Monday, February 2, 2009

Missing Snow

Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow today or not? Click on his name to find out. I am more concerned about General Beauregard Lee from Stone Mountain Georgia as he is our official weather prognosticator..

I snapped a picture of this groundhog above outside our hotel while visiting Gatlinburg . As you can see there were shadows that day. I am hoping for spring weather soon so please let it be a cloudy day today.

Now let's move on to todays topic of Missing Snow...
Down here in the Deep South of Georgia, we don't really see much snow. In the 9 years I have lived here, I have seen one snow fall and one ice storm. As a child growing up in Tennessee, we had some really nice snowfalls. Some would be so deep that we would be out of school for days at a time. We would sled and build snowmen until our pants froze to our little rubber boots! Ah, those were some fun winters and I miss my Tennessee Snow falls!

Each winter I set up a snowy display on our Georgia front porch. I cannot take full credit for this design as I borrowed the idea from my Mother in Law. She is so creative and so nice to allow me to copy her ideas! Thanks Mom B...

I have two small trees to the left of the front door with a wooden snowman. To the right of the door, you will find 3 additional small trees. I place artificial snow (fiber fill for pillow making) under the trees. I also tuck a bit here and there amongst the tree branches which are filled with birds. This gives the effect of a nice little snow fall. We enter and exit the house through the front door using it daily. I enjoy seeing my snowy filled evergreen trees filled with birds throughout the entire winter months. The past 2 winters I have had a little problem keeping the snow under the trees. No, it is not melting. It is not real snow! The wind? The wind does blow onto the porch and I must keep clay bricks on the base of each tree to hold them in place. But the snow sticks together pretty well under the trees and rarely blows around. This is last years trees to show you how ugly things were under the trees with the missing snow exposing the bricks.

The same thing is happening with this years snow. At least I was smart enough to put a white sheet under the trees to hide the bricks this year. See the one small piece of fluffy white snow remaining behind the snowman? What could be happening to my beautiful white fluffy snow?

Ah, ha, caught you in the act again this year, you little snow thieving rascal you! Bad squirrel... Shoooo, go away you stinker! Stomp, Swish, stomping feet and shaking fist at squirrel... As you can see the squirrels are really scared of my foot stomping and fist shaking. Ha, This one stopped to pose for me in 2007. This picture was posted I believe around Christmas time and so fitting since he looks like Santa with a white beard. Maybe he was trying to fool me into thinking he was Santa leaving me a gift. A squirrel fluffs up its nest every morning and builds more than one within their territory. Over time, the fluff will fall out of the nest with constant construction. I find little pieces of it in the woods all year long. If you look carefully, you can see the little stinker climbing up one of the trees with a mouth full. He or she, will fluff up their home and make it soft and warm for a cold winters night. (This may be a repeat picture from last year's posting as well) These little pest drive me nuts but they are so darn cute doing such funny things. They do keep me laughing.. I saw a squirrel up on the porch looking for the fluff long before I had the display set up. I put this fresh snow in place 2 days ago and as you have guessed, some is already missing today as I post this! I reckon those little critters need to be warm so I will continue to refresh the snow as it disappears. Soon, the snow display will be replaced with Easter Bunnies.

Gee, I am sure MISSING SNOW, In the Garden....


  1. It's snowing in the UK - get over here quick!

    We've had squirrels nesting in the roof - grrrrrr! :(

  2. Hi Skeeter, I rarely am amused by those rodents, but this one really cracked me up! HA I figured it was birds stealing your snow. I guess they need to keep warm too and what a great material for their nests. And TN seems to not really get snow anymore, so you are not missing anything by being down there.

  3. Those squirrels are really crafty little buggers. Now they have a nice warm nest.

  4. They are something else! I have a compost bin I put the shredded paper in and they steal from that! And they are not content with the stuff in top, noooo! they dig down to get the good stuff on the bottom! Make quite the mess.

  5. Hi Skeeter,

    It has been a cold winter~ and this is a good way to recycle a bit of snow! Take care...gail

  6. Grrr...Why doesn't the mail thing take when you check it at the last second?

  7. Naughty NAUGHTY squirrels! They shredded my swing out back for this very reason-to get to the fluff. Urrrr! I think I must put the dogs out more often to fix that little problem. Bella would just love to stomp a squirrel-funny or not they are destructive. Great you have a good attitude with them.

  8. I still have snowmen out in the kitchen--not Christmasy, just winter snowmen. I was thinking yesterday (in the 70 degree afternoon!) that I was sure ready to get the bunnies out! After Valentine's Day I am thinking! :)

  9. Skeeter,

    I was just watching a newscast with our Sir Walter Wally (in Raleigh). Our groundhog is accurate 55% of the time over the last 11 years-- better than Phil!

    I have a little sing-along video on my blog to help out the groundhog so that they won't see their shadows.

  10. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh, Skeeter:) Our poor squirrels must be cold; there's no artificial snow here to line their nests--only the real thing!

    I haven't seen the news yet, but I predict that Phil is going to predict six more weeks of winter!

  11. PHIL-Saw his shadow...

    BEAUREGARD-Did NOT see his shadow...

    SIR WALTER WALLY-No report on internet as of this comment...

    Since I live in GA, I am going with General Beauregard Lee's prediction of an Early Spring for GA.....

    At least Phil's team won the Super Bowl....

    Phone ringing, back in a minute...

  12. what a funny snow, nice idea !!!
    love wishes of germany from kathrin

  13. VP, Oh my, I remember squirrels getting into our house during a really bad ice storm when I was a child. They can cause so much damage for you. I hope you get them out soon...

    Frances, Glad you got a chuckle to start your day! tee hee. They are little stinkers but they need to be warm too. I will regret keeping them warm when they start digging in my flowers again. lol. I know the snow falls are not what they once were in TN but at least you see still some. I only see a flurry or two down here. I miss snow in the winter. Germany had some really good snowfalls so I did have snow while living there...

    Janet, they are smart little buggars indeed! Warm, soft, cozy nest for winter that’s for sure...

    Dawn, I remember you saying they steal the shredded paper so when I started to put our shredded paper into the compost, I would bury it under the dirt. This way they dont see it so hopefully they will not find it by digging. I have yet to see any dig marks in the bin but there is always tomorrow!

    Tina, i am not lucky enough to have attack dogs in my yard so I must learn to live with the little toots! lol. They are so destructive but I must remind myself, they were here first and I live in their woods. Oh, I must tell myself that time and time again. Before we made the kitties indoor only, we did not have squirrels issues as they would chase them right back up a tree. Cheetah was usually a few paws behind them as she is such a good climber of trees. That is why she is named my Cheetah Monkey. Oh, and we did not get cushions for our patio furniture for that very reason. We knew they would destroy them...

    Meadowview Thymes, I have snowmen all over the inside of my house too! They are my Winter Decorations. You will see them soon as I am posting about them. I must have snow in the winter even if I have to make my own! lol. It is getting a bit warmer for us so soon they will go bye bye for the bunnies....

    Cameron, Great song! I think we will have some diamonds falling down here in GA today also! Cloudy and calling for afternoon rains so that is why Beau did not see his shadow. Phil is not always on the money but his Steelers sure were last night...

    Darla, thanks! I must laugh at the stinkers because I cannot find it in my heart to get rid of them. Sometimes I want to but just cannot if you KWIM...

    Rose, your poor squirrels must be cold. I do wonder how the wildlife survives in such weather but they are equipped for such stuff with thick furry coats. At least some birds are smart enough to fly elsewhere for the winter. :-)
    Yep, Phil said more winter. Our Bea said spring is coming and since I spotted daffys with buds on them, I am going with Beau...

    Kathrin, No nice snows here in Georgia as you see in Germany! We lived in Germany for 6 years and saw some beautiful snowfalls. Now i must have artificial snow in my warm climate....

  14. Good Morning Everyone,
    Skeeter that was a wonderful post. I had to laugh--it was so cute.
    The squirrels can be destructive at time but they are cute to watch with their antics sometimes.
    When I was younger, still at home, we had squirrels for pets. Now that is a hoot. I won't tell how we got them just we had them & had a lot of fun with them. The female, Missy, even brought her babies & put them in my mothers lap one day when mother was sitting in the yard rocker. Young'un's dad use to carry them in his shirt pocket. Back then you got your cream for coffee in little glass bottles in restaurants. That he used to feed the babies when we were out. They eat often,
    Thanks for the memories. So long ago.

  15. I know there's a shipping method for snow from here to there Skeeter. But I bet it'd cost an arm and a leg so I can't justify sending you any of our snow. I need both arms and legs for shoveling all we have!! ;~O

  16. How funny! For annoying as squirrels can be, they are pretty funny sometimes!

  17. Very cute post. I think if the little stinkers get in the compost bin, they are just trying to help you out by turning it for you, haha.

  18. No matter what Phil or the General say, in northern IL we are going to have 8 more weeks of winter. Six more weeks would be a bargain.

    Your snow looked pretty real in those first photos;)

  19. Lola, that is so sweet that you made pets from the squirrels. My Great Aunt had pecan trees in her yard and the squirrels were such visitors, they were tame. We would hold a nut for them to eat during the months before nut season. They would take the nut right out of your hand! During bad nut seasons, my aunt would buy nuts for the squirrels. Yep, those wild critters were spoilt by my aunt!

    TC, Dry Ice! Send some snow please! lol. You need to invest in that snow plowing contraption I saw on your Blog! It looks like it may make the job a bit easier for you. Storage you ask? Well, I say something that Redneck can just sit in the yard. Plant flowers on it during the summer months. Sorry, the Tennessee in me is coming out today…

    Catherine, They are such pest in the yard but they make me laugh every day! They are such funny critters to watch. They are very entertaining to me. I have a love hate relationship with them. Love them when they are cute but hate them when they are destructive...

    Jean, there you go! Thinking positive thoughts for me! Keeping me liking my furry critters! lol, they are fun to watch even though such stinkers at times like stealing my snow...

    Rose's and Lilac's, I know but I am a dreamer. lol Work with me and think Positive thoughts. :-) Just a bit of wishful thinking for me today. Spring is showing its head here so if you would like, you can pack your bags and come on down to my garden. I will let you dig all you like! You can also exercise your back while picking up some downed tree limbs! lol. I know 6-8 weeks sounds like a long time but it will be here before you know it. Hang in there and keep warm…

  20. oh your snow as all gone to the squirrels, phooey on them.
    it's fun to have the snowmen greeting you every morning, isn't it?

  21. Marmee, It is fun to see the snowy show on the porch each day! I keep this Winter Display up until after Valentines then comes the bunny stuff...

  22. I'll have to click the link and see what the groundhog says for our area. It's overcast here today tho so I doubt any shadows are going to be seen.
    I'm cracking up over the squirrel hauling off with your snow tho. That is too funny. You'd think he'd be accumulating a lot of it after all this time. I wish I could send you some of our real stuff!

  23. Thanks for the link! I forgot it was groundhog day so thanks for the reminder too. lol Those squirrels crack me up stealing your faux snow for their nests. Is there nothing those little thieves won't steal? ;) Oh I put the dryer lint out in the yard for the squirrels & birds to use as nesting material, you can also compost it.

  24. That one does look like a Santa Squirrel! Well, everybody has to find a way to stay warm. Good for you for being accommodating.

  25. Kathleen, Just send me a little of your snow. We dont want so much that we must use a shovel. :-) Oh yes, there is a lot of the fluffy snow to be seen up in the trees! I see it all over the place where it falls out of the nest over time. When a nest falls from the trees, it is funny to see how much they have stuffed in the thing. Also the birds will use some of the fluff they find on the ground in their nests.. Major recycling going on with our wild life...

    Raquel, Your so welcome! They are little stinkers stealing so much. My sister in law was upset at them for stealing a small banner type flag that her daughter gave her for Mothers Day. She spotted the banner in a nest! Too funny. I have put dryer lint, twine, yarn, etc in a clean suet cage before but it gets messy over time with rain. I did not think of putting lint in the compost bin. Good idea and I will start now! Thanks for the tip!

    Brenda, I am an animal lover so what choice do I have? lol They are so entertaining to me and they were living here before me so who am I to take away their trees and homes by buying a house in their woods? So I try to live in harmony with them. The fluff only cost a whopping $3.00 a bag and I think I can spare $6.00 a year for them. They are obnoxious at times but so cute too....

  26. This is so funny and cute. You are a good sport for continuing to replenish the "snow" for the squirrels. It is amazing how smart these little guys can be.

    Always Growing

  27. LOL - too funny. You're Bed, Bath, & Beyond for squirells!

  28. Sir Walter Wally of Raleigh saw his shadow! :-( We were gone all day and it was a bit overcast at our destination, so I was hopeful.

    Just read the news... snow if forecast for in the morning and again on Wednesday. More winter.

    I did see daffodils and camellias today! :-)


  29. Our squirrels seem to be getting tamer and tamer now that we are feeding the birds. I don't know who eat more from the feeders, though, the birds or the squirrels. They are also eating the corn in their own feeder, and leftover popcorn and bread we put out for them.

    I imagine they'll continue to help themselves to our first ripe tomatoes.

  30. Jan, I am an animal lover so I have no choice but to learn to coexist with the little critters. :-) The fluff is cheap and I can deal with them stealing it if it makes for a warm home. I am doing my part for nature I reckon...

    My Little Family, Now that is something I have not thought of but so true! I provide fluff for the bed, water in the birdbaths for them to bathe in, and go so beyond for all the critters. Too funny...

    Cameron, I was so hoping Sir Walter would not see his shadow. We need all the help we can get for an early spring! Cloudy all day here and some sprinkles but to be sunny tomorrow and cooler but still no snow for us. I spotted a row of daffys in someone yard while in town today! They were wide open and beautiful…

    Sue, I have yet to see a squirrel eating on a tomato in our yard. But then again, they may be hauling the entire tomato off to their nest! We had an issue with them eating too much bird seed so we put the stove pipe baffles on the feeder poles. They now only eat the bits of seed dropped by the birds. We would feed them the corncobs but they did not last but about 30 minutes if that. So we went to the pricey compressed corn cobs. They were great until the raccoons found them. Too pricey to replace so often so we stopped with those. Now the squirrels get crumbs under the deer corn bucket. I read where you should not feed bread to the birds as that will attract starlings and grackles to your feeders. My dad has a horrible time fighting them off his feeders from feeding bread to them before finding out about this. I was feeding bread then read that and stopped before we had a problem. Luckily, we never had any. Just thought I would warn you as those birds flock and can cause lots of health issues over time. We do put popcorn out and I think the raccoons eat that at night. Probably Opossums as well. I like the little chickadees as they are so tame around me. One landed on the feeder today while I was adding seed! I was so thrilled to see him up close. I talked to him and he looked at me and turned his head sideways as if trying to understand me. It so exciting to be close to wildlife….

  31. Be careful to not leave any doors open. The squirrels are so fearless they might start dragging off your pillows and blankets and who knows what else! Those sneaky (but cute) rodents!

  32. W2W, I know they would come inside the house if given the chance! I see them at times looking in the front window and also through the glass of the back door! They stand on their back feet and put their little front feet on the glass frame! They are so cute but I do not want them inside the house. My cats say, “I bet they taste like chicken” lol

    We had to cut down a maple tree due to them getting up on the roof from the tree being too close to the house. I know they were trying to find the way inside where it is nice and cozy for them. The tree was a bit of a loss but the Yellow Belly Sap Sucker birds had done so much damage, that it was dead in the middle and would have had to come down in time so not a great loss due to the squirrels. They are such stinkers…

  33. I still have lot snow lots and lots and lots (you get the idea) of real snow, should any creature in your yard want some!

  34. Monica, It is going to be 70 degrees here this weekend. I am ready to plant some flowers so I have decided I do not want any snow now. But thank you so much for asking. lol. I am sure the critters around here are happy with the lack of real snow to deal with. Poor things always dealing with the elements. Have a good weekend and stay warm!

  35. Hi Tina!

    Thanks for leaving the wonderful comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

    I love the photos you shot of your thieving squirrel taking the "faux snow" off your holiday decorations. That squirrel must have been off-the-chart happy about his bounty. I imagine that will make for a really luxe nest! That family will be the talk of the squirrel community. Talk about keeping up with the Joneses....too cute.


  36. Cindy, here at “In the Garden” we are a multi author blog. The thieving squirrels you enjoyed today were my (Skeeter) critters. We do confuse at times, for this I am sorry. Yep, those squirrels are something else. I am sure more then one stole the faux snow as I see it high in many trees and nest scattered all about our woods. They are so humorous sneaking up on the porch to steal it. I get a real chuckle from them even though they do bug me in the garden!