it all.

  8. Looks like you and Donna a pair!
    Great inspirations. Thanks for sharing the tour!

  9. That garden has lots of personality!!! I wonder if they get lots of migrating birds flying through the area and stopping by:) I'd love to have a pond like this around our place.....really beautiful.

  10. Really envious of these tours. Love all her glass work and you can pat yourself on the back for being the inspiration for the mosaic. Chess pie??? I can't tell you the last time I had chess pie. yummm

  11. Oh my goodness their place is so awesome. I would never want to leave. I also love the rusty flower and the pot wreath.

  12. I love that they combined the ponds into one. It looks so big and beautiful. Smart tip, too, about knowing where things are underneath when starting to dig! I love the wreath, and the bottle chandelier. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Good for her for seeing yours, and working to get one in her own garden.

  13. It is so fun to visit other gardens and get ideas. I really think it keeps us fresh.

  14. I love that they have a cabbage by the side of their pond. It looks lovely. I also love all of the art work. My kind of garden!

  15. I love this garden! The cabbage (am I right?) by the pond is beautiful! I am sure I could happily spend hours there.

  16. love the whimsy in this garden and I really need to retire and start to get in touch with my artsy creative side...want some mosaics too