Friday, May 15, 2009

Bloom Day-May 09

The month of May sees many, many plants blooming in the garden. I am normally a fall type person, but I must say that with all the rain and cooler weather we've had here, I am in love with spring. Everything is so fresh and new and colorful! Enjoy.

An unknown
passalong peony given to me by Margie, a really good gardener who lives south of Clarksville. I've never met a gardener who would part with their peonies, but Margie offered these to me and did not even know me! Sorry to the roses, but peonies have to be the most beautiful flower! I have lots of them on today's post.
An unknown cultivar of clematis. I really must stop buying clearance plants or I'll never know what I have planted here!
'Immaculee' peonies and White Irises. I have found 'Immaculee' to be an awesome peony for holding up its heads with little or no support. It does not have a strong scent however.
'Globemaster' alliums, and an unknown peony. The 'Globemasters' are easily 4 feet tall, and 6-8" in diameter. I really love this cultivar as it is very reliable. This is their third year in this spot. I like this combination too. This is the second year these peonies have been in place. Verbascum leaves are the large gray things to the left of the peony, and to the left of them is what I believe to be 'Walking Iris'. Maybe someone can tell me further down on this post.
Raspberry Splash Pinks, aka Dianthus 'Devon Yolande'
Clematis viticella 'Betty Corning'. A purchase from Maine.
I think this iris is known as a 'Walking Iris'; which are not supposed to be hardy here. I really don't know. Does anyone recognize it? It is taller than bearded irises.

Peony 'Festiva Maxima', also blooming: 'Immaculee', 'Sarah Bernhart', and an unknown red one, along with a single pink.
My little quartet of baby robins. They have 'flown' the nest, but still nearby.
Pansies and 'Homestead Verbena'

Pink Flower or Chinese Indigo, aka Indigofera amblyantha

Dutch Iris, probably 'Holland White'. I planted a mixed bag last year. Also blooming are white and yellow (Apollo) and blue (Purple Moon).

Unknown purple colombine. I sent seeds of this to other bloggers and to friends, so some of you may have this growing in your garden. It is very easy to grow from seed.

'Mt. Airy' Viburnum dilatum. I purchased some other cultivars of viburnums in hopes of getting good pollination. Oddly enough only 'Summer Snowflake' and the 'Snowball' viburnum are blooming right now. I am not sure if they will pollinate 'Mt. Airy', but I hope so. The red berries of this viburnum are quite showy and beloved by birds.

False Indigo Baptisia, aka Baptisia australis

My little Orkin. She is a bloom in the garden-resting on my basket of newspaper used for mulch. Odd cat.

'Meadow Clary' Salvia pratensis

Dutch Iris, most likely 'Purple Moon'. These are all new to me so I am still learning these irises. Also blooming are dark purple Siberian irises. My friend who gave them to me called them Japanese irises. I am sure that is not so though. One of these days I'll post on them.
Yellow and purple irises, along with a wild red rose. I simply love this color combination. I will be donating many of these purple irises to the Montgomery County Master Gardener Plant Sale, to be held on May 30th.
Unknown clematis in a tree. I tried to find the cultivar with no luck.
Front Foundation Garden. Here we have blooming: 'Raspberry Splash' dianthus, 'Darling' shasta daisies, unknown Pink azalea, 'Chardonnay Pearls' deutzia (chartreuse foliage behind the lamb's ear), and 'May Night' salvia in the background. This garden always has something going on in it, and is a bit more formal than most of my gardens.
Irises, a passalong
Old fashioned bleeding hearts, also blooming are the white ones, and 'Luxuriant'

'Dropmore' Honeysuckle, aka Lonicera bella
Peonies and Irises
'Florida Flame' Azalea, aka Rhododendrum austrinum
'Chardonnay Pearls' Deutzia, aka Deutzia gracilis
'Roseum Elegans' Rhododendron, also blooming is 'Nova Zembla', a red cultivar.

'Globemaster' Alliums and Irises
Iberis, Dianthus, Irises, Azaleas
'Summer Snowflake' aka Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum
Clematis, Unknown Cultivar
This dogwood was purchased at Don Shadow's Nursery last May. It was supposed to be 'Little Princess', a dwarf white flowering variety. Big surprise! I like the red better though.
Japanese Snowball Bush, Viburnum opulus. This is going by now, especially with all the rain we've had.

Also blooming not pictured: zonal geraniums, catmint 'Walker's Low', heucheras, coreopsis, yellow twig dogwood, ninebark, Bulgaricum alliums, and other alliums (a post will come), white bleeding hearts, 'Darling' shasta daisies, 'May Night' salvia, 'Blue Hill' salvia, 'Miss Huff' lantana, bromeliad, Red hot pokers, Common sage, German chamomile, some unknown and fragrant lily that looks like a daylily, 'Barbatus' dianthus, goutweed, lily of the valley, hardy geraniums, sedum 'Acre', oxalis, silene 'Rolly's Favorite', heucheras, weigela, yellow foxgloves, amsonia 'Blue Star', 'Mouse Eared' coreopsis, Snow on the mountain, spiderwort, and love in a mist.

Changes from last year: strawberry begonia, delphiniums, evening primrose, bachelor buttons, and calycanthus are all not blooming and were this time last year.

There are a few new additions this year. They include: lantana, and 'Meadow Clary'.

I hope your Bloom Day is going great.

in the garden....


  1. My goodness Tina, what great blooms, I scarely know where to begin. I am a fan of peonies, only have one --as pass along. I really like the mixed planting with the allium and peony. Nice mix. Your gardens are really pretty.

  2. Gosh you do have a lot flowering in your garden at the moment - very jealous. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who picks up plants from clearance sales and then doesnt know what she has bought!!

  3. Hi Tina, what great blooms! I too love peonies and got all three of mine as passalong plants (!). Also, cats I know all seem to love sitting on paper and in baskets, so Orkin isn't at at weird! (On that account. I don't know what she gets up to otherwise! ;-)

  4. Tina -- when I got to your "Front Foundation Garden" I think my jaw dropped to my knees! :-)

    As much as I love close-up shots of blooms, I get my kicks from seeing vignettes of companions or entire "long shot views" of gardens.

    Have a great day,

  5. Janet, You just can't get enough peonies. I bet you'll dig yours and take it with you to SC?

    Helen, You and I have similar flowers in our gardens but I am loving that white flowered-so can I be a bit jealous too? It is super!

    Monica, The peonies give me such pleasure! Glad to find out Orkin is not so strange. I had never seen her do that before.

    Cameron, Yes, I do really like long shots at it gives more of the picture. I am pretty proud of this one and one across the sidewalk. They are my showplaces since I see them each and every day. Did you notice not since visitors see them? I must be the one pleased, but I do give in to some formality here. It works well. This summer the daylilies and coneflowers will come into play. Even some mums. Thanks very much for the compliment from one of the master designer bloggers I visit!

  6. Beautiful blooms Tina! I rescued some peonies from a friend's garden a few years ago. She'd cut them to the ground in June, planning to take them out. They came back and bloomed the next year in my garden, but are long gone now. After the house was sold, the new owner took out all the beds and borders I'd planted there, cut down the trees, and tore down the beautiful screen porch.

    A few years ago I saw a picture of that house in the newspaper - the owner had been arrested and the house confiscated because he was a drug dealer - must have been on drugs to destroy those beautiful gardens!

  7. Tina, your gardens are so lovely! I was oohing and aahing through your entire post. The viburnums, peonies, and irises are transporting me to my midwest gardens. Thanks for the memory trip. When our out-of-town visitor asked if she could bring anything with her, I was cheeky enough to ask for some of the Siberian irises in her backyard. Of course, she traveled by plane, so the irises will have to remain at home this time.

  8. What a beautiful display! It can get tricky remembering the names of all those Dutch iris. So many of them look just a like! Your garden is a masterpiece!--Randy

  9. I really like that first unknown Clematis as well as all of your Alliums. I can grow an onion, but Clematis and me are bad news.

  10. hi tina, your garden is so beautyful !!! a lot different flowers and everyone ist so lovely and the birds, funny, but birds and cat at one post ;-) be careful !!! liebe Grüße von Kathrin

  11. A very interesting record. I particularly enjoy comparing the plants with ours, or what I think ours will be like shortly - many of your varieties are slightly different. I must post about our peonies, and see what advice I can get. Maybe this evening.

  12. Tina, Your garden is spectacular! I love it all! Especially the repetition of round blooms~~the alliums, snowballs, and peonies! Lovely, lovely, lovely! have a great day in the garden! gail

  13. Beautiful post! I too, scarcely know where to begin. I'm drooling over your Clematis and peonies -- the honeysuckle too.... all gorgeous. Your passalong iris with the white standards and purple falls may be Helen Collingswood, one of my favorites. Your garden looks wonderful.

  14. I love that when I come here I almost always learn about a new plant. Today it was vibrunum (Mt. Airy) Gotta get myself one! Everything looks fabulous, Tina.

  15. Your garden looks so nice already! And the baby robins are darling:-D My favorite is the one with the allium in the background, seems to be standing sentry over his friends!

  16. Tina, I think those small iris are Jap ones, we call them, along with the dutch, blue flag. They are native up here and grow most everywhere. Orkin? Cool cat=trade ya!

  17. Tina what beautiful gardens you have. Of course I imagined as much but to see actual pictures of them just blew me away - like everyone else I'm drooling. Your foundation garden is gorgeous and I love the color of your Roseum Elegans' Rhododendron. I sure wish you were close enough I could hire you as a coach. I have all this room, as you've seen, and just don't know how to put it all together! What a great job you've done to make your place so beautiful!

  18. Good Morning Tina.
    Your garden is fantastic. I love all the flowers. I sure would like some of them here.
    Cool kitty.
    Another day in the garden. Not enough time to get it all done.
    I hope everyone has a marvelous day.

  19. You all are too kind and thank you for all these nice comments! I'm on my way to the garden....I might get lost there so don't worry if I'm not around:))

  20. Wow, Tina, so many blooms, I'm speechless! I agree, I love that photo with the combination of purple, red, and yellow--very striking. Thanks for the tip on the specific allium. This is a plant I want to add this fall, so I'll make a note of this variety. Your garden is a bloomin' beauty this month!

  21. Awesome bloom day. All the cats here love to lay on newspapers but that is such a cool photo or Orkin!!

  22. Tina, it's gorgeous there! I can't believe how much is blooming and how lush and full your gardens are! I think the clearance plants are great, you'll always have the mystery to solve of what variety it is.
    I'd love to trade columbine seeds with you. I don't have any solid purple.

  23. Tina, great bloom day. Especially love the pale blue and purple iris. My iris are starting to bloom now which seems odd since you are usually so far ahead of me. Maybe mine are just early bloomers.

    Love your peonies. Have a couple of the same ones.

  24. Tina, your garden is so beautiful. Stunning blooms...I just don't know where to begin! If I grew peonies, I'd never give them away:) Honestly, your blooms are a delight. Love the way you've used rocks and of course, love each and every photo!

  25. You have so many beautiful blooms, Tina. I love all the variety of irises. Gorgeous!

  26. Man, what a fabulous tour of one lush, lush garden! Thanks so much, you have a lot to be very proud of. I also had to admire the "clearance shopping" notion, myself, lol.

  27. Just when I think I am getting some color in my garden, I look at your garden and know I have a long way to go. lol I will never catch up to you girl. You have such color and so much! I am a big bargain bin shopper and love the back racks at Lowes! tee hee. I have added a lot of new things to the garden this spring due to those racks. I will give you a peek soon....

    Your yard is beautiful and I wish we could sit and have a sip of cola while admiring it all from the deck with robins singing in the trees, dogs chasing balls and kitties lying on newspapers around us…

    Have a great weekend!

  28. Holy cow, tina. There's so much blooming in your garden! Really beautiful, I especially love your peonies. So that birds nest was for real! I had to see the baby birds to believe it. Look how cute they were!

  29. Hey Tina...I believe your iris may be a Louisiana Iris. Your shots are great as always. Have a wonderful weekend

  30. Oh my stars what beautiful blooms you have!! Great job!

  31. Wow, is your garden ever blooming it's heart out right now. All that rain you got must of sent them into immediate action! I love all the Peonies, Clematis, & Iris. But your Globemaster Alliums really struck my fancy. I love Alliums so I must get some of these this fall. :)

  32. Hi Tina, so much in bloom. I want to suggest the clemmie in the tree might be Multiblue? Your Meadow Clary looks just like my new Eveline too, both are S. pratensis, maybe they are sisters. Your peonies are drop dead gorgeous, no matter what the names are! :-)
    I am late because our power has been out for a while due to a huge thunderstorm. I have never seen such lightning for so long ansd so close to the house. Yikes!

  33. Frances, I'm sorry about the power outage. That lightening can be horrible. It struck my brothers house---knocked all power out---did a lot damage to the fireplace. It's not connected to the wall anymore.
    Thank God they were still in the bedroom.

  34. I love all your purple color flowers such as colombine, 'Globemaster' Alliums and Iris...
    Very nice garden fountain and natural rocks, your garden looks like the pictures in the Home and Garden Magazine.

  35. Beautiful blooms! The clematis and alliums are probably my favorites.

  36. There're just too many to take in in a single post, Tina. I'll sure come back later and fall in love with some other blooms, but for now I love your Irises. They're simply gorgeous.

  37. Nice blooms. I think half the bloggers posting today don't know which variety of clematis they have. I never remember either, they're one of the plants that seem to be especially difficult to keep track

  38. Hi,tina.

    Oh I have been watching your lovely plants again and again.
    I have the clematis just like your pink one. Mine is deep pink too.
    And your gorgeous deep red peony blossom looks very much like a Japanese tree peoney, though I'm not sure. If I have an opportunity, I'd like to put Japanese ones on my blog.
    Thank you!!!!!

  39. Hi all, Thanks for your wonderful comments. I am so busy in this garden-never realized JUST how busy until this spring.

    Frances-hope you guys suffered no damage.

    Dirt Princess, I am going to look up a Louisiana iris-I'd love to have that one identified.

    Sapphire, I do have a few tree peonies, but not blooming. The pink one with a the yellow center is I think a Japanese peony. You should for sure put some on your blog, they are so beautiful.

    Thank you everyone again. May is such a wonderful month in the garden, all gardens for sure.

  40. WOW Tina! It's all so beautiful and there are so many blooms. I forgot about bloom day this month but I wouldn't have had near what you featured. It was a treat to see your yard ` it really looks amazing right now. That clematis viticella is very unique. I always like the more unusual shaped flowers. Have a great weekend and enjoy your beautiful garden.

  41. Hi, Tina,

    I'd agree with Frances -- that clematis in the tree looks like 'Multiblue' to me.

    Helen at Toronto Gardens