Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Fall Colors in Georgia

By Skeeter;
I am popping in here today to say hello and take a moment to partake in Dave's Fall Color Project 2010. I will pop back in here when time allows :-)

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving... Hello everyone! I have spent most of my Fall days in Tennessee helping my parents get moved back into their newly renovated house after the May Floods. I spent most of my time inside therefore, not enjoying as many Fall colors as I would have liked to but work came first. I have been one busy gal this Fall but everything is falling (yes, Pun here) into place for me and my family. I am ever so happy these days. I have not been into my Georgia Garden in some time but knew I was not missing much with flowers playing out and plants getting ready for their long Winter nap. This past Sunday, I found a moment to sit in my swing. Look at the beautiful view I was given in my front yard! Fall happens late in the year for us Deep South dweller's. Even though, not much color adorns my gardens, I am ever so grateful to see such beautiful colors in our trees. In this picture you can see the big Green-leafed Willow Oak tree in the middle. It is the last to show color as well as loose its leaves. The last of the oak leaves will drop to the ground in late December and some times, may last until January. What about those wonderful Crepe Myrtle Trees? They give us beautiful flowers in the summer months then again in the fall with vibrant colors on their leaves.
One flower that continues to bloom for me is the Trumpet Angel that Tina gave me from her Tiger Gardens. I just love this plant Tina and cannot thank you enough for passing this beauty along to me!
The Saint's Bald Cypress is turning a bronze glow with a bright red Dogwood in the background.
The Saint's Crab-apple is yellow... and produced some fruit this year. Hopefully, the fruit will become a meal for the deer. That was the Saints plan when planting this tree in the route of the deer.

I am glad to finally be able to slow down a bit and enjoy HAPPY FALL COLORS, In the Garden...


  1. I see that exceptional fall color has come to your part of the world as well. This has been the most colorful one in recent memory.

  2. I'm so glad to read that your folks are settling back into their renovated home.

    You have some wonderful, beautiful fall colors there on your property. I'm amazed at how your crepe myrtles have such vivid color at this time of year, ours never look like that this far south.

    Hurray for your brugmansia.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Skeeter.


  3. Flowers in their own right Skeeter..your trees are beautiful...Been watching some bald cypress turn around here...why oh why are my neighbor's crapes beautiful fall colors and mine are still green...?
    Hope your parents are settled in and happy.

  4. You have some brilliant fall color in your garden! I can tell you've been most happy and busy-it is a good thing for sure. So glad you like the brug. It will come back even stronger and happier next year. The deer will love the crabapples but so will the birds. They spend all their time eating them here in my garden-probably because no deer here. Have a great day!

  5. Wow Skeeter! Your trees look awesome! It' slike you are surrounded by a painting on all sides. I do like that Crape Myrtle color too. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  6. We're having the most colourful autumn ever here in the UK. Your photos are amazing. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  7. Beautiful photos, Skeeter! I continue to be envious of those gorgeous crape myrtles. I hope you have time to relax a little and enjoy that lovely view from your swing. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Good Morning everyone! It has been a trying year for me and my family but now time to enjoy life a bit. I have serval big events coming up and am so excited to be able to realax and be happy once again! I have neglected my home, garden, etc and now time to get to work here. So much to do and so little time to do it. Blogging will have to be when time allows...

    Everyone have a wonderful Holiday season....

    Ha, word Verification is "thy peak" how ironic as my trees have peaked and and leaves now falling....

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  10. Skeeter girl ! how the heck are you?!
    Have you mailed anything up to Canada lately ? hehehehehe
    OK .. enough of the silliness .. I am totally awed by your colour down south there .. my daughter-in-law said she had colour in South Carolina but I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact fall colour really happens there ? haha
    Yours is gorgeous and the foil of the green against the colours is perfect ! I am amazed : )
    PS .. I still love my linens and ceramics !!

  11. Your fall colors are just beautiful! It seems as though our colors have been more vibrant this year. I just love it. Carla

  12. Well hello Miss Joy! I am doing better now that my parents are back into their house. It has been a trying year but we keep jumping those hurdles as they arrive and keep on a truckin'

    LOL, Nope, I have not mailed anything to Canada since the linens. You stinker, that is one I will never live down. Learned my lesson for sure on that one. Am glad they went to a good home though :-)

    We have more Green Pine trees here then anything else. They do look pretty against the colors of the leaves from the trees that do change for us. I miss TN this time of year as that state is beautiful during the fall. One on my Bucket List "to do" is go trek Vermont some fall. Maybe in retirement years as that is a long drive....

    Have a great Fall season....

  13. Southern Lady, not much color here as we are mostly pines but the color we do see is very vibrant this year. Strange as some leaves are falling while others just starting to turn. I think the strange cold nights we had may have something to do with this...

    Happy Fall to you and yours....

  14. Wow it's just beautiful! What a nice view to look out on with all that color.
    So glad your parents are getting moved back in. I bet they are very happy about that.

  15. Hi Skeeter, glad you carved out enough time to put this post together, you have a stunning view from your swing seat! Thank you for sharing - hope your parents are beginning to feel at home once more.

  16. HI Skeeter! Wow! You have some beautiful tree color in your yard, I would never leave the house/grounds if I lived there. Have fun with your events, your such a busy lady!

  17. Hi Skeeter,
    I am behind in pretty much everything I do. Still, I like to try to keep in touch with the blogs I like, even if it's not very often.

    I hope your parents are doing well in their new space.

    You sure have some fall beauty going on!

  18. Gorgeous color Skeeter. You sure have quite a few colorful trees.
    I too miss Tn. in the Fall. It's a wonderful place.
    I hope you have a great Holiday with all the fixings.

  19. Phillip, Thanks, it is mighty beautiful this year...

    Catherine, No one is happier then me to see my parents back into their home and settled. Wow, what a mess it all was for them...

    Plantaliscious,Thanks, my parents are really enjoying thier new house. They are trying to get use to the wood floors and other fun stuff. In time, all will be normal for them...

    Dawn, Glad to see you here girl! Did you get a second box I sent your way? I missed so much with my running around and could not remember if you mentioned it or not. Hope things are looking good for you these days. Come on down and soak up my views some time :-)

    Sue, I had to just stop blogging in order to get other things accomplished in my life. Too much going on and no time for blogging right now. I am so busy that I am not really missing it. But when I see something such as these beautiful trees, I just think of all my garden blogging buddies and must share!

    Lola, I never realized how beautiful the falls were in TN until I left home. Sigh, I so want to be in the middle of all that beauty once again. But life has other plans for me right now. Maybe one day we will get back up there. I will be having Turkey Dinner with a big ole Mouse this year! Hee hee....

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am off now.....

  20. Yes, I did get the second big box of the beautiful flawless ladies, I have them still packed because I'm afraid moving them at this point will do injury. I will post on them to be sure.
    People sent me so many things I never got them all on line and some I thanked through their blog although I counld not remember. GRRR. On my way to getting back to me though.