Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's sNOw Go

By Skeeter

Outside of Atlanta, Georgia in Gwinnett County is this special home.
This special place is home to General Beauregard Lee. A loved rodent of the south with his Prognosticator weather ways.
Let's hope we have the clouds they are calling for today so he does not see his shadow. I am so ready for this winter cold to depart....

Update: General Beauregard Lee DID NOT see his shadow but Puxsutawney Phil DID see his shadow. Whom do you believe???

Note: The above pictures were borrowed from the Internet.

Speaking of the cold; Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Nope this is not snow in my Georgia Garden but rather the 2 foot of snow that fell in Virginia back in December. The Saints parents sent us these pictures of their lake view.
I think their patio table looks like a big Wedding Cake!
Yep, there is a grill under that blanket of white!
Here is the view of the Saint's Sister's yard. The snow was still falling when this picture was snapped. What a beautiful covering for the evergreen trees!
I would sit by the fire all day long and enjoy this beauty while sipping hot chocolate or hot tea.
Here is the snow that fell this past weekend at my parents home in Tennessee. Tina knows all about this snow as she too received it in her neck of the woods. I believe there is a Little Gem Magnolia tree in this picture some where but difficult to see with the white fluff every where...
The way the branches of this evergreen are loaded reminds me of my days in Bavaria Germany. This is a sight my parents do not like seeing. Some inexperienced snow driver, ended up in their ditch. There was only 6 inches of snow on the ground but for Clarksville, TN, that may as well be 2 foot as they just do not know how to drive under such conditions. It does not snow much there anymore thus, no one has the practice the folks up north get with lots of snow falls. While I am seeing pictures full of snow, here in my Georgia Garden, all we had is more rain fall. I know I should not complain about the rain as it was not that long ago we here in Georgia were in a drought. But come on, don't we have enough for now? Save some of this wet stuff for the summer months when I will so be wanting it please....
Since we don't receive snow here in the Deep South where I live, we must make our own snow fun. Here are the Bunny's in my woods during the Christmas Holidays.
As you can see, they had some fun snow to enjoy.
In my house, my Snowman themed Christmas tree has been replaced with a corner shelf of snow men.
My favorite of all the snowmen would have to be this guy on his sled in the middle of a pile of snowballs.

My kitchen has a bit of snow adorning it with these snow people on the corner shelves.

See the small snowman to the right on the bottom shelf in the right picture? That was a gift to me when I was a child. Avon perfume is still in the snowman's body!

More snow fun can be found in the hall and dining room with two villages. My snow villages are fun to set up in the winter as that is my snow for the season.
Each village is so full of activities with the towns people from building snowmen to a couple getting married at the church!
I always become a bit depressed when taking down my snow fun and packing it away. I should not as I know that soon I will be taking my interest outside.
I will continue to enjoy your blogs and family pictures of the winter snow but for me, IT'S SNOW GO, In the Garden...

Words and Photos Property of In the Garden Blog Team,

In the Garden


  1. I have been waiting on groundhog day...fingers and toes are crossed, lol. Beautiful snow photos from your families...it's freakin' raining again right now..I hear squish, squish, squish when I walk outside...hope my bulbs don't rot!

  2. I was reading about the many groundhogs around the country how lucky you all are. Snow everywhere it's been a weird winter. Deep, deep freeze.

  3. Hi Skeeter, we got six inches as well. Everything shut down! Some schools are STILL closed in the higher elevations. As for the groundhog, we believe an early spring is coming here, for it is raining. No shadow with the rain, hooray! This winter has worn out its welcome already.

  4. Wow Skeeter! Great photos! Here in Virginia, we were at 14 inches. It melted a lot yesterday, but now we are expecting yet more snow or sleet this weekend. Oh spring, please come soon....!

  5. Poor little groundhog! That place was right down the road from where I use to live. I imagine you are tired of snow, but we have yet to get a good snowfall. Flurries, ice/sleet, and a very cold, cold rain!

  6. Good morning everyone. More rain today in Georgia and the groundhogs are not saying the same things again this year. My money is on Beauregard as he is saying spring is just around the corner!

    Darla, I go squish, squish in the yard also, and therefore pretty much staying out of it these days. I am afraid I may grow webbed feet! I so worry about all the bulbs in the yard...

    Dawn, I am sure pulling for the NOT SEEING Shadow groundhogs today! I think we can all use a break from this frigid stuff…

    Fairegarden, Raining here AGAIN today! I am so tired of the soggy mess in the yard. We have a few trees that need to come down with our help verses naturally as they may take out a fence. Weather is so not cooperating with us this winter. Such a wet winter for us and too many freezing temp nights as well. I so fear for the bulbs and some other plants in the ground…

    Jeanne, my in-laws live west of Fredericksburg, VA and as of a report last night, they had 8 inches with the latest arctic blast but as you say, calling for more this weekend. The snow sure is pretty but I am sure those with it are tired of the mess and havoc it brings…

  7. Ulrike, I am not getting snow as I live in the Augusta, GA area. The snow pics are from family members in TN and VA. But I am so tired of the cold rain and freezing night temps we can’t seem to escape. I am so ready for the normal Southern Temps to return…

  8. You are SO right about Clarksville. The 6" might as well be the 2 feet or 20 because even though the roads are open now schools are closed-third school day in a row! If they closed schools like this in Maine the kids would never go to school. Oh well. It is half gone now but still very beautiful. Tree trimmers are cutting the neighbor's trees. Sigh. I like your bunnies! That's one way of finding the snow in Georgia!

  9. Happy groundhog day! That is a rather plump fellow. I am talking about the groundhog...:)
    Regardless of whether he saw his shadow or not, I know in my heart that I am going to be blasted by a spring storm like we always get. That's a good thing, we need the water.

  10. Love your snowmen and the snowy villages.

    Doesn't matter what the groundhog thinks, it will be almost April before we see better weather up here. It snowing again today. Wish I could send you some:)

  11. I was gonna say just what Roses and Lilacs said. It is true. Well March can be not too, too bad but April will just burst at the seams with clean, new smells and looks. Makes no difference at all what Phil or any other predicter says.

  12. Tina, I could not believe they closed school on Friday before there was snow on the ground! They are so silly about the snow up there. I can remember walking home from school in the snow many times at the end of the day! I am sure they are afraid of a lawsuit if someone gets into an accident by not closing the schools sooner. A few are saying the school parking lots are still covered. How about plowing them people! Those days will have to be made up so look out in June...

    Rosey and Marnie, be more optimistic will ya. lol, I know that spring takes longer up there but at least you know it is on the way when we get it here. We must endure one more month of ick here then we will be well on our way and you will be soon to follow. Rosey, I will trade you some water for snow! Marnie is going to send me some also :-)

    Jean, I love the scents in the air in April. I think that is why Spring is my favorite time of year…

  13. Michigan usually gets a lot of snow, but we haven't this year and I'm so envious of those photos. I love snow!! Also love your snow villages--a friend of mine has those too! :) We had no sun today so no one can see their shadow--which doesn't matter a dingo's kidneys because we know we still have a lot of winter to go. ;-)

  14. Ms. Skeeter, I don't know which hog to believe! But I'd more like to believe General Beauregard Lee! And speakin of snow, did you know that I'm a school bus driver and several weeks ago we were havin snow every day, not one of those days of school were canceled and I felt like I was drivin a big yella sled!

    Love your snow village and all the other little snow stuff you have! (Personally, livin in the northeast for the past 20 years, I've had my fill of snow up here!)

  15. Love that snow. So peaceful looking [even tho it's messy].
    Bunnies are my favorite any time of the yr.
    Rainy here, squishy yard, try to stay out of it. Not good to walk on when it's so wet. It is trying to warm up a tad during the day but nights are still a bit cool.
    I heard about all the snow that Tn got. It's been very cold too.
    Don't know too much about them critters predicting the weather. We will have it as it is.

  16. That is alot of snow in those pictures! We have had next to no snow this season, maybe two inches all winter. Pretty strange really, lots of cold though.

  17. Monica, You made me laugh with "A Dingo's Kidneys" I have never heard that one before. We usually say "A Hilla Beans" lol. I would have thought you would be getting your share of the white stuff this year. Guess, it is just below you but as you say, there is still plenty of winter yet to go...

    TC, No, I did not know you drove a School Bus. Bless your heart! The main reason they are not in school in my hometown of Clarksville, TN today is due to the parking lots at the schools being so full! Ha, I walked in it from school when I was a kid. I wore Wilma Flintstone rubber boots. lol...

    Lola, I think the entire Groundhog Day thing is just something made up to get people excited when they predict an early spring. The animals to watch would be the wild ones and not the pampered ones in the zoos. I would think the wild ones may know a bit more lol. More rain here too. The yard is so soggy I dont think it will ever dry! I will show the soggy on Thursday on a video...

    Dan, The weather is not normal any more. Freezing temps were normally not, Snow where normally not, No snow where normally should be. Just plain crazy I tell ya. I would like snow around Christmas time and one time in Jan but that is it for me. Too much of a hazard with slick roads but oh so fun to see. Winter is still here so maybe you will see a bit more in time…

  18. Wow, what a lot of snow! I think I've probably forgotten how to drive in it by now. We've had buckets of rain this winter, which is very strange since this is supposed to be the dry season. I won't complain, though, because the trees and blueberry bushes I planted in the spring need it. Your snow displays look wonderful, and those pics of snow outside remind me of Germany too. Lovely!

  19. I like the idea of hot tea beside the fireplace! A perfect day in winter - only I have never experienced it.
    Your decorations for winter is cool! I love the snowpeople who're occupying your kitchen and of course the village is awesome. I like this arrangement of dolls - almost like our Navarathri that we celebrate in Southern part of India.

  20. Hello Tina. Thank you so much for the lead on our Golden-crowned Sparrow, a juvenile; it was verified by several sources and I have since updated my blog and offered kudos to you. I feel like I need to give you a prize :). thank you Tina!

  21. Well Skeeter, you can have our snow, we are done with it. Its slightly used, a little dirty but still snow!
    We are due to get more this weekend.

  22. Your in laws sure got a lot snow, it does look pretty when it's that deep. The drivers here are probably similar to the ones in the South, everyone panics and slides all over the place. No snow so far though this year.
    I liked seeing all of your cute decorations. Snowmen are always my favorite to decorate with too. Our family room becomes the Snowman room now we have so many.

  23. Beautiful photos of the snow at the Saint's parents' and sister's, Skeeter. But right now I prefer to see it only on photos here or the kind of "snow" you have inside. We have more coming on the way tomorrow--wish I could send you some:)

    I forget what each prediction means, but I would say that half the U.S. is in for 6 more weeks of winter, and the other half isn't. I've found that no matter what a groundhog says, we don't see spring until mid-March anyway:)