Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Mystery Plants Solved/Contest Winner

By: Skeeter
Ah, The Prize for the Contest Winner! More on this later...
Last week, I showed you this clump of trees in my Georgia Woods. No one could identify these trees for me but we will talk more about this later. Lets go see the plants that other Gardeners were able to ID for me... 1. Star of Bethlehem
2. Pearl Bush
3. White bells. All I could find on this plant were pictures on the Internet with no information. They do seem to grow along the roadside in England though...
4. This plant will remain a mystery for us. One suggestion was Barberry but after a Internet search on Barberry, I found way too many to investigate. But with the many photographs I looked at, none looked like this mystery plant.
5. Fringe plant seemed to be recognised by several of you. I had never seen this tree before but since this tree is located in our city, I will keep my eye on it for changes during the seasons.
6. Primrose was the name given to this plant by many of you as well. Again, too many on the Internet to give the botanical name so we will just stick with Primrose.
7. After a Internet search for lizards of Georgia, the only thing I can come up with for this guy is maybe, a Eastern Fence Lizard. But with research, I found that many lizards have been introduced into our populations from other countries and are surviving our climates. So this could be some other type lizard due to relocation by mankind... Now back to the Mystery plant from last Saturday. Some type of Privet was the main answer but after walking into the woods to see if it was blooming and finding the answer to be no, then I don't believe we have a Privet bush. But more a tree plant instead.
Here is a sprig I plucked to give you a closer look.
Two stems were on this one sprig.
Here is a closer view of the leaves. Glossy texture and saw blade edges. I assume this plant will remain a mystery as Number 4 and the Lizard. I am happy to know that I am not the only one in Blogland which did not know all the plants but good thing about blogging, I now know the names to 5 more plants today then I did yesterday!

Now to the Contest winner!

As the Saint says to me often, "He who has the gold, makes the rules" Taking his words to heart, I decided to change the rules to the contest. I am adding all names to the Magic Hat of those which gave a comment on the Mystery plants of both days.

Now the Magic Hat please.......

Drum roll as the Saint draws the winner....

Ta-DA: Brenda Kula from View from the Pines! Brenda, I hope you enjoy this little rain gauge in your Texas garden. I rely on my rain gauge on a daily basis when watering my gardens. Please send Tina your Full Name and Address so she can pass it along to me. I will have your Prize in the mail soon!

*Note: I may be out of net for most of the weekend but will jump in here if and when I can.
Have a Good Weekend!


  1. how nice animals ;-))) I love the white bells, have them too at Hopkins garden ;-))) liebe Grüße und schönes Wochenende !!! herzlich Kathrin

  2. Good morning all! Up early as I have a bezerk dog since it is storming here.

    Congrats to Brenda on her win!

    Skeeter , you're the best and have a great weekend!

  3. Hi
    I think no 3 is comfrey - cant remember its latin name but I am pretty certain. The leaves are excellent for get your compost been going

  4. Congratulations to the winner!

  5. What fun, congrats to the winner. think number four is Lindera benzoin, Spicebush. Saw it in a cataloge a couple nights ago...
    check out this website.

  6. Hey congratulations to Brenda girl !! .. I know from experience you will have a smile on your face all day : )

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  8. Congrats to Brenda on the cute raingauge

  9. Good Morning everyone, we are taking off in a minute but wanted to pop in here and say hey first...

    Patientgardener, I did a quick search on Comfrey and the foliage is not the same so dont think this is it. Although, comfrey seems to be an interesting plant! Medicinal and all...

    Janet, I did a quick search on Spicebush and found a close up picture of the blooms. They are not the same as the Mystery bush in my picture. Hum, I wonder what it could be???

    Thanks to both Janet and Pat-Gardener for the avenues to follow this morning...

    Off I go now...

    Have a good weekend and I will pop in here when and if I get a chance...

  10. Congrats to Brenda!! Perfect for a Texas garden--especially now with all this rain we are getting!

  11. Congrats to the winner! From your list of plants, all the blooms are lovely but the Fringe plant is stunning!

  12. Hi Skeeter~ I'm glad that you were able to id some of your mystery plants thanks to the knowledgeable gardeners in blogging land! Congrats to Brenda on winning the rain gauge, what a cute little frog! :)

  13. What a great idea - Ask gardeners to ID a plant and end up with 4 more mysteries!! LOL, some crowd. I kid, I kid. Your garden looks pretty doggone terrific. I do miss living in the South sometimes, particularly Spring and Fall. Your blog brings a little of that back for me, thanks. I like your style.

  14. It's great that there are so many knowledgeable gardeners out there!
    The rain gauge is really cute. Congrats!

  15. Hi there. The one you have labelled "primrose" is an evening primrose -- not in the primula family, but an Oenethera. Here's a Wikipedia link to the family:

    Good luck with your other IDs.

    Helen of

  16. I'm glad you found out some of your mystery plants.
    Congrats to Brenda. What a cute little frog.
    Hope you have a lovely visit. Be safe.

  17. Well learning some of them is better than nothing. Learning comes to us everyday in this great blogland.

  18. I agree Jean. Always a chance to learn something. I've learned several things lately that I did not know.

  19. Back to the original mystery. How about Wax Myrtle? Crush the foliage and if it has a distinct strong smell, that could be it. They shape of the leaf looks as if that could be it.

  20. Hello everyone and thanks for playing along with the little game! It has been an adventure trying to id them all...

    Helen, I am one to just call something by a simple name, hence the Primrose. I did not realize that adding Evening to it actually put it into another category. Learn something new every day and this is my new one for the day! Thanks...

    Les, I did look at Wax Myrtle on the internet after the suggestion. I smell the leaves as the info I read said they would have a distinct scent. I did not smell anything but did not crush the leaves. So I must pluck some more and this time crush them as you suggest and see if there is a scent then we have a Wax Myrtle!

    Steve, thanks for stopping by, we here at "In the Garden" have fun with this blog. Tina our Master Gardener is great to let us jump in to play a bit here :-)...

    Thanks to everyone for playing along with this little game...

    Brenda, your frog should be in the mail some time today!