Saturday, December 22, 2007

He TOOK Responsibility!

First of all, I seem to spend alot more time talking about gardening lately than actually gardening. Maybe because it is wintertime, hope so. Yesterday was a garden day and boy did it ever feel great! The soil is still warm and it is not too late to still plant. I was actually dividing those "DDs" and moving perennials (garden phlox, Siberian irises and bearded irises).

DD stands for d*&$#d daffodils! I call them DD because EVERY single year I end up dividing and moving mine around. It is a tedious task I don't mind doing occasionally. I usually don't divide until February, but I found ALOT of DDs that are showing their heads already! December is way too early for daffodils to be growing above ground. I like that the DDs multiply so rapidly and I certainly like the free plants-but I want to enjoy them just ONE year without having to divide them.

I also found a bunch of radishes I don't remember planting! I must have though because you can bet it was not Jimmy nor Mr. Fix-it. If you put out some radish seeds a month or two ago, you might check and see if you too have some radishes growing in your garden. These ones are behind Mr. Fix-it's garage in Jimmy's garden where I don't always venture so that is my excuse for overlooking them.

Okay, on to the fence. Deputy Fuson did a great job finding the culprit who took out my fence. Thanks! The sleepy guy's name is John, and while he said I could use his last name, I will not use last names on my blog unless specifically requested to do so by the person. John is a very nice guy and I tell you I was almost ready to give him money for Christmas rather than him pay for the fence! Too funny. The really big thing for me was for him to take responsibility, and he has; so NO money will exchange hands. The damage is not all that bad and John will help to fix it. This is more than enough for us because of his honesty and willingness to accept responsibility. There are still decent people in this world who own up to their actions and John is definitely one of them.

John and his passenger BOTH were too sleepy to keep an eye on the road. The accident began with John drifting off and crossing an opposite traffic lane, entering the adjacent property owner's ditch, hitting their driveway and then waking up. By this time it was too late. John's little car was too far gone. As he corrected right to go back onto the road, the tail end driver's side took out the first fence pole, he literally flew over the ditch while clipping a wagon wheel and taking out the rest of the fence. All this happened in less than 20 seconds. John and his passenger were then VERY awake. They looked back and didn't see anything (it was dark this is true), thought they only hit a ditch, then drove off for some much needed sleep.

The car suffered some damage in the form of a dent on the driver's side rear quarter panel with lots of green fence paint in it, a dented wheel rim from when he hit the adjacent property owner's ditch, some scrapes, dirt, debris and who knows what else happened mechanically. John didn't even realize it until today when he really looked at his car. All in all not too bad considering it could have been much worse. I am SO grateful no one was injured, the fence will be repaired (John-we'll call!), and the plants will grow back. No harm, no foul.

Folks, if you are sleepy then don't drive. After pulling an all nighter you WILL be sleepy so have an alternative plan. Better safe than sorry this holiday season as it only takes a second. John agrees an idiot hit my fence, but accidents happen to all of us. It only takes a blink of an eye and once it is done, it cannot be taken back and you have to accept responsibility for the outcome. Just ask John.

Accidents can be big or small. Kind of like waterfalls. My family had the pleasure of visiting Niagara Falls this past spring and it was an awesome experience. One we'll never forget. The above picture is of the falls. Enjoy and be SAFE this holiday season!

in the garden....


  1. Cool, so glad he is a nice guy and will help out. However, I sure hope he has learned from it. I can understand him not seeing anything in the dark but one must get out and make sure. I keep going back to the debis in the road. Would have been so easy for it to cause someone to have a fatal accident.

    Comments sure are absent. AND I MISS THEM!!! Everone is busy with Christmas so I look forward to it all being over with. Too darn much work and I gotta get back to it. Love ya

  2. I am still here! We can talk:) I don't know where everyone else is but Skeeter is traveling. She will be back as soon as she is able. Lots of garden club members looked at the pictures on the blog but chose to email me instead of commenting. Something about that email thing and commenting. I miss the comments too. My email has been full but not with comments!

    The fence was fixed today. John is a really, REALLY decent guy. He and Rog spent the whole afternoon fixing the fence. We couldn't find the exact same thing but it is ok and I am satisfied. It is fixed now. I hope it never happens again. My neighbor (Ralph) two houses down came over while they were fixing it (for a change it wasn't me in the garden). He is so funny. He looked at it all and looked at John and said "How the heck did you manage to hit this fence?!". Still can't believe it. It happens.

    John learned his lesson and we are all very happy no one was injured or worse. He will be more careful in the future. Good point on getting out and making sure there is no damage or he didn't (Heaven forbid) run somebody's pet over-or worse. Everyone needs to think about this.

    I think when people fall asleep at the wheel their feet get heavier on the gas. That is no good. Anyone know if that is true or not? No wonder he went airborne. This most likely happened to him.

    I wish him well and am so glad to see that not only did he do the right thing, but the one witness who came forward did the right thing too. That has made my Christmas season brighter to see good people doing the right thing.

  3. Glad he did the right thing, I guess as we get older that comes with life. I'm sure the foot get heavy, I know it does with medical problems. He probaly convinced himself things were ok and did that while being grogy.
    Well.. blowing in insulation tom., have too much heat loss, ice is jamming and melting down behind the vinyl. Always something.....
    Happy solstice--looks like a warm up.

  4. Glad the fence is fixed but too bad Roger had to spend a day off working on it.

    Ya I remember Ralph...the retired marine that sits in his garage and drinks.

    I agree with you both that the foot probably gets heavier.

    It is really great to see that their are good people out there. With all the bad stuff you hear now days it does the heart good. Dawn you have a good heartwarming story making the cable news stations. The PTA fund raising jar that got stolen from a local store. If i remember right it had less that $100.00 dollars but now it has over $5,000.00. People heard about it and have been sending money from all over, even Canada. Love hearing stories like that.

    Yup, the warn up is coming and with it, lotsa rain. I want a white Christmas (esp. since it has been so long since we have had one) and the rain will take the snow and then we have mud!! I hate the mud.

    Dawn, are you coming down Christmas Eve or is another day better for you?

    Love you both. Talk to you later.

  5. I fotgot Dawn, but I meant to ask if you were going to that buffet?

  6. Merry Christmas to everyone, I'll participate in the dialogue after the holidays!

  7. Hi there!
    Good to hear from you Nina! You enjoy the holidays and we look forward to talking with you when things slow down. Most people are really busy with the holidays right now.

    Hey Dawn, That is awful about the ice jam behind the vinyl. You are so right. Always something. Do you get HGTV? There is an excellent show on Saturday at 6:00 am for us. It is called Dream House. The woman who owns it is the General Contractor and she has four kids. It has been one problem after another. ie. basement flooding, contractors blocking contractors, not enough material, doors too short, wrong hinges on 43 doors. It is crazy. I think it is usually normal with building a house. So you are in good company if that helps! I always like to think I am not the ONLY one going through trials and tribulations. You know, misery loves company.

    Mom, I have my fingers crossed for you for a white christmas. It blew so hard here last night and yesterday I looked to see if I lost any trees. I have a dead oak due to the drought so I am worred about it. It is the same system bringing you some rain I think. But behind maybe some snow?:~

  8. Hi Guys,
    Yes mom we will be down christmas eve and we are going to the store for buffet. Tina, I think Jack of all trades saw that show before, this house certianly has been a challenge, nothing usual about it. We blew the insulation in today and I really want it to warm up to melt the rest of whats up there, (sorry mom) but so far no rain.
    On the lighter side... Pats are winning.

  9. You will be happy when it is done. Do it right even with the problems and it will save later on. Trust me.

    You keep saying the Pats are winning and maybe after the Superbowl you can write on here, "The Pats took it ALL!" Who knew you were so funny and talkative? Not me and I have known you a loooonnngg time.:) Like your whole life.