Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Do You Leave Comments on Blogger Blogs?

From In the Garden

It has occurred to me on more than one occasion that some readers of blogs may not understand how to leave a comment on blogs. I am only familiar with Blogger blogs, so I will confine this post only to Blogger blogs and I am only familiar with the Blogger options, but these general instructions and information should pertain to all Blogger blogs.

I only post this for readers who might at some time like to leave a comment on a Blogger blog. You can tell what kind of blog you are reading by the web address. Blogger blogs have 'blogspot' in the web address.

There are four options for allowing comments on Blogger blogs. They are:

Only Registered Users (Including Open ID)
Users with Google Accounts
Only Members of this Blog

"Anyone" is the most open type of option for commenting and reading a blog. The most restrictive option is to only allow comments from members of this blog. The two middle options require you to have an account either with Google or an alternative social networking platform.

When you click on the "Comment" box (located at the end of posts) it will usually bring up a pop-up (or you may already see the box) box where all comments are displayed. At the bottom of that box there are four options. They are:

Google/Blogger Account
Open ID

Most bloggers have a blog so they have some kind of an account already. If they have a Blogger account (Google product) they will comment under the first option. This option allows a link to the commenter's profile and ultimately the commenter's blog if an interested person would like to check out that commenter. Easy enough right? This is how I comment on all blogs I comment on.

The second option is a bit more complicated, at least to me. Open ID is an option that allows anyone with an email account to comment on Blogger blogs. Options for the commenters include: Live Journal, Wordpress, Typepad, and AIM. Live Journal, Wordpress, and Typepad are alternative platforms for bloggers. Many bloggers blog here and not on Blogger like we do here at "In the Garden", therefore the Open ID allows an easy login for these bloggers. AIM is an AOL product which is also a social networking platform similar to blogs.

The third option is the one I really wish to convey to you all. This option allows you to comment with or without your email login or any other requirements. When you click on this option you may either enter your name as you'd like it to appear, a screen name, or your website (URL). Some bloggers host their own blogs so they have a URL that is not necessarily recognized by Open ID or Blogger. This is the spot they can enter their URL. This is the option most non bloggers would most likely choose in order to comment.

The last option is to comment anonymously. You click on this option and no name or anything will be shown. You will simply show up as anonymous in the comment section. This is fine too. Sometimes when folks are new to blogs they use this option then sign their name at the bottom of their comment. I think perhaps because they don't understand the Name/URL option so I wanted to explain it. Spammers will almost always use this option if they find a way to comment and sell something on a blog.

I do realize this post will go down in currency in the archives and newer members may not read it, but perhaps if they check the archives it might help someone who really does not understand the ins and outs of commenting. Computer stuff comes easy to most folks but I know there are many, many folks who can't even tell you how to turn a computer on and this post is for them.

in the garden....

P.S. Does anyone recognize the insect on the peony bud? I am thinking it is some kind of a wasp, but can't seem to find the kind. Peonies are opening each day-what a joy!


  1. Don't recognize the bug but like how its colors are similar to the bud!

  2. Great explanation Tina, this internet world is confusing for some.
    It was nice for the insect to color coordinate with the peony.

  3. Hi Tina, I doubt a downward turn in your currency, but rather an uptick from grateful readers who would like to leave comments but are stymied by the options. :-)


  4. lovely Pic, Internet is really great, it had made the world really small, thanks for your wonderful comments, I enjoy being on your blog, Haven't found peony in nursury here but will love to have it, i liked this flower,hopefully will get it sometime.

  5. Such good advice and information Tina! I wish I had more time to tweet my blog and comment to so many others---but I just don't.
    It does look like a wasp--Brenda (In the Pines) told me she is getting ants on her peonies. The storms last weekend just about ruined the blooms on my mother's!
    Have a goo day!

  6. Tina,
    I don't know what kind of critter that is but I've seen them on our plants too. It does look like some kind of wasp.--Randy

  7. Morning all! Running late this morning so gotta go...

    Zindagi, Welcome to In the Garden. Always a pleasure to meet other bloggers!! Welcome.

  8. Some great advice for bloggers.

  9. I think it's a wasp as well Tina. I'm no entomologist though!

  10. Hi! Good post...when I first started reading and commenting I sort of figured it out...A post like this would have helped! Looks waspy to me...I hope the rain is gone when the peonies open. gail

  11. I've never seen a bug looking like that - interesting =)

  12. Gorgeous picture Tina. I've had some of mine turn all pink too - I think maybe it's time of day? Any thoughts?
    Great post. I've had friends that do not blog or have website and still haven't ever commented. Think I'll send this to them.

  13. Thank you for being thoughtful enough to write this post. We need to see more of this, as all this must look like mumbo jumbo to someone new. I have a question I haven't quite figured out, as I started my second blog on Blogger, and am still unfamiliar somewhat with the format. What exactly is the Create A Link at the bottom? I understand what a link is, and I've read the FAQ's, but why would you choose this and how does this play out?

  14. Good advice Tina. Visitors to blog sites might not know how much their comments are valued. If anyone has a question or just wants to say Hi. I really wish the comments were used for more dialguing.

  15. Tina, I'm so glad you've posted this! Like you said, there are many people who do not know how to go about it. When I first started blogging I did more than my fair share of bumbling. If I could've referred to a post like this, I'd have been very grateful! And I'm sure there will be many (like me) who'll find your post most helpful.

    That's a beautiful picture. Magical!

  16. Comments are fun(-:
    I enjoy reading them all!
    Visiting the commenters blog can be hard at times though on blogger! Unless you have the blog bookmarked you have to go through several steps to get to the persons blog to pay a visit and leave a comment for them.
    That is why I made a little link that I can post at the bottom of my comment so its easier to just click on and go right to my blog!
    I hope it makes it easier for some to hop over and visit me.

    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  17. Do not know what the critter is but it sure is a great picture.

  18. Amazing photo, Tina! I hope someone can identify this insect--he matches the peony bud perfectly!

    Great information for commenters, especially anyone new to blogging. But I also learned a few things--I didn't understand what the other options were besides the Google account. I've had a problem for several months leaving comments on certain blogs. I thought it was the way they set up their comment box, but finally I realized it was something in my browser settings. I still haven't figured out how to fix it, but the other day I had a brainstorm and opened up my blog using Firefox instead of Explorer. Now I have no problems! Some days I wish I lived with a computer tech:)

  19. Very good explanation. I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I always like when people use one of the options that links to their blog if they have one so I can visit them too. I must say I've found some great blogs by visiting commenters on my blog.

  20. Having a Wordpress blog, open id seems the easiest solution to me. But I've used Name/URL too. That is one colorful Wasp, he almost blends in nicely with the Peony bud. He's probably attracted to the sticky sweetness on the bud! :)

  21. Not sure about the bug, but do like the picture you snapped!

    When I first wanted to comment on a blog, I had no idea how so I had to send an email to the poster for an explaination! I still had to do a bit of back and forth with her but in time, I figure it out with the Saints help. I still have lots to learn but just pretty much stick to what I know works. Our peonys are in bloom and so pretty!

  22. My parents loyally read my blog, but neither of them have figured out how to comment on it. They send me emails in response to my posts. I should send them a link to this post! I still don't understand Open ID

  23. No clue about the wasp.
    I'm still learning about this computer thing. It doesn't come easy to me. But with Young'uns help I have muttled through it so far.

  24. Hey all, Glad I could help out anyone with this comment thing. So many don't understand it. Even I have to post under the Name/Url sometimes. Glad you all liked the picture. It is one of my favorites and I am stunned almost everytime my old camera gives me a good picture.

    Cindee, I had no idea that was why you put the link on your comments. That makes sense. I have you blogrolled though so that is how I visit you, but can see many using the link if you are new to them. Very clever.

    Brenda, I too have read about the link and backlink. Sad to say I do not quite get it. My concern is with spammers and so on with these links so that is why I looked into them. I think that create a link is something about if someone links to you it will show? But I really don't know, way above my tech challenged mind. Sorry I can't help.

    I hope everyone is having a great day in the garden. I dug many irises-they are leaving this garden this week! Now on to school work. Finals and so on. Glad when it is over to I can really garden.

  25. Hi Tina, interesting post, well done.
    Lovely bug but unfortunatly I don't know the fellows name.


  26. I comment when I can! Love the photo! And if I get into trouble and can't figure out how to comment on someone's blog or if there's an error message, I normally just move on.

  27. That is one interesting insect ~ is it really pink/purple or just the photo?? I used to be stymied (sp??) by the open ID option. For some reason, I couldn't figure out my ID to enter in the space. FINALLY did tho, thank goodness for there were some good people/blogs that I wanted to comment on and couldn't. Thanks for the explanations. I'm sure it will be appreciated by many.

  28. Hi Tyra, I hope you are fine in sunny Sweden. Spring is here surely!

    DP, It is time consuming to blog and welcome back from your break!

    Kathleen, Yes, a tutorial for the techno challenged would've been helpful for me too. Let me tell you. Really I need to do a post on the many stages of blogging and what to do, what not to do and what to expect. Although my experiences may be different from others, being new is a bit daunting when you begin a blog for everyone!

  29. Great instructions! I'm new to the blogging world so I love reading all the tips! --Jackie

  30. Hi.

    Thank you very much for your instrutions.
    Many seem to be puzzled at how to leave their comments. Your explanations would help them a lot.

    The purple insect is really lovely!

  31. This was interesting to me. I am self-hosted with a wordpress.org blog, so I've never been behind the scenes at a blogspot blog.
    The real question is how to get comments from people who don't have a blog themselves. I get emails from people who read the blog and I talk into people who've seen it, but none of them comment. It's good to get comments from the gardenblogger community, but it's not really a good thing to only get comment and feedback from them. I know from looking at site visit stats that gardenbloggers are only a fraction of the readers.

  32. This was interesting to me. I am self-hosted with a wordpress.org blog, so I've never been behind the scenes at a blogspot blog.
    The real question is how to get comments from people who don't have a blog themselves. I get emails from people who read the blog and I talk into people who've seen it, but none of them comment. It's good to get comments from the gardenblogger community, but it's not really a good thing to only get comment and feedback from them. I know from looking at site visit stats that gardenbloggers are only a fraction of the readers.

  33. Hi all! I have been so busy on here that I've been a bit late getting back here.

    Sapphire, Welcome! And thanks for dropping in all the way from Japan. I simply love those azaleas you showcase. So splendid. They are okay here too, much better in North Carolina. Hopefully this post will help some with comments.

    Ryan, Thanks and Welcome! You sure touch a nerve with comments. So many blogs have mainly bloggers commenting. I am not sure if all the other readers read the comments or the content or what attracts the majority of readers. Many say content, others the comments, I really don't know. But I can say I know this, many of your readers who do not blog and do not comment, do so for a reason. Once you begin commenting it is hard to extract yourself from the ongoing conversations and I think many non-bloggers do not wish to be pigeonholed into that track. I totally understand. Also, before this blog went to blogger, we had a small tight group of folks who talked, live conversations. It was like sitting on your front porch. What happens when it is open to all (like most of our blogs) is that blogs tend to get big, really big. Not so many conversations anymore, but still chit chat and involvement, all involving commitment. So the non-bloggers just tend to enjoy than get involved in big things such as all the bloggers talk. It is fine. Some of my original commenters (non-bloggers) have extricated from the conversations as blogging is time consuming. And it so alright. That is the beauty of blogging-it is voluntary and you can participate by reading OR commenting. I guess that is the beauty of the Internet.

    I bet some of your readers who email you also might possibly comment but don't know how. Also they think they may have to sign up for an account. This can be difficult with all the other accounts we have to maintain. You might do a post like this to tell your readers? And personally tell them you'd appreciate a public comment from them now and then. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Kathleen, On the day I took the photo it was an overcast day so I think all blended together. No color touch ups at all, but my camera is funny. Sometimes the color is right, sometimes not. this is mighty close.