Monday, April 4, 2016

The Little Wren's Nest and a 'Snow Day' Surprise

Spring is here says the little wren! She decided to build a nest in a little cubby that houses my electric fence and garden equipment. Using that electric fence is now a bit tricky for me because this little lady has been busy. When I first discovered the nest there were only five eggs and now there are seven! I actually thought she had abandoned the nest because I had never seen her in here. I actually thought the nest was a mouse's nest and was ready to throw it out when I spotted the eggs. Wrens are funny birds who are rather secretive in their ways but who have no problems with nesting in and among us humans.
Here is a long picture of the nest in the cubby. You can see how it can easily be mistaken for a bunch of leaves for a mouse nest. I am trying to leave her be. As long as the deer stay out of the orchard I don't really need to get in this box. It will be great fun to watch the babies grow.
Right next to the little wren's nesting cubby is a 'Snow Day Surprise' pearlbush. This shrub is one of the most stunning in the garden right now. While it is not as full as some I've seen online it is pretty and sparkly and makes a big enough impact that Mr. Fix-it actually noticed it. That is a pretty big statement considering he doesn't too often notice anything growing in the garden unless he can eat it. I don't think pearlbushes are edible so don't try to eat it!
The blooms are brilliant. This plant is a stunner.
I used to have it in the woodland area but it simply languished so I decided to move it to a full sun area where it is coming into its own. This is one of the transplants from my old garden. Do give it full sun or it will not do well in Tennessee. Perhaps it can stand some shade in the deep south but for our area it really needs the sun. Acid soil with organic matter is ideal. I have this one sited alone so it can shine. As a bonus it gives the little wren a place to rest as she comes and goes from her cubby.
Right behind the cubby is the orchard and these late daffodils are coming into their own. I wish I could bottle and send you all the fragrance. I adore these white flowered daffodils for their fragrance that perfumes the entire house when a bouquet is cut for display.
As much as I love the white daffodils (cultivars unknown at this time) for their fragrance I adore the little 'Hawera' daffodil for its natural beauty and its ability to make a big impact with such tiny flowers. These are diminutive flowers but it only takes a few stems to make a big impact because each stem has five to six flowers atop it. I received these bulbs from a dear gardening friend and I can't thank her enough as I so love daffodils in my gardens. Any of the old heirloom daffodils are on my list to collect and plant.....

in the garden....enjoying bird eggs and flowers.
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  1. Isn't this a fun time of year? I too have a Carolina Wren nesting in a cubby by the barn door. It is amazing how brave she is when I go to the barn to get something, which at this time of year is about every day. Your collection of daffs are amazing. I like the last one too.

  2. The Carolina Wren builds her nest every year in the little shed that was built for the lawn mower. It has no door so she can go in and out as she pleases. Before my mom passed, the wrens would could in to her back porch and make a nest in the Walmart bags she would have hanging on a hook.

  3. Oh those little Wrens are just amazing where they nest. I have put hanging baskets in the wood shed in hopes for a nest but find them on the front porch instead. LOL.. They are neat house keepers so I let them be as well. How did they get into your box? Love those daffodils. I have a few of those little ones as well and they were the last to bloom for me. I am still enjoying the greenery of the daffodils as it too makes a statement in the garden until it dies back...

  4. Love wrens. Good thing you realized what you had there in time. That's a lot of eggs. I'm not familiar with how many eggs most birds hatch, but that seems like a lot for the parents to feed. Beautiful "snow" bush. Looking good.