Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Veggie Garden Update-May 09

Skeeters Veggie Garden Update:
Tina's Veggie Garden Update is usually first but I could not get my pictures to drag below with Blogger. So I will be going first today talking about my Georgia Garden. The fenced in area of the veggie garden remains soggy so no tilling of the dirt until it dries out a bit more. Today was to be a tilling day but the rain is falling as I type. Sigh...
The few plants I started from seed, (cucumber, beans, corn, etc) remain in the containers by the house. Easy to water and tend. I just hope the deer and rabbits don't find them! I will talk about one of these plants in detail this weekend.
So far, the deer and rabbits have not found the cabbage, onion, radish, lettuce and spinach. They are in the flower garden and not protected by a fence. The lettuce and spinach have been so good in salads thus far. See the Verbena? Lets move over to it shall we...
I planted 2 Roma and 1 German Queen Tomato slips on Thursday. I put them by the Verbena on the outskirts of the flower garden. "X" marks the spots. I am trying my best to get some things into the ground. This area is not soggy. I had tomatoes here a few years ago and they did great but the Verbena was not here then. Hum, I hope the Verbena will not mess with my maters. I also hope tomatoes like lime as lime stone is near. In the picture with the "X" to show you where they are planted, it looks as though the slips are in the mist of the Verbena. In this picture, you can see there is plenty of room for growth. I will snip the Verbena as it grows too close to the tomatoes.

I have a planter of Dill (thanks for the seed Tina), Parsley, Cilantro, Chives and Cat Nip for my fur babies growing as well.

Not much happening in the Veggie Garden and we are thinking of letting this be our last year to have an official Veggie Garden unless things look up a bit. Too soggy in our area and no where else to move the garden unless taking out my beloved Flower Garden which is not going to happen...

Maybe things will be brighter in my Veggie Garden Update next month, In the Garden...

Tina's Veggie Garden Update

It is that time of the month again, veggie garden update time! May is a good month in the garden. By now everyone should have the majority of their crops planted. I have all of mine planted except for corn, but that is okay. I've been harvesting radishes and green onions. Peas and lettuce should come any day.
Actually my lettuce is forming heads, and since I want big heads I've not harvested any so far.
Here is a long shot of the vegetable garden. You can see the bananas are growing well. I think everyone has one that I promised one to. Skeeter, if yours does not come back, I have extra, so don't worry.
The broccoli has not done as well as it did last year. I may have planted it too late as compared to last year. This year it is bolting far too soon to be useful for eating. I like the tight heads versus the loose ones. I have pulled all the plants and uncermoniously tossed them into the compost bin.
These peas are tall and quite happy on their little trellis, however there is a small problem. If you could see them up close you would notice there are very few flowers. No flowers, means no peas. They will be joining their fellow cool weather friends the broccoli in the compost bin soon. I have no idea what the problem could be, but I'll give them a bit longer. It is possible these are the tall type peas and won't set fruit until they reach a certain height.

The cabbage and Brussel sprouts are doing well. No harvest yet, but it's still early.

The garlic is doing fabulous. I am looking forward to harvesting it so I can plant my corn and cucumbers.

I have already planted tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash, catnip, and basil for warm season crops. I decided to grow a different type of gourd this year, a small white type. Those seeds still need to be planted. So much work, so little time it seems. This year has been especially hard getting everything in. We finally just combined the two households so maybe things will slow down now. Doubt it.

Strawberries in the behind the garage fruit garden are ripening up. We've picked a good amount already. They are very sweet this year! All the rain must've come at a good time for them. The gooseberries in this same garden are loaded with berries. I'll be posting on them next week.

in the garden....


  1. Good morning Skeeter and Tina, I am joining in the veggie day finally today. So much to learn about this type of gardening so I am paying close attention to what you guys are doing. Skeeter, the verbena is such a pretty background for the tomatoes! Tina, the peas seem to be coming much later this year than last, the ones that don't get eaten that is. I was just about ready to pull the broad beans that were bearing flowers but no beans when beans were noticed so don't give up on your peas. Maybe it is all the rain that has delayed the flowers. I will be watching about when to harvest the garlic too. :-)

  2. I'm looking forward to the gooseberry posting, I planted the ones you gave me. They made it through the winter!

  3. Good Morning Dear Garden Friends. Your posting today was extremely inspiring since this is my weekend to get the veggies planted and seeded in my Veggie Patch. I have many little seeds I started for the first time in doors that are still little seedlings. THEY ARE like my babies after all the work to get them to grow strong. I feel like I am sending them off to collage when they finally go to the big bed in the yard. :-)

    Happy Gardening and thank you for sharing your work with us.

  4. Both of your veggie gardens are coming along so well! We have tomotoes that should start to ripen within the week. Banana peppers are flowering, and carrot tops are big..but not ready to pull yet.
    Happy Gardening Skeeter and Tina!

  5. Aw, hope you don't have to pull up those peas..they look so healthy and green! I love that you plant flowers in with your veggies..I do the same. Such a beautiful day here in NJ but I'll be stuck at my desk all day at work..ugh!!

  6. Frances, added you in as I put the badge up. I am amazed you have beans and tomatoes already.

    Skeeter, I hope it dries out soonest! Planting veggies with the 'Homestead' is simply smart and beautiful too! I don't even think it getting too close will be an issue since verbena grows so low. Looks great!

    Dawn, I think I'll schedule it soon but want to get a shot of the red berries. If yours don't bear this year, they will year. Oh yes, very hardy. Don't dig them up. You will have to do cuttings of the Angel trumpet however.

    Bren, That's a wonderful way to look at growing veggies! Sending them off to college. Where hopefully they learn and do well and provide you with good produce:)

    Linda, So much already! You guys must be a head of us a bit. Fresh tomatoes-can't wait!

    Lynn, Finally when they got a few flowers they were saved. I'll hold off a bit. They do look good. So sorry you are stuck behind a desk! Grrrrr! Days like this it's hard to work.

  7. Dear Tina and Skeeter, No vegies this year so, I am still part of the cheerleading Raw, Raw, Raw!

    The gardens look marvelous!

    Again~~Raw, Raw, Raw!


  8. Both your veggies gardens are looking great! Skeeter, I hope you don't give up on your veggie garden; maybe you could continue to grow them in containers or amongst the flowers?

    I had hoped to join you today, but my vegetable garden got a very late start due to all the rain we've had. I still have to get my tomato and pepper plants in the garden, but this week looks perfect for that. I gave up planting broccoli a long time ago, Tina--too many bugs:)

  9. Skeeter and Tina - I started more seeds indoors this year and my broccoli,Brussels sprouts and cabbage are in the garden and doing well, but they are still tiny. Lettuce,radish, chard, and spinach seeds are sprouting in the soil. This weekend tomato plants go in and the garden will start looking like something. The garden extension is called the Potager and I'm hoping it will be pretty as well as delicious. I'm glad I found you through Frances at Fairegarden.

  10. Things are looking good! I lost track of the days and hopefully can get a Veggie Garden post up tonight. I need to get out to the garden for some pictures. The tomatoes are lookin' good!

  11. HI guys, Skeeter that's too bad about the soggy garden. The farmers all around me are having the same problem. Have you ever thought about square foot gardening in a raised bed?

    Tina, I planted some garlic from the farmer's market a couple years ago. Never harvested it because the blooms were pretty. Now it's a largish clump. When's the best time to harvest?

  12. We too have soggy soil every place we have tried to plant veggies. Finally we found a small area and planted it. But, beside it we have large containers with cucumbers and squash and they are doing wonderfully, so far. On the back deck I have peppers, hot and bell, tomatoes and radishes in containers......we will see.

  13. Hi Tina and Skeeter --so nice to see your gardens. We have lettuce popping up --we were slow getting our seeds in since I was having hubby do it this year. He did a great job --just had alot going on this spring. My peas have very few flowers too??? I think today will be an awesome day --really pretty when I walked the kiddos to the bus stop. Just a few more days. And, I can't wait to see your post on the gooseberry bushes. Mine are in but I am anxious to see the fruits they bear:) Have a great day!!! Ciao

  14. Hi all! Heading outside today-a garden day for sure. Mugginess coming back tomorrow. To have such a day as this in Tennessee in May is a real joy.

    I will for sure post gooseberries soon. So glad Dawn and Anonymous's are doing well!

    Marnie, With the garlic it is a trial by fire thing. Normally, once the foliage begins turning yellow and/or falls over, it's time to dig a bulb up and check and make sure cloves have formed. I learned this one year when I dug mine too early and no cloves. It still tastes fine with no cloves but of course that is what we want. Here it is normally sometime in June. A long time late in the season for sure.

    Heading to the garden....

  15. Good Morning everyone! Company in the house but sleeping in this morning so I have a quick minute to jump in here...

    Gail, thank you so much for the 3 cheers! I need all the cheers I can get with my soggy situation. :-)

    Rose, We do enjoy the spoils of our labor but such a pain if in containers as they need so much water during the hot summer months. The area is drying out so maybe we can get them into the ground this weekend. But calling for more rain starting tomorrow. sigh... We will see...

    Commonweeder, Welcome to the In the Garden Chat! You have a good start on your garden and it sounds as though you will be eating well this year! Fresh tomatoes are probably my favorite in the Garden...

    Dave, get that camera into the garden! I would love to see your maters at this stage!

    Roses and Lilacs, We knew that trying a veggie garden would be a challenge in the area we chose for the garden but the only option without having to cut down some trees to make room. We opt to work with what we have. We have thought of the raised beds but we have so many projects in the works now that we dont have time for it plus the wildlife is always an issue for us. We just dont know if all the work would be worth the efforts. But we are holding hope for the area to dry out as it did last year. We just must be patient and not get so antsy but so difficult as we want it all in the ground where it will thrive verses in containers...

    Darla, sounds like you have found a solution to a soggy situation! I am thinking of maybe putting some things up by the house where it is not so soggy but I dont think I would like veggies by the house but rather flowers instead. Gee, to flower or to veggie, that is the question of the day...

    Anonymous, Yippee, lettuce is popping out of the ground! You will enjoy the fresh taste of it as will your salad eating kiddos! Hubby is great for pitching in to plant for you! He too will enjoy the fresh munchies from the warm soil. You will enjoy being in the yard watching the things grow while holding your new Bundle. :-)

    Well, I need to get, we plan to go to a nature park today on the Savannah River. Hope to see some neat plants and wildlife as well...

  16. Tina, have fun in the garden today. And yes, the rain and muggys are coming back here tomorrow as well. So we plan to enjoy the nice day today...

    I will let you know what happens to the banana...

  17. Both gardens look great. Still further ahead than me that's for sure! The slugs have been bad and have eaten the broccoli and lettuce.
    I love seeing those heads of lettuce and cabbage. I think veggies from the garden are so pretty :)

  18. Tina, What an absolutely delicious post! It must be doubly good to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    We used to grow strawberries but the squirrels got them all - even worse they'd pick them before they were ripe, take one bite and discard them. I shall enjoy yours vicariously.

  19. Skeeter it would not take too long to have a couple of yards of dirt hauled in and put a few planks down and I bet you would be good to go forever.

    Everything looks good. I have my tomatoes, some peppers, some pumpkin and watermellon seedlings in but have replanted some tomatoes as I got a frost after planting them. Then I have planted a row of radish and carrots mixed together and will do another soon (the radish will be gone by the time the carrots need the space). I planted a row of onions from seed and they are up and look good. I am excited about them as I have never done them from seed before. Just in case it does not work I have planted 2 rows of onion sets. Got 3 rows of peas in and hope to do more SOON.

    Tina, is gooseberry the 3 things you planted by the veggie garden? If so they are also doing great as is the Japanese Maple.

    LOL very cute Gail!!

  20. Hi Skeeter and Tina! Both the veggie gardens look good! I'll be planting most of my seedlings this weekend. Can't wait! I hope the weather holds up for me. Of course is nice outside now while I'm inside at work. Maybe I should play hooky!-Jackie

  21. Hi Skeeter- I hope the deer and animals stay away from your garden! The tomato slip looks fabulous. Very healthy and lots of leaves! The cabbage also looks wonderful. So healthy! I am sure your cats will love the cat nip! What a fun surprise for them.

    Hi Tina- Your lettuce looks so great. What kind is that?

    We have also just planted a banana tree in the yard this year. So We're excited about that. Great to see the bananas are doing so great.

    Great to hear that your strawberries are sweet this year. I hope mine will be too!

  22. Hello All,
    Tina & Skeeter, your gardens look fabulous. Even tho yours is still in pots Skeeter. We do what we must do. You will dry out soon.
    I have tomatoes, banana peppers, orange bell, bush beans, collards, Brussels sprouts, onions, asparagus, Swiss chard & Blueberries. Whew, that was a mouth full. lol
    We also had a lot of rain for the last couple days & temps went lower than usual {enough to turn heater on to knock the chill off}.
    Just looked out, still softly raining. Arrrrg Fertilizing helt off another day.That's ok as we needed the rain bad. And it gives my back a chance to calm down.
    Have a great day all.

  23. Both gardens look great! And Tina, with a flower garden that fabulous (Bloom day photos still on my mind), will the veggie area be far behind? :)

  24. Good looking gardens girls! I'm trying my first little 3' X 3' raised bed this year but I know it won't be anything like either of yours! Thank you Tina for the link on columbines you left me yesterday too. That was very thoughtful of you. :-) Keep up the good work!

  25. I've heard others in different areas of the country have had broccoli not perform well this year. Hmm, bad luck year for the broccoli. Everything is looking good, though. Beautiful looking lettuce. Happy spring!

  26. Hi all! Such a wonderful day and I am finally getting some stuff done!

    Catherine, I too think veggies are pretty!

    Sarah, Same problem here too! Grrrr! We still get to pick a few but few and far between.

    Mom, So GREAT you got your veggies in! Yes, I planted some gooseberries in your veggie garden. I doubt the nicotiana will come back; which is a shame. I bet your perennial garden is looking great. And that J. maple is in a good spot-give you some interest and cool down the house. Did Terri's irises bloom?

    Jackie, The weekend will come fast-I think the weather is supposed to be good. My mother is in Maine and she's got hers in, you should be safe now. Have fun!

    Lola, Rain is good. It forces us to relax. A wonderful thing. Take it easy and rest that back.

    DP, I am pretty sure the lettuce is 'Buttercrunch'. We've been eating it and it is really good!

    Kanak, Thanks! Way more flowers than veggies here though that is not the way it should be really. Oh well.

    Kathlee, 3x3 size is perfect! And you are welcomed on that info. I liked reading about it simply because you had already mentioned the colombine as your state flower. Then when I saw that I was like wow! I love that Dave's letter. I read most of the articles each week and learn so much-no comments required. Different format but still a blog perse.

    Megan, That broccoli has been most frustrating. Urrr! All flowers but not tight. There's always next year. Have fun spreading that compost!

  27. I don't know, but I doubt that verbena would hurt the tomatoes. Yay, maters!

  28. That would be my plan. Plant veggies in containers where the dogs can't pee on them come fall. When I have room and there aren't container plants setting helter-skelter all over my yard.

  29. The purple Verbena looks gorgeous. Not summer yet, already started to harvest some vege...lucky you!

  30. Skeeter, I wish you luck with your veggie garden this year since I know the rains have created such havoc. Hope the Tomato & Verbena learn to play nicely. ;) Those cabbages look great by the way, very yummy!

    Tina, you've gotten a decent harvest this spring. I'm planning on planting my cool season veggies late summer for a fall harvest. Sorry about your Broccoli & Peas. :) Oh by the way in case you don't get a chance to stop back by my blog, just not getting to comments. That Penstemon is native to the eastern states. I left a link for more info on my blog.

  31. Coming to visit here gives me a great idea of what to expect in my garden in the coming weeks - we're having a slow start! Your cabbage and lettuce look so pretty Skeeter, and Tina, that lettuce will be ready for a salad very soon. A little radish and scallion and you're in business!

  32. Coming to visit here gives me a great idea of what to expect in my garden in the coming weeks - we're having a slow start! Your cabbage and lettuce look so pretty Skeeter, and Tina, that lettuce will be ready for a salad very soon. A little radish and scallion and you're in business!