Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Real Georgia Snow

By Skeeter I had been so envious of all the pretty pictures on the blogs and through e-mails from family and friends of their beautiful snow falls this winter. You see, we here in the Deep South of Georgia, must rely on such pictures as we just do not receive snow in the winter. My Georgia Garden may see a few freezing temps but this year has been somewhat different. We have had lots of freezing night temps and now a beautiful freak snow fall as well.... When I say a Freak Snow Fall, I mean it as we had a measurement of 6.75 inches of snow in my Georgia Garden!

Look at the beautiful views I was seeing with my own eyes!I was sitting on the swing just a few hours before it became cold and the snow started to fall. I would have a cold bottom if sitting there in this picture. ha
The beautiful white blanket covered the Butterfly Bushes and turned them into a white mound. I am not worried about the butterfly bushes as I will prune them in spring. Don't know if you can see it or not but the telephone line had been pulled away from the house and lying in the middle of the bushes. The Saint got his trusty ladder and repaired that one. Looking upward to the trees and the blue background of the sky was awesome!

Luckily our driveway did not have too much snow on it as the asphalt was still warm from the recent rains. It really did not matter though as we knew the snow was coming so we had run our errands the day before. We could stay home and enjoy the views. Plus, in the south when it snows, it is best to stay home as most do not have a clue how to drive in it.Our front woods looked like a winter wonderland!
I so like the snow on the pine trees with the blue sky.

I was not too happy to see my Loquat sagging from the heavy snow. A little tapping from my trusty broom and she is once again standing tall.
The Japanese Maple Tree, Camellias and Hedge were stout enough to take the weight but the Nandina's were not too happy. I knew they would be okay so I let them enjoy their blanket.
The poor Nandina (to the front) was a mere blob of snow.

The Azaleas were all lying down but I have way too many to save so I let them be and crossed my fingers for the best.Here is a close up of one of the Azaleas. I hope this pretty snow will not affect them in the spring as I am expecting many pretty blooms.
The creek was really pretty flowing with a white bank.
Look at my poor Dogwood budding out with snow on her branches. Yikes!
Our street is full of woods and so beautiful with snow covered trees. Ah, such smiles to my face. See how low the power lines were? Not our power lines and luckily, we never lost power during this snow.
The snow did not stop the deer from coming into our yard. Prints told that story.
I had to check on my buddy Harley in the pasture across the street. He was not too sure what to think of the snow.

As I strolled back up our driveway, I was in awe of this view! The Saints Bald Cypress Tree (to the right) looked like a German Christmas Tree. Ah, the memories of our German Winters.The Crepe Myrtle looked more like a Weeping Willow Tree then a Myrtle.

Since this Crepe Myrtle is in the line of our moving autos, she must keep her shape. I feared she would be harmed from the heavy snow so I had to take action. Click the Video to see what I did to help my friend.

This would be part two of helping my beloved tree.

All this pretty white fluff was gone within hours of these pictures being snapped. Sigh but to be expected with climbing temps. It was here for a short time but I was so happy to see REAL GEORGIA SNOW, In the Garden...

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  1. Oh Skeeter ~ I just love your Georgia snow pictures. It would be thrilling if we ever got some snow like that down here. I can feel your love and excitement of that snow in your pictures and words, and the two little videos were cute and hurray Miss Myrtle was saved.


  2. It's so funny how we want snow in the South and then run around shaking from where we don't want it...The snow photos are gorgeous and yes I am a tad jealous!

  3. I wasn't convinced that was REAL snow until I saw you shake off the tree and be showered with it! :-) Just kidding...

    The scenes are fabulous and the best snows are those that give us stunning views and then melt quickly. Glad you got to play in the snow a bit.


  4. Hooray Skeeter, you finally got your snow in your Ga. Garden. It looks fabulous.
    Love the little videos.
    We are to have freeze warnings & freeze watches today & tomorrow.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I bet all the kids around are thankful for a day off of school!

  6. It is SO beautiful! Now you have your own snow to enjoy! Good job on shaking the crepes. They can be damaged so easily. Looks like you had your own snow 'shower'! Harley is such a colorful spot of color amongst all that white!

  7. Skeeter, When I hear people asking about where our snow went, I remind them it went south for the winter! And I had no lack of cold shivers when I saw you shaking miss myrtle, I felt that snow down the back of my coat all the way from here!

  8. Beautiful photos, Skeeter! I'm so glad you got a chance to experience this winter wonderland. I'm so tired of snow here, but photos of the magical snow scenes like these never fail to amaze me. So glad you didn't lose power. Great job of helping Miss Myrtle; I wondered if you were covered with snow when you were finished:)

  9. Ah, now you get a little taste of a winter wonderland. Great photos..how fun for you guys. Like what you said about NOT knowing how to drive in it. Funny and you probably don't have snow tires or anything so it is good you could stay home and enjoy.

  10. It not only 'looked' like a winter wonderland, it really 'was' one! Gorgeous scenery...so nice to be able to have that experience now and then. I have 5 crepe myrtles that get frozen by snow annually but they always do fine...it's the azaleas I'm a little concerned about this year. Our season is behind yours so I'm not too worried about buds, it's more 'breaking' that worries me. This is the most snow 'at one time' and it is pretty heavy. It's still lying on everything and they are under all that weight so I'll be happy if too many branches aren't snapped off. I love the snow dance under the tree...you were getting a real snow shower;-) I enjoyed all of it!

  11. You sure did get your snow! That seems like a lot of snow for an area that rarely sees it. I also love the picture of evergreen covered in snow with blue sky behind it. I hope all of your plants will be okay.

  12. As always you have given us gorgeous shots, only this time of a real winter wonderland. Here in what should be a snowy Maine we have had bare ground for so long it is hard to remember when we had snow. Towns have had to cancel their winter festinals. Yesterday Josh and I went outside and raked in the front garden and tossed a ball around. Now they say we will get a decent ammount of snow tonight. We will see since all the other storms have gone to the south of us.

  13. Whoops....Skeeter I meant to say that we have Azaleas here in the "snowy" north and they do fine so yours should be okay. With them being under larger tress help protect them also.

  14. Jean, Mike & Michael are on the road, driving home from Maine to VA. They've been driving through light snow coming down, so hopefully you will get your wish;-)m

  15. Flowerlady, I enjoyed the snow even though here for a short time. That really is the fun snow, here today and gone tomorrow...

    Darla, I had wanted snow since before Christmas! Winter is just not winter to me without at least one snow. Lots of blogs full of snow and I had none to enjoy but my fake decorations, sigh, so yes, I was totally excited about the snow fall...

    Cameron, I was so excited about the snow as if a child! I was watching on TV this morning how they make fake snow for the movies. It would be fun to have the fake stuff if nothing else for a day. But nope, that was the real wet stuff falling on me in the video. :-)

    Lola, yes, I soooo got my snow fall for winter! We have had so many freezing nights here that I really worry about a lot of my flowers. We normally have a day or two below freezing but this year has seen many freezing temp nights! Burrrrrr, the fireplace has had a good workout this winter…

    Dave, Actually, the kids had a 4-day weekend so they did not miss any scheduled school. How lucky for them. Funny thing, since it does not snow down here, no one had sleds so the kids had to be creative with sledding. Garbage can lids, cardboard boxes flattened and laundry baskets were makeshift sleds! Redneck sledding at its best…

    Tina, the snow was awesome and so much fun to sit by the fireplace and watch it falling outside my window! I was like a kid in a candy store I tell ya. hee hee… Harley is a sweet horse and comes to me when I call him. My kind of furry friend! I was worried about the myrtles and did shake a few of them. As it turned out, the snow was not on the branches for too long but as fragile as those can be, I was not taking any chances. I so love Miss Myrtles…

    Dawn, Yep, the snow kind of has gone south for the winter hasn’t it! Strange winter for everyone and here Canada is not getting what they are to get and with the Winter Olympics going on! I was protected with a rubber coat and hood. No cold shoulders here…

    Rose, I really did enjoy the snow even for one day. It melted way too quickly for me but that’s okay as I did get my snow wish fulfilled this winter! I had on a rubber coat with built in hood so no snow on my skin at all. A wonderful gift from a friend years ago and mostly used when it rains. Never expected to use it down here with snow…

    Rosey, Snow tires? Are you kidding? Our county does not even own a snow plow to my knowledge! lol, nope, we are more of a mild tropical place down here being only 2 1/2 hours drive from the beach. Snow is not normal at all for this area.

    Jan, Thanks! It was fun doing the snow dance under the Myrtle. Anything to help her along, I shook snow off of 4 of the more fragile looking myrtles. I also shook the snow off of some azaleas but we just have too many and my feet were getting cold. I have not been out to see if the snow did much damage but since it was not here for long, I doubt too much damage if any at all…

    Catherine, Yes, snow at all is not normal for us and really not that much at all. We broke lots of weather related records down here! I so enjoyed the snow for the day. The evergreens are the best with snow on them…

    Jean, The Winter Weather is strange in most places this year. I heard that all the states had snow but Hawaii this year! But wait, winter is not over just yet, so there is hope for Hawaii lol. I do hope the azaleas are okay, I may venture out today and check on them as I fear for broken branches…

    Jan, more snow was forecasted for us today but has since been taken away so no more snow for us for probably many years. This was a strange event but mostly enjoyed by all down here. VA has sure had some snow this year! I hope everyone thaws out soon…

  16. Wow, that IS a lot of snow for Georgia. Looks nice, though, and hope it doesn't damage any of your plants. So different from your Xmas village snow, huh?! :)

  17. 6.75 inches is a very respectable snowfall, Skeeter, congrats! I really hope that none of your tender plants are harmed by the white stuff. Unlike you, I am tickled to see the snowy pictures on other blogs besides mine :-)

  18. As annoying as the snow is.....it is absolutely gorgeous! Just beautiful.

    I checked my settings, and my time & date are correct. Who knows!?!?

  19. Monica, that type snow is expected in the mountain (hill country) of Georgia but not down here for sure. Yep, much better then my fake snow villages. I only wish it had lasted more then just a half day for us. Oh well, cant have everything so back to snow blogs I go now…

    VW, That amount may as well be a foot as we don’t know how to deal with such snows in this area of the country! No snow movers, sleds or shovels here at all! I so enjoy seeing everyone else pictures but somewhat envious until now :-) I was looking around as I went to the car today and it looks as though everything survived the heavy snow. It was not around but for about a half day…

    Dirt Princess, I know my in-laws in Virginia are really tired of the havoc the snow is causing but they are so enjoying the views out their windows. They are both in their 70’s so don’t need to be shoveling so I hope it warms up soon for them as it needs to melt so they can get on with their daily activities…

  20. Skeeter,
    Some of the loveliest snow I have ever seen, so magical! Getting tired of winter though.

  21. It's always much prettier when it melts within a day.

  22. It's been melting a little here lately but the the tall white snowy trees that you captured so well...just amaze me. I kept seeing them on the highway and wished I had a camera to capture those fairy tail mystical looking trees.

    The bent over shrubs...not so happy about.

  23. Randy, I know people in your neck of the woods are soooo tired of the white stuff. I enjoyed the time I had with our snow but long gone now....

    Les, the best snows are Here Today, Gone Tomorrow! No mess on the roadways…

    Patsi, I really enjoyed the short time I had with our snow fall. The way it blankets the pine trees is such a sight. I snapped over a hundred pictures that day and could have snapped more it was such a beautiful sight. Pictures could not really capture what my eyes were seeing though. It looks as though my ground bound bushes made a quick come back. Yippee…