Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Summer Blooms

I thought I'd share with you all a few blooms going on in the garden at Tiger Gardens. Above we have a coneflower (probably 'Magnus') and a cotton candy bloom of Queen of the Prairie (Filapendula rubra).
Daylilies rule the summer and this year they look good (as they did last year).
I transplanted most of my mophead hydrangeas this spring, but this one escaped the big move and has rewarded me with lots of blooms. I love hydrangeas! The little coneflower next to it is also a favorite plant. It is 'Harvest Moon' coneflower and looks great near the blue hydrangea. 'Highland Lord' daylily, veronica, impatiens, and a variegated miscanthus round out this picture of part of the Sunny Perennial Border in front of the vegetable garden.
More veronica and a dwarf white phlox 'Flame White'. Some of the phlox is suffering from powdery mildew this year. Not complaining though-bring on the rains.
'Moonbeam' coreopsis is one of my longest blooming perennials. It and veronica hold the borders all season long and make a great match.
A long shot toward the greenhouse looking across the Sunny Perennial border, the Rear Center Garden and past our new patio area. More on that later as today I'm showing just a sneak peek since the patio is not quite done. Mr. Fix-it is working on it though.
Crinums are scattered all over the gardens. I really must consolidate them because planting them the way I have does not do them justice at all. My issue is the bulbs are SO big and there is such little room in the soil for big bulbs without disturbing established perennials that I get lazy and tuck the crinums wherever there seems to be an empty spot.
Looking toward the back of the yard along the Rear Center Garden-sunny side. Groups of daylilies along with alliums and other perennials comingle in this garden happily. I worked hard last summer to design the clumps of flowers for long term interest. This garden is tough because it is under the trees and suffers several blank spots in July and August during our droughty periods.
Looking back toward the house at the same side of the Rear Center Garden. Here you can see the daylily groups. Sedum, asters, gloriosa daisies, peonies, irises, mums, and shrubs round out this side of the garden.
I love my orange and pink combinations. This grouping is in the Greenhouse Garden. The astilbes are one of my favorite perennials. Once the flowers pass by they will remain looking good for a very long period of time. All they need is a moist area in shade or part sun.
Here we are sitting on our new patio-which is not finished yet. This patio is built in a natural amphitheater like area in the middle of our backyard. We are looking out from under the mature oaks toward the Sunny Perennial and Vegetable Garden. The vegetable garden is doing fine. I should do a post on it but I have no camera with which to take pictures:(. I've harvested cucumbers, potatoes, and peas. The red cabbages are ready to eat and so are the blueberries. Unfortunately the only ones eating the blueberries are the robins. They are bold little boogers who love eating the blueberries and when I try to chase them off they simply fly about two feet away and sit there scolding me. I don't mind sharing but I would like to eat at least ONE blueberry from my garden this year. 

It is not too late to sow another succession of cucumbers, squash, and corn if you are of the mind I've already sown mine. I am so excited I got it all done too because I am usually very bad about successive sowings. I expect I'll still be enjoying fresh cucumbers and squash all the way to frost. I do not grow corn in my garden. I also sowed some pumpkins, carrots, and kuri squash. We'll see how they do.

Okay, here is a sneak peek at the new patio area. Right now it is simply a gravel patio until we decide on a patio stone and have the time to finish it all. The firepit is the center of the patio and Mr. Fix-it out did himself when he built this firepit. I'll post more on it later. It is not finished because we still have to cover the cinder blocks with faux stone. This patio is about 20 feet in diameter, maybe larger. We spread eight TONS of gravel on it in order to level it. Mr. Fix-it had to build a wall around it on the low side first. While this patio is not finished it is still a wonderful spot to sit in the shade and enjoy looking out....

into the garden.....
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  1. Lotsa pretties there! It all looks so happy.

  2. Tina,
    A 20 inch patio is not very big, you have a typo there. Many call blocks cinder blocks, most blocks today are concrete blocks. Mr Fix it is doing a great job!

    We got the rain chains yesterday, awesome I'm thrilled with them!

  3. Having coffee with the Saint as he is off work today! When he saw the sneak peek pic, he said where is that? I said in Tina's garden. His reply, WHERE? I said I dont know but Tina never ceases to amaze me with moving this and that and creating new things. An ever changing garden for sure....

    Hey, did that Tiger Lily ever bloom for you? Mine are blooming now and every time I see them, I think of Tiger Gardens...

    Have a great time enjoying some cooler temps for a bit.....

  4. Good morning all! Mom, if not happy then colorful for sure. The color makes me most happy. Looking forward to seeing the color in your garden soon!

    Randy, Thanks for the catch. I usually have to proofread my posts once posted and can always find typos-you beat me to it this morning. I'll pass on your compliment to Mr. Fix-it. He's a great guy to take on this big project. Usually it is my forte but since he has retired he is a bit more involved. So glad your rain chains are working out. I hope you'll post a photo? I've been considering them as they are so unique.

    Skeeter, Coffee sounds good. I'm just starting my day so it's on my agenda soon. This patio to be is in the center of our backyard right below the deck set amongst four trees that make a perfect amphitheater. It was always planned for there. We just finally put the plan in place and started using the area this spring. The tiger lillies you gave me are doing well but not blooming. I put the original one you gave me in my sunny perennial. I thought it had died but it did not as it is about 1 foot tall. The other ones I planted way back and I will have to check on them. I'm not sure if they are still there but they did come up. I'll let you know if it blooms. We might be a bit behind you. Tiger liiies sure fit for Tiger Gardens. Lower humidity but heat is coming. I hope you got lots of rain! Have fun laying those tiles.

  5. Everything looks so lush and healthy. I am in awe of your lilies.

  6. such bright colourful cottagey perennial plants. I love the idea of having a firepit in the middle - like going camping and sitting around the fire. I'd love something like that but since our deck is raised and made of wood, something tells me it wouldn't be a good idea!

  7. Lovely blooms! I wish I could grow Queen of the Prairie here, but I don't have the right conditions yet. Maybe one day!

    Do vole eat crinum? The rascals did a number on my garden over the winter--missing allium, coneflower roots eaten, etc.

    As for phlox, I'm in LOVE with 'David'. Third year here and I've now got stunning blooms. Unfortunately, my monarda 'Raspberry Wine' bloomed ahead of time and the 'Starfighter' lily hasn't opened....that was to be my trifecta vignette for this month. Oh well.

    Your using your patio, so I'd certainly wait until cool weather to do more! It's HOT here! 100 for the 4th.

    Happy 4th!

  8. Good Morning All.
    Lots of beauties to look. That new patio sure has my attention. Can't wait to see it through your camera lens.

  9. Fantastic (as always) I like the identifications as I write down the names (being forgetful) of things I have and can't name or things I want to get later.
    p.s Thanks for your kind thought on a recent post of mine. Fond memories of my son and working in the gardens often keeps me going....

  10. Every little princess would like to wander in your garden and collect flowers if you allow them :). Do you eat daylily roots? I was reading other blog and it said that daylily roots are edible but I am not sure which one.

  11. Your garden is popping with color Tina. I really need to try getting some Speedwell, those spiky purple blooms would be great in any of my beds. Looks like your patio is coming together nicely, bravo to Mr. Fix-it for all his hardwork! :)

  12. Rosey, Thanks!

    Catmint, Maybe try a metal firepit or a chimnea? They create nice ambiance.

    Freda, I've not had issues with the voles and crinums-knock on wood. They sure eat enough as it is already. Our phloxes are just coming in to bloom. A bit behind NC I think. It's supposed to be most hot here too. Stay cool and use that pool!

    Lola, It will be a while before it is finished but I'll probably post on it then. It's a nice spot to sit for now.

    Troutbirder, Yes, of course. Very sad to lose anyone let alone your child.

    MKG, I've not tried the roots but the other night I picked a big fat bud from one of my daylilies and took a big bite out of it. Tasted just like lettuce with some green plant taste in it. Not too bad and I can see where daylily buds would be good in salads. I couldn't believe I did but I had been saying I would for so long it was time. Not sure about the roots though.

    Racquel, You cannot go wrong with speedwell. I have several varieties and I tell you they never fail to please and their flower shape sets off the rounded ones of daylilies and coneflower, etc.

  13. You have so much blooming right now and it all looks good. I have the same little alliums blooming away too. The firepit is cool. I'll bet that's a fun spot to roast marshmellows. I like mine charcoaled and all gooy inside.

  14. Hi Tina,
    I read this post while I was sitting with my dad who is in the hospital with pneumonia in one of his lungs, and other symptoms they are trying to diagnose. He is on oxygen and has antibiotics in a tube. We ended up looking at photos of my grandkids. He and Mom see the 3 1/2 year old almost every Saturday. We see him every Saturday, and take him there for a couple to 4 hours.

    Anyway, I remember enjoying the post, and looking back at the several things I wanted to refer to. You sure have a beautiful place, and that sitting area looks awesome to me as is.

    Oh, was that bush in the first photo beautyberry?

    This afternoon, I looked over the blooms in my east front yard bed, and noticed all the orange and pink with a little yellow. I sure liked it. My white nicotiana is getting very large. I hope it blooms soon.

    I hope you are having a great summer!

  15. Tina, you have some delicious color combos and fresh looking plants...I'm jealous as some of mine look raggedy already. Haven't ck'ed in with you in a while...looks great!

  16. Dang your gardens look great for July...mine? not so much. Love the Hydrangea area great combinations there. Crinums are also called cannon ball lilies because the bulbs get so big. Mine are blooming and are a deep pink. Love your new patio area, ya'll are so smart!

  17. You certainly have a pretty place to enjoy there, Tina. It looks so inviting. One of these days, you're going to have some visitors from Florida stop by. But it probably won't be while the flowers are still blooming. *Sigh*

  18. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden. Does the crinum overwinter for you. My research indicates they will not here in VA but I rather think your climate may be very similar to ours. I would like to give it a try if it does overwinter as I can be very bad about lifting bulbs in the fall.

  19. What a great collection of blooms. Not sure how this post slipped by....hit or miss with me these days!
    Love the Allium and Hemerocallis!

  20. Anonynmous, Yes, these crinums overwinter faithfully. Very easy to grow for sure. I recommend them for anyone-just don't forget where you plant them!

  21. So many beautiful blooms in your garden, Tina! 'Moonbeam' is a faithful bloomer for me, too. Wish I could say the same about my astilbe, though:(

  22. So colorful! I love your alliums and Queen-of-the-Prairie. I must try the Nicotiana sylvestris sometime. It looks great with your daylilies and veronica.

  23. Summer is grand ... oh yes, it is! Loved the visit :)

  24. Tina, you are always busy with a project!! They all seem to turn out great too. Your garden shows how dedicated you are to it ~ it looks amazing. I am wishing I had Nicotiana sylvestris again after looking at your photo. I didn't see any this year at the nurseries and for some strange reason I don't see any seedlings around? Darn!

  25. Your summer blooms, and your new patio look great Tina! I love your moonbeam and veronica combination!