Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rocking Chair Front Porch

We are only a few days into summer but my GEORGIA GARDENS have been feeling like summer for some time now. And as usual, I have been busy with projects. One such project, giving the front porch some Tender Loving Care. This is the "Before" photo.
 This would be the "After" photo of the removed handrail. It was rotting and we did not want to replace it as we never use it. So why spend the money, we asked ourselves. We also removed the old flag brackets as we now have a flag proudly flying in the yard with a spotlight.
 Another "Before" photo of the hand rail.
 "After" We like the look as it opens up the front porch a bit.
 I put two fresh coats of white paint on the porch.
 It was a hot, humid, time consuming project but well worth the days of work with the end results.
I made two pots of plants to greet guests as they arrive at the stairs. Here you see one of them. They are the same being Coleus, Pentas and Creeping Jenny.
 Looking to the right of the porch as you climb the stairs. Notice the black gutters.
Standing on the front stoop of the porch. I went with an accent of red for a pop of color. I am really into the red colors these days.

 Looking to the right side which has the swing and one rocking chair.
 I love this little fern as it does not shed like Boston Ferns. I have battery powered candles all over the porch. When lite at night, this plant glows.
I painted all the furniture on the porch black as the roof gutters.
 I had painted the swing white when doing another house project recently so left it alone. Just gave it a red seat cover. I enjoy sitting in the swing during the day time and watching the hummingbirds at the hanging feeder.
There are candles on every table. This one is inside a neat red jar. The little wicker watering pitcher hides the ashtray for our smoking guests.

 Now lets go to the left side of the porch. 

 I added a palm plant in red pot next to a deer my mother gave me.
These chairs use to be in our sunroom but they were replaced with recliners. A fresh coat of paint and now they are black along with the wicker tables.
 Candle sconces found at Goodwill store hold two more candles. A wall hanging from my favorite store, The Christmas Tree Shops completes this ensemble. A simple push of a button, and all the candle lite up on the porch!

 Once white rocking chairs are now black.
 We are now at the end of this side of the porch.
 My little whimsical recycled birdbath.

My mosaics go well with this new look. I have red material to make seat cushion and matching table runners but have yet to create them. I am getting use to the white cushions but still plan to make the red ones. What do you all think, Red or keep the White cushions as is???

The porch runs the entire length of our house. I wish it were a bit deeper though for a bit more room to move about. I must admit, the day I saw the front porch, I was sold on purchasing this house!  
I always fuss at the Saint for picking the most hottest time of the year to tackle outdoor projects. I did the same thing with this porch. My love of animals won out over my comfort of painting when I desired. Mr. and Mrs. Wren decided to build a nest on one of the porch posts. Why builders leave these exposed ledges is a mystery to me. They just beg for a bird to build a nest. I could not disturb the Wren family and once the babies had fledged the nest, it became hot and humid. Those stinkers tried to nest a second time once the porch was finished but I was on guard. I painted all the little birdhouses, I put on each ledge to blend in with the posts. I must stuff cotton in the holes or wasp will build a nest. I have bird houses all over the gardens but they prefer the post ledge. I tell you, it never ends with the critters around here. Always a battle. Sometimes they win, sometimes I win but in the end, we try to keep a perfect balance with nature.

I sit on the swing often in the evening while enjoying the awesome night sounds of crickets, frogs, etc. They are so soothing to my soul.

Love this ROCKING CHAIR FRONT PORCH, In the Garden...

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  1. I envy you a porch large enough to sit on. Ours is almost a stoop. Your red is very inviting. I like red too. How about a big red and white check for your rockers. That way you would have red and white. White is just so white. I imagine it would show a lot of dust and dirt easily too. When you get older you will want that handrail back. Enjoy your beautiful porch.

  2. Your porch is so inviting, Skeeter! What a lovely place to sit and watch the hummingbirds and just relax. Your new paint and color touches really make it eye-catching as well. Now all I would need is a glass of iced tea:)

  3. It looks great! Removing those handrails was a really good thing. Gotta be careful when you got to sell it you might have to replace them. We did on our old house--had to build stair rails on three sets of steps! It took some time but it much safer for the new owners. I really like the red and black. I say change those white cushions out for the red. Red and black are classic and go together well. You are a great decorator! You need to come help me with my porches as they are still not finished. Sigh.

  4. Skeeter girl how are you ! Busy, right ? haha .. I do that too .. work on something on too hot a day and suffer for it.
    I love everything about what you have done here ... the black contrast from the gutters to the furniture is absolutely gorgeous ! .. You did a great job girl. I also am a fan of the ferns .. that is all I have on our front step .. sadly we do not have a porch for me to play with but I figure simple is good since the gardens take a lot out of me and we do have a deck in the back garden so I play with that.
    Small changes can make big differences when we see the before and after .. funny how a little thin like a hand rail would do that.
    Great job girl ... looks wonderful !

  5. Looking good. I too like red.

  6. Nice job, Skeeter! I enjoyed my virtual iced tea on your porch.

  7. I love the space. There's so much light and at the same time it feels intimate. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  8. What a wonderful porch. I'd love to visit it. You all did a great job!