Saturday, February 7, 2009


I told you last week about the Missing Snow in my Georgia garden. I am not without the feel of snow in my life during long cold winters. I just make my own snowy fun.

Welcome to my snowy home! Once inside the house, you are greeted by smiling snowmen. In this case, in the form of a snowman wreath that the Saints mother made for us. Thanks Mom B we love the wreath!

To the left of the foyer you will find my whimsical snowman garland. I had fun creating this little bit of happiness. Last year I had the Snowman Christmas tree coordinating but changed things up a bit this year. You already saw my Snowman Tree with my Christmas decorations just before the holiday. It is now tucked away until next Christmas.
The little frolicking snowman bring a smile to my face all winter long as they stay in place to give me a bit of color and snow in this warm climate.
The 6 plush snowmen have jumped from the tree onto a new garland. Now we have frolicking snowmen playing on the stairs while facing the other frolicking snowmen on the living room opening. I just wonder what all they get into during the night when we sleep? I have found a few of them on the floor the next morning. Hum, I wonder if our mischievous cat Sheba had anything to do with that?
Sheba had guilt written all over her face the day I found her standing over one while it was on the floor. I had to twist the garland sprigs over the arms and legs to keep the snowmen in place. Bad kitty...
I found this cute snowman plaque at a Craft Fair made from a piece of scrap wood! This wood stayed out of the land fill. Hand painted and cute as can be.
I found this little snowman item at the Craft Store I worked at while living in Germany. I tell you, there are some talented crafters out there!
This is a another new addition this year. The Saints sister gave us this neat gift. It is a piece of metal as you would see in an old store's ceiling. Not sure if this is recycled or new but darling with all the changeable magnets for the center! Winter snowman for now. Soon the Easter bunny will be center stage. Thanks again Sis for the wonderful gift!
An item picked up at discount price after the season. I love after Christmas shopping for the house. I need to stop as I am running out of room! Ugh, Saint says I am hooked or is it hopeless he says?
My little corner shelf (hand made by my dads foster brother) has lots of snowmen hanging out. Either given to us as gifts or picked up at discount prices after the season. Lets now leave the foyer and go into the hallway beyond and see what's in there.
Another of my crafted garlands. I love bargain hunting and making things on the cheap. I made this little pretty for about $4.00. Not bad if I do say so myself. Yep, Saint, I am hopelessly hooked! Sigh... there are worse things in life to be hooked on.
Below this snowman is more to share with you but I think I will wait until tomorrow. I am sure by now you are all cold and need a cup of hot chocolate. Go get warm and I hope you have enjoyed seeing my many SNOWMEN, not In the Garden...


  1. I adore Snowmen and have quite a few myself. You did a great job on the garland. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Skeeter, you did a great job on the garland! They are very cute. I think I could live with these snowmen quite easy, they are not cold and they don't melt!

  3. Let is snow, let is snow, let it go...All very nice Skeeter! So glad you don't have to be without the snow. I am sure if our northern friends could, they'd gladly send you some too:) I am in Indiana and let me tell you, tons of snowbanks here even with the 55 degree weather! Urgh! Your kind of snow is the kind I could really appreciate!

  4. Good morning everyone!

    Darla, Thank you! It is always fun creating new things. The snowmen keep me in the winter mood with our warm climate...

    Cameron, I do have a bit of whimsy in my bones! lol It comes out from time to time in the form of such fun things...

    Dawn, Thanks, I was missing snow but after seeing the snow on your roof yesterday, I now think I will stick to my little snowmen friends. They dont create roof or ceiling damage. Arg, have you gotten that paint brush out yet? Oh how I hate the paint brush after painting our entire inside of the house. What started as fun quickly turned into work. The temps are rising so soon your roof will be clear, until then, stay warm....

    Tina, I did not mention it but should have. My dad and I joke around with each other on the "Let It Snow" song. When a child, during snowfalls, he would sing those words over and over as loud as he could. He was just as excited about the snow as us kids. Today he calls me and sings it in my ear over the phone. lol Funny I wrote a snow topic today and tomorrow with temps climbing in the upper 60's and to 70! Timing is everything. lol. I remember my grandmother saying an old wife’s tale, “if there is lingering snow, more will come”. I hope that is wrong as I wish for warmer temps for everyone with snow that needs to go. I think I will stick with my homemade snow as now I am ready for spring. Enjoy your time with hubby and say hey for me...

  5. Wow! Tina, I feel like I've just been to the Snowmanland!

  6. You have a beautiful winterland inside your house Skeeter! My dogs would be trying to steal those little stuffed snowmen to play with, lol.

  7. Hello Everyone,
    Skeeter, that was a great post. I too love snowmen. I have quite a few to decorate with during the holidays. Of course they are all different. Collected over a time.
    Sun is shining--need to venture out in the garden to see what I can see.

  8. Great collection of snowmen Skeeter, great job on the garlands! I can relate to the Saint's thinking as my kids yap at me all the time about my "collections" of everything. Just tell him it is just part of having OCD personalities. LOL

  9. Since we usually have plenty of snow, I'm not normally as big a fan of all things "snow." BUT, your collection is very nice, even I have to admit that!

  10. Tatyana, Skeeter posting today. We do confuse people with our multiple posters. Sorry for the confusion. My entry way is a snowman land and we enjoy it all winter long. Our winter is short so it will be coming down and packed away this week…

    Raquel, Thanks! Yep, the doggies would enjoy the toys as much as my clown acting cat does. She is such a little stinker when I am not looking. I like to think the snowmen jumped off the stairs while playing but I do know better. lol...

    Lola, I enjoy my snowman collection. They are so much fun and bring a smile to my face during a dull winter. But I am finding my post a bit humorous today since it is warm and we have the windows open to the house! I took the front porch decorations down as the snow just does not look correct with these warm temps. I usually wait until Valentines but could not wait today. I've been cleaning bird feeders, organizing the shed, painting the wicker tables for the porch, etc. Been a busy girl and now I am off to clean out some planters. Yeah, spring like weather for us this entire week!

    Jean, Thanks for the compliments. All crafters enjoy hearing such kind words! I did not really think I had collections until I started to look around. Oh my, I have so many different collections here and there. :-) I love my collections but will part with them one day as we would like to downsize. Gee, what will stay and what will go? Hummmm, until our next move, it all stays. Now Jean, you know I only have OCD over the pine straw. lol....

    Kathleen, I know snow is probably the last thing you wanted to see on a post today. lol I am glad you found it in your heart to enjoy my little snowmen even though not so real as your snow. Nothing but sunshine and warm temps today so I will send some your way, although, it may take a few weeks to get there, I am cheap and am sending it through slow mail. Hey, I need to save some money so I can purchase more plants. tee hee...

  11. What a wonderful collection! Your garlands are so pretty with the snow and snowmen.

  12. I love your snowmen. The garlands you made turned out really nice. This Christmas I made our family room the snowman room.

  13. I think it is great the way you have decorated your home for winter. People who live in warm climates have to get their snow anyway they can.

    Always Growing

  14. Lona, Thank you! I really did have fun creating them. I may try something a bit different next year but still with the snowmen as I really do enjoy seeing them in the winter with our lack of snow...

    Catherine, Thanks and I am glad you enjoyed them today! I should change rooms up but I do so enjoy the snowmen in the hallway as they stay there all winter long. They help keep the winter blues away for me...

    Jan, thanks, that is so true about living in warm climates and our lack of snow. We moved here from Germany and they had some wonderful snow falls. I really do miss the beauty of the snow but must admit, I do not miss the hassles that snow can bring. I reckon I will keep my lack of snow and continue to make my own...

    It is movie time for the Saint and me. I hope everyone has enjoyed the day today. Our day was beautiful and I hope you all had a bit of this warm stuff as well. Puts me in such a happy mood! Winter Blues are about gone now....

  15. There are indeed much worse things to be hooked on, Skeeter:) I love all the whimsical touches you have around your home at Christmas. It must take you awhile to decorate for the holidays!

  16. Rose, That is what I keep telling the Saint. tee hee. Thanks and I think we all need a bit of whimsy in our life. It keeps me smiling. I do enjoy decorating the house during the holidays. It does not take me too long to put it up as I move quickly with having so much fun. I am pretty organized with packing it away each year so not much trouble at all to set it up. I always become sad taking it down though as I wish I could enjoy it longer... sigh, but there is always next year....

  17. Thank you Kathrin! They keep me happy in the winter months...