Sunday, December 2, 2007

Turkey Shoot Day

Wow, the weather is really blustery outside as I sit here on my computer-finally. Normally I get up and get on right away but Jimmy had some friends over who were utilizing my computer, which is fine, but delayed me a little.

This weekend started off so ambitiously. Actually the whole week. Mr. Fix-it was on vacation and had some things to do in his garage, and I too had things to do in the garden. Let's see, rake and mulch. Rake and mulch, and oh yeah, rake and mulch. My intent was to go get lots of pine needles from some fellow freecyclers, but with Jimmy having friends over and Mr. Fix-it having his own plans, it was not meant to be. I did get the yard raked yesterday before the rain came though, so I am at least content with that bit of work in the garden.

I would have spent more time in the garden if it had not been for Mr. Fix-it's LOVE of Turkey Shoots. This is the time of year you will find many Turkey Shoots going on in the local area. We had planned to go yesterday but his usual haunt was not shooting. We then went to the Eagle's Nest off from Dotsonville Road but they too were not shooting. They steered us to the VFW, but we were too late to shoot. All I could think of was, "Gee, I could sure be using this time to go rake some pine needles, and the whole afternoon was wasted." It was really hard to pull me away from the garden but we don't often take time off from work to do something fun. My husband was adamant we find a turkey shoot this weekend so the garden would just have to wait. With no luck on Saturday, we set our sights on Sunday, though it was supposed to rain all day.

Today was the day. The rain looked like it would hold off and we had time to get to the shoot, so off we went. We dutifully showed up at the Eagles Nest before the 12:00 pm start of shooting, registered for a target for six shots, and fired. I have never fired a shotgun. I didn't know how to load it or even hold it, but did fairly well on the first shot. The second shot I was lucky to have three little spots on the target. My head is still rattling from the kickback and my teeth slamming shut. First rule when firing a shotgun, close your mouth and teeth firmly. A shotgun is nothing like an M16. It took some adjusting to. The second shot saw me sitting out for the rest of the time to let Mr. Fix-it shoot. He won the last shot and a kitty of $50.

Even without winning he would have had a lot of great fun. I was the one who thought it would not be fun and I was wrong. I only went to see what he liked about turkey shoots and to say I had at least tried it. Come to find out, I like turkey shoots for the same reasons he does. Nice family atmosphere, chance to shoot a shotgun and compete, and a good environment to catch up with old friends and spend an afternoon....out of the garden and garage. He actually has another reason for liking turkey shoots, he shoots the shotguns his father gave to him, and so he feels connected to his dad. I guess shotguns are like that in families and can reach across time and generations. Kind of like gardens.

in the garden....


  1. I told you you would have fun. I love you and I will let you use my truck for pine needles soon.

  2. I was about 16 the first and last time I fired a shotgun! My boyfriend did not warn me about the kick and my shoulder suffered for many days! I don’t care for shotguns due to that pain in the butt, the boyfriend not the gun.. ha ha…

    When in Texas the Saint and I would go shooting with a gun collecting friend of ours. I fell in love with his 22-rifle so the Saint got me one. Soon afterwards, we were relocated to Germany for 6 years where we opt out of taking our firearms. We kept them safely in the USA until we returned to live. We have been here in GA for 7 years and I have yet to fire that rifle! Still have the box and nice cover that came with the rifle. Maybe some day we will shoot the thing or maybe just sell it….

  3. Skeeter, I am so glad it is not just me with the shotgun hurting. I felt a little like a putz because I was probably a little too girly and girly is something I AM NOT! I am ready the next time Mr. Fix-it wants to go. In fact, he has promised to give me some private lessons and is not a pain in the butt like your said boyfriend...what do you mean by that anyhow? He at least introduced you to shotguns in your teens. I once had a boyfriend who was a big hunter but he never let me fire his shotgun! lol

    You need to look for some turkey shoots down your way. I think you and the Saint would have lots of fun! Break out that brand new shotgun of yours. I am thinking of shooting mine here at the house since some adjacent property owners have already done it with no regard to others. (Shotguns are kind of loud and if not used responsibly around homes can cause havoc-especially in the hands of juveniles) We'll see. Jimmy would probably like it.

    I would have expected your dad to take you shooting shotguns or even hunting. Does he hunt and have shotguns? Most folks around here seem to.

  4. Dad did take us shooting as children to teach us about guns and all and he gave each of the grandsons their first rifle also. He does not shoot or hunt anything today though. I dont even know if he ever hunted but one of my brothers does. My dad is like me about animals. He could not kill a thing!

    The only thing I shoot these days is the BB gun to run off pesky squirrels but I dont shoot to kill, I pump the thing a couple of times and basically shoot to get their attention. Nothing more then throwing a rock at them! I dont shoot it much as the squirrels and I get a long these days with their allowed feeders and them being smart enough to know what is off limits when I am looking at them! They do cause lots of destruction in the yard but not when I am looking..... Those sneaky smart critters!

    We live in the country so we can shoot in our backyard if we want to but I don’t think that is too smart with having neighbors and who knows when someone might be in the woods behind our house. Would not want to shoot anyone by accident…

  5. I just knew your dad had a shotgun and taught you all! No self respecting Tennessean would be without one. Right? lol Gun safety is always number one priority with guns. I am one who could not kill anything either so I would never hunt. I do like to fish though and somehow I don't see the difference but surely there is?

    I let Jimmy try to get the squirrels with a bb gun too. No luck. They are pesky!